The Gazette of Gor – Issue 08

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(Gorean Press Edition)



Table of Contents:

  • From the Editor’s Desk – Hathor
    • Article on City of Koroba
    • Interview with Ubar Scar – by Master Ismee Zander
    • Interview with Lady Wendy String – by Lady Wiz Coakes
    • Article: A Kajira is Punished – by Frey
    • Article: Barbarian Words – by Minnie (maxfromfrance)
    • Article: IC and OOC – by Jarl Homar Wilson
    • Article: Heimili, A Northern Village – by Lady Melanthe Patria
    • A Story by Ayana Bade – Singing Sooths the Beast
    • Gimli – by Mistress Contessa Giotto
    • Events:
    > QUILL & QUARREL THEATRE – presents Shakespeare’s
    • An Exclusive OFFER brought to You, our readers, by the Gazette of Gor

From the Editor’s Desk – Hathor


My editorial is a thank you to the Staff of The Gazette of Gor and the many readers of the Gazette

To start, I would like to give you the Mission for the Gazette of Gor:
In the long travel in Gor, there are several groups, tribes, bands, Wagon Peoples, fellow Goreans who are seeking good relations and affinities among one another. Gor is not a simple game with raids and RPs. Gor is a wide family with bands, groups, tribes. And this family changes every week, new tribes come, new camps are created, lands are built or changed. It is perpetual growth and we know it may not always be easy. Thus, this newspaper, The Gazette, has been established to match relations, ideals, a sense of community between people in Gor, to create a wide database of our family with rules, interests, to help every person in Gor find their right place to play.

With this in mind, your reading pleasure of each Issue is due to all staff members of the Gazette of Gor who are cognizant of this Mission. They are the ones who pursue a story, a sim to visit, someone to interview , someone in Gor they believe you will read with interest and/or learn something new to the betterment of the community of Gor. You are our audience. You may not read every interview or article in each issue, but , there is, I am positive, at least one, two or possibly all items that you find you say “mmm, now that’s something,” or like me, “I didn’t know that.” Each week the Gazette staff tries to put into your hands, a magazine to promote ALL of Gor, to bring us together in Gor.

In this vein, I would like to share with you two such incidents that impacted me to fully realize that all the volunteers of the Gazette are making a difference, The Gazette received two responses to two different issues. The first one, a slave who had no Master, read an interview which intrigued her. She travelled a shaky path to the sim, met with the family of this particular group, and is now happily an accepted member. She serves with joy and humility to have found a place in Gor.

The second, a Panther, was troubled with her life in Gor and was on her last steps out of Gor. She read some issues and contacted a staff member. They chatted about her goals, why she was in Gor and why she was leaving Gor. She has decided to remain in Gor for now and hopefully find her spot within Gor. Perhaps from reading another interview, she will find support from other Goreans and her destination in Gor. I wish her well.

I am just a beast, a lowly slave, but my heart soared with pride to have been a part of the Gazette and to see the thoughts, articles, interviews within the pages of a particular issue made a difference in two people’s lives. The staff of the Gazette and I believe your support by reading this weekly magazine has made this possible. Every Staffer should be proud to be a part of this Mission to help move Gor to be what it should be, a community, one of learning, enjoying your journey in Gor, and support for each individual in Gor. I myself am awed by what they offer to the Gazette and to each one of you in Gor.
What do you think?

City of Ko-ro-ba in the books


Ko-ro-ba …sometimes known as the City of Cylinders, and affectionately called the Towers of the Morning by its citizens
(Taken from Luther’s Scrolls)

The city of Ko-ro-ba is the first Gorean city we encounter in the Gor novels. In Tarnsman of Gor, Tarl Cabot is first brought to this city when he is taken from Earth by a ship of the Priest-Kings. It will become Tarl’s first Home Stone and is one of the High Cities of Gor. Despite its initial importance, the books actually do not describe Ko-ro-ba in much detail. We know only a few of its citizens. We also know little of what has transpired in Ko-ro-ba during much of the latter part of the series.

The word “Ko-ro-ba” is an archaic expression for a village market, thus likely showing the age of this mighty city. It is also known sometimes as the City of Cylinders or the Towers of the Morning. The latter designation was given to it by an ancient poet, one who sung the glories of many different Gorean cities. These names show that the cylinders of Ko-ro-ba seem to be impressive, maybe even more so than the cylinders of other cities. As most Gorean cities consist of cylinders, there must be some reason why Ko-ro-ba is named so.

Ko-ro-ba lies high in the northern temperate latitudes, not too far from the Thassa shore. The Sardar is located over one thousand pasangs away. Ko-ro-ba is located northwest of Ar, on the other side of the Vosk River, and the Thentis Mountains. A tarn from Ko-ro-ba could reach the city of Thentis in one day though a wagon would take the better part of a Gorean month. It also takes about three days by tarn to travel from the Vosk River to Ar. Northeast of Ko-ro-ba is the city of Laura that is about two hundred pasangs inland of the Thassa shore. These distances and travel times help us to determine the general location of Ko-ro-ba.

Ko-ro-ba sits in the midst of hills, a few hundred feet or so above sea level. This is not a mountainous area, but one of gently sloping rises. The road to the city does wind up a rather steep ascent to a series of ridges. This steepness does bother some merchants and others who must traverse this road with heavy burdens. The road is also marked by cylindrical pasang stones each inscribed with the sign of Ko-ro-ba and the approximate pasang count to the city walls. There are grain fields some pasangs away from the city located toward the Vosk and Tamber Gulf.

White walls surround the city, enclosing the myriad cylinders and towers. These cylinders and towers are of varying sizes and colors, joined by narrow bridges that arch between them. None of the bridges have railings and some may be as high as one thousand feet off the ground. By day, this is a colorful vision almost like a multi-hued spider web. At night, the city is also as colorful. First, there would be peasant fires lit in the areas surrounding the city. Then, there would be large beacon fires on the city walls to mark the passage for tarnsmen. Within the city, there would be lanterns on the bridges. The cylinder compartments would also have lit lamps of a hundred colors burning brightly. Lamp codes may be used to tell others of the latest news and gossip.

Within SL, Ko-ro-ba has stood the test and trials of time under the watchful guidance of the well respected and loved Ubar, Scar Statosky and the central core of Citizens that surround him. This Vietnam War Veteran has dedicated a lot of his life and energy to Gor in SL and his knowledge and wisdom and guidance have mentored many a Free Man of Gor as well as inspired tons of slaves to drop to their knees feeling their slave belly.

Ubar Scar has won the hearts and loyalties of, not just his own Ko-ro-ban citizens, but of much of SL Gor… and as Ko-ro-ba approaches it’s 10th Anniversary Festivities people from all walks of Gor are invited to come and join in this grand celebration and have a true Gorean experience from this old Home Stone of Gor.

Interview with Ubar Scar – Master Ismee Zander


I met with Ubar Scar of Ko-Ra-Ba to talk about Gor, its past, present and possible future.

Master Ismee: Ubar …. In the very early Days of SL when Gor was even unheard of by the Secondlifers. The only one Gorean sim was private and locked to public. It was Black Tarn and today we have countless Gorean sims some 11 years later. Can you tell us about your early experiences as you came into SL and how you saw Gor then.

Master Scar: Gor has always been Gor to me, unchangeable. Second Life Gor was young, inexperienced, yet excited about a new and adventurous venue in which to create. The people in Gor during those early days were coming mostly from full-text venues and could see the possibilities of this new 3D world. They were fun and new and refreshing first days for the most part.

But then reality sets in and you start your first city and the day after you terra-form and bring in a couple of small objects to start building, you come back to a place where someone had wiped you out because you didn’t change a setting in the browser. Ah, the first death of Ko-ro-ba. Might there have been a blue flame while I slept? So we began again.

Master Ismee: What made you decide on Ko-ro-ba as the city that you would build and lead in SL.

Master Scar: Black Tarn Island was the only full-sim Gorean community at the time. Shortly after a visit to Black Tarn Island, Port Kar came online and then Glorious Ar. Almost simultaneously with Ar, Ko-ro-ba came online.

Ko-ro-ba was the first city mentioned in the books. It was surprisingly available.

Master Ismee: What are the high points and low points of 10 years of Ko-Ro-Ba that you can recall.

Master Scar: There have been many high points in the past years in Ko-ro-ba. They are so numerous that I would hesitate to list them for fear that I would leave too many of them out. These past 10 years in Ko-ro-ba have been a lifetime of real and lasting experiences that I cannot quantify or qualify with measures. I have been amazed and humbled by the numerous souls who have come to our walls, shared with us, and given us insights into the strength and compassion of humanity. Some have stayed, some have gone on to other things. ALL have made an indelible mark on my life and in my heart.

The low points have always been the losses, especially those that lie quietly in our Memorial Garden. Not for an instant, when I first began Ko-ro-ba, did I ever imagine to have a Memorial Garden, and certainly not with the numbers that now rest there. It is difficult to lose members of your family, and to me, Ko-ro-ba is my family.

Master Ismee: How do you see Gor now from the time you came into SL as one of the pioneers of Gor in SL.

Master Scar: Gor has not changed for me. Gor is.

Master Ismee: What do you have to say about the divide these days between BTB/ GE/ Lifestylers and Roleplayers.

Master Scar: Second Life is like any other community in life. There are variations of culture, variations of belief systems, variations on religion and politics, and variations within variations.

The Gorean communities of Second Life are no different than communities in the real world. Unfortunately, I do not agree with all of these, but neither did Gorean cities agree with their neighbors. Gor is a rich world of sovereign Cities where the laws do not reach beyond the scope of the influence of the Home Stone. I, personally am not a person who would go to another city and tell them what is right or wrong. Nor do I allow others to come to Ko-ro-ba and tell us what is right and wrong.

With that said, I believe that the books are the chief source that should be used as a guideline for ‘living Gor’, or role playing Gor. Anything else is not Gor.

Master Ismee: What is the advice you would give to Goreans new to this scene

Master Scar: There are three things that I would tell any newcomer to Second Life Gor:
1. If you haven’t read the books, read the books.
2. Spend some time in various types of communities before you decide on a Home Stone. A Home Stone is a very serious matter to a Gorean.
3. Be safe. Especially if you are a slave, take precautions. This is an online venue and in all cases people should be cautious with their private information and their private lives.

Master Ismee: What makes Ko-Ro-Ba so unique that it has withstood the test of time , when so many other Gorean sims have risen and fallen so many times over.

Master Scar: I cannot answer for other sims. When I started Ko-ro-ba (the sim city) I wanted to have an open and welcoming city to all newcomers to Second Life and Gor or both. I had already been in SL for 16 months before I started the sim city and was fortunate enough to make friends with Lady Arete Calliope. Second Life was barely two years old by then. Lady Arete and I shared the same concept, to have a resource city where people could learn about Gor. She became Chief Scribe and started our excellent library which includes links to where visitors can get the novels by John Norman, the Scrolls of Luther, and over 1000 other essays on Gorean culture, traditions, and philosophies.

The most important thing I can attribute to our longevity is the citizenry of Ko-ro-ba. First there has to be a good sound loyal core of leadership people who serve the city. Second, there has to be a good set of laws which are strictly enforced, but are fluid and changeable. Who knows what the future might bring? And third, there has to be valuable, skillful, and creative people who are willing to put their efforts into something to help it work. Over the years, Ko-ro-ba has had many citizens come and go. Some have stayed, but all, in their own way, somehow contributed to the longevity of Ko-ro-ba. I don’t know that you can call Ko-ro-ba unique. There are other communities in Second Life who have withstood the test of time. Glorious Ar, for example, run by Fidelio Matador. Black Tarn Island. Both were here before Ko-ro-ba. I am sure there are other communities, maybe not Gorean, who have been here as long as Ko-ro-ba.

And yes, I know that there have been cities to come and go. Why they failed I cannot tell you. I do not know. All I know is that my heart is in Ko-ro-ba. My family is in Ko-ro-ba. My friends are in Ko-ro-ba. We strive to present an atmosphere for learning, a resource to all things Gorean, and a welcoming environment where people can come and experience Gor. Not the harsh malevolent-macho-chest- pounding “I’m a Gorean male and you are a lousy female” type of Gor. But a respectful, trusting, courageous, bold, and honorable Gor. Where we can enjoy our days. Where can we belong. Where we can hold our Tournament of Towers, play our Kaissa and Zar matches, watch our slaves dance, and fly our tarns. And when the day is done and our minds and bodies are offline, we know that there is a place in our lives we can go to find our friends and trust that they will be there when we get there.

Interview with Lady Wendy String – Lady Wiz Coakes


Greetings Gazette of Gor readers,
My steps led me to a rather wild and nice place, a well built place the captain of the boat i was landed before the night fall. I was walking in the streets and going to the infirmary to see some of my physician colleagues i asked in the meantime how the place is ruled. This place is a kind of village near Kassau at the borders of the wild northern forest known for the numerous panther tribes living in. Going Ta Sardar Var (North) we have the region of the Torvaldsland. I learned that this place is well governed by a tall strong and kind woman called Lady Wendy who is the tatrix and also a skilled physician. An all-in-one woman who likes to make you feel welcome in her place. In this village all can trade goods, discover a nice landscape with the curiousity of the old ruins close to the village and lot of pleasant village house in the typical Torvis architecture.
Wiz Coakes knocks at the large door of the Tatrix Lady Wendy waiting for her answer in case she could be busy working or treating some important affair for her city

Wendy String: hears a knock at the massive wooden doors of my office and rise from my desk and walks over to open them

Wiz Coakes smiles as she sees the door opening seeing a red haired Lady in an elegant dress, the kind of dress important ladies of Gor are wearing with fine and delicate decorations on it and smiles to her introducing “Tal Lady Wendy Tatrix of Sun Ta Tur, I’m Lady Feater apprentice of the green caste of Cartius and occasionally working for the gazette of Gor. Do you have some time for our readers to do an interview with me?”

Wendy String: of course shes smiles seeing the Lady in the green of a Physician I am also of the Green Caste and you are always welcome here as is any other gorean

Wiz Coakes smiles at the Lady Wendy’s confidence feeling she is with a really talented woman of many skills then looking at her with an impressed sight says “You look like a lady of many talents, let’s start with this then” then taking out a scroll, a little ink pot and and quill, drops the ink pot on the desk dipping her quill in it than asks “How did a lady get so many skills and arrives to your high position in this world mainly ruled by men?”

Wendy String: i began my gorean life in 1995 in chat room Gor at Voodoo Chat and became a full physician in1997. I moved to Second Life in 2008 and quickly recertified here and began healing panthers until i found a city that appealed to me.

Wendy String: After several cities and villages closed i was contacted by the owners of the Gardens of Gor Sim in January to manage this sim and also to rule as the Tatrix of the lands.

Wiz Coakes nods writing the words she hears as fast she can smiling “Oh that’s really nice so you had certainly often healed huntresses on battlefields? that’s a hard task and really nice one” then adds “What can you tell our readers about your city? It’s way to live and the things your citizens can enjoy?”

Wendy String: its an open btb village with no locked doors and there are also panthers here and kurri but we have alliances and they do not bother villagers and as we are in the northern forests close to the northern border. We have both northern and southern cultures here.
Also we are adjacent to the port of Ar and the advantages of a big city are available to us as we also have an alliance with them.

Wendy String: We are also on the Sardar Pilgrimage Trail and we recently had visits from a group of pilgrims led by an initiate and his slaves

Wiz Coakes looks at the office laying all the Lady Wendy words on the scroll, the quill drying, she dips the quill once again in the ink pot saying “Alright, villages of the northern forest are always a good place to have a good mix of different ways to live and it’s a good place to live” then holding her quill before the next question says “Oh the Sardar Pilgrimage, aii it’s a place many gorean’s are going… At least once in their life, i have to admit as a physician i still have some problems to go to see initiates” then grins beneath her veil “You certainly have a trade point in your village? The tarnsman was flying a bit fast and i didn’t notice”

Wendy String: the docks are our trade area and the infirmary and longhall are there too and the doors of our fort which are never locked the fort is a survivor of Sun Ta Turs olden days
Wendy String: we deal in lumber and building stones and the port is busy

Wiz Coakes nods writing getting her quill again in the ink pot “Aii, lot of panthers don’t have coins to deal with but lumber is one of their best goods.” then caressing her own chin with the top of her quill asks “Do you have places for the travellers to stay in for some days ?”

Wendy String: yes we have empty apartments and rooms inside the fort and a few vacant homes for companioned couples

Wiz Coakes smiles thinking it must be pleasant to know where to rest in the wild northern forest “You certainly have lot of Torvis coming to your village and lot are rude men often raiding to get goods to the cold cities of the Torvaldsland, you certainly have a garrison to protect your villages?”

Wendy String: no we have never been raided and its an open village but we do encourage rp before combat we get the occasional hunter who may stop in to get refreshments in our long hall before he continues on the the panther lands chuckles

Wiz Coakes writing on the scroll nods and nods again impressed by the description of this peaceful village hearing outside the birds singing the perfume of the green nature teasing her nostrils “In this peaceful village you rule which castes are represented and is your village still recruiting to grow?”

Wendy String: yes we are recruiting all Castes and w e have lots of room to grow
Wendy String: we are part of the freedom continent which has several gor sims and other sims outside gor including the adut hub

Wiz Coakes feeling the warmth of the season even in this norther region of Gor shakes her veil asking with curiosity “Being between the Torvis where women doesn’t wear veils, panther certainly not wearing except may be to laugh exposing a trophy got on a capture “and between the region of the vosk where ladies are wearing them. How is your way to be with women in your village and what they can access freely without being disturbed by a rude gorean man?”

Wendy String: it’s in the village rules veils are not required here but if a Lady decides she wants to wear a veil nobody will question her

Wiz Coakes smiling says “It’s really the ideal kind of village, i will certainly tell the tarnsman who brought me here to go to your tavern to wait for me the time i walk in your village to discover it” then holding her quill over the scrolls says “Is there a particular thing i have may be forgot to ask to tell our readers about you or your village?”

Wendy String: many don’t like to serve a woman but I consider myself to be a fair ruler with the welfare of my people my first concern

Wiz Coakes smiling lifting a bit the long sleeves of her dress showing the tribal tatoos drawn on them says “I understand that being originally of Midgaard, i’ve been living in the forests in a panther camp many seasons. That’s why our woman readers will be certainly interested by this point of view. A tatrix can be a real inspiration for lot of us”

Wendy String: smiles Thank you Lady she chuckles i hope i can inspire many

Wiz Coakes smiles as she shakes her quill on the side letting the ink dry then blows on the scroll shaking it to dry it fast then rolls it saying “I think we are done with this interview about your pleasant village and the inspiring tatrix you are” and gets up putting the scroll and her writing things in her backpack adjusting it on her shoulders “I will take time to walk in your village and let you return to your important affairs. It was really pleasant to meet you Lady Wendy”

Wendy String: please take your time smiles its a lovely village and the longhouse is open to all if you need refreshments

Wendy String: thank you for visiting this day and i do hope i answered all your questions to the satisfaction of your readers

Wiz Coakes: shaking her veil starts to remove cautiously the pins of it saying “I will certainly spend a moment in your Inn to drink a bit and thank you for sharing a bit of your precious time with me for the Gazette readers”

Wendy String: you are most welcome Lady and welcome to Sun Ta Tur

Wiz Coakes walking to the door says waving “Have a pleasant and peaceful day Lady Wendy, safe paths”

Wendy String: You too smiles may Odin bless Your travels

Article: A Kajira is Punished – by Frey


My name is Frey, and I am a kajira. As I have in prior articles, I beg permission to speak to the Free and ask you allow me to show my thoughts and soul to you so that you may have a better understanding of a true kajira. This week, I will tell about punishment… the worst side of being a slave. Even as I type this, I pause frequently, my heartbeat quickens, my eyes water, and my thoughts are scattered. This is how strongly punishment effects a true kajira; the very subject has us unnerved. I will share an instance with you in which I was punished, by a previous Master, and let you look into my thoughts and hear about my views.

DISCLAIMER: No part of this instance is meant to judge or smear the honor of the Master who punished. He was in his full right to react and punish as he saw necessary, and there is no fault to his actions.

My second day with a new master had him using my leash at most times. This is a practice I had not been accustomed to, my prior master had not leashed me unless absolutely necessary. I do not have an opinion on leashing, I leave this to the will of my master. My master was walking along a path and he encountered a set of pillars, you can guess what happened… I got stuck between two pillars and could not move as the leash was holding me tight against them. Without thought, I typed out the “unleash” command in local chat and turned off the leash. My Master then stepped back over to me and RP’d that he grabbed my hair, tilted my face up, and punched me in the cheek twice then tossed me hard into the stone walk.

The moment I read those words, my heart stopped and I uttered a small moan in RL. I say this again… to stress it… I reacted to the RP in Real Life. I felt the punch, not like an actual RL punch, but I felt it in my emotions and in my soul. So many times I have heard Masters complain that punishment is meaningless because you cannot punish in a virtual world. I am here to tell you that this is NOT true.

His punishing me had two effects, first and most strong, I was disappointed in myself. I had just done the last thing I ever intend to do… I displeased. My thoughts immediately went over and over what I had done, I knew that my intention was not to be displeasing, but in truth, I did wrong and deserved the punishment that came. Secondly, I ceased up. I wanted to tell him that I was sorry… but I froze. I wanted him to understand how terrible I felt… but I could not type. I could not express to him what I was going through my mind, how sick I felt over what I had done. My silence was taken as disagreement instead of what it really was, intense self disappointment. He began to explain why he punished, and this horrified me, the last thing I wanted was for him to feel like he had to justify any action he took.

The reason I am recounting this experience to all of you is this…. A true kajira will, very much, feel any punishment you give. I beg you to take a moment to remember that she may be frozen by the event, unable to express herself and her feelings. Do not doubt for a second that she is not horrified on the other side of the computer, she is!! Of course, there are those that do not care if they displease… but these are not “true kajira” and a wise Master can identify the fake girls after speaking to them for a few minutes, just look and you will see it. I’m not asking you to refrain from punishing your slaves, I’m asking you to become aware of each slave’s soul. Find a way to know and understand your girl and develop and/or punish her in a way that caters to her personality. There are many of us true kajira out here, but we are not Stepford slaves. Each of us is unique and in that we each possess a special beauty… tap into that beauty and you can hold your head up high as a proud Master.

Article: Barbarian Words – by Minnie (maxfromfrance)


  • IC, OOC, Dramas, that barbarian words that daily come to snack on our Gorean. That’s right! The human being can not be satisfied with only peace. The being needs to have much more, awareness, benefits, power. And what the being wants in the RL, the being transplants it in our SL world and more on Gor.

  • Gor !! A place where the hierarchical structures (Archaic?) are even more present. So we see shenanigans appearing, hypocrites, malpractice to recover an unspeakable thing, ashamed, a power. This is not only to lead, but to manipulate people, to show beautiful when it was a dirty soul.

  • If only we had this in IC mode, I would say nothing. But this also happens in OOC mode and it also gives us drama, underlying jealousy : an end of pranks. SL is only a utopia. We are destroying this dream. It can not be remission. The evil gnaws us and will consume us.

  • So what should we do? Close our eyes and hope the storm passes, the clouds dissipate, the sky become blue again to see birds fly again? I do not know. By creating a world based on the information, I thought to find a solution. I do not know if I was right. I do not know where I am. But nothing can take away my expectations. Not even flaunted friendships, even the hypocrit’s resentment, not even my lost smiles.

Article: IC and OOC – by Jarl Homar Wilson


People talk about IC (In Character), and OOC (Out Of Character).
Do you really know the difference ?

In Character means that the character you have developed the attitude the whole stature and talking of said character comes to the forefront. OOC means drop your attitudes of your IC character,. drop your entire meaning, Because otherwise you alienate the people you are trying to work with.

  • If you do not learn the difference, all you do is separate yourself from people that might be willing to bend over backwards to be of some assistance to you during an IC matter.

  • Many that refuse to go OOC during times, really make me think that either IC, or OOC, they have the same “Better Than Thou” attitude. There is a time for In Character, and a time for Out Of Character. I dare you to learn the difference.

Article: Heimili …… A Northern Village – by Lady Melanthe Patria


Authentic! It is the first word that comes to mind when trying to describe the Torvaldsland village of Heimili. From the thick forest and jutting hills to the rough manners of the Jarls, one instantly feels as though they have stepped into Marauders of Gor.

The sim build is well done and the work of Swann Larnia Players will find a single non complex ground texture that is easy to rez, envelops the entire land mass. There are high cliffs and niches for private role play areas. These remote spots include a camp site and an altar to the gods of Torvaldsland. The market stalls were impressive as well. Players will find chopped shark, soaking furs and a black smith shop decorated with high quality mesh items from Morphe. Housing is simple, spacious and rustic. The longhall is hands down the best I have seen in SL Gor. Far too often longhalls are over done and pretentious. However, here in Heimili the hall is kept simple. It is decorated with pelts, furs and a tapestry that tells the tale of a battle of long ago. The alcoves are on wooden platforms and sparsely done. They feature a single Xcite compatible fur in each. The only cons to the sim build are the flexi prim trees and the starkness of the alcoves. Outside of these minor details this is a very well done roleplay sim with much to offer in aesthetics.

The roleplay here in Heimili is BTB with most players being active during European time zones. There is much here that would leave any lifestyler smiling and feeling at home. The men of this village are hospitable but don’t expect polite manners. They are gruff, raw and not afraid to remind a woman of her place. Plots can range from the heavy forced collar scene to lighter things such as a sleen running through the village making a mess. The overall role play style is generally semi-paragraph roleplay with the average being 3-5 lines.

We did an OOC interview with Amar, the owner of Heimili. We asked him what made Heimili different from other sims. His answer was “We love rp…. I have no mods and boot first sign of trouble, no discussion, no appeals…..We love stories and bonds are allowed to sing and tell stories not just serve… we have fun.” While the IC may be hardcore, the sim owner and many of the others we spoke to were friendly and willing to mentor new players. The sim is actively recruiting bonds and Jarls. They encourage visitors to come as well for trade or to create new story lines.

Some of the people Amar wished to give a shout out to for all their help and support are: Peri- First Axe, Kuka – Second Axe, Zig Marabana, Faaria Ferraris (kikkypink.xevion), Darious whitefeather, Domino Morales, Rain (o0minx0o), Tre’sha (Leiana Karu), Śváss Whitefeather(bea.hazelnut, *Asfrid Thyri Whitefeather(shebari) and Tor Amar Whitefeather (torhur).

A Story by Ayana Bade – Singing Sooths the Beast


There once was a little slave girl who got lost on the way from one market to the next town over delivering an item for her master. She went way to deep within woods to the point no light shone..Through the trees the noises scared her. She tried to run back and find her way home but she just ended up deeper into the woods. Panicking as the light of the sun above barely shone through now this slave wandered into a cave to try to find some sort of protection for the night ahead.

As she entered the cave she heard a roar…so profound it made her blood drain from her face..and soon she was face to face with a beast she had never seen before. It had six claws on each hand and stood on its hind legs. His fangs were huge and sharp..drool ran from them..onto his dark coat. “ said..what are you doing here”

The girl could not speak she was so afraid and the beast tossed her effortlessly over his shoulder” and dragged her further into the cave, striped her bare with one swipe of his claws and tossed her in a cage with hay. All that remained were the girl’s arm bracelets and the bells she wore on her ankles.

The beast had already eaten that day, so the girl was safe till his hunger filled him again. She started to sing in the cage..and the kurii, astonished at the pleasant sound..almost purred. How could meat….be pleasant; he looked at her oddly and decided to keep her as one would a pet.

She was washed and cleansed of human smell. She learned to sleep at the beasts feet and even got petted when she had sung well or told a tale that he seemed to be fond of. He gave her scraps of food to eat and even stole some instruments from a nearby village he had destroyed.

She liked it there..and once a day as the kurii went through her hair looking for varmints, she took off one of her bells and tied it around his necklace of sculls and chains as a gift for she had owned nothing. The monster, who really could not smile, nipped her ear as an affectionate gesture.

But the kurri did not come home one night or the next and the girl, scared, left the cage to find him only to be recaptured by men who declared her a runaway. They tortured her horribly on the post, whipped till she could scream no more. they called her a filthy kurii lover..they scared her arms..
she cried into the night in a language no one could understand and it echoed into the forest.

Just as she had lost hope. she heard bells jingle. She looked up to only see dark fur fly across and over the gates. A loud roar erupted. Bodies started to fly , torn pieces of bone and flesh as the beast tore into the town to find its pet. He left no one standing, women men children fled from the beast. It made sure everyone was dead..or gone out the gates.

At least he found her.and carried her off into the night the village destroyed. He healed his pet and she still serves him, singing new tales for him each night.
Tis said hat he still wears the bells..and if one hears them..:and runs, one might be able to escape.

I heard of this beast. He collects singers. He got a taste for fine music.
He has spies everywhere..searching for his next girl
(Do you hear bells ringing? )

Gimli – by Contessa Giotto


From the Desk of Contessa Giotto, Magistrate of Gimli:

I would like to thank the editors of the Gazette for mentioning Gimli in an earlier edition of thier fine periodical. However much was left out of the short summary…so let me elaborate. Gimli lies at the top of the continent nestled between Siba and Whispering Moons and is the real Gateway to the rest of the Continent. In Gimli you will find a prospersous village with the best tavern in Gor. Now my part ownership in the tavern may make you think I am biased…but I assure you there are others just as biased and few come to the tavern who are not return customers…we ARE just that good. The village is located at the edge of a wood known more precisely as the Sa Di Sani Woods…named for the venerable old tribe which resides in its depths. To be on good terms with the tribe I allow them to frequent the tavern as anyone would and as a shrewd business woman…feel no ones coin should be turned away. My partner in the Tavern, Lina Frost, holds the same business sense as myself…and invite all to come and enjoy our food and fine beverages…many for merely a copper. How do I keep my prices so low…well…thats a trade secret but rest assured that the products we sell are good enough for an Ubar…and many were meant for them in the first place…~cough~…but I digress. We also have a Green healer named Jasmine to look after any maladies and several other denizens who can accomodate your needs as well…although I haven’t seen the sickly blacksmith all week. I also cordially invite trade with the village provided the price and quality meet my expectations. For any slavers among your readership…I am always in the need of good slaves as our proximity to the dock makes our present stock of slaves vulnerable to theft. Of course due to my Magistrate’s capacities I can officiate FCs…provide slave papers…birth and death certificates and broker disputes…all for small fees of course. The tavern has rooms available if you are a traveler as well and looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. So keep Gimli in mind…and come enjoy quality life on the edge of the frontier!

© Gazette of Gor


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