Role play of the wealthy farmers, Red hair shouts: “I want to see your beady eyes farmer”

Adventures of Red hair


Siba and the first encounter with the farmers Sandy and Tala

The story of how Red hair taken to Siba , she is stoned and then thrown in a cage by the wealthy farmers. Her first meeting of the wealthy farmers.

Throughout that abominable world know as Gor. Men ruled with an iron fist. All women accepted it. Most women were contented with it. Some women even enjoyed it. However, far from the civilized world was an area in Lake Ias, two panther tribes lived there. The Di jan and the Luna. The Luna were a band of barbaric heathen girls or at least that was how their Askari overlords viewed them in the relentless pursuit to eradicate or enslave them.
They were panther girls, fearless and brutal in combat, merciful in victory. The Luna lived free of the shackles and whims of men. A man who ventured into their swamp had little zest for life or liberty. For once he was in the clutches of a Luna his life was forfeit, for they reversed Gorean law. Women reigned and men perished under the Luna by whip or by spear.
They were led by a young red headed woman named Marli, she was as beautiful in thought and deed as she was in face and form. She carried herself with pride and dignity.
It was a dangerous life. Their enemies left them little time to cultivate the small plot land in their camp. They lived by the hunt and by raiding caravans that crossed Lake Ias. A monthly affair, the hunt was a dangerous time for the Luna, taking them away from the relative safety of their swamps. At risk from the Askari warriors they kept ever alert. None were safer than those who hunted with Marli. With her, most Askari men became their prey, slain or enslaved. One day though even Marli’s luck ran dry.
An ambush was set for her and her panthers. Outnumbered but not outmatched, she fought like a wild larl. She stayed behind fighting the many Askari warriors, desperately trying to let her own sisters escape into the swamps. With so many upon her she had no chance, so when once her spear was gone, broken into by a Askari warrior’s sword, she fought with her own hands till a noose was tied about her neck and she was dragged down to her knees.
They took her through the town of Siba as their prize. She was paraded in a wagon, bound to the cart, her hands up in the air, tied. The villagers threw rocks and pebbles and insulted her…
Through this all this she kept her head held high and didn’t say a word to no one. In the village center she was tied to a post and whipped senseless to reveal the location of her sisters camp. Again not a word passed her lips, not a cry of pain or shout of fright although the agony was beyond all understanding.
The wealthy farmers put her at night in the cages with the males thinking this would degrade her. The males did not hurt or touch her they just grumbled. Marli was strong of will and it was known she had killed many men, so they knew better. They just insulted and mocked her.
So she squatted not saying a word, ignoring everyone in cool silence, waiting for her chance to escape. Her captivity did not last long. Marli’s wits went far beyond those of her captors and she escaped. It is not important how she managed it. Maybe we shall chronicle her triumphant return one day, but for now let it be that she, with her cunning and guile outwitted the supposedly superior men of Askari.

  The wealthy farmers

Sabi is caught by the farmers Sandy and Tala.

The role play:

  • Sandy bends down and taking some ropes from his belt uses the first to tie her ankles tightly together

  • Sandy then pulls her arms behind her back and ties her wrists tightly too

  • Sandy finally takes the longets piece and uses it to cinch her arms to her chest leavign a length of a leash

  • Sandy picks up the end of the longest rope and starts to drag her

  • Sabi wakes up slowly and looks up, giivng a small hiss as she sees the man and woman “let me go!” she hisses, trying to hide her torvie accent though her pale skin probalby doesnt help

  • Sandy plants a flag so her tribe will know where to come to ransom her

  • Sabi would squirm and hiss, fighting the whole time, trying to make it difficult for them

  • Sandy flips some coins to the captain and tells him to sail his FC and their new farmworker to couthy

  • Sandy smile sas they arrive home with their captive

  • Sabi hisses and would act like a wild animal, her blue eyes flashing like lightening , she is not a peaceful gentle creature as she would try and bite at any part of them that comes near

  • Tala keeps watch making sure the captain has only caffinated drink and healthy food till we sure we wont need to legg it quick

  • Sandy steps off the ship and heads towards the stables, eager to take revenge for what was done to him and his free companion by the panther’s tribe

  • Sabi would snap and shake her head, wriggling and making the drag difficult “May the Goddess curse you!” she would hiss as she is dragged

  • Sabi would keep snapping at anything that comes near, twisting about trying to get at the man that drags her, her blue eyes wild as she would snarl

  • Sandy drops the leash once they are safe inside their stables and glances at the kailla to signal to them they need not get concerned as it is friends who ahve come into their territory

  • Tala climbs up the wall watching the dock for any incoming folk

  • Sandy puts his boot under her body and jerks his foot upwards to roll her over

  • Sabi snaps her head at him, trying to roll back over, anything but what you try to do, you will of course succeed, but its like dealing with a flopping fish

  • Sandy: now then I guess you are wondering panther why two peace loving farmers would attack you and drag you away from your home?

  • Sabi hisses “you will die!” she says, still trying to hide her accent as she does pause for just a second to listen, for it makes no sense

  • Tala: Every thing that lives will die. we farmer, that is not news to us

  • Sabi her head turns to look at him. Her sapphrie gaze remembering all about his features as she looks at him with un-adulterated hatred

  • Sandy: well the reason is simple; we were chatting harmoniously to two of your tribe when a third attacked us. The other two joined in and we were captured, stripped and I in particular was hurt very badly where a man does not like getting hurt

  • Tala : … and it planting season

  • Sabi looks at him defiantly as she glances to his crotch, then back up and smiles “I hope they made you sterile” she hisses, snapping her teeth at you and grinning, her eyes wild

  • Sandy grins ‘I already was but they did not make me impotent…….amybe you will discove rthat for yourself’ and he grins to show he is teasing her a bit

  • Tala : We both always have been

  • Sabi  “Is your whore angry that she cant be serviced? Is that why you take me?” she hisses and snarls as he speaks of rape “do not defile me, I am of the Goddess” she snaps beginning to wriggle again

  • Sandy: well first things first, your sisters striped us and degraded us both so…….’ and he bends down and taking his dagger starts to slice off her rags coovering her body

  • Sabi wrigges each time an arrow strikes her, grunting in pain as her eyes flash up to the female “you.. you are a daughter of a Goddess.. how can you let a male defile you and attack sisters” as she snarls and screams as you cut

  • Sandy begins with her top slicing through the thin material and pulling it off revealing her breats

  • Tala: I said the GODS of the skies you will never see a tuchuck free woman wave our private bits

  • Sandy then slices through the material covering her private parts leaving her completely naked

  • Tala goes silent and focuses on any sound or sight indicating people other than us

  • Sabi  “nor would you see a sister of the moons show them to a male willingly” she snaps at the woman “coward, son of an urt, sleen faeces” she hisses at the male as he strips her, writhing and wriggling trying to make it as difficult as possible

  • Sandy ignores her wriggling using his superior strength to do precisely a she wishes thensighs as he does not like hurting a woman but then he remembers how they treated him and his beloved and his anger rises again ‘any reason panther I should not hurt you the way your sisters hurt me?”

  • Sabi “because” she snaps, her half black face turning to him, eyes crackling like fire “the Goddess is in me” she says in a dark whisper “you have no honour, you simply attack any one.. but are not man enough to seek and find those whom did whatever you deserved.. it is typical of a male.. the simple way, the easiest way, the stupid as a bosk way” she says “touch me and you will be cursed” she warns

  • Sandy ‘hmm, fesity aren’t you?’ but nonetheless helpless ;and he grabs the leash and drags her across to the whipping post

  • Sabi screams and bites the ground, trying to make your every single move so difficult as she can in her bound state, fighting to try and wriggle her hands free from the bindings

  • Sandy decids not to use the post but rather do the traditional thing and drags her to the cross , then picks he rup as if she were a rag doll and first loosenign her wrist binds pins her to the cross and clicks the cuffs to attach her to the upper part of it. he then bends down and loosening her ankle ropes spreads her legs clicking each into the metal cuffs and then removes her rope sall together

  • Sabi would of course attempt to scratch or fight him, she is of course weaker though and after some difficult struggling you would manage to hang her there, and she would take that opportunity to spit in your face, snapping at you at the same time. Her eyes blue seas of hatred as she curses you very creatively “castrated bosk dung! Companion of a whore, defiler of daughters” she shouts

  • Sandy wipes her spittle from his face and glowers at her ‘not a sensible thing to do when you are pinne don a cross completely at my mercy; I will add that to your ultimate punishment’

  • Sabi  growls like a wild animal at him, for she is not far from that and continues to snap and wriggle “release me!” she hisses and since it bothered him, she tries to spit at him again

  • Tala: Panther id you want to KEEP the ability to talk I strongly suggest swallowing those insults

  • Sabi turns her blue eyes icily on Talia “you defile your own sex female.. whoring yourself to a man!” she snaps, “kill him, cut me loose and I will free you!” she snarls

  • Sandy moves his ead this time to avoid her spittign and suddenly without warning rams two fingers into her heat ‘this is in revenge for what was done to me and believe me is soft in comparison’

  • Sabi hisses at her “your sex female.. be proud of what you are.. you are female, a daughter of the goddess, superior to all males.. it is they whom defile us” as she looks to minus “simply because you are stronger, you take pleasure from stripping me .. urt dung!” she screams at him and cries as he shoves himself into her the pain bringing tears to her eyes, she is dry and inexperienced

  • Tala : I am very proud to be a free Tuchuck woman who show our pride by keeping our bodies to be seen ONLY by our Free TRUSTED and LOVED companions. I say no more you would not understand

  • Sandy sees her react to the invasion of her most private parts with pain and feels a feeling of sympathy wash ove rhim so he gently withdraws his fingers and notes she is not wet inside so it must have been very painful for her . He gives her time to recover before doing anything else

  • Tala watches the movement of the leavs seeing some at the docks and focus all attention to defence

  • Tala hopes my FC washes his hands extreemly well very soon

  • Sabi gaps as she bites her lower lip, trying not to show how much he hurt her lifting her chin and staring defiantly at him, though she would breathe through her nose, trying not to let him see the pain he caused her “do not defile me with your maleness.. ” she warns, “the goddess will destroy you” she hisses, though not so loud afraid her voice will quaver and she will not give him the satisfaction as her vagina aches from the intrusion

  • Sandy goes across and dips his hands in the water trough to clean them before returning to the panther looking at her closely to see if she could cope with the rigours of working on a farm and decides she probably could. ‘Well panther, I think we should grant you the privilege of submitting to us, wearing our collar and working on our farm. At least you will be bette rfed than in that forest of yours’ and he laughs

  • Sabi “i will never submit to such as you!

  • Sabi : and she spits at him, gnashing her teeth

  • Sandy sighs and wipes her spittle off his fine clothes ‘well maybe we should simpy sell you to a tavern as a coin slut, though not sure many will pay very much for you’

  • Sabi  “do not bring your vile hands near me, or any part of your disgusting self.. you make me ill!” she snarls, shaking her head as she gives him a wicked smile “I would die first beast… animal, dung!” she screams, the pain between her legs, and perhaps the thought of what he had done to her even worse as she stares at you with hatred in her eyes

  • Sandy: hmm seems my first judgement of you was right; you are feisty…………nearly as feisty as my free companion so you may deduce that i like feisty women, indeed to a degree admire them. i detest simpering, two faced free women one find sin the cities’

  • Sabi snarls at him “I am naturally free.. do not look upon me you defile the Goddess!” she screams at him, her mouth now dry as she tries to spit, unsuccesfully “do not admire me, do not like me.. I will tear any part of you off and feed it to you, cast your eyes away from the blessing of the goddess, cut me free and I might let you live, crawling on the floor before females whom are superior to you! ” she snarls, her voice starting to go horse though from the yelling, her anger isnt any less as she feels as if she might be bleeding from his rough entry between her legs, and it just makes her more angry

  • Sandy laughs ‘my my, you have the most odd ideas about women being superior to men; think you need enrolment in a gorean re-education programme. I think ther eare some slave academies which could change your views, maybe w eshould take you to one of them’

  • Tala : maybe trade her for one knowlagable in farm work

  • Sabi snarls again “and you are too much of an urt brain to realize you do not look upon a slave but on a free panther of the forest” she hisses.. “turn me loose.. if you cannot see I am a beast you are more stupid than when I first looked upon your fat face!”

  • Sandy smile sup to his beloved ‘good idea my love’

A trade

Red hair discovers the farmers flag in the lair, thus hearing  about Sabi’s capture and heads to the farmers homestead to secure her sisters release, here is what happened.

The role play:

  • Sandy looks down from the tower ‘what do you want panthers?’

  • Marli: “be careful mine, stay close” she motions to her slave to stay close

  • ʂհἶ: Yes my Mistress

  • Sandy I repeat; looks down from the tower ‘what do you want panthers?

  • ʂհἶ wonders if her Mistress hears the words

  • Marli shouts: “I want to see your beedy eyes Sandy” , Marli waded through the high grass , in the distance she could see the tower and beyond that the farm, her nostrils filling with bosk dung from down wind , she wriggled her nose , trying hard not to sneeze

  • Sandy shouts: ‘you come to trade for your sister then?

  • Tala shouts: You know he is not that daft SAY what you want

  • Marli shouts: he is daft! he just admitted he has one of my sisters !

  • Marli: “fool” , Marli looked at her slave and rolled her eyes

  • ʂհἶ laughs softly

  • Tala shouts: That is HONEST not daft especialy since you knew to come he from the FLAF!!

  • Sandy shouts: I left you our calling card so you would come and ransom her

  • Tala shouts: FLAG

  • Marli shouts: what do you want for her release farmers ?

  • Tala shouts: SO SPEAK you want trade or arrows?

  • Tala nods and goes silent now negotiations began

  • Marli shouts: “yea …yea…..I KNOW you are eager to shoot arrows” , Marli knew from past experience now that these farmers would fire arrows without warning, well , she based it on events that took place in Forest Moon

  • Tala shouts: Always

  • Sandy shouts: two things . first an apology for attacking me and talia when we were talking in your lands and second one of your finest furs

  • Marli shouts: but do that ….and i send my girl in to burn your farm down

  • Tala shouts: Listen to him he TOLD you what the price is FOCUS!

  • Marli shouts: You attacked us ! and you insulted my sister !

  • Sandy shouts: your tribe attacke dus from your camp while we had our weapons sheathed and then you abused us; revenge as they say is sweet. Now I repeat an apology and a fur

  • Marli shouts: You bring my sister out first ……i dont trust either of you now

  • ʂհἶ: Um my Mistress…if what they say is true…that they were attacked with no warning then that is wrong

  • Marli shouts: mine …..get that kindling …if they dont come out and trade …..its hell fire time for that barn !

  • ʂհἶ: Yes my Mistress

  • Marli looks in her sheath for fire arrows , whilst her slave looks for kindling , Marli was getting impatient waiting and heard or saw nothing, she was concerned about her sister, the fire a threat , she wouldnt really do it , as perhaps her sister would be in the barn

  • ʂհἶ leans over and gathers some tender and leaves and groups them together in her hands…wrapping them together with some twine

  • ʂհἶ: This will make a suitable torch my Mistress

  • Marli takes the kindling and sees her slave has fashioned it into a torch, she held it in her hand, the fire taking hold , its flickering making Marli’s eyes sparkle

  • Tala shouts: STAY there and DONT move or ALL THREE of you will be doing farm work

  • ʂհἶ laughs….so another day fro me

  • Marli: “come out with my sister or i burn your home down !” she held the torch up high so the farmers could see

  • Sabi would look to her elder sister, she would keep her chin up though, not showing any emotion so as not to shame them, she is bleeding slightly between the legs and her wrists are bloody but she still looks defiant

  • ʂհἶ: Tal master…tal mistress

  • Tala looks at the torch. “That best be for seeing in the belly of the shop you sail home on”

  • Tala : ship

  • Sandy: ‘well here she is; not the most co-operative captive I have ever had………..i almost admire her for that, she is a credit to your tribe’

  • Sandy: greetings girl

  • Sandy: tal marli

  • ʂհἶ smiles and bows her head

  • Sabi is oh so relieved it is Marli, but she would remain silent, biting her lower lip, she does not wish to give either the satisfaction of seeing her bowed, even in pain

  • Marli glances at her sister , she would see the blood and tangled mess , her blood already boiling at the sight of this as it was much worse than the two farmers had suffered , she looked concerned “Sister , soon you will be freed ”

  • Sandy: aye she will be once you apologise and give us a high quality fur

  • Sabi dips her head to Marli in acknowledgement of her words, but she turns to glare at the man, her feet are unbound after all, and they can be used as weapons as she assess him from the back, glancing to marli to see if she can read what sabi is thinking

  • Tala: and we will escort you all to he docks and watch like tarns as you sail home.

  • Marli lifted her nose up in an arrogant way , she slid a leather travelling bag from her slaves shoulders , then turned and tossed the bag at Tala’s feet “inspect the bag , there are furs inside , take one …..and be quick”

  • Sandy looks to tala ‘checks the furs my pet and select the best’ and then turns back to marli ‘and the apology?’

  • Sabi smiles as Marli orders them, for it gives her pride, though she does give a flicker of a frown at the thought of furs wasted on her as she eyes his back, still

  • Tala hesitates sheathing my bow as I can throw them 3 moons further than I trust them but quickly grabs gloves from my pack and ipends it to inspect the fur

  • Tala rests her bow and my arm till needed again

  • Tala: They of equal quality 2 sleen and a tarsk fur wich would you prefer my love?

  • Sandy sees anothe rpanther coming and sighs ‘anothe rtrick?’

  • Sandy: tarsk fur please my love’ he says to tala

  • Sabi glances to the woman as she does his bidding, her thoughts of that, writ across her face, but still, she bites her tongue, glancing to Marli then back

  • antonia: hmm,our old friends,what did they did this time?

  • Tala drops the back and listens for answer with ready rence bow arm

  • Marli grinned , still remaining aloof to both farmers “take the fur ” she motioned to her slave to gather the rest

  • ʂհἶ smiles and nods…yes my Mistress

  • Sandy: I repeat ‘the deal was for an apology as well’

  • Marli: “now cut my sister free and i will give you an apology as Chieftess……..and YOU know that carries much weight” she pointed at her sister

  • ʂհἶ kneels and retrieves the bag of furs…rearranging them neatly in the bag before she returns to her Mistress’s feet

  • Sabi extends her wrists to the man, her yes filled with hatred as she waits for him to cut the ropes that bind her wrists

  • Sandy smiles ‘good I am glad this is ending peacefully’ and he turns round and gently so as not to hurt Sabi cuts her binds

  • Sabi walks over proudly to stand next to Marli, dipping her head to her, she still doesnt trust herself to speak as she turns, unbowed looking back at the man and woman defiantly, rubbing her bloody wrists to get feeling back in them

  • Marli waited till her sister was unbound and would motion for her to join her at her side , quickly unsheathing the sleen knife on her hip and passing it silently to sabi , then her brown orbs would settle on sandy , she spoke softly “I apologize”, her fiery eyes meeting those of the man

  • Sabi she would glance to Anto and nod gently, hiding her emotions at all this as she glances back to the two in front and takes the knife, hodling it then waiting for isntructions

  • Sandy: thank you marli; you have more honour than some so-called rads I have met

  • Marli leaned in and whispered to sabi “we are nearly done …..” then pulled out a fur from the bag and passed it to sabi “try this fur on sister……at least it will cover you” she hated to see her sister naked and vulnerable infront of this man

  • Sabi nods her head gratefully and slips the fur on, its the wrong fit but it is better than being naked in front of the male

  • Sandy smiles to the panthers and their girl ‘I wish you a safe and pleasant voyage back to your home forest’

  • Tala : be well till we see you again

  • Tala: we did diddly to the other naked panther she did that to herself

  • Tala : so natural state for you lot dont pretent to be offended

  • ʂհἶ looks up at her Mistress and subtly nods her head toward the docks as if to suggest leaving now would best for all concerned

  • Marli: “You have had your compensation …….Do not come to our lands again……you get only this one warning” she then motioned to her sisters and her slave to head to the docks

  • Tala nods

  • Tala : we hear you

The farmers and the slave

The role play:

Tala  shouts: you seem to kjnow quite a bit

Tala shouts: How much do you know about farming?

Jason  shouts: You stick the seed in the ground then magic stuff happens and you get food? I have never claimed to be that knowledgeable

Sandy shouts: maybe it is time you learned more then; we offer  a skill development opportunity

Tala shouts: Nay but you have shown yourself to be

Tala shouts: Nay but you have shown yourself to be

Jason  shouts: You come to these lands to offer me of all people that sort of opportunity?

Tala shouts: We do

Sandy shouts: aye; we are very generous.  All you need to do is come down here and we will leash you and give you the opportunity of a lifetime to learn about farm labour first hand

Jason  shouts: Now I don’t think my owner would be too happy about that

Sandy shouts: so?  what is that to me?

Tala shouts: and the freshest t most delicious food you have ever tasted

Jason shouts: Not much to you I suppose, but I am currently standing up here

Sandy shouts: we can change that’ and he notches an arrow in his bow

Tala shouts: We will inform her that she is now your former owner. No worrie

 I’m off exploring the couthy estate of the wealthy farmers Sandy and Tala.

Couthy Estate – Tharnock Hills

Marlies rising I dressed for the cold of the day but for travel as well putting on heavy leather brown colored leggings and a slightly darker long sleeved tunic, next I quickly brushed out ass length red flame colored tresses to then with deft slender digits braided the curly red mane into a single thick plait that was tied off and secured with a bit of binding fiber then left to hang down the center of my back before I then secured a bit of cloth about my head to keep any stray hairs from my face as the shorter strands slide free of the braid as I go about my day.

Marlies standing now to my full but very short height I see to the arming of myself with various weapons as well as my satchel of supplies once I had slid on my belt that held all these things…the satchel hung tightly to me off my left hip and on my right was the sheath I slid my oldest and most deadly looking dagger into it’s sheath.

Marlies rising now I gathered and slid over my left shoulder a full quiver of arrows securing it across my chest with the attached leather strap before I then grabbed my small bow and slung that up and over my right shoulder to nod satisfied with my choice of things to take with me on my trip to the Couthy estate.

Marlies satisfied now with my choosing of what all to take on my planned walk about onto the Couthy estate to do a bit of spying I then depart my hut after scribbling a note telling anyone who found it of my soon to be whereabouts and then into the supply tent I head where I quickly gathered and packed a bit of day old bread, dried fruits and meat as well as a couple botas of water I knew exactly where to refill when they became empty.

Marlies grumbling now as I head to the Lair entrance with the stone slabs built to go down and after slipping out I secured the wood door hung on the hinged built into the natural rock , I head down the make shift ladder like stairs that sway only the slightest of bit as I head down them to find and get on the wilderness path leading out into the heart of Forest.

Marlies walking on a tread I practiced to be soft and light I vanish down the path my form moving along on sure feet that moved along soundlessly though once I was a fair bit in I lifted my head and gave a shrill whistle hoping that Sav my second in command hears and knows that I have left the Lair.

Marlies walking along I sing the song I normally sing when all alone and take in the various flora and fauna once I pulled my rence scroll tablet and a charcoal stick from my satchel making vast and various sketches of the things I wanted to know the names of as well as how the path went so later others could find and follow it for there was a couple farms I was just coming to…

Marlies glancing to the left now across and a bit back from the path was where an over grown herbal and food garden seemed to be extremely out of control and overrun with weeds and other interesting growing things that I quickly added to my sketch….

Marlies stopping here only long enough to fill what water was drunk from my botas I then hurried on as it was not wise when alone to stay near an obvious water hole as the mystery of what happened to the people who once lived here still needed to be solved.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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