Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Lara


About Lara:

Lara is a walled northern city-state, allied with Ko-ro-ba, which occupies the stratigic juncture of the Vosk and Olni rivers. A freshwater port, Lara is in many ways typical of the mighty walled settlements of central civilized Gor, renowned for its skilled warriors, excellent sailors and superbly trained slaves.
To the Urthan, Lara may be likened to many of the walled city-states of ancient Earth Greece. Lara’s citizens are noted for their toughness, and extreme independence even by Gorean standards, In Lara, the reward for declaring oneself Ubar is death, usually by slicing or some other creative, festive means.
So we see from the scrolls that Lara has a history of being a shelter for various refugees of the incessant Gorean wars, and that there are many Inns in the city, although few as fine as teh Gor-famous Ti.
Also, Lara and the city of Ar have a history of non-belligerance, or lessened bellecosity , and the chief concern of the Arrans, indeed, of the Larans themselves, were raiding forces of Cos, and the river pirates who preyed on all alike.
Suprisingly enough, Lara is the home of Oryx, the Mapmaker and Explorer of some note, and his lovely and gracious Free Companion, Lorelle.
Salerian Confederation: It is also known as the Four Cities of Saleria. The Confederation consists of the cities of Ti, Vonda, Port Olni, and Lara, which all lie on the Olni River. The largest and principal city is Ti. The Confederation is a growing power in the north. Ti is farthest from the joining of the Olni and Vosk Rivers, Port Olni is next in line, then Vonda and Lara. Lara lies at the junction of the Olni and Vosk Rivers.

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