The Gazette of Gor – Issue 07

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)

Special Feature: The Black Caste ( Assassins of Gor)


• From the Editor’s Desk Issue Editor Claude
• Black Caste followed with an exclusive interview
• A Kajira takes offence… Frey
• Article by Minnie
• City of Lara by Hathor
• Old Gorean – Trust on Gor – (Kimba of PantherClaw Lair)
• Interview of the Tu’Kwetu Tibe by Minnie
• Pilgrimage to Sardar – The Final Chapter
• The Sanity of the “Insane” by Jarl Homar Wilson
• Events

From the Editor’s Desk – (Claude)
Goreans are dying.

Goreans are dying. Not because of violence, not because of a succesful Kurii invasion, but Goreans are indeed dying. It’s a slow process, but Gor faces it’s biggest treat ever, genetics. or to be more precise, the lack of it.
Everyone seems to be genetically related, sharing similar ADN, why is this so ?
From the warrior of a distant city, a city you never went before, a warrior you never heard of before, who call you “Brother”, to the panthers girl or talunas who will call themselves “Sisters”, Gor is losing its genetic variety.
That is annoying. You’re calling me “Brother” ? Who hidden you from me ? My father ? My mother ? Both ? Let me make something clear, you are NOT my brother. We do not share the same genes, we are not even close friends, we are total strangers to each others. It’s annoying.
And who is this man who impregnated all talunas and panthers girls, only way to explain why they’re all “Sisters” ? If he is so good at it, how come none have ever thought to keep it for themselves ? it’s stupid, it doesn’t make sense.
Because you share a same gender, a same role, this doesn’t, should not make you brothers and sisters. Stop this nonsense, lets save the genetic diversity of Gor.


Assassins of Gor: The Black Caste.

The Veil of mystery and Dark intrigue shrouds this particular group of Goreans. Much is openly not known about them. They are far less sighted in public, unless and only when they wish to be noticed. They maintain an air of mystery and grim. Here are some quotes to give you a slight glimpse into that dark world….
#Our discussion terminated abruptly. There was a rush of wings outside
the window of my apartment, and the Older Tarl flung himself across the room and dragged me to the floor. At the same moment the iron bolt of a crossbow, fired through one the narrow windows, struck the wall behind my chair-stone and ricocheted viciously about the room. I caught a glimpse of a black helmet through the port as a warrior, still clutcing a crossbow andmounted on his tarn, hauled up on the one-strap and flew from the window.
There were shouts, and, rushing to the window, I saw several answering bolts leave the cylinder and fly in the direction of the retreating assailant, who was now almost half a pasang away and making good his escape.
‘A member of the Caste of Assassins,’ said the Older Tarl, gazing at the retreating speck in the distance. ‘Marlenus, who would be Ubar of all Gor, knows of your existence.’
Tarnsman Of Gor, Chapter 4#

#In Thentis, for example, sleen are used to smell out contraband, in the form of the unauthorized egress of the beans for black wine from the Thentian territories. They are sometimes, too, used by assassins, though the caste of assassins itself, by their caste codes, precludes their usage; the member of the caste of assassins must make his own kill; it is in their codes.
Slave Girl of Gor, Chapter 8#

#The assassins take in lads who are perhaps characterized by little but unusual swiftness, and cunning, and strength and skill, and perhaps a selfishness and greed, and, in time, transform this raw material into efficient, proud, merciless men, practitioners of a dark trade, men loyal to secret codes the content of which is something at which most men dare not guess.
Beasts of Gor, Chapter 30#

#The training of the assassin is thorough and cruel. He who wears the black of that caste has not won it easily. Candidates for the caste are chosen with great care, and only one in ten, it is said, completes the course of instruction to the satisfaction of the caste masters. It is assumed that failed candidates are slain, if not in the training, for secrets they may have learned. Withdrawal from the caste is not permitted. Training proceeds in pairs, each pair against others. Friendship is encouraged. Then, in the final training, each member of the pair must hunt the other. When one has killed one’s friend one is then likely to better understand the meaning of the black. When one has killed one’s friend one is then unlikely to find mercy in his heart for another. One is then alone, with gold and steel.
Beasts of Gor, Chapter 30#

#Yet none would stand in the way of Kuurus for he wore on his forehead, small and fine, the sign of the black dagger. When he of the Caste of Assassins has been paid his gold and has received his charge he affixes on his forehead that sign, that he may enter whatever city he pleases, that none may interfere with his work. There are few men who have done great wrong or who have powerful, rich enemies who do not tremble upon learning that one has been brought to their city who wears the dagger.”
Assassin of Gor, Chapter 2#

Meeting with Assassins in Black – (Minnie)

• Long time ago, i tried to find a special caste, a caste able to scare people and give fears. Assassins in Black, Black Caste, People who could kill for Gold. No, they are not vagabonds ! They are a distinct caste, proud warriors who respect rules and follow the way of respect. Yes, they could kill people, and yes they could scare us. But is it not a normal way to find death in Gor ? I have always learned that Black Caste and Assassins are fantastic RPers and, now, I m fully agree with this because they have to RP all their acts. Skills is not only with weapons, but with words also. For them and for respect their wishes, this interview is fully anonymous. We were five in a cavern, me and four persons. Two of them accepted to answer : A Master Assassin who is Black Caste Member High Council and an Mercenary Assassin Instructor who is in Ge Group, working with Black Caste, operating in Ge World. Please, follow this interview which is very instructive for all of us. It could be called : The hard way to become a killer !

• Minnie: Tal

– Black Caste Member High Council : Hi Minnie

• Minnie: Nice to meet you

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor smiles and bows “Welcome Minnie”

• Minnie : I m Min, Owner of Gazette of Gor

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : She is owner of a Gorean Media press. This is a Gorean Journalist and Reporter

– Black Caste Member High Council : Than i will be better out

• Minnie: We did several articles. But i hope to do a special Assassins and Black Caste. So do you agree to be interviewed

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : I m not sure the BC wants to be directly displayed

• Minnie: Can you present your group, your land, your goals ?

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Not like that. We work in the shadows. The only thing we will really need is spotlight for our victims such as cyberbullies who try to get away with not being dead or killed. The BC dont step in spotlight. They are outside of it

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : A valid kill is a valid kill. And we have had contracts where bullies would try to worm out of it. A spotlight prevents it. Because we already have a gorean intelligence network across all GE SIMs. And thus a GE congress always watching. We are the force of the BC in GE Gor. We are training our students. We have the first Kung Fu School in Gor.

• Minnie: But we could do an interview without giving names. I understand the notion of secret

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Media can be a weapon of justice in the right place. Alright !

• Minnie: Can you present me your group

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : How do you wish to do this ‘anonymous interview

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : My group is not the BC. We run with BC. But we are not BC

• Minnie nods

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : We act as the extra muscle and force where it’s necessary in GE Gor. But the BC are very silent on these matters.

• Minnie: To help BC sometimes ?

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : The red sashs here are the GE enforcers

– Black Caste Member High Council : I am here as liaison officer of the BTB BC

• Minnie: So you have more direct contacts with BC

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Of course, this one is high council -points to the man in black with the shield on his back-

• Minnie: how much Assassins have you in group

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : that information would be classified

• Minnie: mmmmm, ok. Have you several level as assassins. Can you tell me the cursus that must do an assassin. Must he/she do proofs of skills

– Black Caste Member High Council : In the studies ?

• Minnie: Yes

– Black Caste Member High Council : They have many task in this time and so the learn the right way to be a killer. And of course they have to show us proof for. They have to copy the RP on a note so we see that s they have done

• Minnie: And if we want buy your services, how do ?

– Black Caste Member High Council : You search a killer and you paid gold for our service

• Minnie: How much ?

– Black Caste Member High Council : Different not all the same expensive than victims

• Minnie: You told me, at beginning, that you are Kung Fu School. What does it mean ?

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : That is not the BC . This is our system here in support and reinforcement of BC

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Many people do not know what Kung Fu means. Kung Fu directly translated means “Skill acquired through hard work.” Kung Fu is not a martial art. It is a skill acquired through hard work. For example a brain surgeon who develops a steady hand after 10 years. Or working in a kitchen so long and you use the utensils like a fucking ninja. Sure you can get good at punching things and call it Kung Fu after you get good at it. But that s not what Kung Fu is. Kung Fu is not a martial art. Kung Fu is a way of life.

• Minnie: nods and smiles. I m a good cooker, so i do Kung Fu

– Black Caste Member High Council : so isn’t one in danger if you cooked a meal ?

• Minnie: mmmm It depends what i cook

– Black Caste Member High Council coughs

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : We spend a lot of time here together. We bond here a lot because we have a system based on Kung Fu. We train very hard if we could sweat in here. It would smell deeply.

• Minnie: do you train every day?

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Yes. For many hours. For some, the training can go beyond 10 hours a day

• Minnie: So you are very good fighters ? Best of Gor ?

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Almost rival to us in equal numbers, yes

– Black Caste Member High Council : I train 4 hours every day

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : The strongest group in Gor. Unknowns are the strongest group in Gor

• Minnie: Are you doing tournament to improve your skills, not only in your own group but with other groups. Public tournament ?

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : We are very tight knit. Tournaments are too public for now. We prefer to keep to ourselves. To us, this is work time, not play time.

– Black Caste Member High Council : An assassin doesn’t show his skills to public.

• Minnie: but how be sure that you are best fighters if you don’t meet other fighters

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : It is better to lose in the spotlight than to allow others to know your skills. For when they underestimate you, they will never know the true consequence.

• Minnie: smiles “I agree”. And if someone wants join you, what must he/she do.

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : They must treat it as an environment of respect and demonstrate values and morals and ethics that go well beyond ordinary citizens of Gor. They must be willing to diligently train and teach others and invest time and patience, not only with themselves but others as well. We expect that all practicing in the dojo follow a dress code and the members here respect their instructors. And they have to trust their Sifu’s. Because a Sifu is one who bestows knowledge and power. He is like a father to eastern culture, not just a teacher and friend. Sifu’s are the Sensei’s essentially. But there is a more proper term. Sifu’s are the Mentors/Teachers. In western culture, teachers are just friends. But this is not same in the East. In eastern cultures, highest respect is given ancestors, and to lineage, and to family line.

• Minnie: So, if someone comes here and says “Tal i want become Assassin” He/she could become assassin without being introduced

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Our school quietly operates as a recruitment pool for those earning the respect of the BC. Often the strongest fighters and most respectful fighters are handpicked by BC to begin a 6 month to a year training period.

• Minnie: A year training period !!! it s very long

– Black Caste Member High Council : And it is a different between this group and us BTB assassin. We can’t have women as killers. We teaches only mens to be a killer but group here is Ge and so can have women in that group.

– Black Caste Member High Council : Long it is but they have a lot to learn

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor nods in agreement with Master Assassin

• Minnie: I want thank you for your honesty. I must close the interview and I was glad to have met you. Thank you more for your answers

– Black Caste Member High Council : Alright, thank you too. Be well, safe paths.

* Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Thank you “bows respectfully”

• Minnie smiles softly and waves.

A Kajira takes offence (by Frey)

“This is really not what I’m like, I’m just playing my role” How many of us have received this IM? This comes from a person who feels it is necessary to bully and berate you out in local chat over some ridiculously tiny detail so that they can prove to themselves and others that they are a True Gorean. Now, I’m all for a person taking part in the adventure of role play, interacting with others and following whatever direction the story takes is, after all, the best way. But my problem is the when they turn around and send you an IM telling you that they are faking being mean, and you should not take offense. I don’t take offense of what is said to me in local as part of the role play… I’m a slave, it’s going to happen, and my job is to take it and try harder and do better next time. What offends me is the audacity that someone refuses to own their actions. Whether they are ICly or OOCly does not matter; you are you, do not insult yourself, me, and everyone in SL by waiving your actions away with a crap excuse that you are IC and not OOC. There is no difference between the two! There is only YOU.

This is a two way street… There are also those that are proper and loving in local, then turn around and attack you in your IM; only to claim that IMs are OOC and they have every right to be rude and nasty there because it’s allowed. It is never allowed, it’s never acceptable behavior. People… the minute you utter the words, “don’t take offense” you are confirming that you are doing something offensive. The idea that you believe a weak excuse sent in a side IM will wipe away your wrong doings tells me you do not live in reality. These are the actions of someone unwilling to observe honor, and therefore, although you “believe” this proves you to be Gorean, is actually proving that you are NOT Gorean. John Norman did not write a series of books to give you an excuse to be a cyber-bully… so, please stop it. Goreans are strong, passionate and honorable people, who are living in a harsh world, and as a result, they band together against the odds in order to survive and thrive… they are not hateful prats who run around judging and criticizing others.

It baffles me as to why anyone would log into a social media environment to spew hate and judgment at others…do we not have enough of this happening on Earth already? Do you really need to come poison my Gor world too? I thought the intention of SL Gor was to create a world to get away from the one that we are all sickened by… a world full of meaningless hatred.

And before you attack me for speaking in generalizations… please hear me out, the only way to get my point across is to speak in general. The things I see and witness are not absolute, I am trusting the people who read this to understand that concept. Not EVERY person does what I am talking about. The fact that I just had to clarify this concept…shows just how bad SL Gor has become. I write these articles in the ultimate hope that some will hear me and begin to gather together, to survive and thrive in this harsh world called Gor.

City of Lara (Hathor)

Today, I have been given the honor of meeting with Azerban Gray of the City of Lara, a southern city, that is specifically mentioned in the books. She lies upon the Vosk river, and was part of the salerian confederation

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): Because of the way BTB Gor is made-up. Salerian confederation does not exist to my knowledge. Master has been the main builder of this sim

Your population consists of Free Men, Free Women and slaves?

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): well every gorean city has the same High Castes, Initiate Scribe Builder and Physician with the lowly warrior being the lowest of the High Castes
Azerbain Grey (azerbain): we do not have an initiate, they are rare in SL gor due to the lack of sexual RP

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): With that being said we are represented in each of the other 4 high castes, and many of the low castes, i.e., slaver, of course, head merchant, brewer, tanner, and some I’m sure I’ve not met yet.

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): Everyone wants to play high caste normally and in SL Gor you often have those castes represented far more than any other

It is my understanding your sim is very successful. Could you agree with that statement, and to what you may atribute that to?

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): I would say that Lara is a very successful sim, and there are many ways I measure the health of a sim. ONE of these ways is through combat. It is the combat element available here to keep the men interested. There are far more women than men in SL Gor. So recruiting and keeping men is the key to that success. Roleplay is the most important measure, and we have many citizens here in Lara that mix and mingle. We have several families but not cliques.

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): Lara has enough people that we generate a decent amount of traffic. With that being said Traffic is only as good as the RP that happens on the sim, and some folks are well know for having 10 AFK avatars on sim, JUST for traffic. Lara’s traffic is what I call natural. Its made by the people who live on this RP sim.

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): There are only perhaps 5 BTB gorean sims who have enough men to have active military …. we are one. This is a tragedy because when I first started Gor there were at least 15

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): Unfortunately raids are seen as bad things
Really? May I ask why Master?

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): for some reason anyone who engages in combat now adays in BTB is just… scoffed at
Azerbain Grey (azerbain): and worse called GE
Azerbain Grey (azerbain): as though “GE” was a bad word

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): I can’t tell you why Hathor other than
when folks relax and let RP happen and it is something they can’t control, its much more fun. For me if my RP life was 100% safe (controlled) then it would be 100% boring.
Too often now folks get OOC angry.

If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of Lara?

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): The family feel. Lara feels like home. It’s not hard to want to stay.

Lastly. Please feel free to add to this interview any comments about the Citty of Lara or any aspects of Gorean Life not previously mentioned ?

Azerbain Grey (azerbain): Lara was designed by a tarnsman for tarnsmen
Azerbain Grey (azerbain): Thats what all these rings are
Azerbain Grey (azerbain): and thats what i got!

Trust on Gor – (Kimba of PantherClaw Lair)

This is a Tale that I can never tell in roleplay, because it is too OOC.

It was OldGor, just before SL was born, 12 years ago, on the chat-based roleplay rooms run by the people who today run Gorfest. I was three years out of collar, most of it as a Panther. I had worked hard to become one of the best fighters in our particular combat-system, and I had started a new Panther-Lair almost a year before. We were the top Lair in our realm, and I had my pick of Lovers, when I had the time for one of them, but no time for a relationship.

Our entrance-page said ADVANCED ROLEPLAY ROOM! We had no use for newbies, princesses or gamers. The first thing anybody saw when they entered our roleplay room was a skull on a post with a sign that said “STAY-OUT!”. We weeded out people we didn’t want, by making it hard to roleplay finding the Lair in the first place.

To get into PantherClaw Lair, if you wanted to join, or more commonly be captured; you had to roleplay through the Forest to get there, essentially a test. One section of the Forest was trapped, and potential Panthers had to roleplay their way out of whatever trap they had tripped, from a choice of ordinary-looking pulldowns, that instead tripped a trap.

For example, if you picked the option that you found and picked up a coin, you instead fell into a pit-trap. There was no way to avoid a trap in that section of Forest, and a new roleplayer had to figure out how to roleplay out of whatever type of unexpected trap they found themselves in.

A FW Metalworker was roleplaying in, and I was skeptical that she would make it. I expected her, like most unestablished characters, to get caught in the trap, and then sold at the Exchange, minus whatever clothing and gear she may have brought in with her.

Her name was Lansharra, and she tripped a steel-jaw slave trap, the hardest trap to get out of, because by-the-books, only the key to that particular trap can open it. In Hunters, even Tarl Cabot could not save his buddy from a Panther slave-trap.

Lansharra roleplayed out of it with acid, which I thought was really clever, since she was metalworker and could feasibly have some acid in her pack. So I let her pledge.

She did not know shit about combat or being a Panther, and she spent months learning. I was pleased that it proved that the PantherClaw system worked, as succeeding people did their jobs and taught her different things, as she moved up in ranks, and eventually became our Slaver, fourth in charge.

I never had any romantic interest in her, nor did it occur to me that she might be interested in me. But one night when we were alone, she came on to me and I responded. We started getting involved, and she was sexually dominant, and it was not long before she had my submission. She later told me that this had been her intention from the start.

My Second took over as Leader and I moved into Lansharra’s hut. I became a kind of semi-feral firstgirl: 51% kajira, 49% Panther. Everybody knew I would fight to defend the Lair, or fight to enforce what the new Leader said to do, if necessary.

Not much in the Lair actually changed, for anybody else but me, and poor Taspan, who had never expected to have to step up and Lead. At least I was getting my pussy overhauled, Taspan was getting no benefit at all.

Lansharra was not a Leader type, just a regular Panther-Slaver, with a hot kajira to help her train the best slaves on Gor, at that time.

I was really good friends with a Tuchuk Ubar who had spent a few weeks visiting our Lair (after I saved his life rescuing him from another Panther-Band), and Lan was his friend too, so she took me to visit there, partly because my slave-fire was LIT!, and Lan couldn’t keep up. I experienced another level of slavery, being a kajira in a camp wherein I had no power.

After we had been there a few days, the Ubar, Ragnar (not the SL Ragnar) he met me right when I came online after work one day, with news. He said that Lan’s RT husband had called him on the phone, to tell him that she had been in a bad car accident, and would be in PT and rehab for months, learning to walk and talk again.

As a Leader, I had at least one slavegirl per week come to me asking me if they could live in the Lair until their Mistress/Master came back from [insert sad story here]. All these kajirae had been abandoned, nobody ever came back for any of them.

And now Ragnar is telling me that Lan told her husband to tell him to keep me in collar safe in his Home until she came back. It took me about a minute to decide to defy Ragnar and go back to the Lair, not believing a word of it.

I was certain that the challenge for Lan had been to win me, not to keep me, and now that she had won me, she needed a new challenge, and started a new character. It seemed that it wasn’t that she couldn’t keep up with me sexually, but rather that she had gotten bored. I even thought maybe Lansharra had been a man, and it was Lan’s typist who called Ragnar.

I went back Home, and Tasp was only too eager to step down and have me Lead again. I threw my heart into running that Lair, which is why today I often refer to Leading Panthers with the phrase, “wearing The Collar of Leadership,” because it entails the worst elements of being Den Mother to a Brownie Troop, with working in a frontline MASH unit. Somebody is always crying, somebody is also mortally wounded, and people are constantly gunnin’ for ya.

About a year later, Lansharra showed up in the Lair again. She said the only thing that got her through that hellish nightmare of rehabilitation was fantasizing about Gor, and coming back to me. I wanted to believe her, I was vain enough to believe her, and I tried to believe her; but in my heart, I did NOT believe her, and I couldn’t pretend to believe her – and we both knew it after a few days, and she roleplayed her way out, never to be seen again. I will never know for sure what the truth was, and after a decade it still makes me cry sometimes, to ponder it. Did her lie hurt me, or did my lack of trust hurt her more than I can imagine?

Interview of the Tu’Kwetu Tibe – (Minnie)

• For non-adherents open camps, I advise you to go for a ride to the Tu’Kwetu tribe. You will learn that an open camp can hardly be attacked and I wish you great courage to find the right way in the different mazes and labyrinths that make up the architecture of this place. What good is ultra secure sites when opponents who will come to their peril, will fall across the bridges, they can get lost in caves, they spend their time going up and down ladders being targeted by the residents of this land.

• Yes, an open camp thoughtful, well built is worth all the gates of the world. This requires rethinking defense mode, do not favor closed doors and massive use of bows. This requires finally reflect and not be a push button to shoot arrows. I did several scout reports. I think this place could be the more difficult to be scouted (even if ve found several things).􀀒

• I advise you to come and enjoy the scenery, suspended bridges, dizzying chasms, the various passages, secret caves, the battle arena. And when you have assimilated a bit field, so try to find the way to the tents to combat Tu’Kwetu tribe. With any luck, you will leave unharmed. Otherwise, you will serve meals because Tu’Kwetu are fierce mambas, good RPers and they know playing with a smile.

A word from The Tu’Kwetu Tribe

• We are a group of fun loving Role-players that love to enjoy RP as much as Shooting. Most us are experienced Gorean Role-players.
Our lands are designed and build by Aᴛʜᴇɴᴇ Mᴀʀᴛᴇʟʟ Wɪɴsᴍᴏʀᴇ (athenewinsmore)

• Tu’Kwetu is a tribe for Mamba’s, We do play our role close by the book and our lands are open for everyone to visit and they will not be shot on sight.

• New and experienced Mamba’s are more then welcome explore.
No unneeded Notecards to be filled in. We would enjoy any to RP their way in to the tribe. We enjoy good roleplay with various groups and people, Raiding is second place for us.

The Pilgrimage to the Sardar Palissade (Highlights of the Pilgrimage Final Chapter)

conan (conan.zaurak): stands by the door watching the pilgrims
Thulsa Dhum (cutulu) bows his head to the circle ring on the altar before he heads to his place beyond the golden rail

Voices of the Temple singing slaves grow silent as the celebrant approaches the altar. He pauses beside the ringing bar and strikes it so that it peals out. He raises his arms and chants, “Priest-Kings most glorious, hear us! Attend us now, we pray you, within your sacred temple this festival day of En’Var-Lar-Torvis.”

The celebrant continues until he stands directly before the altar. He casts a measure of incense into the brazier there. A scent like that of spice and summer flowers from the burning incense fills the Temple, and bright fire, representing the Central Fire of the sun, crackles in the ceremonial brazier. The Initiate raises his arms in the gesture of the Eternal Circle and chants:
Terek (kitten.serpente) shouts: “Let our prayers rise to you like this incense on your holy altar.”

Terek (kitten.serpente)
“Praise be to you, Priest-Kings, holy and mighty,
Who show forth your splendor in the brightness and power of the Central Fire.
By Lar-Torvis, through the will of the Holy Ones,
Is brought forth the richness of the flowering world, here, at Midsummer;
By Lar-Torvis. through the will of the Holy Ones,
The sand of the Tahari, at Two Scimitars, is scorched to barrenness,
And its water is dried up in summer’s heat.”

Terek (kitten.serpente) :
“Good people, we come before Priest-Kings this day, on Pilgrimage, to celebrate the Festival of En’Var-Lar-Torvis, First Resting of the Central Fire, the Summer Solstice. We come now to fulfill our obligation, as decreed by the Holy Ones, to present ourselves before them in obedience to their law. By their Will, and by their power, all things in Gor are held in a right pattern according to their nature, which Priest-Kings have decreed. Thus it is that we meet here in the Great Temple at the foot of the Sacred Sardar Mountains, home of Priest-Kings, to do them honor, as they command.”
Terek (kitten.serpente):
“Hear me, Priest-Kings immortal! Look with favor upon those whom you have called hither, this day and always!”
Let all here present now say: “Hear me, Priest-Kings!”
Rasputin (rasputin120): Hear Me Priest Kings
Terek (kitten.serpente): Hear me, Priest-Kings!
Chris (chris07.janus) looks around the building at its magnificence . truly bringing hour to the Priest Kings
Sagitarri: ” Hear me , Priest-Kings! .. ”

Julia Aelia (rhiannon.kanya): looks round , drinking in the sounds , smells and sights, committing them to memory
Thulsa Dhum (cutulu) shouts: rises his staff saying loud ” Hear me Priest Kings!

Terek (kitten.serpente):
“Gor’s green mantle of growing plants, tall tem-tree and tiny, shrinking dina,
Soaring tarn, and bright-winged sun-striker, and little singing birds;
Teeming multitudes of parsit-fish, Hunjer-whales and savage sea-sleen,
Bosk and verr and tabuk; all the nibbling leem, and all that hunt them.
All creatures that have breath, and all your human servants;
With every breath they praise you.”
arax (araxxaxx.bayn) takes a deep breath

The celebrant takes a pinch of white salt from the platter and drops it into the burning brazier on the altar. He says, “Receive this offering of white salt, brought from distant Klima, O Priest-Kings. As it preserves life, and keeps from decay, so may we be preserved alive from all danger and threat. As by it men are bound together in vows of brotherhood, so may all your people be bound to you, and to each other, by your benevolent power.” As the salt is consumed in the fire, the choir chants, “Accept this offering of purifying and enduring salt, O Holy Ones! We give you a gift; give to us your favor.”

The celebrant breaks off a piece of the bread from the loaf on the platter and drops it into the flame in the brazier, saying, “Receive this offering of fine sa-tarna bread, O Priest-Kings, baked from the grain which you have provided for us from the fertile soil. So may we garner all the good things of field and farm and hunt, and shining Thassa the Sea. Keep us, we pray you, free from hunger or want. Send us good harvest of what we have sown, May the work of each man’s hands, according to his caste, keep him in health and prosperity.” As the piece of bread is consumed in the fire, the choir chants, “Accept this offering of what our toil has made, O Holy Ones. We give to you a gift; give to us your favor.”

Next, the celebrant sprinkles a few drops of wine into the flame, saying, “Receive this wine which makes glad the heart of man, O Priest-Kings, that our lives may be sweet and joyous, and our thanks for the good things you send us may ever ascend to you.” As the drops of sweet wine sizzle and vanish in the flame, the choir chants, “Accept this offering of wine, O Holy Ones! We give to you a gift; give to us your favor.”

Finally, the celebrant gestures toward the flowers on the altar, letting the heady scent of summer blossoms fill the air. He casts them into the flame in the brazier, saying, “Receive these flowers of Midsummer, gathered from the land of Klepios, O Priest-Kings! Their rich perfume and color show forth the beauty of your world, glorious and precious. So may we ever see the loveliness that surrounds us, which you have given us freely for our delight. May we ever value it above any crass reckoning of coin or gain, for in its pure delight is your most perfect symbol.” As the flowers burn to ash on the coals, the choir chants, “Accept this offering of summer flowers, O Holy Ones! We give to you a gift; give to us your favor.”

Terek (kitten.serpente) :
“We pray you:
Oh holy Priest-Kings, bestow Your blessing upon us, like sunshine on the fertile soil,
That these, your pilgrim people, now green and growing on this longest day of the year,
May come to fruitful harvest, according to your will,
At the time and place you have prepared for us.”
“All praise to you, Priest-Kings, on this, your holy day!
Send your favor upon these Pilgrims who have traveled far to stand before you now,
According to your decree and ordinance in this most sacred heart of Gor.”

Thulsa Dhum (cutulu) looks at the swordsmen in the Temple as he hears the speech

* The celebrant completes the ceremony by casting a second handful of incense into the brazier on the altar,
As it burns, the chorus sings a hymn of petition, imploring the blessing of the Holy Ones on the pilgrims gathered together here:*

Yavuya cheered while raising a hand, “Praise be to them, praise it be!” -she said with a smile
Julia Aelia (rhiannon.kanya): smiles

*Then, turning to the gathering, the Initiate concludes the ceremony with a final blessing : *
Trygg Tyran (tryggtyran) lowers his head in respect
Thulsa Dhum (cutulu) bows his head in prayer

Terek (kitten.serpente): “Go forth now rejoicing, all you faithful Pilgrims, servants of Priest-Kings, to the Festival of En’Var.
Dance for joy in the sunshine; celebrate the Light!”

“Ta Sardar Gor!”

Rasputin (rasputin120) shouts: “Ta Sardar Gor!”
Thulsa Dhum (cutulu) shouts: TA Sardar Gor!
Trygg Tyran (tryggtyran) shouts: “Ta Sardar Gor!”
Chris (chris07.janus): Ta Sardar Gor
Julia Aelia (rhiannon.kanya): Ta Sardar Gor, she whispers
Yavuya closes her eyes as she felt her spirit moved by the words of the Blessed Ones and would follow them to her ability on this day and forth, “Ta Sardar Gor!!”
Archytas (archpyth) shouts: “Ta Sardar Gor!”
Sabina of Bazi (tremlays): Ta Sardar Gor

*The singing slaves raise their voices in a final song of joy and thanksgiving as the people depart*
TitusDonovan: Ta Sardar gor
Sagitarri: Ta Sardar gor!

The Sanity of the “Insane”

we all talk about how we think someone is crazy
have you ever asked where their insanity comes from?
have you ever wondered why some people call you crazy? or insane?
it is personal views
you see things your way, others do not see the same point of view.
it is by this very view that we become crazy to some people and insane to others
and vice versa
i think someone is crazy because i see their views of things as non-flexible, they are crazy for not wanting to adapt.
people believe i am insane because i am trying to unite something i do love. GOR
others want the separation. because they do not want to give a little, they are set in their ways.
but is this truly the way to operate in gor? not giving an inch, not risking taking the time to offer some guidance to new people?
if we are all inflexible then we do not ahve a chance of gaining new people that could be someone that would
lay fight alongside us as a brother or sister in blood. yes i know there are “no female warriors in btb”, but it is an example)

i ahve a saying that many should consider before reacting or complaining about my insanity

“my Insanity keeps others Sane” meaning i like being the “crazy one” because if they are talking about me? they are leaving others alone.
call me crazy, call me insane, i take it as a compliment.

Jarl Homar Wilson
High Jarl and Jarl of all Trades
The Village of Hearthlight

© Gazette of Gor


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