Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Port Kar

Port Kar



Port Kar is a city of Gor established on Thassa, the main sea of known Gor. It is located in a humid, tropical climate, and situated near the Vosk delta marsh on the Tamber Gulf and Thassa. Famed mostly as a trading port and den of outcasts, outlaws, cutthroats and scoundrels, Port Kar is known for its shipping: pirate fleets, grain fleets, oil fleets, slave fleets, etc… The city is renowned for her seamen. Her ships are feared throughout known Gor. Only the Ubarates of Cos and Tyros, her traditional enemies, have tarnships to match the fleets of Port Kar. Port Kar trades to the north and south for goods and items it requires. The merchant cities of Thassa aid in the trade between Port Kar and her traditional enemies.

Port Kar is ruled by a Council of Captains, those being determined by the number of ships and men they command. There is more written of the Council and its history here.

It is the only city on Gor built by slaves, and it is also the only city constructed completely without towers. Although slaves are permitted to build houses of men of Port Kar, slaves are not permitted to build their ships. It is said that the chains of a slave girl are heaviest in Port Kar. It is likewise said that no slave has ever escaped from Port Kar.

Port Kar is also the home of the only Caste of Thieves in all of Gor. The Caste of Thieves have a lot of power in the lower canals and perimeters of Port Kar. The scar of their caste mark is “…a tiny three-pronged brand burned into the face in back of and below the eye, over the right cheekbone.”

One aspect of the area around Port Kar is the Vosk delta marsh. The delta “is Port Kar’s strongest wall.” The nearest solid land lies around 100 pasangs to the north of Port Kar. There are kept “log outposts…where slave hunters and trained sleen, together, patrolled the marshes edges.”

Port Kar is completely dependent on preserves set in the northern forests for their timber to build their ships. “Tur wood is used for galley frames, and beams and clamps and posts, and for hull planking; Ka-la-na serves for capstans and mastheads; Tem-wood for rudders and oars; and the needle trees, the evergreens, for masts and spars, and cabin and deck planking.” The men of Port Kar also purchase wood from the Forest Peoples in the winter when the logs can be sledded to the sea.

And, of course, the dancing slaves of Port Kar are considered the finest on Gor.

She overhears a conversation:

Ender : If I were you I’d hold the woman responsible to the point of a dagger and enslave her.

Bri had never met the man, “Well, at the moment,” she doesn’t finish, her mind still in turmoil and is not quite sure what she will do ‘at the moment’.

Amarta  shakes her head. “He is unfit for my chain…. I plan on doing something…. much more…. fitting.. MM just need to speak to a blacksmith about renting his brands……

Ender : Yes, I would seek your own justice. Just do not get caught, for your own sake. The Arsenal Guard will view you as guilty of a crime even if it is justified.

Amarta : I have no intention of that.. Im no fool, but I would seeh her cheeks branded with the mark of a tratioress and a Thief…

Amarta looks to Bri. “I am Amarta, might I know the womans name who I now ove a favor too?

Bri  is aghast with the atrocities that the woman speaks of and shakes her head gently, “I am sorry this has occurred to you Lady. However, I need to go back to my House and prepare the evening meal. If you’re interested in a House, or whatever, there are several in the City. Captain Khaos has one, Captain Kayler, and I met a man by the name of Lucius, I’m not sure if his is actually a House or not though.”

Amarta  nods softly. “I owe you a dept of gratitude, if you will permit me, I would like join you and offer my skills to you and your house for a month free of charge.”

Bri  smiles to her and cants her head politely, “I actually could not accept your gratitude being shown to the House. That would be something you need to speak to Captain Kayler, or one of his guards/crew members on. I don’t take it upon myself to do anything except point you in the right direction Lady.” She smiles at her, “Of course, his daughter Katie may be able to accept also. And I truly do appreciate your gratitude. You may follow me and I will show you where the house is.” She smiles.

Amarta  nods softly. “I thankyou and until sure a time as the house you are in wishes to accept my offer, then my offer extends souly to you, please lead on Lady.

She overhears:

Negril leaned over .. he would run his finger down the small of her back .. he would say ..”spread your thighs further slave do you try to hide what I wish to have from me ” he would smack her ass .. “SMACK !”

She overhears:

Johari  stops and silently watches the ongoings if the port . She knew well this to be a good place to stand . One could watch the docks and tavern and everything ells around . Her Green eyes darts back and forth as she her self keeps at the corner . No one hardly ever noticed her and for the better . She looks down as she hears her belly growl and knew well she could walk to the ship or even the hid out of Tamma to get her self some food . Yet she had some time more to linger around , not like the food was going any where “

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