Role play of an outbreak of Vulo disease in Panther lands

A danger lurks within the Forest


The vulo is a pigeon-like bird found in just about every region of Gor.

The Role play:

  • Mar’li lips curled into a thin smile “Tal physician”

  • Mark Magellan: “tal huntress.” siles

  • Mar’li : “What brings you to the panther girl trading point ?”

  • Mark Magellan: “i am here investigating a disease that has broken out here in the woods. i have been working with the ja lina healer petra.”

  • Mar’li  raises an eyebrow “A disease that has broken out in this forest? then Forest Moon should know of it too”she ponders , parhaps her own healing skills could be of use “have you found anything yet? what are the symptoms?”

  • Mark Magellan: “the symptoms are high fever and blotchy skin. it is transmitted from vulos, probably when handling sick ones for food. are you a healer?”

  • Mar’li nods “Yes I am”

  • Mark Magellan: “which is your tribe?”

  • Mark Magellan: “tal rena!” smiles

  • Mar’li  lits her nose somewhat arrogantly and shows the feathers of her status “I am one of the Forest Moon Ens”

  • Mark Magellan: “well met then. i am mark, chief physician in thentis. i have had the honor of meeting elma and moonstar. i believe they are your sisters?”

  • Rena  walks up behind Marli, grinning wide ” Tal.. ” she greets, looking at them both

  • Mar’li  grins back at Rena “Tal !” then looks back to mark “Well met Mark, I am honored to meet such an important physician as yourself , when Moon sleeps or hunts , then I take her place in our band”

  • Mark Magellan: “i have great respect for moon, and for elma. she taught me some valuable bow skills.” pauses “let me give you a scroll about the disease, so far as we know about it at this moment. in fact, i came here to ask the linas if they have found out more about it. we’re rushing to get enough treatment and vaccine ready if necessary.” hands mar’ii the scroll.

  • Mar’li  nods hearing that , then steps forward and takes the scroll from his hand , she starts to read with much interest

  • Mar’li : “It seems our lands have a part to play , this algea you write of, it grows abundantly here” she frowns some “… could be a blessing , it could also be a threat , if the men of cities decide to take the algea by force”

  • Rena  eases herself back and lazily sits down on the crate ” We still need to get one of those Gretuk`s. I can probably get it arranged today if we get enough bows” she says, rubbing her head ” But.. ” she bites her lip and gives Mark a concerned look ” We got another problem, some of my sisters, Im not sure who or how many, are sick and locked up in quarantine over there. ” she points towards Phil`s camp “I dont know whats wrong with them, I just know they are sick ” She listens to Marli as she speaks and then nods to her words

  • Mark Magellan: “yes. that is part of why we in thentis are distilling and cultivating the algae into something that can be shared or sold. there is no reason for your peace here to be disturbed.” hears rena with concern “some of your sisters are sick, rena? i should go see them immediately.”

  • Rena nods, and flicks her gaze towards Phil`s camp ” Im not sure whats wrong, I was just told to find a healer and stay away from Phil`s camp until they get better” she looks to Marli and then points to Phil`s camp ” Over there Mark.. I can follow you but.. ” she bites her lip ” Better keep a distance until you can figure out whats wrong”

  • Mark Magellan: “yes, you stay here rena. i’ve been given the vaccine, so i should be safe if it is the vulo disease.”

  • Mar’li nods “I will head to our Lair and inform our band”

  • Mark Magellan: “thank you mar’ii. rena, i will come back and tell you what i learn. how many are there?”

  • Mar’li : “Safe paths ” she waves to both and slips back into the wetlands

  • Rena  gives a soft nod ” Good Marli, perhaps you could aid us with some bows to get the gretuk`s tonight. Im not sure if we will need it, but.. we might, we want to go in strong.” she looks to mark and shrugs” Im not sure mark..”

  • Mar’li paused and turned , hearing rena

  • Mark Magellan: “i will see about the ill…and about the gretuks.” pauses “and if you need bows, perhaps the forest moons can join the expedition. i will let you discuss it with mar’ii while i visit the sick” runs to tend to whoever is in the village.

  • Mar’li  dark orbs glanced over to Rena “The sang gretuk , I know them , I have been in their camp , moved around freely because I made a deal to go hunt for them”

  • Rena shrugs as she hears Marli ” So they are your friends?” she asked, tilting her head to the side

  • Mar’li  smirks “I only consider Ja Lina as my friends , all other bands are my enemies , if you need my help I will come , and I will ask who else can join us”

  • Rena gives a soft smile ” Thank you Marli, I will let you know. We need to settle this as soon as possible, we dont want the vulo pox to break out. “

  • Mar’li grins “I would pick a arrow , then stick this arrow into a sick bird and then infect their water supply , after we have raided “

  • Rena  cant help but laugh ” Thats a great idea. Let them taste some of their own medicine” she smirked ” One of them will be used as a test object to find a cure for the disease”

The report:

This report summarizes the work of physicians in Thentis concerning the identification and treatment of a new infectious disease emanating from the vulo population in the north woods.


Physicians in Thentis became aware for reports from panther tribes that a “vulo pox” had infected members of their tribe. The Thentis medical staff used connections in the north woods to investigate, but were unable to gain access to any tribes with ill members. A number of potential cures were encountered, one of which turned out to be poisonous. Investigation remained stalled until a female tavern keeper from the north woods presented in Thentis complaining of high fever and blotchy red skin.

Identification of disease:

Blood testing of the patient revealed viral infection exacerbated by allergic reaction to vulo feathers. Thentis medical staff went back to the north woods to collect vulo samples. Testing of the samples revealed that some birds were infected with the same virus and had become ill.

Further testing of the virus reveals that it does not survive well when airborne. The method of transmission from birds to humans therefore requires direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected vulo. This could happen when handling dead vulos for cooking purposes, or when hunting.

Human to human transmission also requires direct bodily contact with fluids such as mucus or blood. Airborne transmission is highly unlikely.

Thentis staff does not presently know exactly how the disease is transmitted from vulo to vulo. However, intimate contact among member of vulo flocks is suspected as a likely opportunity for the sharing of bodily fluids.

Public Health:

Because vulos are common and frequently eaten for food, care should be taken when handling dead birds. Thentis staff recommends using sterile gloves until the disease subsides in the vulo population. Vulos should be thoroughly cooked before eating. Domestic flocks of vulos, if any, should be monitored for signs of the disease with appropriate culling of flocks should the disease appear.

Medical staff in cities should be on the lookout for patients with high fever and blotchy red skin. If found, such patients should be treated with algae antiviral (see below) to retard viral replication. Vaccination of city populations is also recommended.

Treatment of the disease:

Thentis staff tested cures passed from panther tribe to panther tribe. One cure contained water from the Whispering Moons sim. That water contains an algae that, when taken orally, retards the replication of the virus in humans. The ill patient responded positively to the algae, and it significantly lessens the effects of the virus so that the immune system of an otherwise healthy patient can fight off the disease. Thentis staff has cultivated the algae and now can produce a water-based treatment for the disease.

Thentis staff has also isolated the virus and has begun to cultivate inert forms in vulo eggs for use as a vaccine. The vaccine is being tested on slaves and will be made available as soon as its efficacy and safety are determined.

For more information about the disease and its treatment, please contact the undersigned.

Mark Magellan

Chief Physician and Head of Caste
City of Thentis

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Mark Magellan


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