Role play of pitting one panther slave against another

A cruel game

A cruel game of pitting one slave against the other encouraged by a panther girl.

The role play:

  • Marli nodded “good girl ” then glanced at Azah “are you in charge of this new slave ?”

  • Azah: Looks up at the Mistress in surprise. “Me……..a male slave in charge of a slave girl? Eh……well….Not that i know of as my, and her Mistress, didn’t say so. Yet i would make a great Master of course” he says and chuckles

  • Kara : watches closely the movements of the woman while listening to their dialogue with Azah

  • Marli stands next to Azah and leans her hand on his right broad shoulder , one long fingernail follows another as she digs into his flesh “She needs to be instructed ” Marli applied more pressure to her fingernails “You will never mention in the presence of panther the word……..” she paused and then hissed into his ear “…….master”

  • Kara : sees the woman digging her nails into her brother’s shoulder and the expression of pain on his face and thinks he is being warned because of my bad behavior

  • Kara : mistress, please do not punish him, it’s my guilty

  • Azah: shrinks back and moves forward to the ground as he feels the Mistress’ nail dig deep into his shoulder making a drip of blood coming out. He feels the pain as he has never felt it before. he has been whipped, spanked, slapped but nails this deep in his flesh? No he hasn’t. He wants to shout out but manages not to. Neverteles a sound of pain leabes his mouth”hmmmmmphhhhhhaaaahhh…….Sorry Mistress, my sincere apologies. This one willll…..aaahhmmpff….never mention the word again. Please stop this Mistress” he begs and feels humiliated and ashamed

  • Marli as she released her grip from Azah’s shoulder , Marli glances back at kara “I see ” her lips curling in a crooked smile “you care about what happens to your brother …” Marli enjoyed playing one slave against the other “…….do as you are instructed and your brother will not be punished “

  • Kara nods – yes mistress, i will

  • Azah: wants to look up but keeps sitting, bending forward as he caresses his shoulder. “Mistress how can you do this. She is just new here and will make failure after failure. Shouldn’t she be punished than instead of me?” he dares to speak, in a low voice though as the pain makes it hard for him to speak loudly

  • Kara thinks damn panther

  • Kara : growls softly – I was a free two days before this, I can not behave like a slave

  • Marli grins at the expected protest from Azah , she gives him a blanc expressionless look “Then make sure she does her chores correctly , than you will be spared punishment …….your fate depends on her now “

  • Azah: Suddenly pokes his sister as suddenly he feels the anger that his Mistresses told him to have under control but at this moment he isn’t able to. . ‘You better do Sis or it will be me who will be punished over and over again and you will suffer fot that too!” he hisses

  • Kara : feel my knees hurt because of contact with the ground, is not used to being on your knees

  • Azah: Lifts his head up a bit: “Than i suggest i borrow your whip to teach her and discipline her if necessary!” he says loudly not able to control his anger anymore

  • Kara : gently touches her brother’s hand and whispers – I will not do something that will put you in danger brother

  • Marli lifted an eyebrow at Azah “Surely you can control the new slave without a whip ?” she chuckles, she mocked his manhood “…..are you not man enough to control her?”

  • Kara : looks at a woman with anger, realizing that she wants to put her brother against her

  • Azah: “She was a free woman, a pantherwoman, She knows how to act, to hurt, to kill. Even a i can be in trouble when she speaks up to me. So i guess a whip or maybe a strong stick would be helpful!” he hisses hardly able to control himself anymore. How much he would love to get this Mistress to her knees and show her who’s boss here. Yet he realizes he is only a slave and Mistresses will join to find him and torture him to death if he would do which he likes most at this moment

  • Marli laughs a cruel laugh , she had emasculated Azah and she revelled in the moment . She inspected her fingernails , still completely ignoring the female slave “Ah… you realise the strength of panther women……women who have enslaved you” she then gave Azah a piercing look “You may use a stick to correct her ……if anyone challenges you ……I gave you permission”

  • Kara : runs my hands to my slingshot on my leg thinking That will not be punished by the weak man

  • Kara : mistress, please, permit that’s not the man punish me, do it yourself if you want

  • Azah: Smiles and suddenly realizes what this means. He will be in charge of a woman. This is how it used to be in the city of his youth. How he longed to be in charge someday and now it seems to become true. Than he realizes his Mistress, who is also his siters Mistress, might not agree and her punishment will be worse than he can imagine. He looks up at the Mistress Marli who seems to find joy in Her position of dominating him and his sister. “Mistress, shouldn’t You discuss this with our Mistress first, as She might disagree and what will become of us than?” he dares to speak hoping Mistress Marli won’t feel it as speaking up to her

  • Marli caught the smile on his face , Marli could fill in the blancs what Azah could be thinking , she dismissed his protest “silence ! I gave you permission! ” she felt like giving a smack to the head to prove her point “you will do as instructed! “

  • Kara : whispers to his brother so that the panther can not hear it – do not try to attack me brother, if you do I will hurt you

  • Azah: watches Mistress raising Her hand and in a reflex he dives aside to prevent him form being slapped as he has heard about the strength of this mistress, maybe just a rumour but one can never know. “Yes mistress, ofcourse. Do as instructed. I trust You to protect me against our Mistress’ anger than” he tries. Than hisses to his sister. ‘You hush girl, it’s you who brought me in trouble. When i don’t do what mistress instructs me to so i will be punished if i obey our mistress might discipline me. So i got nothing to loose and you better watch your mouth from now on” he says loudly, almost shouting

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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