Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Lydius

Sa’ng Gretuk

Market Place :

None that I could see.

Easy to Find TP point:

Transported Directly to main sim.

Sim Lay out:

Lydius is a standalone sim and island with a small dock area, it is well spread out, a decent forest to explore , halfway down the forest path is a small tavern and meeting point , beyond that the trade post and camp.


No, strictly IC

Meter Used:


Sim Rules :

The General laws are much the same as any other Sim.

Sim overview:

The sim is based on a woodlands setting, a stand alone sim/island. There is a tavern to visit and beyond that the camp. The lands around the camp are open with no cover , you will be spotted if you approach the camp.


Meeting the tribe IC:

Aala : what are you doing huntress

Màяℓî  lifts an eyebrow “Tal huntress , is this house your home ?”

Caline : yes we live here

Màяℓî  nods “I see  private property”

Caline : Who are you ?

Caline: Nooo, this tavern is available for all

Màяℓî  lips curl into a thin smile “I thought it might be a tavern of sorts , my name is Marli , a huntress , a tracker”

Caline : you will not ba attacked here, you may sheath your bow

Caline : Mmmm i see……well I think so

Màяℓî  smiles and sheaths her bow “A habit of mine , hard to stop”

Caline  look at the red hair huntress up and down

Caline : So you live alone ?

Màяℓî  notices the woman look her up and down , “I have travelled many pasangs from my wetlands , to hunt and track , animals or slaves , to trade or sell”

Caline : You hunt females as well or only males ?

Màяℓî  shook her head “I do not hunt females , the males do that enough to us already …..” she grins “….males are easily distracted ……caught off guard and captured…” she adds “…….and they bring a fair copper in trade or coin…..would your band be interested?”

Caline : I don’t think so, my En and my Se always say that a male slave in the tribe bring many problems among the tribe when some huntresses are in heat at the same time

Màяℓî  nods “…..males are strong though, good for helping to drag beasts from the hunt or building camp defences…..I rarely trade them as” she paused and thought of the appropriate word”  ….seeders…….yes as seeders to breed ”

Caline : Mmmm , of course…’s true and if I was alone I would certainly use them in….different ways….but I am just a huntress , not a leader…….(then I look again at you) ….would you need some place to sleep this night there is a nice place nearby, with a tent , a fire pit, and fishes to ctach in the lake

Màяℓî  curled her toes in her leather boots as she brought her kneed close to her chin, she pondered a moment “I know what it is like to lead …..sometimes….you are thrust into that position” she nods with some experience in her words , then continues “If you are offering to use your lands as a place to set up temporary camp , it would be most appreciated ‘ she paused again to think of appropriate compensation” ……a third of my catch ?”

Caline : Huntress when I invite somebody to stay it is not to take any advantages from her….but….of course….gifts are always appreciated (smiles at you) , I am glad that you agree , i would be very happy to invite you in my own hut but you should have to let your weapons at the gate and I guess that you don’t want that, who am I after all, you can’t trust me , so when you feel ready I will bring you to the place

Màяℓî  stretched out her arms a bit and laughed softly at the huntresses remark “You know my name , I would trust you a bit more if I knew yours and the name of your band” she nodded “…..Well….I am used to contributing to a tribe , and a third of any catch is reasonable , in turn for being left alone and to be able to hunt in peace ” she smiles  “so a fair deal…..and maybe later I will come visit you in your camp”

Caline: My name is Cal and the tribe here are the Sa’ng Gretuk , i would be very happy to show you our camp , I like you , you look to be faithful and ….(giggles) I love your hair

Màяℓî  chuckles some “Well met Cal of the Sa’ng Gretuk…..and thank you for your compliments”

Caline : Shall we go ?

Màяℓî  nods “Allright, I will leave my bow at your camp gate”

Caline : First I show you the tent

Caline : Oh and here is our Se

velouria: tal caline

Caline : vel I introduce you marli

velouria : tal huntress

Màяℓî : “Tal” she nods

Caline : She is a lonely huntress and will spent some time in the tent near the lake

Caline: she will give us a thrid of her catch

velouria : oo ok

velouria : tell her about Manu

Caline : She will come to visit our camp and will leave her weapons at the gate

Caline : Oh yes there is a male who sleep there from time to time but if jhe sees you he will not come

Màяℓî : “And he will find I do not share ” she smirks

Caline  grins

velouria: he’s not dangerous

Caline: No he is very kind

Màяℓî  nods

Caline : but I understand Marli doesn’t whish to share the tent with a male

Caline : well at least a male she didn ‘t chooze

velouria : he generally stay away from the other

Màяℓî : “Not unless he is shackled securely to a pole” she laughs

Caline  nods

Caline  giggles

Caline : let’s go, we will come soon to the camp

velouria : caline, i go to the camp


Caline: oups

velouria: safe paths marli

Màяℓî : safe paths

Caline : here it is !

Màяℓî looks around the tent and camp fire “A quick clean and it will be fine ”

Caline : there sis some wood for heating and you can have a bath

Màяℓî  nods “Fresh clear water….very nice”

Caline  smile

Caline : ready to visit our camp ?

Màяℓî : “Sure, lead on”

Màяℓî unsheath her bow and then her arrows

Caline : you can leave your weapons here

tammi : who you havs wif you caline

Aala  : Tal Huntress

Caline : This is Marli a lonely huntress

Màяℓî : Tal

Caline : she will stay in the tent for some days

tammi : tal marli

Caline : She will give us a part of her catch

Caline : Marli here is Tammi our En

tammi : ahe wants to hunt and fish

Aala  : i donts wants the heads an tails

Caline: and my sisters (show the huntresses around her)7

tammi : we give them to other tribes

Màяℓî : “Well met , and yes I will contribute one third of what I catch to your tribe ”

rosie : looks over

Caline : Don’t hunt the mule we have in the camp though hehehe

tammi : we havs good fishing here

tammi : yess mule is my buddy

Aala : coughs

Màяℓî  grins at hearing the lands are good for hunting

Caline : so here is the fire where we stay to talk together , it is the heart of the camp

Màяℓî  looks to where cal is pointing and nods

Caline : i show you a bit more now , follow me

tammi : smiles

Caline: we’ll come back here after the tour

Caline : here we have the huts

Màяℓî : So many

Caline : this one is bigger because our En and Se live here

Caline : here is the mule

Caline : and here a blacksmith shop

Caline : useful when some sister comes back with a iron collar around her neck

Màяℓî  blinks seeing a black smith shop ” Zale ?”

Màяℓî : “Does zale the blacksmith come here?  ”

Caline : oooh no, we have our En who can manage a bit, well just cuting the collars in fact

Màяℓî : “I see”smiles relieved

Caline : Follow me

Caline : Our En loves to smoke Kanda

Màяℓî  slips her fingers through the leaves

Màяℓî : mhm

Caline  smiles

Caline : freezing isn’t it ?

Caline : This is where we put our……”guests”

Caline : I mean our prisonners

Màяℓî  laughs

Caline : we have also some secret ways under the ground

Màяℓî  walks around and inspects the implements of torture and the cages

Màяℓî : “Your slaver has been busy lately” she winks at cal

Caline: Well we have no slaver actually , so we have to manage the prisonners by ourselves

Màяℓî  raised an eyebrow “ah”

Caline : let’s move out it’s too cold for me !

Caline : this is my hut

Màяℓî smiles “You have a nice hut”

Caline : We still have some available ……..

Caline : here is the hunt for our green

Caline : mmm she removed moost of the tools

Màяℓî  looks around , she finds some herbs and vials that look familiar, but noticed there was not much around “I have some green knowledge”

Màяℓî : “…..Your healer need supplies?” she asked

Caline : Oh really , It must be useful to heal yourself

Caline : Well I know that she is very much worrying about the pox actually

Caline : this is a way to escaape

Màяℓî : zip lines

Caline: yes but then you still have to use a canoe to reach the dock

Caline : isn’t it wonderful ?

Màяℓî : “Amazing view” she nods

Caline: let’s go back to the main camp now

Màяℓî  nods

Caline : Oh yes a last cave to show you

Caline: here you can have a warm bath

Caline : we have our kitchen here as well

Màяℓî : “The cave of delights , it should be called” she chuckles

Caline : Maybe… depends who is with you (smiles)

Màяℓî  lips curl into a thin smile “true”

Caline : Now let’s join the others

tammi : how you like our camp marli

Caline : marli told me that she has some knowledge of a green

Màяℓî  looks to tammi “You have a great camp, very impressive”

tammi : smiles

Aala  : Its Vels island

tammi : we was lucky to havs found it

tammi : soo marli yiou gonna just hunt and fish and get to know us ,,,,

Màяℓî : “I was not aware it was an island, I thought I hand landed my canoe on another continent” a surprised look on her face was apparant

tammi : yess a river makes it a island

Aala: Pirates found it first but they long soince died off

Bad Points:


Good Points:

The layout of the camp, very nice woodlands setting with lakes and rivers to rest at.

Final Comment:

This sim is well laid out,  the builder has done a good Job, very active tribe and eager to rp.  Some may comment that the rp is one liner , but bear in mind this is a mostly european tribe and English is not their native language. The camp is a very hard one to raid, out of four raids we broke through their gates only once. More success is guaranteed with many bows 🙂

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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