The Gazette of Gor – Issue 03

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

( Special Feature on Fighters and Warriors of Gor)

• From the Editors desk
• Lacedaemon Warrior Training Center
• A Warrior’s Heart (Homar Wilson)
• Wagons of Turia (Hathor)
• Pygmies Tribe : Naia ( noemie Ling )
• The Soaring Herlit & interview Jake Torkelsonn (Wiz Coakes)
• Best Bows: Interview Niccole Inglewood (Mariko Marchant)
• Ndeye’s Gold
• Continent to Discover (Valkyrie, Twin Falls, Mystic Fire) : Naia (noemie Ling)
• Events

From the Editors Desk (Mariko Marchant)

The Gazette of Gor Team proudly presents issue 3 . We were simply overwhelmed with all the many wonderful and positive feedback received from our valued readers on our previous issues. As you probably know we try to promote GOR.
We hope to create a better understanding of GOR and also a better working relationship between GE and BTB. We don’t judge. We are independent and we respect everyone’s opinion.
So if you wish to react on an article feel free to do so. If you think we should cover things, that are interesting for our readers, please let us know. Also we are happy to be a medium where you can present yourself and also we like to display events that will take place. Is a known problem that interesting places in GOR are not visited frequently. We hope that the Gazette of GOR will help to make more places known in GOR, so the owners and visitors both benefit.

Many ask why the Gazette of GOR is on a notecard. Well the answer is: you don’t have to leave GOR to read it and it is a different feeling when you read it while in GOR, I believe. We have placed dispensers (givers) on many docks. If you want to have one please let me know. It is only 1 prim.
We welcome editors and writers to be part of a fantastic team, where BTB and GE people work together and learn from each other from their work for the Gazette of Gor.
It is interesting to visit places you never been to before and to meet interesting people.
And there are many interesting people in GOR!

We have added in this issue some poetry ( A Warrior’s Heart) I hope you will enjoy it.
There are many great warriors here in GOR and there are also great women bows as you will read in this number.

Well I like to end this editorial with a difficult question for you. (smiles) On planet Earth people are wondering and investigating if there is life elsewhere. So I wonder if there are other realms of Gor. I mean are there other grids than second life where there are GOR communities active?
I am looking forward to reading your answers!

Mariko Marchant
Chief Editor

 Lacedaemon Warrior Training Center

RP training center for warriors of Gor.

RP training center for warriors of Gor. Ground, hand to hand, Tarn course with tarn rezzer, Tharlarion Racing track with Tharlarion rezzer, Full Sized Arena, Archery Range. Kaissa, or let your slave serve all your needs in the Villa.

All caste and all cities welcome. This area is for both IC or OOC. Just be respectful to those not IC. Men, women and slaves are welcome to practice their weapons of choice without penalty. The only safe city is a well trained city. ** Join the group and you can set your HOME to here and rez stuff if you wish. The land sweeps for rezzed items every hour. Make it your home base if you do not have one. Why mess with Info hubs.

Ground: Practice hand to hand, archery, swords, and any other ground assault weapons in the ruins of Lacedaemon. Use your grappling hooks, ladders, ropes… Practice running, shooting and hiding through the many obstacles of the ground area. Challenge other cities or groups to combat practice in an IC or OOC environment. Your choice.

Tarn course: Fly the rings for speed and agility. Fly against yourself and challenge your own time, or fly against others in competition. The gates are time controlled and will track each flyer’s time for a winner. The rings keep score. There are also places to sit and visit, drink paga or play stones or kaissa while your friends race.

Tharlarion Racing: Have fun racing your Tharlarion around the track. Compete or simply learn to ride better. There are stands for observers to watch the fun.

Arena: Full sized fighting arena with an archery combat Tarl. Make the settings to what you want, easy, normal or hard and test your skill. Practice swords with the jousting dummy.

Archery Range: Several ranges for your skill level and pleasure.
1) Village maze with enemy bots that shoot. Compete as a team or individually.
2) converted gun range to archery range. Pop up moving targets, skeet, bottles, try and hit the moving targets.
3) Shoot the moving targets with your bow. they increase speed depending on your accuracy.
3) Shoot the standing target for range and accuracy.
4) Compete with the Tarl on your own skill level
5) Practice shooting the Vulo’s in flight once you disturb their nest.
All will improve your skill.

Villa: Come relax with friends, play a game of kaissa or let your kajira serve you in whatever needs you desire. There are places to visit, two kaissa boards, dice, zar, stones and alcoves to cuddle or fur.

TI or Lacedaemon – The meadow of Salerius, this, lies on the northern back of the Olni, between Port Olni and Vonda; the area called Saleria, on the other hand, is, in effect, the lands controlled by the confederation. Ti, Port Olni and Vonda lie on the northern bank of the Olni; Lara lies between the Olni and the Vosk at their confluence. It is regarded as being of great strategic importance. It could, if it
wishes, prevent Olni shipping from reaching the markets of the Vosk towns, and, similarly, if it wished, prevent shipping from
these same towns from reach the Olni markets. Overland, shipping in this area, as is generally the case on Gor, is time consuming
and costly; also. It is often dangerous. Fighting Slave of Gor, page 173

 A Warriors Heart (Homar Wilson)

Who knows a Warrior’s Heart

A warrior sees things differently than most think.
his heart weighs heavily on what his caste is.
his arm swings the weapon
his other arm deflects an incoming blow
his legs carry him from one battle to the next
his mind remembers every swing, every defended attack
his body remembers and feels every scar laid upon it
but his heart, this warrior’s heart, remembers that which matters most.
The reason he does all of this, Home Stone, Honor, Integrity, Respect, Dignity..
His mind remembers the faces he has cut down in battle.
His heart bleeds for every life he has taken off the world of Gor.
They wonder why he is a Scarlet Caste, but his blood given when asked to defend the Home Stone. He fights for his family, he fights for his friends, he fights for his lands,
sometimes that is all he has.
then the day comes that a woman comes in and touches his heart.
healing some of his hurt. bringing a glimmer of light to his scarlet, blood red world.

 Wagons of Turia (Hathor)

I am here in the camp of the Wagons of Turia Plains, speaking with Master Rohethin Ra’tori. I had been asked by Master Ismee to travel with him here. We were generously welcomed and immediately made to feel comfortable. When I was asked to be a free lance reporter for The Gazette I thought once again of visiting and learning more about this community.

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “so hathor I gather you have been sent here by your master to interview me about you home on the plains, please proceed”

. Hathor01:thank you Master. I have come here and you have kindly agreed to an interview with you for an article to be published in the weekly The Gazette, a Gor-wide publication

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “Excellent, we always like to help people learn about our home here on the plains”

. Hathor01: “I do remember you have a G&S part of your sim, which if I remember correctly, consists of two sims?”

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “yes our home is comprised of 2 sims one primarily open plains and the other the encampment itself”

. Hathor01: “Are you the Ubar of the Wagons of Turia Master?”

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “Girl we of the wagons do not disclose who the Ubar is to the general population, the wagon people keep their leader a well kept secret for the safety of their leader”
“you may refer to me as Rohethin Ra’Tori an Outrider of the wagons”

. Hathor01: “May I ask, if there is one strong belief of this group/your people what would that be?”

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “Yes we are the Kassar, we are of Blood and Family, meaning that what we hold dearest is our own family and Kassar clan. We are honorable, friendly wagon folk who wish merely to exist in peace on our home in the plains.”
“Indeed our goal here is to provide people with information about the wagon people and information about the plains and those nearby the plains. At our entry point we provide many reading materials to learn about our home”

. Hathor01: “would you mind having people come to this sim to look about, to speak to you about your people?”

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “we of course welcome visitors to the lands, but ask those that visit to still equip a gorean meter and label themselves as (OOC-out of character) if they do not wish to engage in roleplay as it is a live roleplay sim.”

. Hathor01: “my voice button is active here Master, do you allow inworld voice?”

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “On sim we allow second life voice but it is not a part of the roleplay used here, so they should not expect it to be a part of the live roleplay”

. Hathor01: “Master, I see you carry the three facial scars, could you tell the readers about them?”
“I ask Master, not only because you carry them, but that some readers may be unfamiliar with the honors they carry to your person”

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “I have four scars on my face girl, these are the the scars of the wagon people. The different colors represent achievements of the individual among their people in their lives, the different colors represent different things. The red scar is always first, the courage scar then the other scars may follow in any order that they are earned.
Red Scar the Courage Scar. Always the highest Scar on the face. No other Scars may be given until the Courage Scar is earned. Yellow Scar-Loyalty Scar. Given to Warriors who have risked their life for the Ubar or their people. Blue Scar-Virtue Scar. Scars given to Those true of heart in Their actions and Their words. Black Scar Valor Scar. Warriors receive this Scar when They have demonstrated Their Honor during battle with man or beast.”

. Hathor01: “I know you have events here on your sim(s), one of particular note when I visited were the bola races. Would you like to enlighten our readers about them Master”

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “We hold a event her in the plains a game of sorts called the running of the bola. It is a game where a slave is partnered with a outrider and her task is to run the course laid before her and try to evade capture for as long as possible in order to give her master a better chance of defeating his opponents slave who will run the course in opposition to him. The times will be compared and the outrider with the quicker capture time is named the victor.”

(If you have not been a particpant in a bola race, it is heart-beating, panting, but competitive race for Masters and slaves.)
. Hathor01 whispers: “Would you have any additional comments to make Master?”
“Oh, I’m so sorry Master, I didn’t make myself clear. I meant, about your life here, population size, you have Masters, Free Women and slaves, why this is an ideal place to come and live if they were of like mind and ideals?”

. Rohethin Ra’Tori (rohethin): “Well here at the Wagons of Turia, we like to try to accept all different levels of role players and help them learn about the ways of the wagon peoples, and while we are a BTB sim and we follow by those guidelines as best as we can, we still try to keep it a fun place to be a part of.”

And so ended the interview, with my thanks to the Master for his many comments and time spent during his busy day.

As a Postscript, there is no gatekeeper, as in Cities, so please if you visit, be aware of your status a a visitor. thank you

 Pygmies : Naia (noemie Ling)

1 – Location of Shaba in Gor :

Shaba is situated in the region of Schendi (Jungle of Schendi) and close of the jungle of Ushindi, around Lake Shaba. Shaba called also Jungle of Shaba or forest of Shaba, rainforest equatorial, there is of ruins of ancient city of Shaba close of Lake, in the north there are camp of Talunas, but there exist others races around as the Mamba, Pygmies, In the book 13 (Explorer of Gor) there are the details on Shaba and the region. the cartograph Gorean design the region of Shaba as the Africa of Earth.

2 – Informations on the Pygmies of Shaba ( in the book ) :


Explorers of Gor, book #13, details the exploration of the jungles of Gor. Several geographical features are discovered and named during the events of this novel.
There are a few unique peoples within the jungles. These include:

Mamba People, Talunas and Pygmies.

References for Pygmies races in GOR


These people are no taller than five feet tall and weigh no more than eighty pounds. Though their features are negroid their skin color is more coppery than dark brown or black. They wear loincloths with vine belts. From the loops on their belts they hang hand knives and small implements. They carry spears and nets, fish, hunt and make cloth. They speak their own language. Tarl Cabot encounters one group of pygmies and it is unclear if other bands of pygmies exist elsewhere in the jungles. These pygmies were the slaves of a band of talunas and had been taught Gorean by them. Due to their small size, the talunas had overpowered them. Tarl showed the pygmies how they could earn their freedom and enslave the talunas. The pygmies were successful.

“How many men may I have?” I asked.
“Two or three will be sufficient,” said the leader of the small men, “but because we are so fond of you, I, and nine others, will accompany you.”
“That is perhaps generous,” I said, “but how do you propose that the camp of the Mamba people be stormed with so few men?”
“We shall recruit allies,” said the small man. “They are nearby even now.”
~ Explorers of Gor

This quote shows Tarl’s uncertainty about invading the Mamba village with so few men, suggesting that the Mambas are worthy foes. Also, the quote shown below states close to the same. The pygmies fear the Mambas, fear their weapons, size, and numbers. They thought it not the least bit unusual that Tarl would abandon his party, thus escaping the Mambas, to save himself, which is what they thought he was doing. Also, the keen prowress of the Mamba people can be derived from the below quote as well, as they were not detected by Tarl, and were only detected by the pygmies because they are well educated in terms of the jungle. The quote also shows that the Mambas use spears and knives as their main form of weaponry.
Small People AKA Pygmies of Gor, a tribe in the Rainforest of Shaba, not otherwise named. They are no more than 5 feet in height and weigh about 80 pounds at most. They have coppery skin and are probably of the Negroid race. They were slaves of the talunas until Tarl Cabot aided them in capturing and enslaving the last of the taluna women.
Explorers of Gor (Book 13), pages 390-393 and 397-399

 The Soaring Herlit & interview Jake Torkelsonn (Wiz Coakes)

In my lasts trips i met an Ubar who made me feel how good a gorean man with honor can be and how right “Honor and steel” is motivating his life.

A well educated Ubar leading and protecting the Soaring Herlit, a nice city built in the Thentis mountains where their residents live in the middle of the nature at the source of the Otni river feeding the bathes of the city with its pure water.

This city located to the Tun (Northeast) of the Vosk region, Ki-Var (South) from the Sardar mountains is the crossroad of a lot of different cultures being close to the Voltai mountain being the natural frontier with the Barrens and to the north having the northern forest known for the several panthers tribes living in and going a bit more to the north we have the south of the Torvaldsland.

This haven provides to the visitor a nice place to rest in their inn and a tavern where men can enjoy the services of well trained kajirae. You can also find the famous Lady Chelsey’s bakery where i certainly turn back to get some cookies and candies next time i go. There is also a tarn cot built at the top of a peak. At the feet of the mountain we find in a quiet isolated place of the city the bathes where you can shower under the cascade of the Otni source and behind the waterfall a small cavern room having all comfort to get massages and relax.
Obviously there is the main building as the administration hall with its library keeping the archives of the city accessible to all residents to read. The green caste building well furnished and having a classroom to each the new physician apprentice of the green caste. The Peresus park located in the middle of the city where residents come to hang out and the kajirae of the city comes to serve you the drinks you like. The residential area is located in the quietest place of the vity providing to their residents a peaceful place to rest after their workday.

The Soaring Herlit keeps all their people safe in high fortified walls where it’s better to watch your step to not do a really high fall. In fact a place for people who likes to enjoy the nature with all the comfort a city. A good place to live or to come to visit for a simple trip or holidays with your family.

 Best Bows and Interview Niccole Inglewood (Mariko Marchant)

• Mariko Marchant: thank you Nicc for letting me interview you for the Gazette of Gor

• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): of course! 🙂

• Mariko Marchant: You know Teri Quest? she said you are the best bow in Gor. What is your comment on that?

• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) giggles, “Well, alot say that, but gor have ton of people and I’ve been in and out of fighting over the past year so im no where near as good as i was for one. And now most are used to direct only so the competition is better. I maybe one the best panthers or the best panther fighters but there are a lot of good Outlaws that can give me a run for my money and beat me, and any given day anyone can be off and/or be on and win

• Mariko Marchant: Well as I experienced in the CTF you are certainly one of the best..How did you become so good?

• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): hmmm, well ive been in sl gor really since January/Feburary of 2008, so can say i have a ton of practice, and I was practicing direct only when most were still doing splash hmmm maybe 2010ish 2011ish timeframe before gor even had a direct only option so I’ve had a leg up there as well. Time experience practice make a whale of a different really

• Mariko Marchant: what are the important things to learn if you want to be a good bow?

• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): Patience, a lot dont have it or hope to be great overnight. Especially being in Secondlife a game not really meant to be a first person shooter more or less kinda a add-on game inside a game. Fight with lag, connection, computer, ton of variables. But if you have patience most can be good, I know people in euro countries that can run with us fighters so whole notion of not being in the US i wont be good is kinda silly, just means you need to adjust to how your computer reacts, now if you just have a real bad pc and bad connection, there is a theoritical limit one can achieve before you hit a wall. If you have a modern PC and good graphics, and reliable highspeed Wired connection you can fight well enough to be called a good fighter im sure. People try to run on Wifi and that really kills ones latency just due to the wifi nature itself

• Mariko Marchant: Can you recommend some exercises for the readers? For instance I think avatar control is important

• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): Practice a lot, something i dont think most tribes do much of unless someone good around like me that theyre like, omg its Niccoles lets spar her. At least that is the perception I have gotten over the years being in tribes. Most want to be good dont really take time to practice. Yes, by all means this is a RP game and RP is first, but If you take 30 minutes a day or every other day goto LR or even in your own sim or camp will help you. Better in your own camp so you can learn your own lands if there isnt RP around. CTF is another good way, though spots can be limited.. Another excercise if nobody is around and its really a simple thing todo. Find a Tree or rezz a prim something you know and can focus on, then just run around side to side back and forth, learn watch how your arrow flies to the target, I have one that actually gives a visual sound and report there are others around too that can do this. If you go 5 minutes just work on trying to get more hits within a certain time like, first time you go 5 minutes you can land 30 hits. next time try to improve to 40 or 50.. And just work on being random in movements, another thing beginners do is not move to much or get in a pattern, can be easy for a good fighter to figure out and win easily.

• Mariko Marchant: nods and scribbles. Personally I find it hard to control the fight. Do you know what I mean?

• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): control, oh yes controlling the fight is a big aspect, but that is something acquired over time and that is where practice comes in, most tribes are familiar with each other so you know the fighters eventually, something new ones wont but will over time. After you learn someone you can try to control the fight by several means, one my favorite is trying to draw them closer keeping at arms length then attacking at the right moment with a melee, if i know someone is weak up close ill try to get in close, if someone isnt good distance ill try to keep back from them. Other point is, hard mentally, but after time youll become accustomed to it. That is, fight your own fight dont let their strikes get into your head brush it off stay focused and continue to fight your fight move how you feel is comfortable dictate your own pace, puzzle pieces will fall together afterwards. If i fight say rena she may get a good couple hits i try not let it rattle my nerves young fighters will get a few hits be like oh crap and run or get nervious lose their focus.. If that all makes sense.

• Mariko Marchant: Yes it does..Most say: bow is the most important weapon in Gor. Do you agree?

• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): Books, spear, SL gor, Bow yes hehe. Really because way sl physics work and everyone runs same speed so hard to close distance unless terrain and inside buildings get involved

• Mariko Marchant: So panthers should be good in melee as well? I know some tribes that are not much into melee. When I arrived at Whispering Moons last year shielding was not enabled
• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): yeah especially if you fight alot of outlaws, and most panthers now wont expect melee in a fight unless they raid in ge outlaw gor. Actually probably should work on, Switching quicker and shielding while swinging.

• Mariko Marchant: Is there anything else you would like to state?

• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): fighting isnt everything dont be frusterated if your not good, is fine to lose at times hmmm. Keep practicing and after time you will become better fighter.. It wont happen over night

• Mariko Marchant: well Nicole thank you so much for this interview it was very interesting for me and I am sure for a lot of readers as well

• Níccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): hehe, thanks, hope i didnt give all my secret away

© Gazette of Gor


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