Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Brundisium


About Brundisium:

“Brundisium This is a port on the coast of Thassa, a hundred pasangs or so south of the Vosk delta. It was initially an ally of Ar but was conquered by Cos during the Cos/Ar war. There are eleven towers in the city and it is one of the largest and busiest ports in its area. …I understood that Brundisium was one of the largest and busiest ports of this world. It was a commercial metropolis of sorts.”
Dancer of Gor, page 147

Although there is no real law requiring the donning of veils, Free Woman who do not wear veils, do so at their own Risk. Please remember, when traveling you should be fully concealed as you are a reflection on Brundisium.
The Castes of players, entertainers, musicians, singers, and poets may enter the City of Brundisium freely. Although individuals of these castes will not be reduced to slavery, they are still bound by and expected to follow all Laws of the City. Failure to do so will subject the individual to the consequences dealt to those who breaks the laws of Brundisium.

My thoughts on Brundisium:


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