The Gazette of Gor – Issue 06

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(Gorean Press Edition)
Special Feature : The Great Gorean Dance Festival


• From the Editor’s Desk
• The Pilgrimage to the sardar Palisades
( Highlights of the pilgrimage)
• Interview Runefell
• A Kajira’s Special Serve
• Interview Casmu Red Savage
• Land of Kailiauk
• Gorean Dance and School of Gorean Dancing
• Sa Seraka Tor Panthers and Deadlight Mamba
• The Two Provinces
• A warriors Tale
• Events – SGD

From the Editor’s Desk – (Mimi)

GOR What Menu ?

• It’s with the feather and the bitter inkwell that I open this edition of gazette of Gor Number 6. Already issue 6, the newspaper grows with a crazy speed and spreads on Sims GE and BTB, leaving indelibiles tracks.

• Thus going to patrol on Sims BTB and GE, my life in Gor began in the dark world of the BTB there are many moons but in time they seem as be as GE without understanding the evolution of the game,and they are hidden behind their unchanging and motionless rules.

• Now on sims BTB and with bewilderment i see many raise pannel proudly “No Panther Allowed”,”no GE” and with an integrism total, sometimes “No rp with Tranlator”.I thought that the panthers were whole part of the history of Gor, contrary to other more findable characters in sims GE. So how a panther can be GE ?

• So a warrior arrives and tells me of a nauseating and aggressive tone, “slut away, too much in the North we don’t want panther here it’s BTB “.Again incoherence the Goreen is a not nasty person neither killer nor barbarian.And Walkiries are no panthers of the North ?. You should not forget the Nordists in the hunting went in the South to capture beautiful Slavic.

• Another game giving a good place to the BTB which lock themselves into their world without wanted outside contact,they pass on sims GE fight and capturing, so how to rescue or trade one of us ?

• And the best down they simply tp out.In fact they spend their time to grumble against the GE. Identical for the GE which grumble against the BTB. But it is incredible that in the final all want the same thing, vouchers rp with coherence, and long rp. All this small world of gor has to think, and be open to the others without taxing the GE of extremely bad rp (as some BTB are to).Simply “No panthers” is not legal and just an anti rp method, a good way to eject people without respect for false reasons. Simple to eject people without respect.

• But fortunately some BTB are great people who make great and wonderfull rp, and we can learn much Gor with this people. But understand the GE can make good, if we leave the opportunity.

• Then all who grumble or feel affected I understand you but it is a fact that we see this too often and we undergo without reason.The World of Gor must be united and open,free of all this bads splits. This carries only dramas. Also all gorean accept to lose without whynning, one is no hero. And please respect and rp captures instead of sail then as vulgar bags of potatoes. Maybe a day this will change and Gor will be Gor, the wish of many.

– I’m Not GE, I’m not BTB


The Pilgrimage to the sardar Palisades ( Highlights)

• The Great Pilgrimage to the Sardar draws to a successfull and meaningful end as the pilgrimd led by the Grand Initiate Terek make their way on the final leg of the jouney and end up in the great Sardar mountains. Although a perilous journey much have been achieved by each pilgrim to his/her own benefit. Here is the ceremonies and transcripts of the day 8.
– Terek (kitten.serpente): arax will follow with the choir and go up to where the choir will stand on the right side
. Yavuya smiled as she made her way to the temple, “Tal Blessed One, Free and slaves,” she said while admiring the flowers

– arax (araxxaxx.bayn): Good, we’re on tune and everything!
– Yavuya hushes up then listens to the wonderful voice of the kajiri. She moved to the side to observe much better
– Adilokos (ugurusu) cannot help but smile at the boys “Such ethereal voices.”
– Terek (kitten.serpente): Blessed Adilokos will then go up to the water and fire bowls and do the purification ritual, as High Initiate of this temple.
– Adilokos (ugurusu) nods
– Terek (kitten.serpente): He will then go inside and sit on the High Initiate’s throne during the service
– Terek (kitten.serpente): The choir will continue to sing as the rest of the initiates ( me first ) go to the purification bowls and say their short purification.
– Adilokos (ugurusu): This is your celebration, Blessed Terek. I want you to shine!
– Terek (kitten.serpente): Then we will all go into the temple, and I will go to the altar to do the service.

– Terek (kitten.serpente): Pilgrims will follow the initiates into the temple and stand in the gray marble square in front of the altar platform
– Yavuya smiled and nodded, “Aye it is and to think, we all made it here from the Tahari,” she said then moved with the line

• The large temple bell rings out across the valley, calling the pilgrims to worship.
– Julia Aelia (rhiannon.kanya): nods,,, i didn’t think i would after slipping on the rope,,, i had to stay in bed a whole day,,, and have been one day behind…. till now
– conan (conan.zaurak): looks at minx “Stay by me girl.” grins
– Thulsa Dhum (cutulu) rises his hands, lifting the staff as he starts to murmur a prayer ”

• The pilgrims gather at the top of the stairs by the Pilgrims’ Rest, with the thurifer in the front swinging the thurible, followed by the High Initiate of the Great Temple, the Leader of the Pilgrimage, Blessed Terek of Two Scimitars and the other initiates, and then the rest of the pilgrims. They process to the door of the Great Temple. The thurifer proceed into the temple and censes it while the rest of the procession pauses at the doorway.

• Adilokos, the High Initiate of the Temple bows his head toward the symbol of the Eternal Circle of Priest-Kings which is beyond the Temple door over the altar. He raises his hands toward the Circle, and says: “Glorious and immortal Priest-Kings, accept the offering of your anointed ones before your altar this holy day of En’Var. Send your favor upon these your servants, and grant that our prayers to you may be heard.”

– Adilokos (ugurusu) The High Initiate turns to the people gathered before the temple and says: “Be reverent before Priest-Kings.”

• The High Initiate turns to the lavabo-bowl. He washes his hands in the water of purity and dries them above the flame of sanctification, reciting as he does so the prayer of purification: “Priest-Kings, holy and mighty, purify me, I pray you.”

– Adilokos (ugurusu)

“This day, purify my mind, that I may know your Truth and proclaim it.”
This day purify my heart, that I may show your love and mercy to all.
This day purify my hands, that I may help and heal all who are in any need.
This day purify my ears, that I may hear your voice and obey
This day purify my feet, that I may walk in the way you have set for me to follow.
This day purify my whole being that nothing unclean may touch or enter it.”

– Adilokos (ugurusu) He touches his lips with the blessed water so that his mouth may be purified to speak the words to the Holy Ones. bows his head and exclaims: “Hear me, Priest-Kings! This day and always, make me truly your blessed one, that I may perfectly serve your Will.”

– Rasputin120 Resident:
“This day, purify my mind, that I may know your Truth and proclaim it.”
This day purify my heart, that I may show your love and mercy to all.
This day purify my hands, that I may help and heal all who are in any need.
This day purify my ears, that I may hear your voice and obey
This day purify my feet, that I may walk in the way you have set for me to follow.
This day purify my whole being that nothing unclean may touch or enter it.”

• The High Initiate continues into the temple and walks to his chair, where he sits down.
• One by one, the other initiates repeat dipping their hands into the blessed water and touching the water to their lips, saying, “Priest-Kings, holy and mighty, purify me, I pray you.” The Initiates walk across the temple and stand near the altar. As the initiates file into the temple, the choir raise their voices in joyful chant celebrating the bounty and power of the Holy Ones. The pilgrims follow and gather in the area before the white rail. The slaves remain outside.

– Terek (kitten.serpente) shouts: “Priest-Kings, holy and mighty, purify me, I pray you.”

– Thulsa Dhum (cutulu) relaxes his arm and approaches the lavabo bowl to make his purification ritual , saying

“This day, purify my mind, that I may know your Truth and proclaim it.”
This day purify my heart, that I may show your love and mercy to all.
This day purify my hands, that I may help and heal all who are in any need.
This day purify my ears, that I may hear your voice and obey
This day purify my feet, that I may walk in the way you have set for me to follow.
This day purify my whole being that nothing unclean may touch or enter it.”

• The Temple is decorated with rich garlands and bouquets of summer flowers. Sunshine, candles and burning fire-bowls represent the triumph of the sun at its zenith on the longest day of the year. On a table near the altar is the tray with the offerings for En’Var : salt, wine, bread, and flowers.

Interview Runefell (Hathor)

Anon Haven, Runfell – btb Gor

• This interview was at the Village of Runfell, a BTB Gor homestead. Jarl Anon Haven met with me to tell me about his village. The village of Runfell is nestled in towering snowy mountains and a large trade port.

• I asked Jarl to tell me a little about himself.

• Anon Haven: So Anon Haven, is a Torvaldslander, a man of the northern parts of Gor. He was born in the island of Cos though, and was educated in both traditions. His family from his fathers side were all builders, so he became a builder too.. and remain a member of the caste. With his profession he travelled around Gor for years, mostly building roads, bridges and city walls. After living and working both in the north and the south, he decided to come back to his fathelands and found this bay here. This was an old port, he rebuilt it and slowly he build his Longhall on this hill. Then people started to come and asked to join him so he built more buildings around and we ended up with Runefell.

• Anon Haven: It is a homestead, so it is considered a small village. The idea was to build a small village in Torvaldsland to experience the everyday life. Bein small, there are few prims, few scripts, no more than 20 people at the same time on the sim.

– Do you have private homes for citizens?
• Anon Haven: Yes though in the books most lived in the longhall
Runefell is in the south of Torvaldsland close to the Northern Forest, so more fertile soil, more trees and plants and we have some panther tribes living quite close to us

– Do you have Free Men, Free Women and slaves in the Cty’s structure?
• Anon Haven: Yes Free men, free women, bonds and thralls
Our men are mostly hunters, fishermen and farmers. The women cook, bake, weave, some are artists and all work in the farms
Anon Haven: of course all are marauders. raiders to the south

– No pirates Jarl?
• Anon Haven: no but we do have some pirates and other outlaws who come at times. We are not outlaws, we follow the rules of Torvaldsland

– If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of Runfell?
• Anon Haven: I think it is its everyday life and the bond between its villagers. We feel like family though we are not a clan or anything. but we have become close and feel like a big family.
Torvaldsland is an interesting place in Gor.. its history is different from the rest of Gor, we are decendents of Earth’s Vikings.

– And because you are not a large city, you get to know one another well?
• Anon Haven: Yes. and here the winter is long so we live close together in a harsh environment. We need to be close together to survive.

– Lastly. please feel free to add to this interview any comments about Runfell or any aspects of Gorean Life?

(Mistress Sava Renfold joined the interview conversation with her comments, below)

* Sava Renfold (savanah.renfold): yes, I would, I have been in so many different facets of gor, and upon landing here and getting involved, this is one of the best I have ever been involved with, as the Hall, like Anon said is just like how the books portray it, the center of the community or village, all villagers come in and take part.

• Anon Haven: I think this is the most important part of a Torvie village, its Longhall
You will see men, women and slaves all together to do tasks and chores, sit, talk, eat and drink. We don’t have the separation of the south. The hall is usually very busy, bustling with activity.
Another thing we try to do, is to bring Torvaldsland together. To bring the villages together in trade and peace alliance. A unity of the villages here is needed in order to survive. We also have ceremonies and fairs to which we invite all.

• Anon Haven: we have infrimary, bakery, the barn, a cottage for the weavers.

Thus ended the interview with Jarl. I can honestly say I was made to feel very welcomed. As you read this interview, I think you will agree that the interview was infused with a fierce love of this village, it’s land, it’s citzens and what life is like in Runefell. Jarl made me see Runefell through his eyes. A sense of pride was conveyed and in this his last comment: We have people who are above the salt.. which means they are an important part of this village but everyone is equal important for the village to survive.

A Kajira’s Special Serve


• My name is Frey, and I am a Kajira. And I have an important item to serve to my Master. But first, I beg to show you all how I came by this item, this special little secret that I hope will please my Master.

• The other day I was privileged to observe the RP of three warriors. I saw brother hood, I saw fists hitting shoulders and friendly male razzing; there was joking and chuckling. I watched three men come together in the interest of bonding and protecting their homestone, their city, and their citizens. There was a great power shining through each of them, a weapon called UNITY. And it made me all warm and gooey inside, yes, it made my little kajira bottom wiggle in excitement..

• The next day I happened upon three women RPing and they each were making snide nasty remarks to each other. Each took turns correcting the other on something they had done that the other felt was wrong. There was no sister hood, no bonding, no joking or smiling. The entire exchange was void of all warmth. They enjoyed looking down their nose at the one another. And again, my little kajira bottom wiggled with excitement, for I realized something of great importance! The women do not and cannot comprehended UNITY, as they are too busy proving they are better than the next.

• Let’s face, ladies, as much as it pains me to write it… Men behave better than us, they know to use their strength in numbers… we know to use our strength in being cut throat and nasty, and we turn on each other in a second.

• And so, I gracefully kneel before my Master, lower my head, turning my eyes to his boot. I bring my gift to my belly and pause a moment, then to my breast and pause again, smiling at the treasure I hold in my hands, I bring it to my lips and I kiss it with all my love and devotion I have for all Gorean men. Then I extend my arms and offer, “A secret, my Master, may it bring you great pleasure…. Women will lose this battle because they do not understand the importance and power of unity. I hope this serves you well and when you stand victorious in your fight to Take Gor Back, you are pleased with your devoted kajira.”

Interview Casmu Red Savage ( by Hathor)

• Upon landing, I was greeted by the lush flora of this tropical paradise of the Casmu Red Savages land. I was made welcome by both the Chieftain and a Guard. It is a beautiful exotic tropical jungle venue, and while highly divergent from City life, the land was breathtaking, lush and captivating. The tour of the land given by Master Secondbible Guardian, who due to his knowledge of the terrain and agility, seemed to move about easily and I found his tour relaxed and fun; he took some ribbing and returned my pokes with his jaunty responses. While on the tour with Master Secondbible, I observed a RP as he captured a slave who wandered onto the land. It was a well done and a sharp RP exchange. I am not soft-pedaling the land, it is primitive, but for those who prefer this lifestyle, it is a large land to explore and RP with the community. I was made to feel welcome and both Master Secondbible and The Chieftain who impressed me with their view of their land and who invite visitors come and see their land and meet tribe members. I was also invited to observe a raid in the near future, which I may take them up on and see yet another aspect of their life to tell you about in a future article for the Gazette.

Interview with Xander Lopez, Civil Chief, Casmu Red SavageTribe

• Xander (xander.lopez): i am Xander, a founder of this tribe and currently a civil chief. casmu red savage is ruled by 3 chiefs, warchief civil chief and medicine chief. Our tribe originates from sand region but we migrated to grim river. we are a worshiper of Kaiila and animal spirit.

•Xander (xander.lopez): although we are GE, we try to preserve many aspects of traditional gorean red savage. But we have mission to provide every gorean a chance to come here and celebrate the feral nature of gor and be part of its wild jungle roleplay

-: Could you briefly explain the three Chief’s duties and why there are three Master?
• Xander (xander.lopez): It is the book of gor advised that red savage tribe is governed by three chiefs. Civil chief takes care of everything about day to day savage life. War Chief here organize raid and raid training. Medicine chief takes care of all the health related matters. We are currently recruiting our new medicine chief.

-: You organize raids, who do you mostly raid, do only men go on the raids?
• [Xander (xander.lopez): it is the war chiefs who organize raids. Mostly, we raid outlaws and panthers. Any group is welcome to plant their flag and we will gladly arrange something to happen. Only men can have the official “warrior” role, but all women including female slaves may join the raid.

-: Your communty consists of Free Men, Free Women, slaves, do you also have bonds?
• Xander (xander.lopez): we don’t really have that many slaves at the moment… but we have male and female inahan (slaves). Our slaver usually takes care of tribe owned inahans.

-: I was told that slaves are usually nude, may I assume that FW are clothed?
• Xander (xander.lopez): actually, people have to realize this is a tribe with no civilization tradition. The book of gor did say many of the red savages were naked. All FW, FM and inahans may go nude and it is preferred. However, you can cover your body parts as long as it fits the theme of wild jungle.
• Xander (xander.lopez): inahans are usually to be nude, but they can of course wear something to be pleasing to the eyes of free

-: If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of CasmuRed?
• Xander (xander.lopez): the most attractive feature of Casmu is to live your life away from civilization and find your primitive tribal life with unique ritual dances, sex and war in a beautiful jungle environment. This also attracts many other goreans to visit us and create interesting story with us so you will always have some new roleplay with visitors in daily basis
• Xander (xander.lopez): aside from that, nudity is natural here and many people love it lol

• Hathor01: Lastly. please feel free to add to this interview any comments about Casmu or any aspects of Gorean Life?
• Xander (xander.lopez): I personally want to provide unique feral tribe roleplay to everyone in Gor. Our tribe welcomes everyone of all sexualities, identities and backgrounds. We don’t care who you are or where you are coming from. Just be who you want to be and start your life with the theme we provide, and you will get a lot of support from us. If you are a lover of jungle tribal life, you are the right fit for our tribe..

Land of Kailiauk (Minnie)

• There are two months I have started a project of a newspaper. The purpose of this weekly paper was to get into a perpetual Gorean RP where each find own place. This laudable goal begins to take shape. But through my visits to different SIMs, I found a person who has the same dream, form one big family Gorean. No more divisions, differences of opinion. We are all one big family. No matter whether we are BTB, BTS, Ge, we are Gor in our differences. We are united in our dream.

• So, I found two persons, willing to mix RP for the good of all, and those persons are Calidore (Alaric666) and Renee Ravenwolf, proud owners of the Land kailiauk. Here is a note of introduction provided by the leaders of that place. You will see through the following lines, the great intelligence and global harmony that emerges from this place
Welcome to Kailiauk!! 

• Kailiauk is the easternmost town at the foot of the Thentis mountains. It lies almost at the edge of the Ihanke, or Boundary. From its outskirts one can see the markers, the feathers on their tall wands, which mark the beginning of the country of the red savages. Please follow the guide below as you explore our city! If you look around you will see the Administration building behind you and the Inn across from it. The bakery and Ubar’s candy store flank the inn. If you walk in front of the Warrrior’s Hall you will find the arena then the Tavern (no free women!). Across the way you will find the brewery, the infirmary, and several other shops.

• Facing the Inn and taking a right leads you towards the kennels (behind the Inn on your left!) and smaller apartments. On the end of the apartment you will find a space that is perfect for running a private kennel or business out of! Following the road, you’ll come to the winding path up to the Scribe’s Hall and the steps that lead to the first level of housing. If you pass the first house on your left, you’ll find stairs that lead down to the baths, first the men’s then the women’s.

• Continuing upwards, you’ll find the top level and more housing. If you go past the two houses ahead and to the right, you’ll find steps down to our lovely park area. Please feel free to wander the city and explore the lands around! Make sure to stay on your guard though, there are rumors of some shady characters about!

• And to start, the Landing Zone (Market Area) is represented by a small picturesque village. Next door, a Training Zone and automatically a big slap. I have never seen such a beautiful Training Zone. This would want to train every day. This puts us in the bath of a beautiful build. It remains for us to continue. A little bit of TP and here we are in Ground. It’s time for me to congratulate Alaric666 and Renee..

Alaric666: “Tal and welcome to Kailiauk”

– Sana : “greetings mistress”

– Minnie: First, before we begin, i wanted tell you that i have never seen a spar zone as you did, very good build, fantastic work.

– Alaric666: Thank you. They are in short supply in Gor apart from in places such as lr so its useful to have one we can use.

• It is now time to ask what RP is played here. Let our question!

– Minnie: Can you explain me your group in some words, BTB ? Ge ? Wagons ? What is your RP

– Alaric666: our group is, diverse and integrating as many characters as possible within the context of a BTB environment. The city itself is at the base of the Thentis Mountains to the east of Boswell pass the easternmost city in Gor. It is landlocked and we try to cater to all castes and groups. In various ways most of which you will see on our way around There are a few surprises on sim as well

– Minnie: I love surprises. Could you show me them

– Alaric666 chuckles *Most do that visit of course follow me*

– Minnie: with pleasure

– Minnie: I love the ambiance, Smog, Rain

• And here we go !! We visit the scene. And I try to follow my guide in the SIM meandering. Tunnels, caves, a village, a life based on an underground market with tavern and turbulent atmosphere. A small camp of mercenaries and a maze that leads to a Panthers camp

– Alaric666: This is the village area just outside the walls of the city a nice little inn as well for the tired traveler. Here we also have a small BC camp now if you come this way. We have the black market under the city if you will continue to follow me. This is the underground tavern/inn a dangerous place and as mentioned the hub for integrating as many characters as possible. Down here, we have the pit for fighting slaves. Or any other form of combat that may be required

– Minnie: You had new ideas. It changes all i have seen. It s so different.

– Sana: its one of the things people love about this place, its so different

– Alaric666 smiles *We want to promote and allow access for as many storylines as possible allowing our citizens and players from other cities to come in and use the facilities here. Well its better to be different and allow peoples storylines to grow and expand over time that is the aim

– Alaric666: It’s an underground black market

– Sana: you’re only seeing half of them! It’s a huge complex

– Alaric666: full of rogues vagabonds thieves mercenaries, BC and panthers any character that would not normally be found in a city but is BTB will be found in here

– Alaric666: it’s the underbelly of the city

– Minnie: Finally, a real Gor place

– Alaric666: This area is the base of the one that runs the black market. Here we have a small Merc camp outside the walls of the city

– Alaric666: we have not got to the panther camp yet

– Sana: don’t know any panthers in tents like these

– Alaric666: panthers are based here

– Minnie: nods *They will do their own camp

– Alaric666: Yes, they do

– Sana: Yes, they have a housing area, campfire, and their own caves

– Minnie: it s the gate for camp ?

– Sana: yes, it’s locked

-Sana: same as the BC camp

– Minnie: so we wont disturb 🙂

– Alaric666 grins

• I’m getting dizzy. Alaric666 and Renee Ravenwolf understood everything in Gor. There is not a single RP. We approach the truth. A village, a fortified camp for the Black Caste, Wagons, a murky underground market where all people could be found, those who are usually hunted by cities, mercenaries, panthers, a city, a RP mixed by a set of categories.

– Alaric666: Well Gor was just not a city. There are many, parts and characters to consider

– Minnie: I agree fully

– Alaric666: So we tried to integrate them all here to see if people liked the idea

– Minnie: I ve seen good villages, good lands but you did a mix of all

– Alaric666: Yes it enhances the RP opportunities that way

– Minnie: nods

• At end, this place gives us many possibilities. I forgot to tell you that you could rent too. But careful, you could meet some bad vagabonds and thieves. But some dreams need a risk !! For the philosophy, for the mix of many RP,for the build, I put an award for Kailiauk, for Alaric666 and for Renee Ravenwolf. And I invite you to RP in this place. All people in this deserve be met..

Interview on School of Gorean Dancing ( By Itsmee)

GOREAN DANCE (Itsmee Zander)

• #Slave dance, that form of dance, in its thousands of variations, in which a female may excitingly and beautifully, marvelously and fulfillingly, express the depths and profundities of her nature. In such dance the woman moves as a female, and shows herself as a female, in all her excitingness and beauty. It is no wonder that women love such dance, in which dance they are so desirable and beautiful, in which dance they feel so free, so sexual, so much a slave–Magicians of Gor page 69-70.#

• It has always been my firm believe that Gor as we know it is based really on a solid foundation. this foundation is built on the slaves of Gor…. Why?.. simple… the efforts it takes to learn and know everything from drinks, foods, poses and how to serve properly and not have their heads chopped off at the whim of a Free.

• yes yes, some would argue the Free also need to know.. but we shan’t go down this path…….” fetch me blackwine, he bellowed…..” yes Master… first or second slave”…” i’ll have both slaves” he replied, his response to the girl,she held back back from facepalming.

• So the slave serves a Master a drink or Food….. or even in the furs….. she pleases but ONE free……..She hits the sands and she pleases the Masses…. with her emotes, … well chosen Music and choregraphy……. she tells her story and weaves the magic reaching out and touching each one differently at the same time….. bringing smiles or provoking thought…..or even as Lady aralia pointed out shedding a tear

• Goreans ……. unlike other groups…have been well known to be arrogant if not harsh and hard task masters….why? we ask ourselves….. Pride….. that our slaves have structure and have to work bloody hard and are put through the paces.. like no other as a group…. they learn how to act , walk, talk and serve and to even think with exquisite beauty and those words…. “No Master” is seldom ever uttered…..

• Gorean Dancing is very much a part and parcel of this very structure and this gives Gor Culture a very rich and elegant cultural heritage for us to be proud of….. the amount of hard work and efforts put in by each and every slave girl from getting her nerves steeled and biting the bullet and stepping into the sands for the very first time to facing those butterflies in her belly again each time she faces a crowd of gorean Free, waiting to see her performance.

• #In the dance I had power. In the dance I was beautiful. I saw delight in the eyes of men…Many things were doubtless involved. One, of course, was that it was a slave who danced. The dancing of a slave is a thousand times more sensuous than that of a free woman because of the incredible meanings involved, the additional richness which this furnishes, the explosive significance of this comprehension, that she who dances is owned, and, theoretically, could be owned by you–Dancer of Gor page 193. #

• A long and arduous journey taken by every girl….why?….. for her needs are simple.. ” to please the FREE”……… her rewards… seeing the smiles of approval and acceptance and hearing the applause…….to gain her owner .. Honor.. to be Worthy to be in his Chain, at his feet….. to feel his eyes watching her every move as she dances her submission and pours her heart out.

• Many a new kajira wanders into Gor , with romantic notions of what Gor is from Books… all having differing expectations…. bringing with them their own beauty and culture from the world over. some not even native English speakers and yet their need to please drives them to strive for perfection, they yearn to please……
we need to support and encourage these girls to dance from their hearts and souls not burden them with………… further……….technicalities

• Growls at the so called experts of Gorean dance…. who sit there passing comments and critique…. story faction/ dance faction… poppy cock i say…. it’s a bloody dance, enjoy it…… does it really matter if the egg is poached or scrambled….it is egg. Why put girls off Dancing, make them nervous to even begin…. for fear of being badly reviewed…….in which book does it say there were dance reviewers in Gor…..

• Gor today is as divided as we are by the hundreds of sims with too few Goreans,… RPers/ Lifestylers…. BTB/ GE and within all of this a tiny tiny Dance community… which lo and behold is again split… those who follow GPR and thos who follow the Gorean Whip… Variety is good… competitiion is good… but when the Twain shall never meet, we have lost purpose and focus….

• For those of you Dancers out there, be proud to Dance your hearts and for your owners, Winning contests is not important… your main aim is to please the Free. For the Free of Gor, please ensure the playing fields are kept free from discrimination remaining fair and honorable. The fate of Gor rests solely in the hands of the Free, It is your Responsibily

• We, old Goreans have sighed and seen Gor change and not be what it was. I have seen so many good Gorean Dancers QUIT…… i don’t want this last stand of Gorean culture and heritage to fall apart and disintegrate.

• If Dance wasn’t that important, would John norman have even written a book about an earth girl who was brought to Gor as she was a dancer… Dancer of Gor. I wish you all well

• The true dancing girl, who has a great aptitude for such matters, and years of experience, is a marvel to behold, for she seems always different, subtle and surprising. Some of these girls, interestingly, are not even particularly beautiful, though in the dance they become so. I expect a great deal has to do with the girl’s sensitivity to her audience, with her experience in playing to, and interacting with, different audiences, teasing and delighting them in different ways, making them think suddenly, by contrast, startling them, astonishing them and driving them wild with the madness of their desire for her. Such a girl, after a dance, may snatch up dozens of gold pieces from the sand, putting them in her silk, scurrying back to her master–Assassin of Gor page 91. #

Sa Seraka Tor Panthers and Deadlight Mamba by minxy

– Minxy : Dove, you are a new tribe isn’t it?

– Dove Ellaria : Yes we are about 6 months old..
– Dove Ellaria : Yes some people know us, in the beginning though when the camp first started it was a bit more dark and well. We got a few genitive reviews and things like that, but when Sarwin and I came in and became part of the council and leaders of the group the changes have been highly favorable.. And a lot more rp has happened.

– Marcus Axlerius : “Tal and welcome Huntress. . . ” turnings his eyes to the guest seated at the end of the table.

– ѕᴀʀᴡιɴ ßlōōďŚōńģ nods her head to Minxy. “Sawubona. I am Sarwin, I am a Sangoma Umholi of the Deadlights.” she gestured to Marcus “This is one of my Thralls Marcus.”

– Dove Ellaria : “Ahh yes I should have started with introductions, Yes I am Dove Bloodsong also one of the Sangoma Umholi’s of the Deadlights and my thrall here is Saber.. ” *She said with a smile.
– Dove Ellaria : “We are a council system, So there are Fay Cai, Myself, Sarwin and Piker..

– Minxy : can you tell me about your way of life in the tribe?

-ѕᴀʀᴡιɴ ßlōōďŚōńģ : Primary Leadership is Cai, and his mate Fay. Piker is my mate, and is the guardian of Cai and Fay. My tasks as his mate require my diplomacy, my battle skill and my rearing of his children. Dove is also a second in the leadership as per or Inkosi Umholi Cai’s orders. To run our home, and our tribe smoothly, the collective council was formed to afford our Primary Leadership the time they require for themselves as well as their own diplomatic tasks for the betterment of the Tribe’s survival.

– Minxy : it seems to be well organized

– Dove Ellaria : As well as the way of things here that we spend a lot of time working together to better the camp and the people here, Training in combat as well as working for a common goal. We though as Mamba have been mistaken for dark and evil flesh eaters, yes we do eat the flesh of people but it is a ceremonial spiritual thing that is highly regarded. And we farm and raise animals and hunt and create items of beauty, dance and music is key also.

– Minxy : smiles to Dove, so you are a group strongly welded hearing you

– Dove Ellaria : We play games and work together to survive and enjoy having fun as well. We try to be light hearted the best we can, and deal with strife inside and outside as anyone else. We are and yet as any tribe has it’s inner turmoil but we do try to work though it to reach a happy medium.

– ѕᴀʀᴡιɴ ßlōōďŚōńģ : As Mambas, and the Deadlights are no different; our lives are not as simple as most would perceive. We do not view outsiders of our Faith to be anything more than strangers. We trust very little and due to the decline in the numbers of Mambas as of late years, our survival is paramount. To facilitate our survival we’ve had to open our minds, hearts and doors to those who are not all entirely Mamba. We’ve been known to take in others, however; and by doing so it allows us to extend our reach further into the Gorean lands through trade routes and diplomacy in matters of relationships with outside tribes. Nearby ones as well. We would rather handle matters through diplomacy rather than arrows and blades but if it comes to having no other alternative; our people are trained in such ways. Our spiritual faith is what keeps us grounded to the reality that all life is precious. Though as my sister has said; people view us as the cannibalistic brutes of the forests; we do not eat people aimlessly. To be eaten by our

– ѕᴀʀᴡιɴ ßlōōďŚōńģ : tribe would be an honor, it means one possesses qualities that our tribe would need to enrich our own futures. A man who is better in battle would be eaten for his combat prowess, so that we may gain his power for our own tribe’s use.

– Minxy : I understand, you privilege the exchanges and the diplomacy trying to keep your identity of mamba

– ѕᴀʀᴡιɴ ßlōōďŚōńģ nods her head and smiles “Though some believe being a Mamba is something people are born to, being Mamba is a culture…a faith…not a skin color or a biological tie to any one particular race. Some tend to have darker skins; yes, though its merely a nod to the fact they were born near the desert climates of Gorean land. Those, like us, who have left the comforts of the sun and gathered closer to the tropical climates have found our skin slightly lighter, because we have no need of protection from the sun’s rays. We sought to grow vegetation and plants, herbs and other necessities to further our tribe’s survival, being to close to the desert spoils the soil to such intentions.”

– Minxy : forgive me if I’m ignorant, do you have a shaman or a healer at the camp to cure the woundeds?
– Minxy : or do you practice by yourself

– Dove Ellaria : Yes, we do, The Inyanga.. Which I am, I trained in the south as a Green. I know does not sound very mamba, but I am quite skilled in Medicine as well as my Sister Sarwin..

– Minxy : looks at the women, impressed

– ѕᴀʀᴡιɴ ßlōōďŚōńģ looks to Dove at that question and smiles softly. “Healers are highly valued by our people. The survival of our people couldn’t be possible without Dove’s skill and my own help. Its again another expression of our efforts to survive; that my sister’s knowledge was not only what she learned in the forests as a mamba, but what she adapted from the medicinal methods of other cultures.” she patted her sister’s hand proudly and smiled at her “Truly a sacrifice that benefited our people’s future.” she looked back to

– Minxy. “Just the healers or the tribe as a whole?”

– ѕᴀʀᴡιɴ ßlōōďŚōńģ nods her head “We’ve also gathered an odd collection of animals over our time here. Some were wounded in the wild and found themselves healed by our own people; they’ve chosen to stay around because of the abundance of food. We’ve also been lucky enough to find ourselves in possession of the more dangerous types of animals because of that selfless risk. Though dangerous as it was to take the leap, most animals tend to bite the hand that feeds them if the hand isn’t wise enough to let them be the animals they are; and to hunt on their own without cages or collars and chains to keep them tied down.” she looked back at her thrall and smirked as she traced her hand over his arm “Others find themselves quite happy in chains and collars though.” she looked over at Saber and grinned.

– Minxy thanks Dove warmly for her welcome and the visit of her camp

– Dove Ellaria : Thank you for coming today and that the Gazette took an interest in our camp..

– Minxy : “thanks a lot Dove, hoping we can keep in touch

– Dove Ellaria : Yes of course.. It was a pleasure to meet you.

The Two Provinces – Rorus & Rarn ( by Minnie )

Time for us to discover the Two Provinces called Rorus and Rarn. We begin by the usual dock. The docks in Rorus  could be used as Tavern as well. But we find to TavernKeeper who is still sleeping, drunk as usual. This province belongs to DI’Jan Cove Outlaws and now Var Viverra She. We choose left and we can begin RP with the pirats and the first contact will be the Blacksmith. Then we go on, pass the brige et welcome in Pirats World. A bottle of Black wine seems be the most important for Pirats. Did i say that the TavernKeeper is drunk *winks*

Now, if we go on right, we pass a new bridge  and we enter in Var Viverra Forest. We will find a classic Panthers’s camp with picks, Ziplines and more  .

Go splash in cold water and join swimming, Province Rarn. Docks are full of merchandises. No wine, no tavern and no Tavernkeeper. But we never find Tavernkeeper when needed. Rarn Province is composed with a wide City called : La passe de Boswell Haskins City and with a little Panthers Camp (Wolf Blacks Tribe) . Rarn Province is composed with French Players. But they speak well english too and they are good in RP with a special humor, the French Humor !!!

Matchbook of Gor – (A Tale from Ayana Bade)

• Once upon a time, Many Many Many moons ago, there was a Handsome and kind Warrior who lived on the plains. Every morning, he would wake before day break and go hunting for His day of pelts and fine furs

• Come night fall, He would return to His lonely Wagon and sit by the fire watching the stars above. One morning He was out like always and heard rustling around. Pulling His bow He aimed it towards the bushes where He caught the glimpse of a blonde.

• Stopping quickly, He lowered the bow and slowly made His way looking closer . He saw the most breath taking kajira, hair of gold that would make the sun itself envy, baby blue eyes that could take the coldest person and make them melt and her smile what her smile did to people would only make others envy her.

• He moved slowly towards the girl as He bent down slowly offering her a piece of dried jerky, her small nimble fingers trembled taking it quickly and scarfing it down. He offered her more and He sat near her talking to her soon building enough trust as He placed His collar around her slender neck bringing her back to the wagon camp.

• He trained her when He was Home at night and soon she became one of the best kajira out there. So every night when He returned she would have a huge feast for Him waiting and when He sat to eat she would dance her heart out for Him and the envy of ever male who had wanted to own her. She served with true devotion with eyes for no one else but him as if they were alone in the world.

• One day, He came Home telling His gem that they were leaving the plains, she packed the wagon up as He said His good byes picking His gem up placing her in the wagon as they drove off unsure of what these new lands would offer.

• In the time of training, she had come to love her Master who was strict yet kind and gentle when needed to and would follow him anywhere.

• A few hands later, they came to a Large City. The once grassed plains wer now cobblestone, the open field was now tall buildings , and the sun that used to shine ever so bright was now hidden. There was no river or stream, just wells.

• They lived happily for a while, the girl doing all her chores every morning and every night she danced for him and snuggled by his sides in the deep rugs within the wagon.

• The Master set up the wagon and the Next morning, He went out once more, till one day He did not return upon night fall, one day turned to two , two to three and so on.

• Soon the rent was due on the spot and they came for payment taking the bosk, the wagon even gem. Yes they took the Trappers gem before she knew it she was on the auction block, tear streak eyes looking over the crowd for the Master before she knew it the words SOLD SOLD SOLD.

• Gem was sold to a Match Maker. He left her in the worn spring dress she came, with told her she would sleep under the bench during the day, and at night, she would take the matches and stand upon the corner of the cobble stone under a single lamp and sell the matches.

• Night would come and little gem went under the lamp calling out Matches books of Matches for sale 2 copper each. Spring turned to summer and ever night lil gem would be under that lamp and scream out Matches : ” Matches books of Matches here 2 copper a book”

• Soon summer turned to fall and begun to rain, her small spring dress trembling as she fought to keep them dry, crying out once more Matches : “Matches, 2 copper a book of Matches, please buy the Matches”

Nimble fingers turning black, she thought maybe one match no one will miss one taking the match and striking it to life. She looked at the flame seeing the glorious green plains, the clear river, the bosk then the flame went out.

• SCREAMING NOOOOOOOOOOOOOo, she worked to strike another Match praying to the priest Kings, pleaseeee as it sparked to life once more seeing the feasts. The other kajiras dancing as the flame went out once more crying out as she shook.

• Seeing her Master come forth with a larl, white larl, He held His hand out speaking : “My gem, my lil gem, I could never ever forget you my gem. Come warm my bones like you only know how to.

• Next day, everybody start talking about a beautiful girl found frozen dead in the snow, with a beautiful smile in her face. She walked toward him slowly and as she touched him and went into his arms all the cold and pain left her as she buried herself back into his arms. For she had finally found her rightfull place by her Masters side for all eternity

© Gazette of Gor


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