Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Hrimgrar – Sa Ki Fori

Hrimgrar – Sa Ki Fori

Market Place :

None that I could see.

Easy to Find TP point:

Transported Directly to main sim. There was also a TP point to a CTF area.

Sim Lay out:

Hrimgrar is a land locked mountain sim. No sailing and no boats.


No, strictly IC

Meter Used:


Sim Rules :

Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

Example of role play:

  • Ell : me raises her hand to greet the strangers, “Tal traders. What goods do you bring to Hrimgar?”

  • Sun : Tal huntress

  • Marlies  watches a huntress approach the trade dock , she folds her arm and gives the woman a solemn nod “Tal huntress….a trail led us to your trade post…..we have cause to believe you may have a woman named Moon to trade ?”

  • Ell remains without any expression on her face as she replies, “Is she an outlaw like you or is this a runaway slave?”

  • Sun : She is an outlaw

  • Ell : “Ah then we do not have anyone by that description”

  • Marlies  watched the womans reactions closely for any revealing hints “….who do you have then? “

  • Ell remains completely emotionless, her expression if anything suggest she is a serial killer. “I have no one and there is no one in the camp of the description you gave”

  • Marlies  lips curl into thin smile “….today , a panther I know as Des attacked our lair and I saw with my own eyes how she took Moon to the river and headed in this direction…..I know Des runs with your band ……it leads me to believe you have Moon in your camp …..we will make a good offer to trade for her freedom”

  • 深雪 : “Tal Ell, we have visitors?” She asks, looking over the strangers standing on her trade platform so haughtily.

  • Ell raises her hand to Miyuki, “Tal Sis”. Then she turns to Marlie, “As I said there is no huntress called Moon in our camp. If you do not believe me take it up with Des when she wakes tomorrow”

  • Marlies  grinned some , at least she now knew for sure that Des belonged to this band “We travelled many pasangs , we are serious about trading Moon back , you can inform Des that when she wakes , we shall return” she motions to her sister that they should leave

  • Sun : *nod to her En

  • 深雪 : Looks at the two on the platform, “Tal strangers. Does your tribe have one among you named…Attica?

  • Ell nods, “Very well. I will inform you but just so you do not get your hopes up, I am not lying when I say there is no huntress in camp called Moon. None…the person does not exist.”

  • Ell : “Good question Sis, “What of this, od you have one called Attica?”

  • Marlies  looks at the other woman , then back to Ell “Attica ?  what about her?

  • 深雪 : Looks up thinking back on a memory long ago, “No matter. What do you plan to trade for this person who is not here?”

  • Ell looks at Marlies, “What she said”

  • Marlies : “What does your band need ? furs ?  glass or steel arrowheads ? herb and mushrooms ?  fish?  we have many things to offer in exchange for moon….even slaves “

  • Marlies wriggles her nose and adds “I would say it was a finders fee for this woman who is not here”

  • 深雪 : “A finder’s fee? Is that something like a down payment?” She asks, wrinkling her nose some. Turns her eye back to the woman who had done most of the speaking, “Who are you by chance? I came too late to catch your name.”

  • Ell : “A down payment is an excellent idea, in case if this person is about Des will be more motivated to get her and complete  the trade”

  • Marlies : “I did not give my name yet , it is Marlies” she looks at the other woman “I want Des to be very motivated …..”

  • Ell nods and folds her arms but lets Miyuki do the negotiating

  • 深雪 : Looks at Ell, “Alas, but we don’t know of this person they want so badly. Maybe it is a finder’s fee afterall.” She looks back at them, “A slave might do the trick. A place holder…a jit for a jit.”

  • Marlies  unsheaths her bow “two jit skulls on my bow , also fifteen arrowheads , the finest I have , as a motivation for Des”

  • Sun : En is time to go…. we give nothinng ireturn fir nothing. Ell looks at her esteemed sister and nods, then she turns back to Marlies, “There you have it”

  • 深雪 : Cackles loudly and runs off, seeing there is nothing further to be had. “Jit skulls can’t warm my furs anyways.” she shouts over her shoulder and she scoots out of view at full stride. “It better be a live one.”

  • Marlies  looks at Sun then back at Ell and the other “Inform Des of this motivation , I expect to hear a positive news “

Sim overview:

The sim has been rebuilt since my last visit. The build is good, and a lot of detail has been put into it.

Bad Points:

Any visitor is approached with aggression , the moral of this story – Hrimgrar isn’t a vacation destination. 😛

Good Points:

Build, textures, layout

Final Comment:

The sim is not like Jorts for those that remember that , hrimgrar is still a mountainous setting but with less caves to explore.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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