Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Woodhaven


Woodhaven is a brand-new Gor sim:

The setting is a small trading post, far into the northern forests, surrounded by panthers, outlaws, and pirates.

Market Place :


Easy to Find TP point:


Meter Type:


Sim Lay out:

The sim is a Homestead, how ever, This sim is beautifully presented, with a woodland feel, with a panther camp, village and  other buildings abounding. There is even a shipwreck you can find! which only add to the feel of the sim. Once you land on the sim you can go  for  a long walk and explore.

Sim Rules :

Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

Sim overview:

The sim is based on woodlands setting, On my 2 visits, I found the sim empty, apart from one avatar, who was away, or just ignored me. I would like to think that she was AFK, It is a cosy setting, that you could picture from the books, with small settlements near the panther camp. The panther camp is very natural looking, there is even a mountain to climb! caves to explore , so refreshing to see a panther camp without huge walls and gates.

Bad Points:

No one on sim 😦

Good Points:

The layout, and over all Build.

Final Comment:

This sim is wonderfully laid out,  the builder has done a great Job,  Sadly it is crying out for Role players, and I am sure, that some of those that Visit, will decide to stay. I wish it all the best for the future.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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