Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Klima


Klima sim description:

Few people know the way for going to Klima. It is the major sites within the Tahari for obtaining salt. Hidden deep within the dunes country,its location is closely guarded. This oasis is independant since the death Saran (book 10).

Klima as in the novels:

“The area, in extent, east of Tor, was hundreds of pasangs in depth, and perhaps thousands in length. The Gorean expression for this area simply means the Wastes, or the Emptiness. It is a vast area, and generally rocky, and hilly, save in the dune country. It is almost constantly windblown and almost waterless.
“Tribesmen of Gor” Page 33

My first steps in Klima for my sim review:

The Tahari..the desert region of Gor.  Klima is beautifully represented in world on a French speaking sim of the same name.  The Klima sim is striking, beyond words really;  I came across this sim whilst meandering about one day and have been back on several occasions since.  So for today, my friends, I would like to give you a peek into the city of Kilma in SL.

In the distance, below, perhaps five pasangs away, in the hot, concave, white salt bleakness, like a vast, white, shallow bowl, pasangs wide, there were compounds, low, white buildings of mud brick, plastered. There were many of them. They were hard to see in the distance, in the light, but I could make them out.
‘Klima,’ said Hamid.”
“Tribesmen of Gor” page 235

In doing research on the City of Klima, it appears as though in the books Klima is city of slaves – men sentenced for various crimes to work the brine pit for salt, in other words a prison colony.  The slaves that work the mines are the only inhabitants and there is no way out and there are no security measures since escape is certain death due to the harsh conditions outside of Klima. But for the purpose of SL role play, the builders have decided to use a bit of artistic license in creating their glorious city of prims and I for one am very glad they did.

In the Tahari there is an almost constant wind. It is a hot wind, but the nomads and the men who ply the Tahari welcome it. Without it, the desert would be almost unbearable, even to those with water and whose bodies are shielded from the sun.
“Tribesman of Gor” page 71

The entrances and exteriors are striking and in some way omninous. You can’t help be drawn into the sim based on the exteriors alone. The terraforming is also spot on and fits in perfectly with the feel of the build.

The interior of the main building is lavish and rich in texture and design.  It’s hard to put into words how beautiful the sim build is overall.  The French speaking residents themselves were very welcoming as well – open, friendly and were thrilled about the fact I wanted to take pictures at their sim.  If you have any interest at all in learning about the Tahari or are in the mood for sim exploration, I would definitely add Klima to your agenda.

My thoughts on Klima:


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