About Panthers and rape on Gor

Virtual rapists



Rape as seen in the online game Gor:

I play my panther girl character in online Gor with Gorean limits.

A virtual rape is by definition sudden, explicit and often devastating.

The role play:

chocolate reached for Mar’li, removing the leash from Fabi’s hands and carrying her over to the spikes behind us. She started to loosen the bindings on her feet and reached for one foot, tying it to one of the spikes, repeating it to the other foot and securing each feet to it. Hoping that when she would try to resist Fabi would help her.

chocolate was aware that panthers are feisty, so she prepared herself for any tricks that they might pull out of their imaginary sleeves. Chocolate now rolled her over (if tying her feet worked) and would unwind the ropes around her wrist, she would then fasten them to the spikes above her head, forcefully stretching out her arms above the panthers head and she started to tie each hand to the two spikes that remained. Knotting it off tightly. Hopefully without any real struggle.

Mar’li despite being tightly bound would try to hiss and spit at the woman, every chance she got she would try and bite at any uncovered flesh that came into her reach

Chocolate Mar’li managed to succesfully scratch and bite at her several times, she would just endure the pain while it lasted to forcefully tie her to the ground and when she finally did tie her up Chocolate would ball a fist and blow it in to the directly of the woman her face.

Mar’li  felt the hit to her face “arghhh”she screamed out , it hurt , but less than a man could hurl at her, she recovered , and hissed in the womans direction

Chocolate  now that she managed to tie the woman down, Chocolate would step back and tend to the scratches and bite marks she had just received. Leaving Mar’li for Fabi.

Mar’li  watched him approach from the corner of her eye and would continue to struggle violently in the binds , her nose bloodied from that hit to the face , she wasnt such a pretty sight to look at now “Who is she ? your slut?” she blurted out angrily

Fabi would shake his head when she opened her mouth and started talked, without answering he took a small dagger from his belt. he placed his shield right next to marlis head. seeing she still has some weird feathers around her waist, he would take the dagger, move it below it and cut it of. if he was able to do so, he would lean over her and press her blody head on the ground “one more word and im going to bang a dead girl”

Mar’li  felt him remove her skirt with a sharp object , she couldnt see, the shield was blocking her view , feeling pressure on her body from his weight and the threat , she hissed (no word)  , she took no risk to find out if he would carry out such a life threatening threat

Fabi didnt care about anything that girl said, he would be disgusted by the hairy and dirty kind of cunt he saw between her legs. still he would pull down his skirt a little to be able to take out his cock, including some huge balls. “you gonna carry my seed and carry a soldier inside of you, that soldier will raise and never know his father, you will have a really awkward conversation with him, trying to explain that you were raped by a stranger. just tell your son” he would ram his cock into the red haired’s vagina, cumming instantly”, standing up, laughing and walking slowly away, on his way he would pick up chocolates leash


Some suggest that the best way to deal with a virtual rape is to ignore it, or simply log off and come back as another user.

But in a game, you don’t want to lose the long-term investment you’ve made in your character. And these days, your  reputation can depend on your online self.

Rape is the ultimate perversion of sexual intimacy. Like sex, rape has mental and emotional elements that go beyond the body and the damage to the mind and spirit generally takes much longer to heal than the body. It’s a shitty thing to do to someone. But it’s not a crime and it is part of the risk of playing an online game like Gor.

Rape as seen in the novels:

One after another had raped and beaten me, and thrown me to the next. I was handed about as an object. Fierce was the discipline to which they subjected me. Though I wept for mercy, and cried out, none gave ear; no consideration nor lenience was shown to the piteous slave girl in their power. Then, strangely, late in this abuse, the event occurred, which even now troubled me. I lay on my back, weeping, my head bound in the blanket, thrashing and squirming, struck, held, unable to withdraw from, helpless to withstand the plunging discipline of the brute to whom I had been last thrown, and it had occurred. I suddenly felt an indescribable sensation. First, it seemed to me, incredibly, that this was fitting, what was being done to me; I had been proud and vain before men; what did I, truly, expect men, such men, men on a world such as this, to do about that? As his force struck me, I felt, strangely, “Be disciplined, Woman.” I was half choked in the hood. Then, to my amazement, I welcomed the abuse I felt. There was, beyond its sense of fittingness, seeing that I, a woman, had displeased strong males, and must thus be punished, a sense of profound complementarity; the abuse, if he chose, was simply his to give, and mine to bear; he was a man, I was a woman; he was dominant; I was not; it was his to rule, mine to submit. I experienced then, degraded and abused though I was, with a flood of elation, primitive organic, animal, primate complementarity, the complementarity of man and woman, the complementarity beyond mythology and rhetoric, the complementarity of he who takes and she who is taken, of he who has, and owns, and of she whom he has, whom he owns, and makes his. With a cry of joy and misery then, from the depths of the hood, rearing from the dirt as I could, I clutched him; I felt my body locked to his; then I felt my body, as though of its own will, suddenly, spasmodically, grasp him; I could not begin to control the reflexes which he had triggered in me; they jolted and exploded in my body; I clutched him, helplessly; I was his. Men laughed. “Kajira,” said one. Then I was thrown to another

 Rape as seen through the eyes of John Norman:

The fact, of course, that rape is a common sexual fantasy of women does not indicate that women, in any general sense, wish to be raped. They would surely, at the very least, wish to choose the time and the place, and the circumstances and the man.

Rape, as a sociological reality, is commonly an ugly, brutal, unpleasant, sickening, horrifying, vicious act.

It degrades the man and it doesn’t do the woman much good either. Not only does she receive little or no pleasure, but the whole affair has no more intrinsic worth or dignity than a mugging. Further, sadly, she is likely to be brutalized and, at the least, intimidated.

This is to take advantage of a weaker creature, who cannot adequately, in most cases, defend herself. The rapist, unless there are some extenuating factors, such as severe mental illness, scarcely comes up to scratch for a human being. To pick on a woman, because she is smaller and weaker, is much the same thing as to pick on a child or animal; or, it is much the same thing as a young man striking an old man; or a large, strong man beating a small, weak man; it is just something that it is not worthy to do. It is not that it need be a sick thing to do, though doubtless in some cases it is; it is rather that there is just no manhood in it.

On the other hand, regardless of the facts about rape in the real world, where it is usually a waste of time, it is clear that rape fantasies are extremely common in both men and women. This is not to be taken to prove that there is really no manhood in any man or that women are peculiary degenerate creatures. Rather, the healthy man does, from time to time, want to rape; he is probably built that way; it is natural to be sexually eager to capture and use a beautiful woman; it is, I suppose, part of our animal heritage; similiarly it is quite probably that it is part of our biogenetic heritage that a woman, on some level, desires her own capture and subjugation. This would be, it seems, a natural complementarity.

If a man’s natural role is that of hunter and captor and woman’s that of game and captive, our instinctual sexual fantasies would be precisely what they are. We are, of coure, or should be, far from the jungle. Rape, real rape, even if we are naturally inclined to do it, is not to be done.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Various


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