The Gazette of Gor – Issue 01

(Part Special Cities and Villages, BTB) (Thanks to Owners BTB)


• Editor
• City of Cartius
• A continent to discover (Northen Continent)
• Messages from the City of Jad
• Stjernheim FJord
• Master Z’s Dance (From Itsmee Zander)
• The Interview OOC
• The Interview IC
• Ndeye’s Gold (Episode 1)
• What ll happen this week
• Editors and Writers needed
• Groups Chat

Editorial comment Marlies Dasmijn

Dear readers, I am happy to post the first edition of Gazette online. It will be the first of many postings in the coming period.

I suggested to Minnie that Gazette  could be posted online via this blog, to which she enthusiastically agreed.

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers. As it is not allways possible to upload pictures from the Gazette note cards I will add my own from time to time.


A pilot issue, a sort of test issue, and now the first version of our newspaper. The adventure is launched, hoping it to be beautiful and constructive. Despite our efforts, we have not convinced everyone. What do you want! The reluctance and grudges remain stubborn.

If the response was generally good in the Panthers SIMs, other Lands BTB are more suspicious. I can understand and I apologize to the fans of BTB to have poorly explained why this newspaper. There is no question of breaking your laws and rules. It is just a matter of opening up to new people who may be interested in an experience in a BTB SIM.

It will not be up to you to break your day, but the new person to adapt. In presenting you with this newspaper, you could give new desires, create new vocations and subsequently find new friends.

Each SIM has rules and visiting people have it bend and adopt them. I would say that the SIMs Panthers are in easy, and the BTB SIMs allow a finer approach to the world Role Player. A sort of confirmation after an apprenticeship.

But we are Panthers, Villager, Warriors, Ubar, we are all here to discover and learn from others. By locking us in one Roleplayer, we risk disappearing because we will not be able to evolve. I will stop here this long speech. But I only ask you to think about these few words. It’s in the word are born roleplayers. It is through the word that are smoothed different. It is by speaking that will be overcome strife.

So please, forget intransigence, let tolerance. And let me quote a French philosopher of the Enlightenment, Voltaire: “Discord is the greatest evil of mankind, and tolerance is the only cure. ”

Despite our disappointment in finding BTB’s people willing to help us, we will make a special BTB Villages and Cities. I want to thank the Owner of the City of Cartius and the one of the village in the Fjord Stjernheim for their help and to trust us. Two completely different places but with a certain charm. Two places worth visiting

City of Cartius BTB Sim

• In my ranking of the most beautiful cites, the City of Cartius is in the firsts. Everything exudes quality, whether in terms of build, residents and RP. And to be put in the bath, a large dark hallway and almost threatening gives us a landing zone .

• This corridor leads to the TPs to access different place of the city . For the more adventurous, the left TP gives access to the Black Caste area . I admit I chose the right TP to just admire the entire city and docks .

• The City of Cartius is young, but no doubt this city will have a long life in GOR and I think I will try BTB because this place makes me want to try and learn. And what better way to learn that a city so well conceived and designed.

A continent to discover (Northen Continent)

(From Siba To Talender Moon)

• We leave Gimli to enter in SIBA. A set of green hills is presented to us and in the middle, a river . Two tribes live together here: The Black Panthers and Ikerei.

• Passing the little bridge to join IOB and IOB2. IOB2 offer rentals for residents. We can admire the gulf and islands that are unfortunately uninhabited. IOB is more lively with the constant changes in that place with the tribe of Sa Seraka of our friend Lyric and the tribe Deadlights Mambas.

• Even a small bridge to go and we arrive at the docks of the SIM Talender Moon. A fierce tribe made with good Role Players . Fortunately, we still have a tavern to quench our thirst. So what are we waiting to do it. Yes, as usual, we expect the lazy tavernkeeper !!

Messages from the City of Jad

• The island of JAD is part of the COS archipelago, archipelago in the Gulf of Tamber opposite the Vosk Delta (Facing Port Kar). This is one of the greatest maritime powers of Gor , even the pirates of Port Kar are frightened. If we look at the descriptions of Cos, they are volcanic islands but with many sources. The earth is therefore slightly red. JAD like other cities of Cos is headed by a Ubar.

• JAD has a very prosperous city, and there is a camp of panthers who lives in the hills. Rumor said that the Panthers would hold a treasure of inestimable value. This rumor ran for many moons and moons.

• The city of JAD, meanwhile, behind magnificent sand dunes and cliffs. It aims to be a rich and respectable quoted by its silk trade, very refined, his strangely spicy honey and especially, its single alcohol based on fruits and dattes

• Its prosperity of its business and the beauty of its women, attract top merchants of Gor, gangsters, pirates and smugglers who come to buy all its wealth and its mystery.

• They grow olives, grapes for wine Ta, exotic fruits like dattes. Fishing is very important: sea tharlarion for oil and meat, winged fish and blue fish Cos we only found in these waters and whose liver is renowned. Note that Cos is in open war with Ar for control of the Vosk delta.

• The city is welcoming but remains cautious with regard to travelers.

• Our motto: Let’s be crazy, fun, fun us !!! In joy, respect, and good humor. The island of JAD wish you a good game and good PR at all.

Stjernheim FJord BTB Sim

• A small BTB village that exudes details. The arrival on the docks presents a way to go to the village and in the village, everything starts … The hen just pecking at your feet, the woman who splits logs. Everything is trendy, very medieval in style. The men go hunting or war, women continue to take care of the village.

• I almost regret some lack of colors to remove this special atmosphere of seniority. It only needs a persistent mist to complete the feeling of a village where there is not good to be a slave nor woman. For the atmosphere and the small details, I award a top with this place and I wish a long life in Gor.

Master Z’s Dance (From Itsmee Zander)

• And so it was a fruitful day… it was … when the Warriors of a tiny remote village return after a successful mission… small by the size of it .. yet, nonetheless an important a mission. It was to rescue and bring back several of their Free Women that had been taken captives… after a raid. The FW in some state of trauma, some fully clothed and some half naked were all left in the hut on the village green… seems she would have her hands full..

• The small and cozy tavern suddenly felt full with the returning men.. bawdy after having prevailed….. there was much chest pumped out and standing straight and tall … their voices booming with pride calling for copious paga or some light foods from their worked up apetite…. Nay! … they returned unscathed with that cunning plan swiftly executed and they had returned leaving their adversaries each tied and hanging upside down over the cliff edge.

• The Chief grabs his girl around her waist and lifts her onto the table and barks “dance slut”. Grinning he watched her, his property… starting to sway and move to serve with all her heart…. for she knew in this… she served more than just her Master.. she had to be pleasing to all those watching… her Master’s reputation had to remain untarnished and those that had entered the tavern looked to her to dance her very best.

• As it would turn out to be… wouldn’t he just know every damn detail of his property… given that situation , how she would react … what her moves and steps would be … a good Master would know, would he not from her physical to her mental and more beyond for he owned her totally. His hand slipped down to the coiled whip hooked onto his belt. Fingers curled around the handle and the tail falls loosely onto the ground.

• With his other hand he raised it and snapped his fingers up in the air…. ” mead… wench.. warm and spiced” knowing as chieftain of the village any number of slaves would rush to serve his tiniest of requests….. his eyes back and focused on his delicate, little sensual slut’s body. she moved gracefully his gaze locked to her eyes and grinned seeing her eyes had fixed in on the whip.

• He knew her moves everyone of them like he knew every bit of her. her thoughts and actions her body, like any Master of Gor would….. and lashing out with the whip. he had removed every single piece of clothing covering her body.. Finishing his drink as the last piece ripped off her body fell to the ground … the accuracy of his whip hand never touched her skin.

• The left hand drops the empty tankard onto the furs … his right flicks the whip sideways to coil the tail around the sluts body and yanked her hard to him …. his left hand sliding up to caress the side of her face and slides up and into the back of her head, fingers curling into a fist. grips tight and tilts her head forcefully upwards to present her quivering lips to his … leaning slightl down he pressed his lips to her in a kiss of passion… a mere whimper began in the chest of the girl,,, it was swiftly cut off as he raised her bodily and dropped her onto the lap of the warrior sat next to him… ” Good raid plan Brother… now enjoy this hot slut… I believe she is in need of a Masters Touch”

Interview OOC – Dragostone (Owner of City of Cartius)

• Erin O’ragan : well, firstly then, what is it about your city you’re most proud of?

• Dragostone: We are extremely proud of the build, it has taken many months of hard work, but that said a City id nothing without those that I am so thankful for who have made it their home and have brought life to its soul

• Erin O’ragan : …and sorry, by way of introductions, I’m Erin, of Zima, in whispering Moons, and this is Drago, administrator of Cartius, a BTB sim

• Erin O’ragan : ((and i will include a landmark at the bottom))

• Dragostone: Pleased to meet you

• Erin O’ragan  smiles “and you as well.”

• Erin O’ragan : i did notice, walking from the original teleport site, up the steps, you have groups for every imaginable caste.

• Erin O’ragan : those are group joiners, too, aren’t they?

• Dragostone: As a City that strives to maintain and bring back to life all that is BtB we welcome all castes to partake in our journey, from a mere Baker to an Initiate, each has their part to play within a busy City

• Erin O’ragan  nods “and that is a welcome deviation from some places i have seen which appear to pigeon hole everyone into a very few strictly defined roles”

• Erin O’ragan : i did notice a general rule about not creating a lot of alts, but exceptions being presented, can you elaborate briefly on the reasons? ((though i’m sure i understand. its for noobs mainly i ask))

• Dragostone: Quite simply it makes it fare on all players within the City, for example, if one day you are in RP with a slave, who then the next day is a FW in the City…how would that make you feel? also it controls possible conflicts of interests from occurring…the exception to that would a Human player who has an Animal Alt

• Erin O’ragan : Nextly,

• Dragostone: nods

• Erin O’ragan : I assume …seeing all the castes, that women have a fair range of roles they can play, although it looks to me to be the case that everything here is all btb all the time, correct?

((just to get past the people who would avoid the sim giving reasons that as a woman you’re either an ice queen or a slut on a btb gor sim))

• Dragostone: In general, Goreans do not prefer to place women in positions of power. “Women, seldom release the following instinct in men. Men, accordingly, do not on the whole, care to follow them. In doing so they generally feel uncomfortable. It makes them uneasy. They sense the absurdity, the unnaturalness, of the relationship. It is thus that normal men commonly follow women only unwillingly, and only with reservations, usually also only within an artificial context or within the confines of a misguided, choiceless or naïve institution, where their discipline may be relied upon. Their compliance with orders in such a situation cannot help but be more critical, more skeptical. Their activities tend then to be performed with less confidence, and more hesitantly. This often produces serious consequences to the efficiency of their actions.

• Dragostone: It is interesting to note that even women seldom care to follow women, particularly in critical situations. The male, biologically, for better or for worse, appears to be the natural leader. In the perversion of nature, of course, anything may occur.” (Players of Gor, p.288) But, this is a generality for which there are a number of exceptions. > ATTENTION, ladies>>A free woman of superior ability can achieve much, including ruling a city. That is fully supported by the philosophies of Gor. And personally I have come across in all my many years in Gor, females that are more experienced than men in certain roles. We work with HoC positions on a rolling 3 month time period, at the end of that time they are put up again for Citizens to vote on re-election<<

• Erin O’ragan : wow, i didnt expect that, but thank you, that should dispel pretty much all the arguments about that.

• Dragostone: nods, it does tend to shut many up

• Erin O’ragan  nods, it would.

• Erin O’ragan : Nextly…

• Erin O’ragan : do you have certain people here, who help new arrivals (group joiners) to acclaimate, or is it intended to be a group effort?
…and if there are certain people, are new arrivals ushered to them to be …i dont know how else to say it, ….”homed”

• Dragostone: smiles, it is intended to be a group effort, my admin team handle the initial City application forms, but they are always passed on to the HoC’s who take a very proactive role in welcoming them and making them feel at home…I have chosen my Admin team with great care, and they all treat Citizens here like they are one of the family…

• Erin O’ragan : onto the nexty

• Erin O’ragan : Recruiting….has it been difficult at all? i’ve been in gor for 3 years now, and i dont really see a good venue for it…

• Dragostone: recruiting is always a difficult area, and Goreans are renown to be very picky, like every City we need players to make it work, we are active sponsors of the Whip Radio, but to be honest the best method is by word of mouth, if Citizens are made to feel welcome, that is the best advert, along with strong story lines and committed players

• Erin O’ragan  nods obnoxiously “as is i thought, as well” ….and raids, finally, i assume, since you have a meter dispenser and i don’t remember anything about “no raids” or “lifestyle or roleplay only ” in the sim description, that you DO do raids….

((not by panther, of course, being a BTB sim, but other btb sims…maybe outlaws, i can’t remember))

• Erin O’ragan : ….and just so it is included in the interview, since this will be on ALOT of ge docks, panthers are invited to dress as free women, sneak in to steal stuff and play as btb as they can in that role…. correct?

• Dragostone: we do allow Raiders from both BtB sims and GE sims, GE sims will need to abide by our BtB Raid Laws though, the same goes for GE players visiting the City, they are most welcome as long as they respect we are a BtB and that they RP as such…Warriors exist for fighting and defending their Homestone. Although we are not a War they will go out at time and Raid other Cities…The bottom line is, if it is BtB and is RP based, any player takes the risk of any RP path they embark upon…

• Erin O’ragan  nods “that is what i gathered from having read your introduction NC in the main area”

The Interview IC – ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ (Owner, Shadow Hill Outlaw)

(Shadow Hill Outlaws is an outpost between the north and the south. We are a GE sim but have a btb attitude. Free women and slaves use weapons to fight and defend. We are a small sim so we wish to keep raids and RP balanced. Dress Gorean.
We have a no drama tolerance here and we make sure to see that our rules are followed.)
• Jessenia Marie Dur’Shukan: Welcome back Father

• Minnie: Greetings Sir

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Thanks

• αdιvα turns hearing foot steps beams softly ” Greetings my Master and welcome back”

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Greetings How may I help you

• Minnie: I m Min from Zima and Founder of Gazette of Gor, Sir

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Ok

• Minnie: We do a weekly newspaper to help all people in Gor and match relations to do a better RP

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ nods

• Minnie: This is our first paper we did

• Minnie hands a scroll to the man

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ takes the scroll

• Minnie: I hope interview you to present your new band, land and help people to meet you in future

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: We can do that

• Minnie nods

• Minnie: So we begin if you want

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Yes

• Minnie: So can You present Yourself, Your experience in Gor, and Your new group

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: I ve been in Gor during a year. I ve been GE the whole time to start

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: The camp we started here was to have a drama free place where people can have family and friends be themselves and live the life they want drama free. We want it to be GE attitude for raids and BTB attitude for RP.

• Minnie: BTB Attitude, what does it mean for you exactly

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Well the RP aspect. We want it to where it is not just raids and if we have people who is BTB want to join, they can. We don’t follow the books closely but we do take aspects of it and use it in our RP. After all GE still has some BTB aspects that are followed and most of our people have read the books and follow the teachings by it. I even follow some of BTB concepts.

• Minnie: As BTB sims, have you different castes ? Like Black Caste

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: We have Scribes, Warriors, Blacksmiths, Physicians, So yes

• Minnie: I ve learned in GBTA Chat Group that You are a new group. have You a future evolution of the land

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: We eventually want to expand to a bigger land This is just a start out land and we are growing nice

• Minnie: You told me that You want a mix with RP and Raids, have You defined the part of RP, the part of raids

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Well RP like living the life you want to grow with the story you are building and yes some Raids do lead to RP but we want the people who live here to make a life for themselves have a family if they want. What ever they can dream of I say go for it we want 50/50 between RP and Raids

• Minnie: You are an experienced player. are You ready to help beginners if they come here. serious people of course, not griefers or pew pews.

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Yes we are willing to teach and help them learn and grow any way we can.

• Minnie: So you want recruit people, what are your needs in people for now

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Well we want people that want to grow and want to be here not just people that want to say they join then never see them again I rather have quality over quantity

• Minnie nods * i understand and i want thank you for your honest answer*

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: you are welcome

• Minnie: You ll be in the next number

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Thank you

• Minnie: Have you a short NC presenting your group

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: I have the rules and it has about us on there you can choose what you like to use off of that

• Minnie: i accept the rules

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Pulls out the scroll and hands it to Minnie

• Minnie takes the scroll and read it quickly then she nods and smiles

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Smiles back at her

• Minnie: More thank for your help

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: You are welcome

• Minnie: Are You agree to have a dispenser box to have the paper weekly

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Yes

• Minnie: Interview is now over. I hope it was not difficult *she winks*

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Not with such a beauty interviewing me

• Minnie smiles softlly *i ll send you a resume of the interview*

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Thank you

• Minnie: Be safe, be well

• ΛƇع Đᴜʀ’ŞhᴜƘΛŋ: Smiles back at her, *Safe paths*

Ndeye’s Gold (Episode 1)

(We want present you a little adventure for three panthers who want go into a BTB SIMs. Maybe to have fun and smiles, surely to find new friends either)
• Freya looks at it the think of her sister “maybe we can just sneak in cut of loose and sneak out i rath not loose this”

• Ndeye: Sais is surrounded by a wall and a ditch. You will not get in or out without them opening the gate for you

• Kira Katana: okay

• Ndeye: I was there once – it was my test when I was a pledge to become a Huntress of the Sa’dina…

• Kira Katana: gimme a minute to unpack and dress

• Ndeye: Freya… no cleavage.

• Kira Katana twirls “how’s this?

• Kira Katana: Good?

• Ndeye smiled at Kira. “you look like a High Caste Lady. But I would remove the part of your hair, I guess.”

• Ndeye: How do I look?

• Kira Katana: remove the piece in my hair?

• Kira Katana: laughs “like a free woman

• Kira Katana: on her way to a funeral”

• Kira Katana: :p

• Ndeye frowned. “Funeral?”

• Kira Katana: so now, remove our weapons?

• Kira Katana: well, earth tones

• Kira Katana: not my favorite colors

• Kira Katana: i like bright stuff

• Kira Katana: looks down at her dress

• Ndeye sighed. “They are low caste colors… I cannot pose as a High Caste woman…”

• Freya: im keeping my blow gun on at all times

• Kira Katana: “because?”

• Ndeye: No visible weapons… only what you can hide.

• Kira Katana: i have nothing i can hide

• Ndeye: Take lockpicks, hide them on you – in your hair, on your dresses… take small knifes or daggers, if you have them.

• Freya: do you think i cab get away with the bag?

• Ndeye: Well… I would play it safe… and say no. Not with arrows sticking out of it.

• Freya: well let get this newbie

• Ndeye: ((Sais is a btb city – never know how strict or not they are))

• Ndeye: ((but I’d play it safe, as I said. And… Kira… the bow must go.))

• Freya nods

• Kira Katana: huffs “okay”

• Kira Katana: a dagger and necklace dagger

• Kira Katana: its all i have i can hide

• Kira Katana: tosses the bow “bow gone”

• Freya: my blowdart is all i can hide

• Freya: kira close rang cambat and i am long rang

• Kira Katana: moves her dagger to the inside of her thigh

• Freya: everyone ready?

• Freya: let show them what three women can do

• Kira Katana: sighs

• Kira Katana: what are we doing?

• [IM: Ndeye Pookes: because it’s Freya wanting to go btb?

• IM: Ndeye Pookes: 🙂

• IM: Ndeye Pookes: relax]

• Ndeye: Alright.

• Ndeye: We go… we go to the gate – we name ourselves – say we come to do… what?

• Freya: buy slaves for a city

• Freya: or since she wearing blue

• Freya: scribe business

• Ndeye: Let’s see.

• Ndeye: You are of the Scribe’s caste of what city?

• Kira Katana: um. crap. i don’t know.

• Kira Katana: sardar?

• Kira Katana: i know more of them than anywhere
What ll happen this week

© Gazette of Gor


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