A role play of Red hair and the tarn rider

Adventures of Red hair


What is a tarn?:

‘My tarn was locked, talon to talon with a non-faction bird, each was tearing at the other, the tarn goad of the rider struck me, almost blinding me with pain, for an instant my consciousness seemed nothing but a binding shower of yellow, fiery needles, his tarn struck for  me and I beat his beak away with my own tarn goad, cursing wildly, we turned and held in the saddles by safety straps, spinning, we struck at one another, tarn goads like swords, splashing light about and then we were past the ring and broke apart , my bird would have stayed to kill, but I drew it away’

The tarn is a large, crested bird, similar in looks of that of both a hawk and jay of Earth, although hundreds of times larger. These birds are raised, bred for both colors of plumage, as well as intelligence and strength, and trained to be ridden. It is one of the most common mounts found on Gor. Depending upon the variety of tarn, they are used among the military, in the hauling of goods, and in racing. A powerful bird, the musculature developed for quick take-offs from its perch, rather than a running start as most large birds, the tarn is known amongst its riders, known as tarnsmen, as Brothers of the Wind due most likely to the kindred bond man and beast develop. The tarn is neither a pet, nor a beast to contend with if you are not a tarnsman, replete with the necessary implement to remain in control of your mount, the tarn-goad.

Wild tarns are especially dangerous, for they have no fear of anything, and never tasted the sting of a goad. Wild tarns would be found in mountainous regions, known also as the Mountain Tarn, where they have their aeries, or nests, strategically located away from other predators. The wild tarn will bring its prey back to its nest to tear apart and devour.

The draft tarn is bred primarily for strength and gentler dispositions for use in transporting goods. Tarn caravans, utilizing these larger tarns, often travel with hundreds of these birds, baskets hanging filled with goods.

Racing tarns are smaller birds bred and trained for racing competitions in the larger cities.

The war tarn, is the largest of the breeds of tarns. The plumage of the war tarn can vary, from black, white, and multi-colors, depending on purpose or vanity of the warrior. They are bred for strength, speed, agility, swiftness and combative instinct, and can fly for great lengths of time, their stamina quite great.

Red hair and the tarn rider

The role play:

Marli: stepped out her canoe and wandered through the woods heading for the path leading to  the town, she had been looking for an easy victim to rob,  she stopped seeing a man wearing some fancy robes, she then quietly pulled out her sleen knife,  stepping quickly but silently towards him hoping he would not hear her as she wanted to knock him down and rest the blade of her dagger to his neck , she whispered to him “you are mine”

Adolfis : taken by surprise of the sudden movements of one so small , he fell backwards and growled as the wind was knocked out of his lungs , looking up only to feel the blade at his neck , he laughed “yours? i wouldnt think so , look at the size of you , you really think you can have control over me?”

Marli: lips curled into a thin smile, “well as I am the one holding my blade to your neck, Yes mine !”she lifted her nose arrogantly and somewhat triumphantly , she continued”…. as I see it you have  two options you can give me what I need or I can slash your throat  right here and now but I would prefer some goods or coin because killing you would bring some risk to me and my band”

Adolfis : he huffed out a breath of air he sucked in, the winding was uncomfortable, his had went to grab the dagger she held at him , however he looked up at her , he caught the gaze of her eyes with that of his own” what do you want? you wouldn’t dare kill me , for should you be found you will suffer horribly by the hands of those that will seek revenge … now what is it you want?”

Marli: holds the sleen knife that had been tipped with a small amount of cosian wing fish poison closely to his neck, she knew as a healer that just a small cut would send it flowing into his blood stream and render him unconscious soon after

Marli: leant in whispering in his ear with a low hiss “I need some medical supplies for my band, sooo… let’s see what you have hidden in your pantaloon pockets shall we?” she said in response to him making sure to keep her attention on him and any sudden  movements from him

Adolfis: unsure what was happening , he couldn’t move , he just lay there beneath her, the trickle of the blood he knew would be staining to the collar of the cloak he wore, the demands she made he had barely anything of the sort within the town after the last band of brats raided it , he resigned himself to wait , for is she wanted these things, now lying rather helpless here he could not stop her from looking for them

Marli: feeling his body shifting slightly beneath her , she looks noticing a small trickle of blood, frowning her brow she would sigh a bit knowing this all just got a bit harder for her as she did not want to have to drag his dead weight around ,  so she would carefully remove the blade from his neck, she grumbles  some “the poison is not a strong one and will not last long….and it won’t  kill you”

Marli : sees the shadow of a tarn as it flies overhead and jumps on her feet with surprise

Adolfis: he mumbled up at her as she removed the blade back from his neck ” your demands will not be met , seems whatever you wish to do , as i’m laying here I cannot stop you from doing so … either way one of us is gonna be disappointed’

Marli: sheaths her sleen blade , then quickly pulls her bow out and places an arrow as she takes aim at the tarn even though she knows now she is outclassed if it came to a one on one fight

Adolfis: tries to move to see what’s going on, he could feel some parts of his extremities as this poison she used starts to wear off, yet was a bit to weak to even stand , spying dorus on his tarn he growled” leave me alone, get what you want and then go”

Red hair fights with the tarn rider and is hopelessly outclassed, she is struck on the head by the tarn goad and falls unconscious. The tarn rider dismounts and is soon joined by some guards from the nearby town.

Marli: slowly recovers , she opened her bloodshot eyes, her head still thumping with a headache from the goad’s blow to her head, she  looks up seeing Linus, despite her pain she manages a sneering  remark”….ugh….it has been awhile male….. which silky city have you crawled out from?”

Dorus : i a mouthy jungle bunny eh?

Dorus chuckles “Oi lets get her tae the dock and send he off Linus fer Adolfis there doesnea take tae kindly tae her kind on the lands” leaning down and smiling wickedly at the lass “Ye should consider herself lucky lass fer just two nights aqae we killed 3 of yer kind here”

Linus: loughs softly and nods then leans down to her for a closer look he smiles slightly as he says to dorus “but look at her aint she beautiful” he really thinks she is he reaches for her face and pets her cheek “ya be lucky girl that safes ya from going to helheim” he loughs and nods and his eyes once more take in the pretty features of the girl especialy her face facinates him for now as it looks so soft and innocent he grunts “lets take her to ya house dorus yes ?”

Marli: looks around seeing no jungle but a forest , she replies frowning “no not mouthy” she then grinned “just wondering I have not seen you since…mhm” she thinks a bit ” maybe since Sais or was it Thentis?”

Dorus : pretty enough face aye but a bit skinny fer me I like tae feel the softness of a lass nae her bones poking at me fe I like tae be the only one with a bone poking if ye ken what i mean linus

Linus: he nods slightly and hears that dorus would prefer if that lil eyecandy gets her cute butt on a boat as soon as posible he gruntz softly and eyes her “i dont know lil one” his plan was to get at least a collar arround the panther`s neck as she got a personal beauty linus seem to cant resist to well he smirks and shakes his head as he decided to dont act like the furr boy of some panther by now he mumbles “no clue sais thentis i myself was never with any of these at all but who knows i may was roaming and ya runned into me ma dear” he points to the docks “aye lets get her set”

Adolfis: stumbles off towards his home , ” send her home , i still breathe .” growls

Dorus : aye tis a lucky thing fer her ye dae

Dorus  grabs up the leash and grins at linus

Dorus : follow us and ye can grope he arse along the way

Linus: gives the pretty flesh to his feet a last pervy eye then nods “aye lets sail her but wait” he nudges the girl “which lands ya reside in !”

Dorus pauses waiting fer the lass tae answer

Marli: sighs and rolls her eyes a bit “you can leave me on the dock and or just place me in my canoe over in the bushes near the dock and I will find my own way home” she offers

Dorus grabs the lass and tosses her tae the grubby boatmen with a grin “A present boys rape her fer her passage home! get her out of here harta”

Linus: rubs his neck as he watches dorus sailing her he gruntz slightly he did not get the name of the lands she lives in for a later captivating and collaring that cute thang he sighs and eyes the boat leave mumbling “good journey pretty girl”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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