Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Aria forest

Tu Adira Panthers (GE & BtB)

Market Place :

None that I could see. TP directly onto Sim.

Easy to Find TP point:


Meter Type:


Sim Lay out:

This sim is a standalone sim, it comprises of a forest setting. There is a panther camp and a trade post to be found.

Sim Rules :

Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

Example of role play:

The red head has bluffed her way into the camp.

Leo Moon: Tal Mistress, i hope all is well today?

Mar’li  looked the male slave over with her keen eye “Greetings slave” she then pointed at the sword that hung from his hip, her eyes narrowed some “Beast……Who gave you permission to wear a weapon?”

Leo Moon  looks to the sword and sighs “The En told me to be armed for camp defences Mistress, i will hand it to you if you wish?”

Mar’li tilted her head towards the direction of a tree stump “Do not hand it to me beast…..lay it against the tree stump there”

Leo Moon  nods “yes Mistress” takes the sword from my loin and goes to the tree stump she indicated, standing it, point down against it before returning to her and kneeling asking “may a beast serve the Mistress?”

Mar’li  lifted her nose arrogantly as she watched him place the sword down as per her instructions , she walks up towards the tree stump , leaning down she picks up the sword and holds the blade directly at the male slave’s throat “What else does the En allow you to use as a weapon?”

Leo Moon blinks as the sword is held to my throat and remains still though looking up at her “just bracers to help shield myself Mistress.  She mentioned a bow, but I was never trained with one of those”

Mar’li : “I do not care much for arming slaves , even less so male slaves” she snorted “… En , I would never allow it” she lowered the blade and rests it back on the tree stump “… is her band though, it is her life at stake , should the slaves ever turn against the band , there are not many free women in camp” she grins cruelly “do not get any of these ideas …..slave”

Leo Moon  shakes my head, sighing a little more from relief than defiance and says “i did warn her that not all slaves could be trusted, but she was concerned the camp couldnt be held by a small number of Free Mistress.  i promise to not turn against the band, I do enjoy being alive, even if it has to be on my knees” looks up at her hoping shes convinced

Mar’li  lifted her eyebrow “More than a promise…slave……your very existence  depends upon it…displease the band , you will either be sold or fed to the water sleen” she canted her head to one side “…..even a sword wont do you much good against a pack of sleens”

Leo Moon  looks up and frowns “i will please as best i can Mistress” thinks about that “perhaps we should keep the sleen well fed”

Mar’li  smirked “…I have a band in mind that I would very much like to feed to the sleens”

Leo Moon  looks up curiously and asks “may i know Mistress?”

Mar’li  placed her hands on her ample hips , she planted her right foot firmly into the soft loam earth “You may as well know your possible fate…..They are known as Sabine’s band …..they lay claim to these lands and will sell any they catch in these forests to the men of Treve” she lifted her nose again”It took three of them to catch me …..I was held for four hands ….till I manged my escape”

Leo Moon  blinks “i do not know the tribe, but i promise to protect you as best i can Mistress.  Treve will kill me on sight, so they may have one less to deal with overall, but if the Free here are safe, it would be a good sacrifice”

Mar’li  nodded slowly “I did not know of them either , they are not strong individually , but in a pack they are dangerous , in such a case , you should hide as best you can……they will not think twice to kill a slave”

Leo Moon smiles and nods “thank you Mistress, i will take your advice. Though if you are all taken, my fate is to be dead anyway, as you say, animals need feeding, and one sword is useless”

Mar’li  wiped her brow , then looked towards the forests “I will hunt some verr today and you slave…….you will prepare it for the band”

Leo Moon  looks shocked a ihn, but quickly wipes it off my face, not letting her know i can cook little more than bosk or fish says “yes Mistress, i hope you have a lot of luck, the tribe seems to grow again”

Later that day:

Leo sees the game that the Mistress brings back from her hunting game and takes them to the cooking hut, laying them on the counter.  First thing being first, Leo pushes the stomach of the first, just above the bladder to get rid of any pee that may linger in.

Leo as the pee dribbles out washes my hands before taking a knife and making a slit from naval area to mid chest area of the animal.  before putting the knife down and pulling the body apart, taking out all the inner organs from the kidneys, to the heart, and the rest

Leo then using the slit, pulls the sking and fur from the tiny beast, before doing the same to the rest of the animals, putting the detached furs to the side to be disposed of later, and washes my hands again.  Takes a long spit and puts it through several before putting them over the fire and turning them for several ahn, letting them cook evenly on all sides

Leo cooks the rest the same way before taking them back to the cooking hut ready to be carved and served as the Mistresses see fit

Sim overview:

The sim is based on a woodlands setting, with a few snow peaked mountains in the distance. Several rivers to cross and an untouched  forest to explore.

Bad Points:


Good Points:

The layout of the sim, impossible to get lost, small and compact sim.

Final Comment:

This new sim is well laid out,  the builder has done a great Job, I especially liked the pretty lighting effects through the forest canopy. Very refreshing to meet a tribe that plays both GE and BtB.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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