The Gazette of Gor – Issue 02

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(Special Feature – Physicians and Healers of GOR) (Thanks)


• Editorial
• Physicians School – City of Koo Vidrew
• A continent to discover (Northen Continent)
• Message from SnowGryphon
• Interview (Mark Magellan)
• Hearthlight
• Interview (Fey – Healer of Wa Ngao)
• FS – Arrow Treatment and RP Procedure
• Port Haifa
• The Interview (Jolene Port Haifa)
• Healer Interview (Melo From Sa Toreii Tribe)
• Ndeye’s Gold (Episode 2)
• Morning Prayer (From Homar Wilson)
• Interview (Rhonda Blackburn)
• Gazette Team Composition
• New Giver and Dock

From The Editors Desk – (Minnie)

• Green Caste, Physicians, Healers …. Who are they? What is their course to help us and look after our various health issues in this wonderful world of Gor, physical injuries … moral wounds. This special issue is there to help us, to understand this caste and this willingness of these people had to embark on a RP where the scalpel replaces the sword. The Physicians Caste is one of the five High Castes of Gor… The advancement in the area of Medicine in Gor is so much further than in Earth.. as all illness known have been eradicated through the Serum except for Darkosis and the Bazi Plague. The Priest Kings have allowed and encouraged the advancement of medicine in Gor. This is the only Caste where the members are required to undergo strenuous training and mentorship and learn so much in detail about medical procedures and herbs and medicines of Gor, before they are allowed to practice their learned skills on patients.

• Here is our number 2. We are still in this vast operation to present Gor to everyone and if in this action, we can bring these people to be around a medical service other than emergency Grey’s Anatomy, then we can write new Gorean RP that steps away from the usual fighting.

• In all the places i saw during this week, i decided to not present in this issue, Gorean Campus. First, all Goreans are familiar with this place in Gor. At least, I hope that all people know this place. Second, this place gives us a lot of informations, classes, events and to represent it with few words will not do it justice. I hope do a special issue to present all in this place and thank Gorean Campus’s Staff for their great work. They deserve our respect and maybe more.

• Then, walk along this issue and let you listen. Of course, some of our physicians or healers are charlatans, able to fall asleep to better rob you. Some might even enjoy our situations of weakness. It’s a risk that we will take. We did a lot of Interviews of different persons to help you to understand this need of an RP done to heal people. I hope you could understand this need and maybe find a new way for you.

• In the news of the week, I’m sorry to inform you the disappearance of one of the most beautiful SIMs in continent. Sanguis Eros enjoyed a magnificent Build. And the tribe Timbia Sha deserved to be known. I am sad to not admire more this place. We are all a little guilty of the disappearance. This newspaper has happened too late. I do not know!

• Finally, an Erratum, number 1 showed you a new group, Shadow Hills Outlaws with LM SIM. It seems that this group is gone, too. We’ll keep you posted if this group reborn.

• At end, i think that we ll remove IC Interviews. A newspaper could be only in OOC mode. It appears more simple to do OOC Interviews. But we ll try to present you IC RP wich could be same as our first IC Interviews.

• Finally, I want thank all people who helped us to do it, people interviewed, owners of SIMs who let us explore, and our new team who works hard to present a new Issue every week.

Physicians School – City of Koo Vidrew – (Minnie)

• The Physician School in the City of Koo Vidrew,  is one of the most important school to learn and become Physicians and Healers. They have many places to study and do a great RP.

• The heart of the Physician school is the Study room
The school’s study area and workshop room has lots of information in the way of posters, notecard and displays. Here you can get some free supplies and help with your questions.

• The Infirmary is the second place to visit. You ll find in it, the right persons to assist patients. For Slavers, slave exam could be done also. This infirmary further provides the students a place to practice their skills .

• As all good places where we can learn, a wide library exists. Here you can find information not only about the Green Caste but also about all things GORean (a lot of Gorean bookcases with translating books also all about Gor). so step in the Library and get lost in the wonderful place called Gor.

• Koo Vidrew is a place to visit and a place to begin a good RP. This place is full of details and information for people who want learn as Healers or Physicians, but for people who need to be healed, or just medically examined after a hard fight. It s also a place to check the health of slaves. They give all that we could need to begin a new story. I give to her a Top and i invite you to visit them.

Discover the Exciting Lands of Gor (Northen Continent) (Part 3) – (Minnie)

(Sanguis Eros and Three Moons Valley – )
• We quit Talender to discover Three Moons Valley and Sanguis Eros. As i said in Edito, Sanguis Eros is now a plate land with no people. Three Moons Valley presents us two groups, the Rising Sun Mercs (Leade : Retirea Rau) and the Ashkali Thieves (Leader : Mystilee Willowind).

• As usual, we find a little tavern. I wonder how could not be drunk all people with all taverns in our continent. A little tavern with no Tavernkeeper. Maybe our Tavernkeepers are more drunk than customers.

Message From SnowGryphon – (Minnie)

• Tal Minnie:

• I was invited to Gor by a friend to a Spanish language sim. Problem was I didn’t speak Spanish. They were a fun bunch and tried their best to include me, but it was obvious I needed a new home. But while there I met a physician and he showed me the infirmary. I was intrigued.

• I traveled from there to a few other sims and finally found a more suitable home and told them of my wish to study to become a physician. They were delighted and put me in touch with others who helped train me. I was not prepared for how difficult was the training, but persevered and several months later was shocked to be presented with my scroll proclaiming I was a physician.

• That is how I started and have loved my experiences here in Gor, especially all the friends I have made. The Green Caste affords such amazing opportunities for learning and self-development too. The possibilities are limitless! We are the healers of Gor, but many perhaps don’t know that we also are involved in research and teaching, and have many specializations such as dentistry, surgery, veterinary medicine, and more.

• Role plays can be anything from quickly treating a warrior in the field of battle to involvement in complex long-term story lines with many levels of technical difficulty. It is up to you and your role play friends!

• The Physicians Caste of Gor (PCoG) is the largest Second Life group dedicated to our caste. We include physicians, healers, apprentices, guards, slaves and others interested in the affairs of the caste. PCoG provides training tools, and facilitates the exchange of information including the announcement of events and classes.

• There are several fine schools in Gor that offer a wide array of classes at times suitable for those in many time zones. In most cases someone wishing to become a physician will need a mentor to guide them along the way. PCoG provides a venue for apprentices seeking mentors as well as sims needing physicians and supporting staff.

• Anyone interested in more info can contact me. Safe paths all!

Snow Gryphon, PCoG Green Caste Elder
(snowgryphon resident)

Interview (Mark Magellan) – (Mariko Marchant)

• Mariko Marchant: Tal Mark welcome to my home
• MarkMagellan: thank you, mari.
• Mariko Marchant: please have a seat
• Mariko Marchant: today i would like to interview you being a physician for the Gazette of Gor
• MarkMagellan: yes, i’m happy to be interviewed.
• Mariko Marchant: ok shall we start then?
• MarkMagellan: yes.
• Mariko Marchant: What made you decide to be a physician?
• MarkMagellan: well, in looking at the many roles, i thought that being a green might fit my personality. gor can be a harsh place, and i thought that a role emphasizing healing and peace might be fun. so i entered gor as a medical student in cos.
• Mariko Marchant: the island of Cos?
• MarkMagellan: yes. it was a great place to start out. there was a large and active caste of greens there who could take on training of a new apprentice.
• Mariko Marchant: and how was that training?
• MarkMagellan: it was a lot of fun. there was of course the substantive medical knowledge of disease like bazi fever and dar kosis. but also i enjoyed learning about the history of gorean medicine and how that affects the role gorean physicians play in RP.
• Mariko Marchant: nods and scribbles..what is the difference between a physician and a healer in your view?
• MarkMagellan: i think the biggest difference is in the amount and type of formal training, and to some extent the methods used. as i have experienced, physicians have gone through a more formal curriculum in a city and been promoted through the green caste. a physician would tend to use methods learned in cities. by contrast, a healer would not necessarily have studied in a city, and might not be formally the member of a green caste. Healers often use herbs and other medicines that are less familiar to physicians. and healers don’t engage in surgery in experience. however, i should also say that they share great commonality in wanting to care for the sick or injured

• Mariko Marchant: Thank you for this clarifying answer. And what about the Shamanes?
• MarkMagellan: you know, I’ve not encountered a shaman during my gorean RP. So i can’t tell you i know anything about them.
• Mariko Marchant: Nods..well back to your daily GOR life..what do you do as a physician ? I see you a lot at whispering Moons.
• MarkMagellan: yes, whispering moons is one of two places i practice. my home is presently thentis, where i’m the head of caste. it has just gone through a rebuild, so we are taking on new citizens for the city. in that role, I’m presently organizing our medical clinic, working on training our apprentices, and of course caring for the population there. in whispering moons, i drop in as much to see friends as practice. over time, i have treated some of the panthers there. some surgery, and some other illnesses. i came to whispering moons as a lark adventure, liked the people, and have enjoyed many of the RPs that have happened there.
• Mariko Marchant: scibbling..So you work a lot with is that?
• MarkMagellan: it’s fun! the panthers i know get themselves into all kinds of situations. they get capped, branded, and of course they get battle wounds. and some of them have great senses of humour. one of the things i like about whispering moons is that, as a GE sim, it’s less formal than thentis, which is BTB. i like both environments, and it’s fun to go back and forth. and, i should say, bringing medical care to the woods is part of my character’s ethos – that medical care should be widely available in gor.
• Mariko Marchant: Some panthers can be quite aggressive to do you deal with that?
• MarkMagellan: well, there are a few who can be rather hostile. it’s part of the territory. but i came to whispering moons unarmed and have tried to play the role as “straight” as possible. so i like to think that over time, their characters have come to accept my character and his reasons for coming to the woods.
• Mariko Marchant: Is it not dangerous to be unarmed in this harsh world? Ever been capped yourself?
• MarkMagellan: well, it is dangerous. I’ve been downed a few times, and capped a few times. but I’ve also found that greens are generally left out of combat unless they affirmatively join in. so yes, there is risk, but I’ve found that being careful keeps it reasonable

• Mariko Marchant: Well do you you have something to add to this interview? Something you like to mention?
• MarkMagellan: well, i suppose I’d say that for all the harshness of gor rp, there are a lot of really nice and fun people you meet. i wasn’t sure what I’d experience when i tried gor. but I’m glad i did.
• Mariko Marchant: Thank you very much for this interview Mark.
• MarkMagellan: my pleasure, Mari and good luck with the newspaper.

Hearthlight – (Minnie)

• In Gor, we have to promote new Ideas and the idea defined in Hearthlight must be greet. Yes, it s a Gor land. Yes, we could have Warriors, Slavers. But, no Fortress, because the first topic of the land is Agriculture. So please, read this message from them and come visit the land. Maybe you ll find in this place, a new vocation. They are looking for people in all castes

• Gorean style Agricultural SIM. Come learn what intrigues you about the world of Gor, offering a safe haven while you have a chance to think and process.

• The ground level is set as a village with a tavern, a slavers house, a greens office, a store to be, the Jarl’s office, and a few houses. The builds are not extravagant, but they are built or modified to lower prim costs. Come learn at a Pace that is how you feel comfortable learning at.

Contact : Homar Wilson (homerwilson Resident)

Interview (Fey, Healer of Wa Ngao) – (Mariko Marchant)

• Mariko Marchant: Tal I am Mariko from the Gazette of Gor I hear you are an experienced healer

• Tinkerbell (fey.savira): Tal Mariko, i am Fey, or Tinkerbell, i respond to both, and i guess i have done my fair share of healing for the six years iwe been in Gor… same Taluna Healer, and no other roles

• Mariko Marchant: nods, please tell me something about this place where we are now

• Tinkerbell (fey.savira): To the East, you see the great lake and the tribe lands of the Veck En, to the north, wehave the tribe lands of the Wa Ngao, and a bit south, lays the tribe lands of the Toki… the river that runs south from the lake, goes up to the small trade post Korat… and this, is my home, its in between the three taluna trbies so i can reach them if they need aid

• Mariko Marchant: I see so you work for three tribes? Am I correct?

• Tinkerbell (fey.savira): I am a Healer, and as a healer, it is my duty to aid its people of Gor, it dosent really matter who it is, it would be dishonourable to refuse anyone healing… i might be the last of the Sana Askaris, adopted by the Wa Ngao, but i will as healer aid all those the live in the jungle. i hope that makes sense
• Mariko Marchant: Yes it is thank you. What made you decide to become a healer?

• Tinkerbell (fey.savira): It wasn’t a choice, it was something i was born and thought by my mother, and its a story in itself, if you wish to hear it ?

• Mariko Marchant: Yes i would like that

• Tinkerbell (fey.savira): It all really started before i was even born, my mother, not knowing she carried me, was part of a botanic expedition, into the wilds of the shendi jungles… there was some kind of horrible event that caused my mother to get separated, alone in the wild, as a green lady, she managed to survive thanks to her knowledge of nature, and you and me know how wast these jungles are, you can walk for weeks and see nothing but the wild, so time went, and roughly nine months later i was born… i grew up in these jungles with only my mother teaching… the foundations as a healer and as a green, iwe always believe, its was faith, the priest kings that placed me and my mother, and that eventually led to me being adopted by the Talunas, so iwe adopted and do my best to carry on my mothers teachings and honour her… there is a lot, but i hope that tell you something who i am, and why i am healer !

• Mariko Marchant: Nods and you have contacts with other members of the Green Caste?

• Tinkerbell (fey.savira): No, i cant say i do, i don’t even know where my mother came from, it was things she didn’t want to talk off… so while i have met other greens and traded with them… i doubt they ewen recognice me as such, or think i was… *would look down at the white fur outfit and crinkle nose* would you take me for a green ?

• Mariko Marchant: No i would not smiles..but you do have the experience and the knowledge. So how did you learn all this?

• Tinkerbell (fey.savira): Mothers teaching, we lived alone for years, so even from i was very young, she started telling me of plants, roots, animals, and as i grew older, she thought me more and more advanced ways to use those herbs and roots and how to extract their active ingredients, into salves, balms, etc… when my Mother finally passed away, i was alone, and that led me to explore, and that was how the Talunas found me, they were not exactly friendly at first, but as soon as they realized my knowledge, i was more or less adopted into the Tribe, and the Taluna live dangerous lives so, my theory and knowledge were put into practice…

• Mariko Marchant: I understand this is all very interesting ..I would like to thank you for this interview

• Tinkerbell (fey.savira): your very welcome

FS – Arrow Treatment and RP Procedure (Mariko Marchant)

#1 Communication and starting the rp
• The first thing to do is to send the wounded person a IM and get a clear indication where the person is wounded, the reason for this is simple, if the wounded been roleplay that person is bleeding from a ugly wound in chest, and then you come running in and starts to patch up the leg… it can look kinda funny, so make sure you got a idea to the situation !
#2 Assessing and examining the wounds.
• The first thing you do when you get to the scene, is to examine, and asses how and in what way you need to aid the wounded, and how you can further the scene to add people around to be part.

• Example -“Id pad up to the wounded, and crouch down at your side, id let my green eyes take in the ugly arrow wound at the side of the chest, it was bleeding and the arrow looked to pieced depth, once crouched down, i let one hand press down rather forcefully, where i know there was blood vessel around the wound to slow the bleeding down, to buy time while i got a better idea to the internal damage, with my other hand, i let my fingers probe around the wound rather firmly and probably very painfully as id tried to get a idea to internal damage… as id look up id speak -“get me clean cloth, and boiled water, do anyone know what type of arrow was used ?, is it barbed ?”…

• You will get responses that will affect your roleplay, and reason to ask for a barbed arrow, is that, you just cant pull one out, often you need to cut it out, or, pull it straight through, if possible
#3 Pain and patience care.
• So many ways you can do this, but once you have done the examining part, try establish how much pain, and some simple talk to the patience.

• Example -“The prodding around the wound had sparked some intense spasms and cursing from the wounded. -“i know it hurts, but i am sorry, i have to make sure i know firstly how serious things are… ill give you something for the pain, hang in there” would open the Medicine bag and take up a small earthen jar that was sealed with a vax sealing, broke it and dip my finger into the rather stingy scenting salve, and applied it in a circle around the wound, almost immediately there was a sort of cooling numbing effect as the salve would start to sooth the pain from the wound… While i let the numbing salve take effect, i moved a hand back to try and press down a few fingers on the blood vessel, the other hand moved to your wrist and placed a finger to check the pulse, while i looked into your eyes to watch for eye dilation…

• Be open to responses and what happens around you, especially from the wounded… this part and the second, can often be broken up in many more segments, depending how you want to portray it and in what order you do things, be flexible.
#4 Treating the wound
• As you have, numbed the wound if necessary and have a clear idea to how serious the wound is, its time to deal with it…

• Example -“i softly twitched my lips as i took up a small stick of wood and placed into your mouth to bite down on, the numbing salve probably ease away most of the pain, but this would still hurt, probably a lot -“bite down on this, it will hurt a lot when i take the arrow out” the arrow had pierced deep into the chest, luckily it was in the side, and to my understand there were no organs in danger, nor would it seemed to have pierced the lung, as there were no bubbles leaking through the blood that seeped out through the wound… would move my hand and take a firm hold on the arrow shaft, while the other hand was placed on the chest, and with one forceful slow pull I’d pull the arrow clean out of the wound, as soon as the arrow was out id place it near, for later examination, but for now i had to stop the bleeding, once the arrow was out, there was a gush of blood spewing fourth, id press down with fingers around the wound, while my other hand opened a jar and sprinkled raw crushed paper in the wound, it burn like hell, but the pepper would make the blood vessel contract and slow the bleeding, id also open a jar with cayene paste and apply richly around and in the wound, it had the same effect as the pepper, but, used to in conjunction and to affect a larger area…”

• This part and later is many segments, and again be open to and responsive to the surroundings, it isn’t a exact way to do this, and also where and how serious.
#5 Treating the wound assessing
• This little part is really important, as when a little wound, might turn deadly by infection if not handled right

• Example -“Still pressing down with one hand to stop some of the bleeding, while the pepper and cayene paste did their work… id speak softly -“how do you feel, not to much pain i hope, tell me if you need more numbing, alright ?” my voice was warm and supporting… my free hand would take the arrow, I’d carefully examine the shaft, for and wooden splinters that might been missing from the shaft, there didn’t seem to be any splinters missing, and the body been bare, so risk for cloth fragments in the wound was low, yet the wound would need a careful cleaning… as the cayene paste seemed to have slowed the bleeding to trickle, id take one of the clean cloths and pout some antiseptic liquid on it from a small bottle, and started to wipe the wound clean, id dip the cloth in the boiled water to rinse it clean and keep working to make sure the wound was absolutely clean”

• As noted, this part is very important, if there is splinters in the wound, or cloth fragments, they need to be found and taken out every one of them, or the wound wont heal, and it will fester, and infection grow
#6 Finnish up the wound

• This is as earlier only a example of how it can be done

• Example -“Having cleaned up the wound, and certain there were no splinters or cloth fragments in it… i nodded to myself… there was still a slow trickle of blood from the wound, but it was dark healthy blood… would place a piece of cloth over the wound and press down… while i with the other hand, picked out a candle and place in the soil near me. and looked up -“please help me light this candle” I’d move my hand and to the bag, and take up a small glass jar, broke the sealing, id lift the cloth that was pressing down on the wound as id place the healing balm over the wound in a rich layer, and again press the cloth down on the wound… i nodded seeing the candle been lit, i took fourth a needle, it was a fine needle, probably like the ones the green in cities used, but mine had been resharpened over and over, and a green of the cities probably would have discarded it long ago… i moved the needle into the candle flame and let the flame purge the needle for a few ihn… id thread the needle with a thread that looked to be some animal fibre, id also lace the animal thread with some honey, as honey, were antiseptic, and helped keep wound clean… id move the cloth away from the wound and starting to stitch the wound up, laying tight stitches…”

• Like said earlier, many ways to do this, and this can be broken up, add a little personal things
#7 End part

• Example -“finishing the last stitch, id let a finger run over them, eyeing the stitches, nodding to myself happy with them reach or the glass jar with healing balm and apply some more of it, in a thick sticky layer of over the wound, to help the wound heal and to keep it free from infection as it was antiseptic…
id take a clean piece of cloth and place over the wound, followed by laying a bandage around the chest to hold the cloth in place -“There, all wrapped up well, you will feel a itch from the wound, don’t worry about it, its natural as the balm helps the wound to heal faster, just don’t scratch the wound… also the bandages need to be changed often, every four to six ahn, to be sure, if there is any unhealthy colouration around the wound let a healer know !”

• It kinda got a lot, but a treatment can be even longer or shorter, and it all depends on what happens around you, use scenery for inspiration, and involve people around..

Port Haifa – (Minnie)

• Port Haifa is a great place where we could find Physicians as well. The goal of this place is more to train slaves and check their health. But they give a way for a lot of RPs and i invite you to read the following presentation they did. A lot of NCs are done to explain all the lands and the RP expected. All is presented and well designed. The place looks like an university and they are waiting for you to begin all new RPs. Feel free to visit them.

• The Port Haifa Academy is designed to teach girls the basic duties and etiquette all slaves should know and practice. This course is open to both new and seasoned kajirae, and is a prerequisite to any advanced training. ANY FREE, no matter what walk of life is very much welcomed and invited as well to join these classes to learn.

• These classes are being offered because there is a problem spreading throughout SL Gor, online Gor in general. Slaves are submitting in droves, and seem only interested in pleasure service. Gor is about more than sex and sensuality. Kajirae must be pleasing at all times, and should be able to perform any service requested of them. Many girls are able to perform a need dance, but cannot serve a Master or Mistress a simple goblet of water.

• It is our Mission at the Academy to change this and give girls the tools and confidence to create and enjoy the total Gorean experience. These tools are basic, and will form the foundation that every slave can build upon, adding her own personality, style and grace.

• For a full Gorean role play experience slaves who are from outside of Haifa and would like to train as a Gorean kajira can submit to the Slaver’s House in Port Haifa to enrol into the Academy where they will receive all the help needed to become one of the best slaves in Gor.

The Interview (Jolene Thomas, Port Haifa) – (Minxy)

• Minxy : hello Jolene

• Jolene Thomas : Hello

• Minxy : I’m working for the gazette. You must have meet Minnie about it

• Jolene Thomas : My second physician spoke to her

• Minxy : I would like to make an interview about Port Haifa, the physicians and the healers

• Jolene Thomas : That is wonderful

• Minxy : could you tell me when somebody could be free to talk with me?

• Jolene Thomas : I can speak with you, though I was hoping Andreas would be available for the interview as it would be good for people to see there are more than just one physician here.

• Minxy : it would be nice to talk with you

• Minxy : The goal is to promote the different groups in order to give a pretty good knowledge to the people to rp with you or maybe to the people who seek for a group

• Jolene Thomas nods “Well if you would like to take a seat, I am free for a bit this morning”

• Minxy (laureenwood): thank you. What can you tell me about the physicians?

• Jolene Thomas : Physicians on Gor are unique in their caste. They are the ones you want to protect as they are most likely the only ones who can heal you.

• Jolene Thomas : Our knowledge is heavily guarded, we take oaths to do no harm, we care of everybody, whether you are from our Home Stone or not.

• Minxy : Does it it means that it needs a long learning?

• Jolene Thomas : As a physician you are always learning. Most are born into the caste, some become physician’s through their companions. We start our training at a very young age and with the vast knowledge and the new knowledge every day, we never stop learning.

• Minxy : but, I guess that you have you appropriate structure to teach the one who would like to learn hardly

• Jolene Thomas : We are normally taught by our parents, since we are following in one or both of their footsteps, There are various places to train to be a physician of course. Here in Port Haifa, there are classes offered to help familiarize with some things that would be useful to a physician, but most of the actual caste training is done or overseen by the Head Physician.

• Minxy : I understand, could you tell me who comes to you to be cured, the people from Port Haifa or anyone from Gor can come and recover the health by you knowledge?

• Jolene Thomas : As a physician we tend to everybody. I have tended to people of my own Home Stone, but I have also seen patients from Port Ar, I’ve tended to slaves and free alike from all over Gor. If they come to me for help, it is my duty to do so.

• Minxy : you practice a wonderful profession Jolene, as you relieve the pain from the world

• Jolene Thomas : Physicians don’t only relieve the pain, we do the little things as well, examinations of free and slaves, maternity care, child care. Our knowledge isn’t just on wounds and injuries.

• Minxy : smiles “I didn’t want to minimize your talent”. One think is not clear to me, hoping the question will not be silly

• Jolene Thomas : Please ask

• Minxy : what is the difference between a physician and a healer?

• Minxy : In my tribe we only have a Shaman

• Jolene Thomas smiles “Lets see, the difference between a physician and a healer, a Physician is a caste, a healer is a clan.”

• Minxy looks around at the books all over the shelves, impressed

• Jolene Thomas smiles “A lot of studying and knowledge are found in the books for a physician.”

• Minxy : As the physician is always learning I imagine that his knowledge is unbounded

• Jolene Thomas : Absolutely, the learning for a physician has no end.

• Minxy : You know our readers are greedy of fun, could you, without betraying a professional secret , give me some anecdote relative to your practice

• Jolene Thomas : An antidote, you mean like something I use to heal somebody?

• Minxy : No I mean something that you had to do to cure someone and which afterthought was really funny

• Jolene Thomas smiles “Oh let me see”

• Minxy : smiles back to Jolene

• Jolene Thomas : Hard to pick, I’ve healed and taken care of so many.

• Minxy : I can imagine

• Jolene Thomas : Oh okay

• Jolene Thomas : It wasn’t for treatment, I am in charge of overseeing the free’s health. That means I also have to give fit for duty exams to warriors. You know to be sure they have no ailments or injuries that would hinder them from being able to protect our Port. These are nothing like slave exams, they do not need to be checked completely as we would a slave. I had this one warrior who thought he would examined as a slave would. He came running into the infirmary wearing nothing at all

• Minxy laughs, was he banned for making trouble?

• Jolene Thomas : Yelling he was here for his physical. He was quite sad to find out that I only cared about his bones and mental health. And for trying to make me embarrassed for seeing a free man naked, I made him sit on a chamber pot for a urine sample. No, he was not banned. He actually passed his physical and became a warrior here. He did learn to not come running at me naked though.

• Minxy : Hahaha, Well done. I hope he has some humour then, if I write the story in the gazette

• Jolene Thomas : We are a very small port, so we don’t see a lot of the injuries the bigger ports do, but we do have our share of emergencies. We’ve had fires, I have had to operate on my brother when his lung collapsed, I’ve sat for hours while a friend was undergoing rehab to quit drinking.

• Jolene Thomas : Well no names were mentioned, he should be fine. Besides, he wanted to let it all hang out when he came running in, might as well let it all hang out now *laughs* . Just because we’re a small merchant port, does not mean the physicians can’t handle big emergencies. I myself have done just about everything here.

• Minxy : If I can ask is the physician’s caste big, I admit to have no knowledge at all

• Jolene Thomas : yes, there are many physicians. There are normally 2 or more in every city of Gor.

• Minxy : oh it is reassuring

• Minxy looks around in the room, “this is your office, I presume”

• Jolene Thomas nods “yes, I share this space with another physician. We have an exam room for just the free of Gor and we have an exam room where we tend to the slaves or over flow in major emergencies.”

• Minxy : what are for these little desks with some stuff on their?

• Jolene Thomas : Those are our work areas, normally I use this desk when I am studying or in private consultation or giving interview.

• Minxy whispers: the drawers are for the potions?

• Jolene Thomas chuckles “We don’t deal in potions, we deal in balms and tinctures and serums. There maybe a few herbs in the draws that we use in such things but most of our stuff is made and locked away so that wayward slaves or thieves can’t get into it” Would you like a tour of the infirmary?

• Minxy : with pleasure

• Jolene Thomas : This room is where I treat the free people. It gives them their privacy. Free women need privacy especially in an infirmary.

• Jolene Thomas : This room is our supply room, for clean clothes, new shipments we get in of herbs or medical equipment

• Jolene Thomas : These three rooms are where I see the slaves mostly. It is big enough to have four slaves seen at once. They receive their examinations in here, I weigh them, delouse them and give them their shots if need be.

• Jolene Thomas : We are well stocked, one of the bigger infirmaries I’ve seen in a while. The physicians here are well taken care of by the council and our supplies are hardly ever short

• Minxy : you care of the slave, that’s nice

Jolene Thomas : The slaver house pays well to be sure his slaves are in perfect health

• Minxy : a slave with a bad health is not good

• Jolene Thomas : it is my duty to be sure they remain that way. No they are not. We check everything when it comes to a slave. If they have red hair, we test a strand to be sure it isn’t dyed. If they say they are Gorean we test their blood to make sure. We check for signs of bazi plague, lice, virginity status. We have urts and ost here for experiments, because physicians are always trying to learn new things on their own.

• Minxy : you never stop working, I see

• Jolene Thomas : Sage can be ground and boiled with beeswax to make a cleansing balm for wounds. I never stop working.

• Jolene Thomas nods “A lot of what we use comes from nature, it is so giving and will provide what we need if we know where to look”. I am sure, some of the things I use in healing are from herbs I trade for that are only found in jungles. We have a trade alliance with the Wa Nago tribe

• Minxy moves back seeing snakes in a cage

Jolene Thomas smiles “Oh yes, those are our Ost. they are secure in there but still very dangerous.”

• Minxy (laureenwood): what is there usage, they bite and you die, so… No cure in that

• Jolene Thomas : They are used for various things, there is no cure for an Ost bite, no, but we have a man who comes once a month to collect the venom for us to do testing and try to find a use for it. Some free women dip their pins in ost venom for protection. Maybe one day, somebody will make an antidote for the Ost bite. The only issue with a cure for ost bite, is it would need to be very quick, a bite can kill in a matter of seconds, so the person bitten would need to either have it at hand or somebody with them would need to have it on hand.

• Minxy : Oh yes if an antidote could exist we all would need to carry it on ourself, so

• Jolene Thomas : Absolutely, but I don’t see a cure any time soon. Is there anything else I can answer for you today?

• Minxy : Jolene, I thank you very much for
having telling me so much about physicians and healers

• Jolene Thomas : You are very welcome. It has been a pleasure.

• Minxy (laureenwood): see I already look more clever, grins I hope to see you soon but not due to injuries

Healer Interview (Melo From Sa Toreii Tribe) – (Erin O’ragan)


• Sa’Toreii Keh’ra means the ‘Daughters of Soaring Fire’ or ‘Daughters who Fly with Fire’. We believe that fire is life and fury. Our arrows ‘soar with fire’, and our wings fan the flames. We do not seek popularity, but quality RP. We are blood, and love, and one together. Est. December 10, 2014. Founded by Leia Parx and Jordyn Halsey.


• Our main priority is to experience high quality roleplay. We do not claim BTB or GE, but both are welcome to RP us. Raiders are very welcome within the sim ratio, but high quality roleplay is required no matter the outcome. We are a small, and cautious group. Although we enjoy RP, and new experiences, we will not always be the ones to initiate it when you enter our land. You CAN guarantee that we will be watching you, but we are not suicidal. We know when to act, and when to stay put. And when we greet you, please, don’t be surprised when met with a surely temperament, and long side glances. We are panthers, and you are a stranger to us. BUT we promise to hold the arrows until they are absolutely necessary
• Erin O’ragan : okay, right, for those who dont know, I am erin, interviewing Melo (cutemariam.melody) for the gazette mainly about her time at the green school in vidrew and how it prepared her for her job as a healer

• Erin O’ragan : okay, so you tolf me earlier you attended the school as a slave in another tribe?

• Melo : i went to green school in a city under a physician in a school few years ago , when i belong to shendi

• Erin O’ragan nods and scribbles

• Erin O’ragan : and how extensive was the training they gave you?

• Melo : was start as slave in tribe sanaskari then under a free woman healer in shendi

• Erin O’ragan : did it take long? the training, i mean?

• Melo : learns about slave wine how to examine slave, how to administer aid to burns , arrow ,

• Erin O’ragan nods and scribbles as she listens

• Melo : stitch, bandage learn about gor poison, healing herbs

• Erin O’ragan : and these are all skills i assume you’re applying in your role as a healer for the SaTK

• Melo : yes i do

• Melo : i learn still go to healing academy still and keep learning

• Erin O’ragan nods “so what led you to want to become a healer?

• Melo : i not good fighter, and enjoy more to heal, like rp

• Erin O’ragan : OH! still training, so it’s an ongoing process…?

• Melo : yes i not ever have certificate as i was slave at time
and some free did not like me there, now i am free i heal to my ability.

• Erin O’ragan nods “i can imagine, it might have been uncomfortable”

• Melo : i was slave then , so i act as slave

• Erin O’ragan : like an apprentice, waiting to be instructed?

• Melo: yes , was only able to learn in boundary as a slave btb
but i find when needed people not mind

• Erin O’ragan nods, scribbling notes

• Erin O’ragan : so how long now, have you been with SaTK?

• Melo : few months we are new tribe

• Erin O’ragan nods and looks around briefly “i didn’t think i had heard of your tribe”

• Erin O’ragan : so as a healer i bet you have a long list of herbs and stuff…. you have to keep here, yes?

• Melo : yes, i trade with other tribe , and from people who roam here

• Erin O’ragan : and is it what you expected it to be, being a green?

• Melo : yes i think so you have to keep learning, and i like to help people

• Erin O’ragan : so when was the moment that you decided “im going to be a healer”?

• Melo : in gor i always been a healer, the tribe start 2014 December if people come i will tend to them here, and if i travel will tend to others.

• Erin O’ragan nods “okay, so always a healer, and still learning, but you find in the role what you want…?”

• Melo : yes it give me a purpose and lots of RP

Ndeye’s Gold (Episode 2) – (Erin O’ragan)

• Kira Katana: and that isnt much

• Kira Katana: i shoulda gotten a different color

• Freya: we can make her the High Scribe

• Kira Katana: OMFG! No!

• Kira Katana: yeah i can pass for that! not!

• Kira Katana: BWA HAHAHA

• Freya: say a trade agreement

• Kira Katana: i dint even know what a scribe’s duties are

• Kira Katana: ….aside from scribing

• Kira Katana: laughs

• Ndeye: Don’t… over do it. Pretend you are an apprentice – and you might get away with it, you come to study their library.

• Freya: were faking it just fake it

• Kira Katana: okay

• Kira Katana: im an apprentice

• Freya: so good

• Kira Katana: apprentice scribe of sardar

• Freya: i say i am a scarlet FC

• Freya: came to compy her firned

• Ndeye: The Lady Freya and Lady Ndeye are friends – and took the chance to accompany you to see the city and possibly see some of their merchants.

• Kira Katana: we’re travelling togetther becausssssse?

• Ndeye: Keep it simply, nothing fancy… improvise as we go.

• Kira Katana: and im going to follow you two because im an apprentice and i don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground

• Kira Katana: yep, thats meh story

• Ndeye: No, no – the High Caste woman needs to take the lead because it is your purpose. You will go ahead at the gate and introduce yourself first. And… no dagger drawing, please.

• Freya: should we message jassy were we are going just in case

• Ndeye: Remember – you came to visit their library and get a tour of their city.

• Ndeye: And yes, freya, we definitely should.

• Freya: well she your en send her a message

• Kira Katana: okay

• Kira Katana: i sent her our whole conversation

• Freya: ready to go then?

• Kira Katana: yep i guess so

(After TP)

• Freya : maybe i should rp it at the dock lol

• Freya : well too late now

• Jasmira Somme: im still not sure what all that babble is lol

• Jasmira Somme: maybe coz i just woke up from a nap

Morning Prayer (From Homar Wilson)

• Finally finding a day to start his prayers again, Homar finds a hidden area on the Hearthlight Homeland that he has managed to claim.

• He ventures to a secluded mountain top and sits clearing his mind of the troubles he has had in his life since he stumbled across these lands.

• Amazingly even in the seasons since his last prayer day he made, the songs come to him as if he never stopped
he sits and reflects on what has transpired.

• He faces the East and for the first time in over a year the songs flow.

• The songs welcoming the morning, the songs welcoming the day to come, the songs of new beginnings on this day. This haunting melody rings through the mountains down towards the lands of Hearthlight. He thinks he sees the grass actually turn a bit greener in joy to hear the songs. The colors seem more vibrant to him today. And he sings of it as well, finally knowing that the lands have accepted him as their tenant, as their caretaker.

• He turns south towards the sands and the forests , the unknown. He sings to them the songs of wonder, the songs if the unknown, the sings of the new journeys, and these songs come fluently some never having been heard by anyone since he was a young ling before he started his journey. He is somewhat taken aback from the fact that he can still remember them and sing them note for note for the first time in nearly 3 decades.

• He slowly turns to the west. and sings the songs of his ancestors, those that have passed to the City of Dust, those that had a profound impact on his life, His Father, His mother, his uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, and those of his friends that have gone there as well, singing the songs of remembrance of those who’s Journey has come to an end.

• He turns North, and sings loudly towards his place of origin, those lands far north of the known Gorean north, beyond the mountains and into the frozen tundra there. The starting of his Journey, the people he left behind, the friends that he left there for his desire to know more about the planet he is on. he sings long and loud of his journey from there to where he is now.

• He turns yet again to the east, and sings the songs of life, that of the new starts, the new beginnings every day brings, and the thankfulness he has for the planet to allow him to learn more this day than he did yesterday, learn something he needs to learn.

• After over an hour of singing these songs in each direction, he sits hard on the land, and sings to the ground about gratefulness to allowing him to know enough on how to harvest the food and the grain, and taking care of the animals to supply for the people on these lands

• He then stands up, raises his hands and sings to the sky, for the breeze, for the fliers in the sky, for the carrying of the scents to inform him when things need to be prepared for, when people are coming to the lands, when there are threats to the lands he has managed to claim.

• He turns from the last position he is in, and faces the center of the lands, and out comes an ancient melody, a haunting melody a strong melody, his dedication song, dedication of his heart to the lands of Hearthlight, his song of dedication to her people, his song of binding his soul to the lands. It rings out for over an hour over the lands. The binding of his heart to the soul of the land, his promise top her that his life is hers, honoring and protecting her with his last breath.

• Sung this day:

(Fifth Day of the Fifth Hand of the Tenth Month in the Year 10166 Contasta Ar)


Interview (Rhonda Blackburn) – (Noemie Ling)

• Rhonda Blackburn: so, what can I tell you

• noemie Ling: already i want thank you for accept interview

• Rhonda Blackburn: your welcome, my pleasure

• Rhonda Blackburn: can I give you some background

• noemie Ling: first let’s me present myself and after you can do same

• noemie Ling: ok my name is Naia from the Zima on Whispering Moon

• Rhonda Blackburn: I am Rhonda Blackburn, Green Caste Physician and former member of Forest Moon in Whispering Moons

• noemie Ling: Nice to meet you Lady Rhonda

• Rhonda Blackburn: Cyn Shadowclaw my friend is also a Physician,

• Rhonda Blackburn: yes, and thank you

• noemie Ling: ok we can start if you want

• Rhonda Blackburn: Cyn and i had a dream to open a free clinic where everyone was welcome to come for treatment

• Rhonda Blackburn: Cyn also came up with the idea of starting a group for healers like the physicians of gor have

• noemie Ling: This is a good thing

• Rhonda Blackburn: so she started the group

• Rhonda Blackburn: i am a officer in the group

• noemie Ling: smiles

• Rhonda Blackburn: once I left FM she suggested we find a small village

• Rhonda Blackburn: the Valkyrie had this village and were kind enough to rent us the whole village

• Rhonda Blackburn: the clinic is here, I just did a surgery tonight in it

• Rhonda Blackburn: I delivered a baby last week here

• Rhonda Blackburn: we have a clinic, our home, a bakery/restaurant, a tavern and this hall

• Rhonda Blackburn: in the first floor of the tavern we hope to run a school to teach slave to be medics or infirmary slaves

• Rhonda Blackburn: give them basic medical knowledge

• Rhonda Blackburn: cleaning a wound, numbing it, and bandage

• noemie Ling: this can are good Lady

• Rhonda Blackburn: yes, most groups can use a medic if they raid a lot

• Rhonda Blackburn: many groups have no healer so if they have a slave who can do basic things, it will help them

• noemie Ling: yes this is a good idea

• Rhonda Blackburn: we have also started a group for the healers called the United Healers of Gor

• Rhonda Blackburn: the group is for healers only and is a association of healers to exchange ideas, and get help if they need it

• Rhonda Blackburn: so far we have 7 members

• noemie Ling: well, i am sure this can interested My Mistress Miel healer of zima , i speak at her about what you have create here

• Rhonda Blackburn: Bri and Renee are going to help out by running the bakery

• Rhonda Blackburn: I have spoken to Petra about it

• noemie Ling: possible that she come have a visit here , and i will come with her to

• Rhonda Blackburn: all are welcome here

• noemie Ling: smiles

• Rhonda Blackburn: we prefer no combat, but there is no rule except that the sim owner does not allow it in the tavern or clinic

• noemie Ling: if i understand well , all is centralise here ?

• noemie Ling: school, hospital

• Rhonda Blackburn: we want this place to be a fun place and safe haven for all

• Rhonda Blackburn: yes

• Rhonda Blackburn: yes

• Rhonda Blackburn: I will show you the other buildings if you like

• noemie Ling: yes i like this have a visit

• Rhonda Blackburn: we hope to get Gorean Public radio in here and have a dance once a week with a dj

• noemie Ling: maybe i can take some snapshot for put in the paper , if you ok with this

• Rhonda Blackburn: i will take you around once we are done here

• noemie Ling: yes thank you

• noemie Ling: the members of your group are not just of slaves ? there is of healers , and of physicians of citys also ??

• Rhonda Blackburn: no, our group is just for Healers, no slaves or physicians

• noemie Ling: ah ok

• Rhonda Blackburn: physicians have their own group, called the physicians of gor

• noemie Ling: i see

• Rhonda Blackburn: they don’t allow healers in that group, is why we formed our group

• noemie Ling: and for the slaves , is the school you have create for the bases for teach them

• Rhonda Blackburn: yes

• noemie Ling: ok and your group is BTB or GE ??

• noemie Ling: you accept both in it ?

• Rhonda Blackburn: once we get some other things worked out we will advertised to gor about the slave school

• Rhonda Blackburn: GE

• noemie Ling: ok and if there is Healer BTB of tribe panthers BTB , you accept them or not ?

• noemie Ling: or is just for GE ?

• Rhonda Blackburn: all healers are welcome

• noemie Ling: ok mean same if it is BTB it can join to

• noemie Ling: good things

• Rhonda Blackburn: we are just a organization,

• noemie Ling: i see

• Rhonda Blackburn: for instance, you can be in the healer group and still be a Zima cause our group has no home stone per sa

• noemie Ling: and the healers who are in this group, i presume , is not just of healers in panthers tribes ?

• Rhonda Blackburn: no, we welcome all healers

• noemie Ling: smiles

• noemie Ling: this good

• noemie Ling: this mean you can have for work with a healer pirate or other

• Rhonda Blackburn: yes

• Rhonda Blackburn: if you have a patient and don’t know what is wrong with them or how to treat them, you go on the group and send out a chat and ask other healers for advice

• noemie Ling: yes i understand , this is good

• Rhonda Blackburn: or if your group is raided and you have a lot of wounded tribe members you can ask other healers to come assist you

• noemie Ling: well , with all the background you give at me , and the informations i have , i think we can close this interview , excepted if you have others things for tell me

• Rhonda Blackburn: only that all are welcome here, and if you come here and someone from a tribe who is a enemy of your tribe, you must be social with them, no fighting please

• noemie Ling: yes i understand this

• Rhonda Blackburn: ok, let me give you the tour

• Rhonda Blackburn: this is the clinic,

• noemie Ling: wow impressive all the books

• Rhonda Blackburn: the office,

• Rhonda Blackburn: infirmary,

• Rhonda Blackburn: up in the loft is a recovery area,

• Rhonda Blackburn: this is the area we hope to make into the school

• noemie Ling: ahhh

• Rhonda Blackburn: students can live here ,

• noemie Ling: interressing

• Rhonda Blackburn: we have bunks and a kitchen,

• Rhonda Blackburn: classroom,

• noemie Ling: well ty Lady for your times

• Rhonda Blackburn: thank you for coming

• noemie Ling: smiles

• Rhonda Blackburn: i appreciate you coming here

• Rhonda Blackburn: be well and safe paths, and come anytime to relax and enjoy yourself, hugs

• noemie Ling: i put all this proper on the paper later and send it at my chief editor , and as i said interview can are in next number of the gazette

• noemie Ling: nods ty Lady and be well , hugs

• Rhonda Blackburn: ok, great

© Gazette of Gor


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