Role play of Red hair’s hand of vengeance

Adventures of Red hair

Some girls have been slain, or had their hands cut off, for so much as touching a weapon. A girl comes too close to the Lair, she threatens , she insults the band, a warning arrow is fired , she does not heed the warning and is captured.

The role play:

Mar’li sheathed her bow , she sensed the danger was over , tightening her leather straps she watched on how Aimee tied up their prey

Mar’li tilteds her head to one side , she stared at lyre for a short ihn , as aimee smacked the womans bottom , she balled her fist and aimed a punch at Lyres face

Mar’li : “Take the captive to our cages , I sense we are not safe standing here”

Lyre: head rocks to the side at the punch, then she turn green eyes filled with fire,”Not the wisest of choices you have made this day”

Aimee : nod s yes my en

The captive is taken to the lair and stripped.

Aimee : takes my knife cuts lyre skirt throws it to marli

Lyre : Now you girl be sure this the path you be wishin to take and be mindful, i was but defendin meself”

Mar’li  walks over to the holding cage , she picks up the remaining tatters of a skirt , examines them briefly , finding nothing of interest she tosses the skirt into the hot embers of the cauldren and watches it burn

Lyre: “It must be nice to be rich panthers, able to toss things of value”

Mar’li  shrugs “the quality of the stitch was poor on your skirt” she moves away to check on Moon

Aimee : speak when spoken too mine

Lyre : “You can save the mine for the slave who come, we both know you do not have what it takes to break a Huntress” chuckles

Mar’li returned with the remains of a  talender moon flag in her hand, then tossed it too , into the cauldren, she then turned around to see how her companion was doing with their captive

Aimee : looks up at marli she said i dont have what it takes to break her what can i do to her

Lyre : “Mar’li, your not using good sense in this matter, you know i was fired on and only defended”

Lyre : “You do not have the bows to defend yourself when my sisters come, so what is the point. Best you just be turnin me loose”

Aimee : wait lyre you was on our land with permission armed and being rude

Aimee whispers: taps your nose member only speak when spoken tooo

Lyric : “Hush, mine, and let the huntresses talk”

Mar’li ignored the naked captive , true she knew the red heads name now , no matter she thought, she looked directly at Aimee “Do you need help breaking her? “she smiled a cruel smile , doubtful lyre could see that “I have some ideas”

Aimee : nods smiles at marli please my EN

Lyre : “Be mindful, this band has not the strength it once be havin”

Aimee : how do you know what we be havin

Lyre: “You seriously think word does not spread in the forest?”

Mar’li  lips curled up in a thin smile , then moved in , squatting beside Lyre , removing the sleen knife from her sheath , pressed it close to Lyres naked belly , letting her feel the cold steel

Lyre : sinks her belly in slightly, then sighs,”Well, i can see this is going to be a long ordeal, mind you, you not be dealing with one of the sluts you find running these forests these day”

Mar’li  watched her captive sink her belly to avoid the blade , she listened though , to what this woman had to say , noting any detail that might be off interest to her , she was curious about this band , that was so foolish to be throwing insults around “You raised your bow against my companions , my band… you will find out what I do to those that do”

Lyre : “Wait, bow was set agin me first and i returned fire in defense”

Lyre : “Before that, be only banter, consider this”

Mar’li  checked the bindings were secure , then with some effort rolled the woman onto her belly “This … called the bara position” she remarked dryly

Lyre : “It is good you be knowin this, less i will be teachin you, when it is time”

Mar’li  ignored that comment , she focused on what came next  , she picked a finger free , held it tightly , curling it open , she then presses the blade against the muscle sinew and cuts through it

Moon: eewwwwwww

Aimee : seeing the blood i feel nauseated

Lyre : face grimaces, as she tries to control herself,”That will come back to haunt you”

Aimee: holds my finger out waves i didnt do that

Lyre : “My sisters will not care, whole new level, just for coming to visit and banter a bit”

Mar’li  watched the blood drip on her hand , she had picked the first digit on the captives right hand and cut through it “Do you want me to continue?  Then keep on insulting my band and threatening them” she tilted her head and looked down at the woman “You had plenty of time to escape , yet you chose to stay”

Lyre : “You better kill me, Bitch”

I have read few role plays of killing panther women for not complying with whatever the man / woman was doing to her…they expected her to beg him/her to stop …well…I must say I had mouthy women on my cross before…but I have turned that role play around fast ..and made them become polite and or simply refrain from attempting any insults …and if not then i would have role played the teaching manners role play …but to take that role play towards killing?! I doubt that was the gorean way.

Aimee : lohhh eek

Lyre : “There was nothing done that warrented that, so you better make it good”

Amy: she still threatens us my EN

Mar’li  gave aimee a wink “Woman……you only have yourself to blame for what is happening to you, you threaten my band , I will cut the sinews through each finger , so you will not raise your bow against us for some hands”she scoffed “I do not kill for no reason, you have given me no reason to kill you” she waited an ihn “…..yet”

Lyre : “There was no point in gettin stupid over some banter, but you have chosen the direction, so get your fill”

Aimee : runs to get a bowl of cool water and a clean cloth dabs the cloth and wipes lyrics face whispers to her please stop this Marli isnt one to play Lyre

Mar’li  allowed aimee to take care of that finger, the red head wasn’t going to mutilate her captive , just prevent her from using the bow , till her fingers had healed

Lyre : “I do not have to use a bow ever, to bring what you have left of a tribe to it;s knees and you collared”

Aimee : lyre please you will anger my EN

Mar’li  heard that and shrugged “Aimee , take care of that finger, I will proceed with the next” she wondered if the woman would see sense and stop for her own sake

Lyre : “It is my anger you should be concerned with, i came for a visit and some bater and on my part that is all that was done, then was fired on and return fire, nothing was done or said that warrents this sort of thing til now

Mar’li : “You call insulting us banter?” she snorted “Really?  seriously?”

Aimee : rubs save on the wet cloth slowly gently wraps lyre finger

Aimee : cringes and gently squeezes her finger to stop the bleeding dry heaving

Lyre : “If you can not take what was said out there s banter, then you need to get out of the forest and find you a city somewhere, where they take such things more personal”

Lyre : “Mar’li you have taken us somewhere i would never have dreamed of taking these two bands”

This is a common case where a GE panther woman gets capped …what are the possible scenarios in such a case? Some play the scenario of common collar …by role playing forced submission or willing one…Others fur the panther woman who should be collared thereafter for showing heat …Others just capture, do some spanky ‘you have been a naughty girl’ role play  and release…admittedly this is of course the most common scenario in GE these days …

Mar’li : “So you are sure,  it was just banter , just playful jesting , you had no intention to insult us ?” she twisted the next finger in line on the right hand

Lyre : and over what, Words?

Mar’li  smirked down at Lyre “A cut to one one finger , you learned your lesson today”

Lyre : “Nay, MAr’li, it comes back to your tribe ten fold, if you doubt my word, send word and ask the valks, Lyre does as she says”

Lyre : “You may think yourself a crazy Bitch, i am the crazy bitch”

Mar’li  sheathed her knife , the reached for the leash, she huffed  “I am not a crazy bitch , nor am I a fool”  she then loosened the legs , allowing lyre to stand and hobble but not kick  “Get up , your finger was tended to, it will heal in time”

Lyre : “Damage is done”

Lyre : “Up until this day it had been pretty much a catch and release, you have seen fit to change that”

Mar’li : “You know now we will not be insulted ” she yanked the leash “Come , no sense hooding you , you know our lair”

Lyre: “You will not be insulted, then let me say this before you sail be out of fear”

Lyre : “Your gutless, your courage comes to you only against those in binds”

Lyre: there now you have been insulted”

Lyre : “You know i am coming back for you, right?”

Mar’li grinned widely and winked at Lyre “I am counting on it”  she then pushed Lyre into one of the canoes , still leaving her tied up , she kicks the canoe down river , watched it float away with Lyre inside it.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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