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Sa di Lina (GE & BtB)

Market Place :

None that I could see. TP directly onto Sim.

Easy to Find TP point:


Meter Type:


Sim Lay out:

This sim is a standalone sim, it comprises of a forest setting. There is a panther camp, a trade post and some abandoned camp sites to be found.

Sim Rules :

Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.


Example of role play:

αѕнℓєуנo ςσßαℓイ-мσσηωιηđєℜ: hmmm you’re awake i was beginning to wonder if you were going to sleep the day away ”

Mar’li  leant against the wooden bars in the cage , she watched the woman approach in her own stone cold silence , when she spoke , the red head smirked , her dark orbs staring at the woman “…..I have been awake longer than you think” she finally remarked dryly

αѕнℓєуנo ςσßαℓイ-мσσηωιηđєℜ: looks you over slowly ” well anyhow today is your lucky day or maybe not didn’t seem like your sisters really wanted you after we took you the other one we had has already been traded no mention of you though ”

Mar’li  raised a puzzled eyebrow , though she would take that statement for what it was , from an enemy not to be trusted “Really? ” she snorted “So….tell me which band you think I am with and what my name is”  she would gauge the womans reaction to her retort, she tilted her head to one side and awaited the answer

αѕнℓєуנo ςσßαℓイ-мσσηωιηđєℜ: rolls her eyes at the question ” did you forget how you got here in the first place ” laughs “You’re Marli and your with Forest Moon i was with the raid that captured you ”

Mar’li  raised her nose in an arrogant fashion and nodded “It is good you know who I am” she walked up to the cage door , she ran her sharp fingernail down the wooden bar , “So….it seems Moon wants to run the band all by herself eh?  well….she knows I can be a very dangerous enemy if she decides to go against me” she flashed her dark orbs at the woman

αѕнℓєуנo ςσßαℓイ-мσσηωιηđєℜ: “Moon now she’s a funny one during the battle she ran away i’ve never seen her run so fast before not even when i was a member of Forest Moon. ” shakes her head remembering ” yes i was a member twice the last time there i was Tor till she decided to stab me in the back so you most likely are used to that too huh ”

Mar’li  clicked the back of her tongue as she listened to the woman “You were a Forest Moon twice?” she looked surprised “…..I do not think I would give Moon that satisfation” she shrugged “…..She has stabbed several sisters in the back……it will come back to haunt her” she pondered a moment , thoughts of revenge had begun to enter her mind , her face contorted some as a result

αѕнℓєуנo ςσßαℓイ-мσσηωιηđєℜ: ” yes twice a glutten for punishment i’d guess you’d say but there won’t be a third time and if she hadn’t run she’d probably be here now pissing and moaning about being her and how wronged she was”

Mar’li  thumped the wooden bar with her fist “No doubt …..I have seen her captured before… all revolves around HER…she pays no attention to the plight of  her band”

αѕнℓєуנo ςσßαℓイ-мσσηωιηđєℜ: oh well alas we come to why i came down here how’d you like your chance to get back at Moon

Mar’li  lips curled into a thin smile , her orbs flickered with a devious glint , she slanted them some , the woman had peaked her interest “I am listening….what do you have in mind?” , then paced around the cage ,  she grumbled to herself  “……I have several ideas too”

αѕнℓєуנo ςσßαℓイ-мσσηωιηđєℜ: well i was considering sending you back perhaps you could talk Moon into raiding here then of course we’d have to down here and after what you said earlier you must be one of hte Ens there too you call a retreat leaving her behind

Mar’li  chuckled some as she heard the proposal “…I thought of the same tactic ….lead her here ….leave her here for you…..since you also have some unfinished business with her”  she smiled to herself , liking this idea “….Only one En…..and it will be me…..unknown to her we will have this agreement” she nodded “I will think of a ruse or reason to raid Sa di Lina”

αѕнℓєуנo ςσßαℓイ-мσσηωιηđєℜ: i’m going to have to tie your hands to get you down to the docks but once there i’ll untie them you can tell your fellow Moonies whatever you want that you escaped while we were being raided or whatever then we can start our plan in motion

Mar’li nods and held out her wrists “Deal” she remarked bluntly

αѕнℓєуנo ςσßαℓイ-мσσηωιηđєℜ: takes out a piece of rope wrapping them around your wrists before tying them off

Sim overview:

The sim is based on a woodlands setting, with a few snow peaked mountains in the distance. Several rivers to cross and an untouched  forest to explore.

Bad Points:


Good Points:

The layout of the sim, impossible to get lost, small and compact sim.

Final Comment:

This is a well laid out sim,  the builder has done a great Job, I especially liked the many small camps, a nice touch. Very refreshing to meet a tribe that plays both GE and BtB.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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