Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Rovere


Welcome to Rovere

“Is it not safer to cower in the caves of lies than stand upon the cliffs of truth, surveying the world? Yet when one stands in the sunlight, and feels the winds of reality, how dank and shameful seem the dark shelters of falsehood, and how foolish it seems then to have once feared daylight and fresh air.”  Fighting Slave of Gor, Page 103

Nestled on the northern plains of Gor, between the Vosk Delta and the Nothern Forests, Rovere sits roughly 300 pasangs from the Thassa. She is a proud and rich city, her wealth plentiful from the export of ka-la-na, whose fruits are grown in the fields around the city. Her polished stone walls stand strong, tall, intimidating forces who might think to attack. Rovere’s gates stand open to welcome travelers, traders, and visitors alike, constantly adding to the melting pot within her walls.

Curious? We invite you to come join us. We are a roleplay SIM in Second Life dedicated to fun, creative adult roleplay based off the fantasy world outlined in the Chronicles of Gor, by John Norman. Our focus is on dice-based RP, limiting metered raiding to encourage thoughtful outcomes.

My first steps in Rovere for my sim review:

So I hit up search in Second life Gor and Rovere is now in the top ten, knocking Brundisium off the top spot, time to change into my free woman robes and go and visit 🙂

They are a roleplay SIM in Second Life dedicated to fun, creative adult roleplay based on the fantasy world outlined in the Chronicles of Gor, by John Norman. Their focus is on dice-based RP, limiting metered raiding to encourage thoughtful outcomes.

It seems the city has just been constructed, some prims were up in the air. Though the overall impression is of a well built and very pretty sim.

My thoughts on Rovere:



Tal, friends and family,

It is with deep regret that I inform all that I am closing Rovere.

After the recent happenings, the competition with other sims, and the fact that about 75% of people in Gor don’t know proper btb proceedings (yes, I am one of them, however i tried learning) it just isn’t fun for me anymore.

Sims open and close on a weekly basis.  Some are better then others, but in the end, most sims end up closing.  There is no loyalty anymore, and eventually, either sim owners fight, or get to power hungry.  In this case, I suppose I don’t have the fight in me to keep it open.

I tried to keep Rovere as close to the books as possible.  The main problem, was that people are to used to other sims, and how they are ran, and think that we should be like them.  That isn’t the case, as right now, NO SIM is even close to being by the book.  Right now, people simply judge BtB on wether the females and men and fight together, when it goes beyond that.

I will keep this short, and I will end this on some advice for those seeking another sim:

1) Overpopulated sim causes drama, as there are a LOT of people there, and the lag is horrible (remember Rovere when we had 40k?  There was a bunch of drama with certain people, i just did my best to hide it from everyone else.

2) Don’t go to a sim that just opened.  The owner is either brand new to owning a sim, or trying another run at having a sim in which he makes the rules.  Regardless, there is many sims out there, and with the population of gor decreasing, not all of them will last.  You will just end up leaving from that sim in a month or two.

3) Keep an eye on the people who live in the sim.  If you see this person hopping around, there might be problems.  Usually, the people who cause drama dont last in a sim long, and they have to keep moving until they run out of sims to go to.

4) Do research: Read the rules of the sim…(yes, all of them).  If the sim meets the expectations, then check it out.  Find out how the RP is, and the build.  If the build sucks, then do your best to avoid it, as it just means the sim was half assed.  By spending the time RPing, you can get to know other people to see if you enjoy RPing there.

5) Finally, this is YOUR SL experience, so just because your SL friends jump ship, doesn’t mean you have to also.  If you enjoy where you are at, then stay there.  If your “friends” cause drama and get removed, and you follow suit, you might be wasting away your time and missing out on experiences.

I want to thank everyone who stuck in Rovere to the end.  It really means alot, and I am glad to call everyone a friend.  I will give everyone a refund, as well as keep Rovere open for another couple weeks, while you all find another sim to live in.

I wish everyone well, and hope to cross paths in the future.

Joseph Surface

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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