Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Suedland

Sa Me Wakanda Talunas

Market Place :

None that I could see. TP directly onto Sim.

Easy to Find TP point:


Meter Type:


Sim Lay out:

This sim is part of a large German speaking continent , quite well presented, with a Schendi jungle feel. The entry point is a small trading village. There is a fortified town to explore off the beaten track. Like Enkara, which also happens to be a German speaking sim this place feels fresh with vivid colours.

Sim Rules :

Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

Sim overview:

The sim is based on a jungle setting, plenty of it to explore ,a fortified city and a panther camp to find. Most interesting features would be the fortified town and the erupting volcano!

Bad Points:

For some visitors  this could be a bad point. It is a German speaking sim , some residents do speak English and /or use translators.

Good Points:

The layout of the sim, very vivid and colourful palette. First place I have seen in SL Gor with an active volcano! Friendly German tribes to role play trade with.

Final Comment:

This sim is well laid out,  the builder has done a good Job,  Sadly some visitors may be put off from going to a German speaking sim.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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