The Gazette of Gor – Issue 04

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


• From the editors desk
• interview with Char Gustafson
• Bristol
• Rorus
• moonglade
• Thentis
• Exploration Twins Falls
• Interview with Sheera EN of Sa’jesuil tribe
• Interview Jaris and Nikki, Medical School
• Events
• Official Invitation
• Sardar pilgrimage
• Carnival Promotion and Info – Mari
• CTF movie
• Blogs

From the editors desk

• The Gazette of Gor’s team is proud to deliver the issue Number #4.

• As introduction I would thank warmly Mariko, the chief editor who carry on the business with passion and pragmatism gathering the reader requests, managing firmly the team and planning the future numbers of the gazette. We have a very efficient team, they are passionate people who constantly give their best to make the Gazette work at its best , investigating, conducting exciting interviews all over Gor, to bring to you, our readers information of value and benefit to your Gorean journey hopefully.

• À weekly publication requires à lot of effort, but your support by being loyal readers and then allowing us to interview you at your home sims and providing us with the rich and exciting material to include in our publication, makes it a great and worthwhile cause.

• Please continue to call us (IM), to give us your experience of Gor, the specificity of your city the way of life of your varied cultures and so many things you have in yourself.

• The gazette is yours, an improvement of the rp in Gor GE & BtB, you are the reason of being of this gazette. Forgive us if your interview is not in the current number it will be in the following.

• In this issue you will meet through the interviews several people met in their own land, they share with you either a way of life, either an experience, we hope that you enjoy reading it.

• Each week, you will find the main events relative to Gor, don’t hesitate to communicate with us about them.


Interview with Char Gustafson

Char Gustafson a video saga in gor

• Patrolling on U tube, looking for Gor, the Gazette found find a channel with more 80 video of Gor. So we contact this director
• who works hidden in gor, the “Hillbilly Gor” saga. Not a Professional but a man who works hard to share all his video, to show his personality by image, a testimony of gor, a memory of the sims which disappeared.In fact he is a very nice and a humble man, so all gorean now jump on his channel and looks his video ,and leave him messages of support.

• Mimi (Medusa Avora): tal warrior Char:-),nice meet
• Char Gustafson: Odin’s blessins’ thar
• Char Gustafson: Nice land! I’ve visited all around the continent. Still some sims I lack on it
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): take place please sorry no dancing girl free for now
• Char Gustafson: lol, Its fine
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): I see some of yours videos, can U explain why this project ?
• Char Gustafson: Well, I had seen the videos people had uploaded to youtube of trying to catch this person cheating, that person being a rage, this person being a douche bag. It got aggravating to see it. Plus, you never heard the person actually talking in the videos. Well, my best friend in RL does Twitch streaming so he provided me the software to start capturing it.

• Char Gustafson: I started recording and providing my unique outlook/enthusiasm/personality in the videos with my commentary. At first, I was scared people would make fun of them. Hate the videos, etc. Char Gustafson: Well, What really touched me to continue with the series was after I started distributing them mainstream, a few episodes in, a viewer IMed me and said “Char, your videos really helped me out of some sadness in RL I was experiencing”

• Mimi (Medusa Avora): i think so and agree
• Char Gustafson: Since, that has been my driving force in recording the videos. To help those who suffer depression, like myself, to show what people experience in Gor is the same thing (lag, stuff not rezzing, etc), and finally, to document sims before they go away since on average most sims don’t last past 2-3 months.

• Mimi (Medusa Avora): A problem this all go away so fast
• Char Gustafson: I’ve been in Gor maybe 3 years now? I still hear people talking about X sim or Y sim, but, hell, I don’t know what they looked like/the people who were on it. Now doing the videos, people can say “Hey! You remember SSO?” “Oh yeah! Here’s a video Char did on it before it was gone!”

• Mimi (Medusa Avora): seems a great mission this to make alive dead place
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): you are an Gor video archiver
• Char Gustafson: I am careful in policing my Hillbilly Gor group because I want it to be known that my group doesn’t harbor trolls, harassers, idiots, etc. • Char Gustafson: I don’t have enough time in RL to capture every single rebuild of a sim. I try to prioritize with brand new sims, then sims I haven’t been to in months. Unless a sim is about to close, then I will offer to do a special walk through video.

• Mimi (Medusa Avora): i like your concept it’s really great,and this is a very long and hard work and how many episode you have realized for now ?
• Char Gustafson: I’ve been doing the series since Sep 4th, 2014.
• Char Gustafson: I have a total of 87 episodes I’ve made.I have a total of 87 episodes I’ve made,and I’ve filmed 3 Gorean weddings
• Char Gustafson: Season 1 is my videos in 2014
• Char Gustafson: Season 2 is my videos in 2015
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): And you realize all with an idea of commercial use ?
• Char Gustafson: I have not made any lindens off this series. Nor do I intend for it to be a linden maker
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): and put commentary and explication tactical for win ?
• Char Gustafson: I do not intend for my videos to be “How to easily beat this sim”
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): i hope with all this publication many will come on your channel to look
• Char Gustafson: I would appreciate it 😀
• Char Gustafson: I would love for more Goreans to know about it
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): and appreciate this hard work and as the gazette is more and more know sure goreans will see
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): tel us about your vision of Gor now ?
• Char Gustafson: Everyone has their outlook on Gor and what they are here to experience that they lack in their RL. I don’t think mine is any important to share because it is like assholes. We all have one.
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): do You think gor is on a good way ?
• Char Gustafson: It isn’t my place to judge Gor. My place here is to hopefully help people realize we’re a big dysfunctional family with common interests
• Char Gustafson: Much like my group, I take a neutral stance in whats going on around the sims
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): well i see
• Char Gustafson: 🙂
• Mimi (Medusa Avora): so ty to have give me a bit of your time

For the Gazette Mimi


  • Tal Master

  • Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about Bristol and your community on this sim. Readers of The Gazette would like to know more about Bristol! Would you please introduce yourself to our readers and your position in this wonderful Island of Bristol.

  • Perhaps our readers would also enjoy seeing it also. Would you please tell them where exactly Bristol lies in the Map of Gor.

  • Rec Rembrandt: Thank you for interviewing us. Bristol is a tropical island, just off the Thassa. We grow palm and cocoa here, using those things to fortify our economy, however we are a Merchant port, so open to all types of trade. I am Rec, the blacksmith for the island. I also have a slave house, since some people pay for my swords with flesh.

  • May I ask if this is a BTB Gorean land and has it’s culture and traditions of having a Home Stone and the Caste System?

  • Rec Rembrandt: Bristol is a BTB sim, with common sense. While we don’t recognize female fighters per se, we do roleplay with Panthers. We are considered a Southern location, so we have castes but because we are a port you would also find others here. The port would be open to all sorts of business, shady and upstanding.

  • If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of Bristol?

  • Rec Rembrandt: Bristol is a tropical island. It has so much potential, be it a Gorean vacation destination, to business for the legal and illegal alike. We celebrate the beauty of our island.

  • Why would Bristol be the perfect choice for Gorean folk here make it their home, What is unique about it that you offer that perhaps no one else offers?

  • Rec Rembrandt: We all need a place to relax, something beautiful to appreciate. Goreans value life and beauty. Bristol is the relaxing place you go to and never want to leave.

  • What would you say is the main source of income for this fair city and what products are produced here that you would export to other lands of Gor.

  • Rec Rembrandt: Bristol grows palm to make wine and textiles, we harvest cocoa for consumption, But, as a busy port we always have a variety of goods being traded and bartered every day. There is always a way to make your fortune here.

  • Lastly. please feel free to add to this interview any comments about Bristol or any aspects of Gorean Life?

  • Rec Rembrandt: Here at Bristol, we want roleplayers. We try to accommodate everyone, experienced and new alike. We all learn from each other and do what we love…Be Gorean.

  • May I ask, as you have an ideal port here, do you have pirates as members?

  • Rec Rembrandt: Right now we have one assassin, about three Pirates posing as men of legal means…and we do have pirates that visit from other sims

  • Rec Rembrandt: And I’d also like to see some more trade with panther tribes. Panther tribes get a bad reputation as only wanting ‘pew pew’ or to piss of the free men. If a Panther tribe wants RP, Bristol welcomes them.

  • I have met only one assassin in my travels in Gor, how do they fit in with the community here at Bristol?

  • Rec Rembrandt: The assassin that plays here is actually very good. He doesn’t flaunt that he is an assassin. So it’s very realistic. He keeps to his air of mystery, does his shady deals, and seems just like any other free man in port.

  • Rec Rembrandt: But that is the key to any good RP, play it as realistic as you can. Not trying to be a book thumper, but use the essence of the books and some common sense. Don’t you think?

  • I notice you have a pleasant tavern here, as well as an open-air area for the Free to relax and talk with one another.

  • Rec Rembrandt: Yes, Since we are tropical, we’d utilize the sea breeze as much as possible and take in the tranquility of the island after a honest day’s work.

  • Do you have living areas/homes also here for the Free?

  • Rec Rembrandt: We do….there are homes for rent on the main sim here, that are IC and there are skyboxes for OOC homes. Zoey offers incredible deals on them and you can find out more at our Landmark.

  • Would you also allow visitors to come to Bristol, to look about and talk to your people?

  • Rec Rembrandt: Of course

  • Rec Rembrandt: If they want to RP…they can just jump right in…if they want to be OOC, they just switch meter over and IM whom ever they need to, though we would ask them not to engage in local chat while in OOC mode.

  • Would you add any comments you feel are pertinent to this interview, that would welcome readers to come to visit and possibly find a home here ?

  • Rec Rembrandt: Well, I’d like to close out the interview saying that Bristol welcomes any skill of role player…if they truly want to roleplay, we truly want them. They can take a copy of our sim’s newspaper (The BNG) to familiarize themselves with some current storylines and then just jump on in. What Bristol wants is to actually enjoy our Gorean lives, with great RP.

  • Rec Rembrandt: Our island is open for trade roleplay with everyone…Merchants, Torvies, Pirates, Panthers….

  • When I was at Bristol, you had bola races for all Bristol members and members of other sims. I experienced the camaraderie, fun and excitement during the two hours of the races. Bristol was generous with the time and laughed with all those racing. Could you mention any other events you have at Bristol?

  • Rec Rembrandt: Bristol’s owner, Zoey Cobalt is a big supporter of RFL. We’ve held OOC events to benefit that. We’ve also had themed events over the course of the year. We try to offer something every few months but not load the sim down with too many events.


This interview is with Master Keith Chrome of the Village of Rorus who took time out of his busy administrative tasks early this morning to speak about his sim, Rorus. We sat at their bakery, over mugs of black wine, chatting about Gor and Rorus, a fine, fairly large land.

Hathor : Master, may I again thank you for setting time aside to speak to me

• Keith Chrome: I enjoy doing this for new people. Its important we get new role players into Gor or provide a venue for those who are in Gor, but not found their place or home.

Hathor : Master, I understand you have a lively RP sim as well as an active population and am as interested to hear about Rorus as I hope our readers will be.

• Keith Chrome: We have a steady population. A lot of places have flux a great deal, but with our solid core of leaders and some very good families here we stay fairly steady. It’s a great little village.

Hathor : That seems to me Master, to say something very good about Rorus, that you have a solid population

Hathor : Do you welcome visitors here Master?

• Keith Chrome: We do welcome visitors. As a village we have the luxury of being a little less harsh with people we don’t know because the entire village knows each other. Life here is not as cold to others as say a large city where people barely know their neighbors let alone people that come and go.

Hathor : Is in world voice used here, or is it predominately an RP venue

• Keith Chrome: Voice is not used here at all. Rorus is a full immersion sim so everyone must where tags and must be in Role play. We don’t allow out of character visits with some very rare exceptions. To experience Gor we feel it is best to jump in and interact. It seems to be the best way to learn

Hathor : May I ask, is this is a BTB Gorean land and does it have its culture and traditions of having a Home Stone and the Caste System?

• Keith Chrome: Yes we have a Home Stone and the caste system. We are still south of the northern forests.

Hathor : and you have a population of FM, FW and slaves?

• Keith Chrome: yes

Hathor : If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of Rorus?

• Keith Chrome: If i had to pick one thing, i would have to say our most attractive feature is our lands. So many lands have paved cities. Cobble stones everywhere with very little grass and flowers. As a village there is more open space and not so many stones. Of course that is limiting in the description of our assets to new people. I like to think our look attracts people to come see and our role play keeps them here. If we can get a visitor engaged in role play within the first few minutes they arrive here then the chances are greatly increased that they will make Rorus their home.

Hathor : Do you have trading stores and a G&S here Master?

• Keith Chrome: We have trading stores. There is a bit of G&S that has just been installed as an experiment. However, The focus here is role play so we still rely on imagination more than SL props

• Keith Chrome: Where there are props, yes they are part of the village. I believe you saw some of them when you wondered into the farm before you got to the main village

Hathor : and are raids a part of your group?

• Keith Chrome: Raids are always part of Gorean life. Though as a small village they are not as frequent here as they would be in other parts of Gor. Limited resources worth taking and all that.

Hathor : Lastly. please feel free to add to this interview any comments about Rorus or any aspects of Gorean Life?

• Keith Chrome: I believe Rorus has a good mixture of the overall Gorean experience with a strong group of leaders and a solid group of role players. There is a family experience along with the dangers and harsh living that Gorean Role players look for. Story lines are running for those who are willing to seek them. This sim is not one that is going to just hand you role play. You need to get involved and find your niche. However we have plenty of opportunity for any role player to do that.. Nearly every caste has a training program for new people to their caste and some of the best people in this role play venue.

Moonglade Village (BTB) – Minnie

• There are beautiful cities with impeccable build, charming villages that exude authenticity. And then, there is Moonglade. I could make a long speech on the quality of the build, on all the details.

• Yes, I could have been rave and rave at the beauty of the lagoon, birds flying, different houses, weathered and worn steps, the sky, the mountains around, peacocks illuminating flower beds.

• Yes, I could have but I decided to show you some pics and I urge you to come and see this place, starting a RP with the owner and people of this place, to finally start dreaming. Because, here, Moonglade is a dream factory for people who love the wonderful scenery and well done build and work. An overall score that is near perfection.

Moonglade Presentation

• Moonglade is an uncharted Village on the Thassa Sea, we are a small tight knit BTB community of family and friends. Though we welcome those with diverse customs we will strictly enforce the laws of our Village.

• This is a BTB SIM. Free Women must dress appropriately. Veils are completely optional, but you can show off your stature for High Caste Women, if you so feel the need. Legs drifting through a full length dress prim are acceptable, but only if wearing socks or glitch pants.

• We generally adhere to BTB rules, but keep in mind many rules themselves are contradicted across the series of novels. Also keep in mind that we are all human behind the Avatars and that SL was not created with Gor in Mind. That said, freewomen and slaves can visit the SIM without immediate force collar, or escort. But be weary of your actions while here when visiting.


Earlier this week, I sat down with the owner of Thentis to ask a few questions. We met at a gorgeous fountain area, which is one of many social gathering places in the beautifully rebuilt city. The city of Thentis has recently gone through a growth spurt that has it’s streets bustling with people who are actively role playing and having a fantastic time. This is what the owner had to say about his city and his views on Gor.

Greetings, Sir, Please introduce yourself to our readers.

• Tristan: I am Tristan, Administrator of Thentis.

Where is Thentis located?

• Tristan: Thentis is a city high in the Thentis Mountains at the head of the Olni River. It is near the northern forests but not too near.

Then would Thentis be considered a Southern city?

• Tristan: Depends on your definition of a Southern City…if you use the “Torv” definition then yes, we are. If you don’t, then we are a northern city as we are in the northern part of Gor. However, we embrace the Home Stone and Caste System here.

Is Thentis considered BTB or some other type?

• Tristan: By the Book, in truth my goal with Thentis is to bring back some of the older “hard core” style of Gor….we are working hard to ensure that all heads of caste are male, and such. I would like to stress, we are by the book, but we aren’t book thumpers. One thing to remember is that Gor is a Philosophy written by a Philosophy Professor and so the books aren’t a “rule book” but a look into a philosophical view of things.

If you had to choose one important or main thing or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say your city’s most attractive feature would be?

• Tristan: Well, that is kind of a hard one, we have a lot to offer. We have a brand new build that, in my opinion, is very good. We have the opportunity for RP in that we are the sole suppliers of Blackwine, Thentis is also known for raising and training Tarns so there is potential for RP there as well. Also we are one of very few cities with a working functional Initiate Temple.

I believe you may have just answered my next question which is, what is the main source of income for Thentis and what products are produced, is it fair to say that answer is Black Wine and Tarns?

• Tristan: Blackwine, Tarns, Silver, and Wool

Why would you be the perfect choice for Goreans, what sets you aside from others?

• Tristan: Well as I said, one of our focuses here is to be old school BTB Gorean…..slaves punished by any free when they act up, men having most positions of authority. We are also one of few cities these days that isn’t run by an Ubar, as almost every other SIM is. Either they are all at war, or they are all wanting ultimate authority for some ego trip, and I doubt they are all at war. And we are one of few SIMs these days that are owned and managed by a male. Thentis has much to offer someone who is interested in BTB RP and with the rebuild it is a whole new Thentis.

(Lady Freyja)

A continent to discover ( Twin Falls ) (From Valkyrie Forest)

Below are pctures of my travels in Twin Falls. Follow me, as I give you the pictures and landmarks in steps to make it as easy and a pleasant journey, as I did.

• I left the dock of Valkyrie Forest and go west of the sim to enter in Twin Falls,

• Just after the bridge on the left , there is the dock of Twin Falls.

• Leaving the dock , on the south of sim, there is as a sort of farm.
• I left the Farm and continue on my way south on the border and there is forest and mountains ,

• Continuing in the direction west at the border , I left the forest and went to the North West in corner

• i left the village and continued on my way north on the border of the sim where there is as a small panther camp situated on the border North East in the corner of the sim.
I read the sign and it said : Julian Jerag.
I am pleased to have given you a look at Twin Falls. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I did. If you have any questions about the places I visited, i would be delighted to answer. Thank you.

Naia (noemie Ling)

Interview with Sheera EN of Sa’jesuil tribe

Mariko Marchant: Sheera welcome to my home I am delighted to see you here

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): thank you mari

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): its a beautiful home
Mariko Marchant: So you are the En of the Sa’jesuil panther tribe?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): I am joint En with Cao
Mariko Marchant: Thank you
Mariko Marchant: I see why 2 EN’s?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): Well the tribe is growing and we need cover when one or other of us is not there .. same as with Zima … you have two En’s do you not?
Mariko Marchant: Yes we have two EN’s too .The Sa’jesuils is a very active tribe..they raid a lot am i correct?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): nods . yes .. but we like to think we RP too .. we always take at least one captive …. if we win the raid … often more. For me RP is very very important .. I do not want to do pew pew only … although I also enjoy raiding very much.
Mariko Marchant: Nods and scribbles.. Who do your raid? Only Panther tribes? Or Taluna’s and outlaws too?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): smiles ,,, mainly panthers and taluna .. but we do raid outlaws occasionally if we think they are interested in rp as well as raiding. One of my sisters has only today been taken by outlaws dressed as assassins … I hope she is well. Smiles
Mariko Marchant: Yes I hope so too and I am sure you will set up a rescue or do you prefer trading?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): oh and mamba of course …. we are currently at war with the Dozy Deadlight of IoB.
Mariko Marchant: Listening ans scribbling…

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): we prefer to notlet our sisters be capped .. but sometimes it happens. When it does we prefer to rescue if we can … our supplies of paga are small.. I have to limit paga in our camp or Drunken Donnie will drink it all.
Mariko Marchant: Laughs..she don’t need no introduction..we know her and we all like her..even she is an enemy

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): nods … Everyone knows Donnie .. they also know she is a drunken … and they give her paga so she cannot fight .. and also to upset me .. I know the tactics of the tribes!
Mariko Marchant: Grins.. Well what makes the Sa’jesuil different from other panther tribes in your view

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): that is a difficult question .. I’m not sure that we are really very different , we have the same problems as most tribes … but we are pretty tight knit group .. many of our most active sisters have been with us some time .. we try hard to avoid internal drama .. but we dont always succeed … It is also hard for me to answer that question as I have only ever been Sa’jesuil. so have no experience of being in another tribe.
Mariko Marchant: I understand..I have another difficult question.. when i speak to BTB they say: Why are panther tribes GE? They are mentioned in the books, so why GE?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): smiles .. ooh my .. I can write a book on that!
Mariko Marchant: Just a few lines is ok . smiles

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): I personally would rp with BTB if they would RP with us.. but most choose not too. I was active in getting Sa’jesuil to be a BBP (Book Based Panther) group when Lizz of SDS set it up but we have seen little of BTB warriors. Why is that? I think 1. BTB Freewomen are apprehensive about their men rping with Panthers.. 2. BTB men find it very difficult to lose to females… .. 2. Panga’s / Swords .. etc are always an issue .. and 4. .. they think we are all Manthers anyway … grins … but I think its a real shame and would like to see more interaction between panther tribes and BTB. That said,, of couse … many GE Panthers prefer not to have dealings with BTB for their own reasons …

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): grins .. see.. I hardly got started .. but almost wrote a book!
Mariko Marchant: Smiles. Thank you for this interesting answer. Well The Gazette of Gor is aiming to bring these worlds closer to each other. We all need each other.

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): nods a lot ” Well I hope the Gazette is uccessful in that regard but I suspect it is a difficult bridge to cross. Generally.. it is us who go to btb to rp .. they rarely come to us in my expereience
Mariko Marchant: If you had to state one unique point of Sa’jesuil what would you say?
Mariko Marchant: If you had to state one unique point of Sa’jesuil what would you say?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): ooh wow one unique point? Hmmmmmm as I said before.. we are quite tight knit .. I know some others are too but for me personally .. Sa’jesuil is unique in this way and I could never be in another tribe.

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): ooh .. and of course … as all of Gor knows
Mariko Marchant: I would say it is a fairly big and strong tribe with no allies…

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): I will soon be En of all En’s … and then we will be truly unique!

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): smirks

Mariko Marchant: hahaha

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): nods… “all tribes go through ups and downs.. at the moment we are strong and have good bows… and we do not allie that is something Cao and I are very firm about ”

Mariko Marchant: and why is that?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): the honest answer?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): I will not be popular

Mariko Marchant: yes please

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): weak tribes ally.. strong tribes do not .. even when we were and I quote ” A scabby little tribe” we did not Ally … I am also of the view it damages rp and prevents raids and rescues and the rp that comes from that. ,,, Apologies to all who I offend!

Mariko Marchant: It is ok..The Gazette of Gor is there to reveal those last question..i read that it difficult for young panthers to get higher positions in a tribe.. because the “older” panthers stay were they are. Is seems to be a problem in many tribes. Your comment on that?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): nods… I think that can be a problem but in Sa’jesuil LizTina is one of our Tors … she has only been in Gor 2 years or so … I like to think if you have the ability and want to be a leader of our tribe you can. Also .. there can only be one or 2 En’s or Se’s etc .. I say that if they want to hold a high position they must demonstrate they are leaders .. in my experience many want the tag but do not want the work and the problems that come with leading a tribe. We have many strong personalities in our tribe … most just do not want the hassle that comes with being En or Se or Tor … and I dont blame them for that !

Mariko Marchant: Thank you for this wonderful interview Sheera. Do you have something you like to add?

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): smiles… I think I have said too much already !! Seriously,.. I love being a panther … I love my tribe .. and I really enjoy fighting and rp ing with all of the other tribes in Gor.. Long may it continue.

Mariko Marchant: I hope that too and again thank you!

• Sheera (jennabadgirl): thank you Mari. Hugs

(Mariko Marchant)

Interview Jaris and Nikki, Medical School

Interview of Jaris Bernard, Nikki Lordes and Dren Bernard on the medecine school they have built

For further information please contact:
– Jaris Bernard (Jopie Klaar)
– Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki resident)
– Joʀɗεɳ Kąʀოą ßεʀɳąʀɗ (DrkNLght Resident)

They call urself: “the keepers of the Green Flame”

• Minxy: tal Jaris and Nikki
– Jaris Bernard : Welcome to T&S med school

• Minxy: thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to make that interview
– Jaris Bernard : No problem, thank you for wanting to do this!
– Jaris Bernard : Did you have a safe trip?

• Minxy: yes I was comfy on a clean boat that’s not always the case, giggles
– Jaris Bernard : Come through please?
• Minxy: nice to meet you Nikki

Visit of the house & school building

– Jaris Bernard : So this is our house, house bernard and also the school
• Minxy: you have a lovely house Jaris
– Jaris Bernard : the school is downstairs upstairs the family lives
– Jaris Bernard : well it is mostly Nikki’s work
• Minxy: the class room it seems

– Jaris Bernard : lab and surgery room
– Nikki Lordes: brains and rats in here
• Minxy looks around, “impressive the surgeon’s tools

– Jaris Bernard : school scribes hide here
– Nikki Lordes: hopefully will have a set of classes for green scribes at some point
• Minxy: I see the learning must be long isn’t it?
– Nikki Lordes: It really depends on how aggressive the student is
– Jaris Bernard : keen and committed
– Nikki Lordes: some can take a month or so.. some can take much much longer
• Minxy: smiles I bet the lazy student has no place here
– Jaris Bernard : and here is the health spa
– Nikki Lordes: that is true.. we tend to push them a little
• Minxy: I see that each room has it’s function
– Jaris Bernard : It is one of the loveliest buildings I know in SL
– Jaris Bernard : lets go to my office, shall we?
– Nikki Lordes: We hope to have some slave training on Spa services… healing services of sorts that is
• Minxy: “please tell me about the story of the school, how the idea has born,”
– Jaris Bernard : Well
• Minxy: “you are both physician, isn’t it?”
– Jaris Bernard : in 2007 or 2008 I had the idea to start a school with the aim to train apprentices ICLy and on a sim not at a university
– Jaris Bernard : that was dependent on others as in these days I was working full time.
– Jaris Bernard : so only when I met Nikki did this plan take shape and became real on the island of cos
– Nikki Lordes: Nods “we are both physicians that is true and really had quite a few apprentices come through the program on Cos”
– Jaris Bernard : I developed a gorena medicane website in 2012 i think it was
• Minxy: smiles to Nikki
– Jaris Bernard : but it never took on so much live as just now in the last year
– Nikki Lordes: “Honestly jaris knows a lt.. well most everything about gorean medicine.. its quite different that earth medicine and that really needed to be incorporated into the proper training”
• Minxy: “I admit that I’m a bit ignorant in the Gorean medicine, I only know some common plants that we use in our tribe”
• Minxy: “is the way of giving the course individual or collective?”
Dren Bernard: Hi Minxy this is too Jaris but I am the originator and Jaris “dad”
• Minxy: “Hello Sir, nice to meet you”
– Nikki Lordes: Well we use a couple of methods.. classes are given in grouped or individual… we taylor to the needs to the students time.. but we invite both students and full greens.. it is good for the students to hear multiple view points
Dren Bernard: September 2008 was the first school plan developed in Laura
• Minxy: “it gives you a pretty huge experience for giving to the school the maximum of chances to succeed”

Dren Bernard: AIM

The aim is to produce high quality physicians from a knowledge as well as skill basis, technical expertise and roleplay skills. The benefits would be for Laura in attracting promising apprentices and delivering high quality physicians. Over time the aim would be to establish a name for Laura as a center of excellence in medical training on Gor.
– Dren Bernard: this was the original aim

 Formation of the physicians

– Nikki Lordes: Honestly “the response has been overwhelming and we are very proud of the ones who have graduated… and we have carried the objective forward from Jaris’ original planning so many years ago”
• Minxy: “I see, so you invit the Greens to participate to the formation of your students that must be an amazing source of knowledge”
– Nikki Lordes: Nods “sometimes it can be a challenge… especially as most greens we invite are quite passionate about their work, but honestly.. the students need to see it early on as they will encounter all kinds of physicians out there when they are ready to be promoted”
• Minxy: “where are the graduate student going to are they only in the cities or do they come in the tribes for curing the panther?”
– Nikki Lordes: The way it works is that we contract with a city and train their apprentices.. and return them to the city for promotion.. if a student comes to us without a city, we will send them to affiliate cities to get their experience in rp… we are most concerned about the safety of the students and cover that int he contract
– Nikki Lordes: However, we are happy to have people travel here to receive medical care… we have a full infirmary set up across the bridge and would be happy to take panthers and talunas there
– Nikki Lordes: and is a safe place for both the patient and the staff/students
• Minxy: “I don’t know well the cities but I understand that the security could be better than in the woods”
• Minxy: “the student, do they choose a specialty at first or is there a common learning for all?”
– Nikki Lordes: Nods “the training program is stressful enough for the students.. they are all usually quite driven… we like to make it fun for them, teach them a little about the mindset of a green.. and not have to worry about getting capped or something while all that is going on…there is plenty of time for that later on
– Nikki Lordes: No, they are trained on general gorean medicine… and we encourage them to practice on a wide variety and then pick a specialty
• Minxy: “that’s wise, I guess that the course require all their attention”
– Nikki Lordes: Yes, it can be a bit intimidating.. especially for those with no rl medical background
• Minxy: “so much to keep in memory” smiles

– Nikki Lordes: So let me tell you about the program.. there are 6 classes we insist they take as part of the core.. there are independent study assignments they complete in prep for those classes
• Minxy: “yes please”
– Nikki Lordes: then there are about 10 different rps we like them to observe or gain experience in.. the common ones ya see different flavors of
– Nikki Lordes: That can be done here or in the home city with a mentor
– Nikki Lordes: We have a bunch of accident prone slaves lurking about
• Minxy: “each student has a mentor, so”
– Dren Bernard: Minxy I am very sorry that i will have to leave soon, it is almost 10 PM and i HAVE to finish this report before tomorrow. I hate doing this but work is work
• Minxy: I understand Dren, no pb
– Dren Bernard: I am very pleased to have finally met you. and please return anytime! Nikki will answer all your questions as capable as I could
• Minxy: “thank you for giving me so much information”
-Nikki Lordes: The final step is once the student has practiced and been observed to satisfactorily rp the exam or procedure.. then they can do it in thier city by themselves and have it cosigned
• Minxy: “what is the role of the Mentor? …I guess that he or she is a graduated physician from your school”

The Mentor

– Nikki Lordes: It can be either one of our graduates or a green in the city… the Mentor is really one to help the student get the role play in the city… most times the student is quite shy and sits back.. almost observing… and we want them to jump in.. as practice is the only way
– Nikki Lordes: They are to give constructive feed back
– Nikki Lordes: we had quite an elaborate method set up in cos.. at one time we had 32 physicians and apprentices on staff there… so if the student did not jump in the full greens would scoop up all the rp
• Minxy: “I bet that the relation between the student and the mentor is very strong” smiles
– Nikki Lordes: Nods “it should be, though sometimes that is the single biggest issue per the students.. if they fell the Mentor is not helping them… so we talk to the mentors and be sure they understand what is expected.. in some cities they have several mentors.. as sl times can be hard to coordinate
– Nikki Lordes: but we also encourage the students to call on friends and family.. to help them… actually one of our former students had her FC shoot their slave int he ass so she could get the one final rp she needed.. arrow removal out of the way”
• Minxy: giggle, great
– Nikki Lordes: nods “we also have the students as a by product complete the PCoG skills list and exam… and although we would never require PCoG to work in our infirmary… many cities still do so since they are doing all the work anyway.. its worth the time to take on this .Something funny that happened

• Minxy: because we have readers and they appreciate a piece of humor in the articles, may I ask you for telling me without betraying a professional secret, something funny that happened in the school about student or teacher?
– Nikki Lordes: Lets see… there is so much funny.. let me think for a minute.. I know
• Minxy: smiles to Nikki
– Nikki Lordes: I was teaching one of our apprentices how to give the stabilization shots to a slave
– Nikki Lordes: the slave was a really good rper and liked to have fun… so she started giving the apprentice a hard time that she was allergic to needles (was from earth)
– Nikki Lordes: the apprentice did a great job in not believing her and basically just gave her the shot.. despite her protests
• Minxy imagines the situation….
• Minxy: “so what did the patient?”
– Nikki Lordes (Always Nikki Resident): so the slave decided to feign an allergic reaction… the student was a little taken back at first… but the rp was quite fun once she decided to combat her fake symptoms with threats of other gorean medicines.. which had strange side effects… it was really quite well done
• Minxy: giggles
-Nikki Lorde’s: We have also had students whom have to deal with fathers who pass out during deliveries
– Nikki Lords: those are most entertaining
• Minxy: smiles yes
– Nikki Lordes: but we also try and encourage them to learn how to create green rp outside of doing an exam
– Nikki Lordes: and we always try to involve others.. grabbing Random slaves or whatever
• Minxy: (thank you)
– Nikki Lordes: that is just an example of rp where there was no patient involved and we had a slave we pulled into it.. who had not rpd with us before
• Minxy: “yes it makes the rp more interesting, some has a really amazing imagination”
– Nikki Lordes: Nods.. the other ting we stress is the need for the students own role play time… if all your time is spent doing another rp… it can become a little mundane
• Minxy: “I see that is with the gazette as I’m often in raid or rescue sometimes caped in rp”
– Nikki Lordes: yes.. exactly…. we have a huge family and love to spend time in that rp as well…but for the green training…this is where it gets really interesting and Jaris and I work so well together.. he can teach the men how to be a gorean male green.. and I can do the female side.. is interesting to watch jaris teach the mannerisms and all
• Minxy: “Nikki I thank you very much for giving me time and so much information as Jaris and Dren”
– Nikki Lordes: you are welcome.. and I will tell him/then
– Nikki Lordes: if you have any other questions.. just shoot me an email
– Nikki Lordes: i mean IM
– Nikki Lordes: and seriously… if your tribe or others needs medical care.. we can talk about all that
– Nikki Lordes: they will be safe here

Visit of the infirmary

– Nikki Lordes: yes please follow me.. we will go across the bridge to our sons sim where the city is set up
• Minxy: “when the weather is good, nice”
– Nikki Lordes: yw.. he needs to fix that door
– Nikki Lordes: you will have to cam in the rooms for now..laughs
• Minxy: ok, smiles
– Nikki Lordes: but he has many exam rooms set up
– Nikki Lordes: down here is slaves and Free men
– Nikki Lordes: upstairs is women, birthing and recovery
• Minxy: good
– Nikki Lordes: This is where we will open it up to people that want to come rp
– Nikki Lordes: no raids, no forced collar.. just good old rp
• Minxy: yes
– Nikki Lordes: Did you know i have a student who is a panther now as an apprentice
– Nikki Lordes: she ofcourse is in disguise
• Minxy: no I didn’tknow that
– Nikki Lordes: nods.. she has joined a city to get thru this.. but we all know her plans from the start
– Nikki Lordes: she will go back to her tribe
• Minxy: “we are obliged to be digitized when we go in the cities, they don’t like bare skin and don’t like panthers neither”
• Minxy: disguised
– Nikki Lordes: Nods exactly.. and a veil.. she was not too pleased with that.. but it is helping her rp.. by learning how to fit in
– Nikki Lordes: will make theft so much easier
– Nikki Lordes: lol
• Minxy: it’s very brave of her
– Nikki Lordes: it sure is… she has to be careful.. especially when she gets mad
• Minxy: “Nikki it has been a real pleasure to discuss with you as you look so passionate by the school and teaching, I will probably come for further information or in medical rp,”
– Nikki Lordes: smiles.. thank you for your time, and come back anytime
• Minxy: thank you
– Nikki Lordes: enjoy your day… feel free to tp from here as we are stuck in this building
– Nikki Lordes: lol
• Minxy): be well Nikki
– Nikki Lordes: safe paths Huntress



• Hey there readers ! I’ve been blogging about second life Gor since 2012, writing about my main passions in Secondlife: panther girls and role play. Which is where you’ll find me from time to time, as the avatar Marlies.

• So , the idea behind our blog started off quite simply, it was pretty much a means to have an online recruiting page for our tribe and posting tribal information.

• Some online friends suggested I should post some role plays, seemed like a fun idea, since our blog provided a medium for sharing with everyone 🙂

• Around 2013 Lizz Dawes from Sa Di Sani approached several tribes with an idea of setting up a group for book based panthers (BBP). She wrote a charter and rules, storyline and a city reference guide and asked me if I could post them on our blog. I thought the timing was *just right* and loved her initiative and agreed.

• As a result of our cooperation with BBP our blog reached a much wider audience and in 2014 we had 11,798 visitors. Which for me was a pretty big deal, I never in my wildest dreams expected it to happen 🙂

• Since then I’ve added more background information about panthers & Gor , guides to cities & panther camps , encouraged contributions such as stories and role plays from outside our tribe.

• Finally, I want to thank everyone for visiting our blog click here and your continued support in 2015 and beyond. Please keep sending in stories and role plays ! Hugs. Marlies Dasmijn.

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