Lets discuss pregnant panther girls and their extended families

Pregnancy fun?


Dear readers,

Panther girls may rape their male slaves and it seems likely that they would use slave wine. There is no mention in the novels of any pregnant panther girls or children living with the panthers girls. The assumption is that children would interfere greatly and hinder their lives. As slave wine lasts forever, or until a releaser is given, then only a single dose is needed at some point in their lives. If panther girls were the maternal type , they would most likely not have  have fled to the forests. Once panther girls get tired of their male slaves , they will usually sell them at the exchange points.

No pregnant woman would flee to the forests to join a panther band.

The same is also true of panthers not taking advantage of sip root which grows naturally in the wild. Any band would want assurances that a runaway would not be pregnant. But, that said , this is SL Gor where you can find pregnant En’s performing moon dances.

If a panther did get pregnant , her sisters would notice the tell- tale signs, she would leave the tribe for her own safety, knowing her band would wait until her belly weakens her and then challenge her to a duel which if she lost would result in her being collared , her baby either killed or sold into slavery.

I’m no stranger to the topic of pregnancy in SL Gor or to extended SL families. Many of my friends in and outside of SL Gor have popped out prim babies.

SL Family role play is getting very popular in SL Gor as many know. With some panther tribes having extended families in them. Many SLers have experienced it for themselves while others think it is just weird and ridiculous. Nonetheless most of us have come across a pregnant avie, child avies or a loving parent cradling a prim baby in their arms while subjecting everyone to the belly talking HUD letting bystanders know that Mommy loves her baby or something about nasty stretch marks. With family role play comes the deed to creating prim babies for many couples.

When these mates get intimate by using sexbeds, furring rugs and other objects containing sex animation, the act of making babies gets more real but it won’t cause a pregnancy. Couples have to wear a fertility/ pregnancy HUD to achieve conception. (Mama-Allpa has good ones).

The whole experience can be interesting, costly and maybe even a bit complicated just to add a little something extra to a loving relationship. There are different options for going about the whole parenting thing. One way is purchasing an artificially intelligent prim baby rather than  finding someone willing to dress up like a child avatar and roleplay as your offspring.

However, artificial intelligent babies get neglected more because they can’t complain about being stored in an inventory for days or weeks whilst a child avatar might divorce you as their parent and move on to another loving family due to neglection.Just remember, becoming a virtual parent is something you might want to think about if you are unsure about your romantic relationship(s) or if the time you have to spare with your little bundle of prim joy is rare. Just like having a child in the real world, you have expenses and responsibilities.  Also, nobody wants to see pregnant women twerking in the tavern or bringing their babies with them to the panther camp.Adding a baby to your virtual family however should be a special and joyous time.

Congratulations if getting pregnant in Second Life Gor has changed your virtual experience for the better.


About the maternity outfit:

Thankyou for purchasing  *TT*  mesh maternity  inside you will fine 3 style of  corsets .  from xxs-xxl
to  fit your  unique  shape  you must wear  one of the alpha layers  there are two  one with and one without feet.  so you can wear those  shoes or  bare feet you love so much  or not .  also the skirts are re-sizable .  please make a copy of  them  before resizing  then you can delete the scripts in  the copied  one  once you  find your right size.
thankyou  again  and i  hope you enjoy this outfit as much  as i  do . !! sincerely  Azziza Constantine

Discussion in Panther of Gor – what do you think?

Aimee: So sorry but to go back to the question earlier ,ould there be panther sims to allow child no sex av?

Diana: no

Aimee: yes i’m two hours belated I was busy

Shelly: wot.

Aimee: I am looking for Role Play as a Panthers daughter or son. I do not RP sex. AT ALL. EVER. Hence RPing as a child. I would enjoy role play sharing group/family values, hunting techniques, poisonous plants, good herbs…  sharing the feeling of family closeness.

Aimee: it was perfectly sane like this

Diana: almost ever gor sim is adult.. child avi not allowed

Aimee: So?

Aimee: What does the TOS say?

Shelly: unless prolly a town.. maybe.. a child.. of a family..something but idk.

Diana: besides.  a child would only hinder a panther… she would sell it off

Aimee: no sex with child avatar?

Shelly: why would you even.

Aimee: becaus e it fits wit what diana asked

Aimee: NO SEX

Aimee: so what’s the problem?

Shelly: Diana, answer her, i got lost when it started

Aimee: and are you sure as long as there is no sex with child or sex with witness child TOS prevents it?

Mel: i think it would be up to the Sim owner or the various tribes they say no and that’s the end of that question

Aimee: and concerning what would panther do we have examples in the boooks?

Nicci: can be child long they play 18 year old child

Mel: doesn’t matter what the books say they say no and that’s it

Fiona: Most Gorean Sim are Adult Rated,Child avis are not allowed,doenst matter if dont involving sexually Rp

Diana: It’s not that there were not children but its more of a secondlife thing, it is adult rated sims

Aimee: Child avatars are allowed within Second Life.[1] A child avatar, even within a mature or adult region (but not participating in adult (in this case, sexual) ) activities is allowed.

Realistic ‘panther girl’ profile?

Born in gor to two loving parents just became of age, now traveling gor and exploring. Momma is a panther and Daddy is a warrior, I was brought up living in the panther camp with my momma, but I can recall at a young age daddy coming to vist leaving me toys, grew up with a bow in my hand and love in my heart . Finally settled down with a wonderful family, . and also my four lovely children, and our bond Angel” whom is missing at this time.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/various


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