Role play of dangerous strangers for Panthers

Adventures of Forest Moon


The Forest Moon encounter the Sa Ki Fori

The evening was cool, the panthers of Forest Moon looked down towards the dock where the Sa Ka Fori gathered, their feathers were numerous and you could hear the shouts as they climbed from their canoes. A soft breeze whispered across the land and then the volu’s broke and the war horns sounded.
Minx, Hot and Stacey moved to the cliffs at the back of the camp, where they took up position. Moon, Yss, Heather, first war bow Dutch and Cherri took position round the perimeters of the camp. Though out numbered the Forest Moon fought a long and bitter battle, they raked the gully to the gate keeping the enemy at bay and the battle seemed to go on forever.
Yet the enemy never retreated they stayed and fought determined to get in through the gate. Yet Forest moon battled bravely beating off all attempts. It would seem they would hold out forever until……….One of their number were shot from the cliff and the rampaging enemy took the keys and swarmed through the gates.
Those on th cliff held out for a little longer before being over run, by which time they were already wounded
and tired..
Minx slowly regained consciousness and found rough binds biting into her flesh, her mouth was full of dirt and blood. her wounds pained her and her eyes were dull taking time to get back their sparkle. She pushed against her binds and felt the spear tip against her neck. A white haired woman, a tribal leader looked down at her and took the rope dragging her down to the camp below.  She, Hot, Cherri and Yss found themselves dragged to the dock. Though they struggled and fought against their bonds, they were taken away in canoes to a strange forest land and separated.
There the EN sat and spoke with her, Minx looked at the woman and sensed though a fierce huntress, there was a side of the woman that was honorable in victory.  She was treated with a kindness and told that it was just one of her tribe they wanted and that she would be freed.  Minx realized that she was more liable to be released, if she was not belligerent
Then she could carry information about the others to the tribe. Finally she was allowed to return to her home and was given a canoe for her journey. A journey that was long given her wounds and tiredness. Yet eventually she smiled as the river ran into areas she recognized and smiled tiredly, she was home back with Forest Moon.

Danguh….Danguh….Going undercover

Red hair prepares to go undercover.

The role play:

  • savy shouts: STRANGER

  • savy : Stranga Danguh! Stranga Danguh! Wun awaaayyy!

  • Lia chuckles “it might be”

  • savy  points and screams

  • Lia: tal marli

  • savy: STRANGER!!!

  • Marli: “you can run but you cant hide ” grins at savy

  • savy growls and hisses at the stranger

  • Marli laughs

  • Marli: “i need some blonde hair and some black braided hair for Des “

  • Lia steps between savy and marli, its a move she learn as a teen while she her two dogs would fight, showing dominate and protection of them both

  • savy: Nuuuuuuu!

  • Lia: you need what?” looking at Marli “why do you need that?”

  • savy runs away with her hair tucking it into her helmet

  • savy shouts: ohh look huntress Erica is blonde!!

  • savy : i’m jsut saying

  • Erica turns around and looks at savy squinting

  • Marli: “i need those items to infiltrate her tribe , its their pledge quest type of thing, i have to convince them its the hair belonging to Willow and Morr”

  • Lia: “hmmm” glancing at magic “well take some of magic’s hair and braid it and ask Erica if you can give her a trim”

  • Erica laughs….”Ohh yes. Let me just cut my hair, my gorgeous long blonde hair.”

  • Marli: “then i can take my time and steal Des ‘s clothes like you asked ” she glances as Erica and Maggy “if they dont mind donating for a good cause”

  • Lia turns towards Erica “ohh it would just be the ends. You know cutting your hair makes your hair healthier and more beautiful”

  • Marli chuckles

  • Lia: just a little off the end erica

  • dena: Tal Mistresses..tal savy

  • Lia: greetings deniee

  • Maggy laughs

  • Erica smiles as she pulls out a dagger….”You think that works with body parts too?”

  • Lia laughs “hey I didn’t cut your finger off like Joy ask me too!”

  • Erica nods her head…..”Yes speaking of that. I feel really sorry for sa di sani. They should be getting visited by the ghosts of ericas past….my kids.”

  • Lia laughs hard “good!”

  • Erica nudges savy closer….”Saves hair is closer to willows then mine is.”

  • Marli tilts her head to one side , she sees some blonde hair sticking out from the helmet “a bit short though”

  • savy : Nuuuuuuu!

  • savy : it will hurts!!

  • savy : NO!!

  • savy : mah huntres will protect meh!

  • savy : told you she was stranger danger!

  • Erica lets out a long sigh and brings her dagger up. Taking some of the long strands in her hand she cuts several inchs off and slips the blade back into her sheath then walks up and hands it to Marli….”if it doesnt work. You are to steal bran.”

  • savy : mah hair is safe now?

  • Marli snickers “and i told you you can run but you cant hide” then turns to Erica “that wont be hard , i was leashed to bran when i chatted with them all cosy around the camp fire “

  • Erica slowly turns her head and looks at savy….”Yes…it is.”

  • Lia pulls savy in close, glances over at Erica, nodding with approval seeing Erica cooperating “thank you Erica. You hair will pay off in the long run once our spy gets membership in the ki var camp”

  • Erica squints at Marli….”I want bran or eris. That is what i want in return for my hair Marli. Bran or eris.”

  • dena: smiles… you are in skirts Mistress

  • savy : ehhh panties!

  • Maggy: I am….but my sisters wear panties.

  • dena: you could go commando Misttress since its summer time

  • Marli nods nods and repeats “bran or eris “

  • Maggy: I used to do that until a manther in my previous tribe took every opportunity to look beneath my skirts and kilts to get an eyeful.

  • Erica blinks

  • Lia blinks too hearing Erica

  • Maggy: and to sketch pictures of what he saw and post them on huge prims all over camp

Danguh…..Danguh….Seph is bathing

A beautiful sight in Hrimgrar.

The role play:

  • Marli leant against the tree and couldnt decide who was prettier, the waterlilly or Sephora

  • Sephora dips her face beneath the water blowing a few bubbles before whipping her hair around all wildly, sending beads of water flying thru the air: “mmmmpaahhhh! So refreshing!!”

  • Marli eyes lingered a moment on the bubble blowing Sephora . her hair all bouncy and her body frisky , Marli smiled to herself , obviously the panther enjoyed her bathing time

  • Sephora humms contently without a care in the world, currently oblivious to the person nearby as she runs her hands back and forth across the shimmering surface of the water, fiddling with the rocks in the shallow little creek bed. She whistled a soft tune as she idly relaxed, occasionally arching her body forward and stretching out her flat stomach followed by a groan

  • Marli tilted her head to one side , she recalled seeing Sephora or one that looked remarkably similar on the auction boards of Ar , it was such a sweet deal she mused , obviously the panther girl was worth every tarsk of the asking price

  • Sephora snickers softly to herself as she remembers a fantastic joke she told yesterday and slowly pushes herself up, sitting in the little creek bed on her bottom….idly lifting cupped hands full of water into the air and pouring it over herself. “Mmmhhhhh! A fresh spring is better than a city bath anyday!” she chimes with a smug sneer on her face

  • Marli giggles to herself , covering her mouth , Marli did like to compare herself with other cute girls , Marli wasnt one to pass the oppertunity to see what other panther girls looked like in natura , she made sure Sephora could not hear or see her , she hid her slender body behind the tree

  • Sephora pauses briefly as she hears the sound of …. birds …. chirping nearby. Dismissing it easily since she is out in the middle of the forest. She goes back to what she was doing, reaching over behind her and taking a towel, wiping some of the water from her face before tossing it aside into a wadded ball. She lifts her knee and starts rubbing a small handful of stones cupped in her hand up and down against her right calf: “Aaahh……darn leg cramps get me every time….” and she massages the rocks slowly against her muscles

  • Marli withdrew silently, not wanting to be discovered , she smiled she would give Sephora a nine out of ten , she surely was the prettiest Sa Sang Hrimgar

  • Sephora splashes some water on her face as her cheeks start to blush all of the sudden: “What the heck….” she mumbles confused

Danguh….Danguh….Going undercover

A panther goes undercover with a rival pack. Will she be found out?

The role play:

  • Morr focuses back on Arane. “Why don’t we start with a few basic bits of information. We like to get a feel for people who seek us out. So the first question is, did you seek us out intentionally or were we just the closest tribe to where you found yourself in the forests. Why are you in the forests in the first place, and are you alone now or part of another band at this time?”

  • Zara would likely glare at Morr if my eyes were open but I just lay there, clutching the pillow and whining mostly to anyone who might listen at this point in time. Arane might just be the luckiest pledge to come in in a while.

  • Arane listens intently as Morr speaks and then answers the questions in order as best as she can “I have been looking for a tribe yes, but I was wandering when I came

  • Arane: upon your tribe.” she says “I am in the forests because I was originally a slave, I was freed from my bondage and took to the forests as a means of survival.” she says “I am not part of another band.”

  • Zara asks with a mumbled tone, “And where were you held slave? Are they likely to come looking for you.. how long ago was this?” then moans slightly to see if it helps “I’m not sure what grass that’s gone moldy would do to help Morr, but thanks for the thought”

  • Morr listens to the answers and nods. Building on Zara’s question. “Have you any experience in the forests then, other than what has happened since you escaped slavery, or are we going to have to teach you to hunt and sew, make your own arrows, skin a tabuk….”

  • Arane looks down and folds her hands together before looking up again, saying with complete honesty “I was a Tahari slave, a working slave, so I know how to sew and skin a tabuk. It is doubtful that they would come

  • Arane : looking for me as they freed me in the first place, I simply did not wish to live the life of a free woman, I wanted to be completely free of men and their laws. No, I do not have experience in the forests other than since my freedom, but I am willing to learn.” she says

  • Zara nods and glances over to Morr, to see what weapons you had on you, “How have you been surviving then since your release?”

  • Arane looks over at her glaive/spear and ponders the question “Mostly spear fishing, I have gotten quite good at it.” she says

  • Zara shudders slightly, “Fish. Yuck. However you seemed mostly healthy. Have you trialled any other bands since your release or are we the first?”

  • Arane looks over at her glaive/spear and ponders the question “Mostly spear fishing, I have gotten quite good at it.” she says

  • Morr smiles at you then. “All right. You aren’t the first slave to seek the life of a huntress. Let me tell you how we do things here. You will have three days to learn our ways, get to know people here. Eat with us, hunt with us, fight with us. Make sure it’s a good fit for you. We are not a large tribe, but we are a strong one. We will be evaluating you as well. At the end of the three days, if you are unhappy, you are free to leave. If, however, you like it here, and we like you, then you will be asked to pledge your bow to us.”

  • Arane smiles a little and hides a throaty chuckle behind one hand as she hears Zara’s commentary on fish “You are the first I will have trialed with.” she says, still chuckling slightly. She listens intently to Morr and nods enthusiastically “Thank you for this opportunity, thank you very much.” she says

  • Zara opens one eye now and looks over, “What’s your name anyway? After you would pledge your bow you become Lia and I’s responsibility. We look after the peldges, train you up then challenge you with a task. Once this is completed we would recommend you be made full huntress within the band. This is the only ranks we have.. the two Ens are the only ones in charge as such. But keep in mind you are new.”

  • Arane smiles brighter than she had so far “I am Arane.” she listens and nods “This sounds fair enough.” she says

  • Morr hands back your bow and glaive. “You are free to have these back. We would not ask anyone to be in the forests unarmed. Now one final question for you. What do you know of the quest for the golden bow?” I watch your face carefully now, looking for any sign of deception.

  • Arane tilts her head to one side, her golden eyes clear “I have heard mention of some golden bow on my travels.” she says honestly

  • Morr nods. “Tell me what you know, if you would be so kind.”

  • Arane frowns a little as she thinks back on what little she heard, her brow furrowing slightly

  • Arane : “I know that the priest kings made a golden bow, and I understand why many would want it, but would it not be hard to bend?” she asks, bewildered

  • Morr nods. “We are in the midst of the final stages of that quest. There is a tribe that holds a key that wishes to steal what we have. I would not put it past them to try to plant a spy in our midst,” I say, looking at you once more for any sign that you might be other than what you say you are.

  • Arane : shakes her head, braids bouncing off her shoulders “It sounds like a lot of trouble to me.” she says dryly

  • Zara pulls one arm under my head as my tummy starts to settle slightly, “Trouble. It sounds like trouble to you to be in the best tribe there is? The strongest? That’s not trouble sunshine. Trouble is having to deal with the tribe that hold said last key. HAT is trouble. And anyway, it doesn’t need to bend.”

  • Zara shouts: who are you?

  • Arane holds up her hands in a calming gesture after slinging her glaive back on her back “Not trouble to join you, definitely not.” she says emphatically

  • Zara removes her bow from her back

  • Kya shouts: Lian .. and Kya

  • Morr sighs softly. “You will have to excuse us if we seem less than cordial. Everyone is tense right now. Hopefully it will all be over with shortly.”

  • Zara secures her weapon

  • Morr: Tal Kya, Azzina

  • Azzina : Tal everyone

  • Zara reflops “Glad you all jumped.. while I struggle to hold my stomach and my bow. Thanks. And less than cordial is a bit mild Morr.”

  • Zara : Tal Kya. Azzina. *clips the zzzz sound to make it real short, like half a z short*

  • Kya waves “Tal Morr ,Zara … and unknown”

  • Morr points. ‘This is Arane. SHe is seeking a home with us.””

  • Arane smiles “It is alright, I understand the tension.” she says warmly, then smiles to the newcomer “Tal.” she says with a friendly wave

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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