Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Sierra natura – Ja Sheku Jerag

Sierra natura – Ja Sheku Jerag

Market Place :

None that I could see.

Easy to Find TP point:

Transported Directly to main sim

Sim Lay out:

Sierra natura is an island sim with a dock area, it is well spread out, and once on land it doesn’t feel like an island.


No, strictly IC

Meter Used:


Sim Rules :

The General laws are much the same as any other Sim.

Example of role play:

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί shouts: peering through the trees ”Tal Huntress …..”

  • Marlies hears a woman shout from behind her , she spins around , but she cannot distinguish any one yet , so she cups her hands and shouts back “Tal ! Here to trade !”

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί: Eyes the stranger with caution……”You look for something Huntress ….” she asks feeling safe over the ravine

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί: ”Ohhh Trade huh ….” narrows her eyes as she adds ….”Trade what ….”

  • Marlies lips curl into a thin smile , she noted the woman was being cautious , as was she to a certain extent , these lands being new to her “Let me see” she pulled out an old leather bag and rummaged through its contents “I have some roasted beans and verr meat in here”

  • Jane  shouts: spalshhhhh

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί : Squints as she peers over …her nerves a little stretched as she nods ….”We have plenty of meat ….b..but …the ummm beans ..” she wrinkles up her nose as the thinks an ihn …….finally she nods again and headed for the log of doom ….”I will be right over Huntress ….” she blurts out and crosses her fingers tightly

  • Jane: ‘tallies Mistresses’

  • Marlies squints at the girl “greetings “

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί: ”Tal jane …” she says with surprise …and adds …”You know this Huntress …” she asks gesturing the stranger

  • Jane: ‘this girl was allowed to travel .. yes I do its been awhile

  • Jane : “mystic moon ?’ her voice going up then down with one of those questiony-statementy ways

  • Marlies shook her head “I do recall your face”she said looking at the naked girl”….but it was Lake Ias and the tribe was Luna Jerag”

  • Jane shrugs ‘hrummpf yes Mistress ‘

  • Jane: ‘well pleased to make your acquaintance again , huntress ‘

  • Marlies nods to the girl , then takes some steps closer towards the huntress

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί : ”Mystic moon …” she mutters to herself and looks over while fidgeting in her hair …..”I have some kanda …and ermmm …some pretty stones tied in here someplace …..Ohh Luna Jareg ….” she adds still mumbling

  • Jane: ‘preetttty stones ?’

  • Marlies sighs hearing kanda , it seemed as if most tribes were now trading it , “there is a surplus of kanda” she muttered , “tell me more about your pretty stones then”

  • Jane grins and mutters ‘never too much kanda’

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί : Not happy taking her eyes off the stranger she answers jane with a nod and a curt …”Yesh …..pretty stones I call them …,,,Umm mwell …they sine ..and if you hold the up against the light of Tor ….” she points skyward ….”You ..can …errr see through them ….” she pulls a face having seems others with dubious looks and suddenly whips a tiny pouch from her nest of blond hair …..”I can show you …..” she says while prying the pouch open and spilling the pretty stones into the palm of her left hand

  • Marlies blinks some as she steps closer to look at the baubles the huntress holds in her palm “They are pretty and shiny” she remarks with a sincere smile “…..they are unusual enough to trade “

  • Jane looks over her shoulder and sees lil looking back at her with suspicious eyes ‘whaaaaa like I am going to steal them ? where would i put them …’ shows her naked body ‘loookeee no pocketses’

  • Jane : (eeep just remembered have something in oven eeeep gtg hugz nice meeting you marlies lil)

  • Marlies watches the girl skip off back into the woods”

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί: ”See….” she quips while holding them out with a beaming smile …”One …two …three ….ummm ..errrr ..and another and another one tooos …” she says having lost count and looks up into the huntresses face ….”Thing is …im not sure …umm well …what there worth ….but I have many more …” nodding excessively she asks ….”And those beans ….blackwine ….yummy …would be a nice surprise for my sisters …”

  • Marlies nods some “Aye , they look like glass , and glass is suitable for making some nice beads , that will add to their value”she rubed her chin “good to know you have more , I can make more bead chains and trade them on” she pondered a moment “so what is a fair swap?  How about I fill my palm with beans , for each palm with beans you give me three of your stones?”

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί : Shrugs her arms sideways ”Hmmm …I guess soooo Huntress ….sounds fair …” she skips a little closer and again holds out her raised palm ….”Sooo three of these ….for three handfuls of those beans ….” her face lighting up as she imagines her sisters happy faces….”I guess thats fair then ….” she smiles at her brightly and quips …”You can pick which three you like ….”

  • Marlies smiles big as she dips her hand into her pouch and fills it with a palm full of beans , she then shows it to the huntress , then binds them safely in some large green leaves before handing it over, she then bites her lower lip as she points at three of the brightest and shiniest stones “Ill trade for those three “she says cheerfully

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί: Nodding as she rocks from one foot to the other ….sure she is having a great deal she beams at her and replies ….”Yes …yes …thats fine ” with her other hand held out for the beans ….”And if you want more ….you knows how to find me….I have a heavy chest …full of …ummmmmm..” she blinks and bites her tongue …remembering what her En said about keeping them secret she shakes her head and mumbles lowly ….”I means …errrm …well …I means to say …is that …I can probably find some more ….” she fibs..her face flushing over a scarlet colour

  • Marlies admired the pretty stones for a few ihn before popping them into her belt , where she kept her other precious belongings “I will certainly be back to trade , we have plenty more beans !” she didn’t really notice the blush as the huntress was fairly tanned “My name is Marli,  I will be back in a few hands”

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί: Watches her taking the three stones …her eyes closely following her fingers as the stuffs the jewels into her belt …”Marli ….” she squints and looks up into her eyes ….”I know of you ….” she says in little more than a whisper ….”Im called Lil Manni …or Manni …or Lil …and sometimes Lil Bish …..but I dont knows why …im mostly too nice my En says ….” her face happy she nods to her and adds ….”Very well …and ummm some kanda would be great …if there is plenty and if its good ….we grow …but ..its ….its …errr …not the best …”

  • Marlies raised an eyebrow “Oh you have heard of me….hehe” she likes that , it stroked her ego a little “Well met , Lil Manni … was a pleasure meeting you and trading with you” she wriggled her nose “I can get some good kanda , ill bring it with me next time” she waved her hand , to say goodbye “Safe paths Then !”

  • ℓίℓ мαηηί : ”Safe paths Huntress Marli ….” her fingers tightening on her pouch of beans ….”I will look forward to your return ….” and off she leaps

Sim overview:

The island is Huge, it covers the entire sim, but is well spread out. The build is good, and a lot of detail has been put into it. Sierra natura has some beautiful gems scattered through out the island. There is a tavern , a small swamp area and abandoned ruins.

Bad Points:


Good Points:

Build, textures, layout

Final Comment:

The island and panther camp build is big, but not imposing, well spread out, the panther camp has a ‘retro’ feel to it , like the huge panther camps of old. The sim had people on both times I visited which is a Plus.  The Role play I encountered was good, the longer I stayed here, the more I liked Sierra natura , it is truly a beautiful sim.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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