Role play of a Slavers War

Adventures of Erin


Slavers War

Erin adventures into hazardous lands.

The role play:

  • Jaekato leans and gets erin bow and scimitar and throws them away

  • Jaekato taking a rope from his belt, wraps around her arms and pulls them tightly together

  • Jaekato gets from the belt another long rope and loops it around her feet with a tight knot

  • Jaekato leans down picking the leash up

  • Erin groans and mumbles as being jostled starts to wake her up…

  • Erin whispers: “what why!?….”

  • Jaekato rolls over the girl “who you are?”

  • Erin clears her throat “my name is erin..why did you try to kill me…i never shot at you!”

  • Jaekato “this land is of my clan, slaver have killed and raped free woman of my village, you are with them?”

  • Erin: struggles briefly with the ropes, trying to pull her wrists free “I haven’t raped anyone. and i don’t know you. “

  • Erin looks around anxiously, wondering what stupid thought made her stop here “Let me go damn you! it was just chance that brought me here!”

  • Jaekato bends down close to the girls face looking into her eyes while pick his knife “so why you are here?”

  • Eri wrinkles her nose at his breath, holding her own breath as he speaks

  • Erin: “i got tired of swimming when i saw this damned dock, now Laet Me Go!!”

  • Jaekato moves his dagger lower along her stomach pushing it under the belt, gives it a quick flick lets that drop to the ground

  • Erin squeals “NO!!” as she tries to roll away “not another one….I’m running out of those!”

  • Erin: “i go through so many of those damn things a week” she complains

  • Jaekato slaps her tits and then grab her face “i needs answer why you are here ? i can suppose you know the slaver? and you have a value for them?” steps forward and back to made she nervous

  • Erin: yelps as the blow lands, making her head flip to the right “MY DAMN ISLAND SANK AND I WAS JUST PADDLING, LOOKING FOR DRY LAND, DAMN IT!”

  • Erin tries to bite at his leg as he draws close, grunting in agitation as he walks away from her

  • Jaekato leans over the girl face “stop screams or i loose my patience” you know them to be here so i can suppose you are a friend of this slaver!!!

  • Erin laughs out loud, but then starts to cry in frustration and then blurts “fine! i know whoever you say i do…”

  • Erin grumbles about deafness under her breath

  • Erin kicks and squirms and rolls her self over so that at least if he decides to kill her she wont see it coming

  • Jaekato pushes his dagger back down her stomach “you thinks i am joking, slave? this can be the last place you see in your life, there is a sign to the entrance, our clan owne the land and you have risk on you own coming here, now i have just to wait my brother and see what to do with you”

  • Jaekato as said that he manage to drag erin inside the tavern

  • Jaekato leans to pick her dagger and whip “weapons that one like you not need here. i take them, maybe sell them “

  • Jaekato: then grab erin and lock her wrist and ankles between the post with a secure knot

  • Erin starts to shake in anger, her eyes tearing a bit as he hoisted her ankles to shoulder heigth, then pulled them wide apart, chaining her in a horrifying position between the posts. she, at this point, wished that she’d just kept swimming when she saw the dock…

  • Jaekato look at her, not moving. chained “now girl, you can help me or be an enemy. its a choise i am giving to you”

  • Erin looks at him, and tries in vain to pull free as he chains her in the posts “you might as well kill me, my land….my home…as far as i know has sunk into the sea, and i have nothing. two years” she spat and then inhaled as she glared “i have been on this god forsaken planet and all i have known is gone!”

  • Jaekato brings a hard backhand across her cheek “that is not thequestion, Slut!!” he pick her chin with his right hand “now you want help me or be my enemy?”

  • Erin feels her head snap back as he punches her and then spots dance before her eyes, the sounds in her ears she guessed, was her own heart beating “i can’t help anyone.” she choked out, trying not to cry, the throbbing noise in her ears deafening

  • Jaekato shake his head “you are another one that wont fight the slaver. is this i have to suppose” he pulls tight the ropes on the 2 side of the post to made her more unconfortable

  • Erin screeches as he pulls her weight against her shoulders and then screams “IF I COULD FIGHT WORTH BOTHERING, DON’T YOU THINK I WOULD HAVE JUST NOW!!!!!”

  • Jaekato i gives to you 5 minutes to think about, he cuts the ropes around her body after picking her quiver and whip, think girl your freedom for be on our side !

  • Erin looks at the ceiling as she counts what she thought might be five minutes. though it had been so long …over two years? she wondered, since she’d been abducted and brought to this planet…she wasn’t sure of time anymore. what she was sure of was that her shoulders were begging her for mercy…

  • Jaekato saying with a smirk, “you are having the time i am not usual to give to someone” his right hand now move down, between her legs, while look deep into her eyes “then girl what you think to do?”

  • Erin closes her eyes as she feel his fingers tracing her tummy, down between her thighs. “how do i help?” she squeaked as she ducked her hips back away from his hand and swallows hard, trying not to make a sound past the question

  • Jaekato smiling his fingers pushing her heat “you can help if someone stood on the camp, help me to capt anyone is here to help the slaver, and serve us with fire !!!”

  • Erin still not opening her eyes nods and whispers hoarsely “there is no such thing as a slave with fire”

  • Jaekato pushes his finger in her heat. one. too. he widen her “you have said to not be with them, then for you can not be a problem fight them, is right girl, i not see into your eyes a free woman !”

  • Erin shakes her head slightly, her body trembling now as he invaded her sex roughly “only by luck” she whispered breathily “was i free”

  • Jaekato leave another smirks on his face , “you can have your freedom, but and i am saying but you are ready to serve us at all, your body will be of our clan, your mind will be at our service, when we need you, you just have to say yes, then this you will be free to do what you want also travel, but at the condition that you respect to be under our control !!!”

  • Erin looks up at him, tears brimming now in her eyes as she heard him describe slavery precisely. and shook her head her lip trembled “i don’t want to be a slave” she almost moaned, as she fought to not react to his brusque intrusion “i don’t like waking up on this world as a panther, even free to mostly do what i wish.” she inhaled unevenly and shook her head, her voice nearly a whisper now “i have no desire to live at all if i must live as a slave”

  • Jaekato shakes his head many time at listen her words, drags again fingers along her belly, leave a trace of her juice to her heat, slow go down over her heat letting the fingers pushing again inside “you are saying to me that you not want help!!!” he arch his fingers inside her pussy while licks her face , girl not do your big mistake to not accept my offer !!!”

  • Erin bites her lips and squeaks as she feels his fingers push into her again and tries to pull her hips back as she squeaks and gasps alternately “being a slave…’ she gasps….

  • Erin shakes her head “isss…nuhhh.. ” her reply was interrupted by her body’s response to his more insistent probing of her sex “isn’t…being…..alive” she finished with a whimper

  • Jaekato his fingers travelling deeply inside erin’s heat, stretes her, and he add another finger, listen me girl, the tavern keeper here have capture me yesterday, humiliate and collared before my brother have saved me from that evil woman, i can offer you to help me to capture this woman in charge of your freedom”

  • Jaekato “that sounds better for you?” he smile and grip her heat inside, and jerk up

  • Erin cries out in pain and lust as he torments her sex, her eyes shut tightly til then fly opn her brow knotted as she looked through him and bucked her hips up as far as she could, panting and shaking “gimli….” she whimpered, breathlessly…

  • Erin: hoarsely as she closes her eyes tight again “she lives in gimli”

  • Jaekato: “she lives in gimli? her name i need to know !” he tap his fingerinside to he feel her yield and then let his grip go. “tell me”

  • Erin looks at him, her trembling ceased, as he had stopped digging in her heat she relaxed slightly and tried to answer with no tremble in her voice “bridgette …” her eyes looked to the cage door then “may i please go….” her name is bridgette and some call her the priestess”

  • Erin didn’t care honestly if he found her or not, but she did know if he went to gimli, he would die there. she could have told him the right name she thought, but why make it any less certain he wouldn’t be back…. she herself had avoided the land for at least a year…it seemed impossible to hide from arrows there, and there were always at least four or five hidden, waiting to pounce on any living thing that dared venture there

  • Jaekato “and she live in gimli, i hope you are not fooling me girl, so then you want help me here to ambush this woman?”

  • Erin looked at him with horror “I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN GET THAT CLOSE TO AMY…” she clammed up “they are SICK there!!” she chirped, shaking her head furiously

  • Jaekato shakes his head “maybe you are not following me i am saying to help me here !!!!” he pushes all finger in her heat and curved his fingers more and more to made she feels a little pain , “are you listen me !!!”

  • Erin Screamed out in pain and jerked her hips helplessly, then started panting again as he hurt her and whimpers “ohh.. no..please…i cant…PLEASE!! they’ll keep me…please dont make me…i would die please!” she begged pathetically, as it was all true, every bit. she had been enslaved in sais before and even it seemed like a dayspa compared to gimli

  • Jaekato “you can use a mask he said if you are so afraid of this evil woman, but i want an answer about, are you accepting to help us for your freedom?”

  • Erin  holds her breath and nods slightly, hoping it would get her taken down off the posts, as her shoulders were throbbing now “yes, sir” she mumbled “i will”

  • Jaekato he picking a collar from his pocket, this granted your loyality to us, he said while move near her neck locking it with a padlock

  • Erin ) starts to cry and shake her head again as she watches him approach here with a collar “no, please, you don’t need to! PLEASE!” she blurted, seeing her chance at escape fading as he locked the cold slightly too tight collar round her throat

  • υנι : tal bro

  • Jaekato: “tal”

  • υנι : who is the slut?

  • Jaekato “someone help us from this moment”

  • υנι : how?

  • Erin looked at the new arrival up to the word slut, then averted her eyes looking at the floor

  • Jaekato “she will be here until we not get any of them, but first the evil tavern keeper”

  • υנι : nods

  • Jaekato lock his collar leash to erin , “you will stand here and ready for get them, you are following me girl?”

  • υנι you think she want really help ?

  • Jaekato: nods

  • Erin looked back and forth between them and whispered “just dont give me to gimli…….please”

  • Jaekato with his dagger cut the ropes on the 2 sides of the post, “you not go to gimli you have to be here all the time until the evil woman and some of the slaver are capture and killed !!!”

  • Jaekato “you slave now. follow me upside and not try to escape in any way”

  • Erin nods silently and looks up at him after he cut her down “yes sir” she choked out as her knees touched the floor

  • Jaekato come here

  • Jaekato “the plan will be this one, and listen me with attention”

  • Erin whispers: “yes sir” as she looks at him, waiting

  • Jaekato “you fake to be capture by the slaver not by me, when the tavern keeper showing up or someone else you have just to say to be a captive and that they ordered you to stay here”

  • Erin nods “yes sir” she mumbled quietly

  • Jaekato tosses to erin a dagger, “hold this one hide somewhere, maybe looks into their wardrobe and dress something that help you to hide the dagger”

  • Erin looks up “so …um….do i need to leave and come back to be captured?” she asked somewhat hopefully, never intending to return

  • Jaekato smirk “no girl i mean you are just capture”

  • Erin swats the dagger down then picks it up

  • Jaekato “if you not want be recognize i allowe you to wear a mask or something that help you”

  • Erin nods and sheathes the dagger

  • Jaekato: “in case i am not here you can down the tavern keeper, tied the woman and bring her downside into the hide cell, you know how reach the place?”

  • Erin looks up and nods “yes sir”

  • Jaekato “then i forget what is her name?”

  • Erin bites her lip once before she looks back up at him, thinking his attempt at tripping her up clumsy, but not allowing a glint of it to show “bridgette , sir”

  • Jaekato nods

  • Erin stares at his boots, her breathing steady, for the moment.

  • Jaekato: “to me she said her name is “anita” now or you or her are lying i hope it is not you, or my kidness of today will be not the same”

  • Erin  Laughs “anita?!”

  • Jaekato: nods anita

  • Erin  shakes her head furiously and chirps loudly “she lies!!!” more confidently now

  • Erin whispers: “her name is bridgette”

  • Jaekato: the plan is clear? or you have some question?”

  • Erin  shakes her head “no, sir. it is clear”

  • Jaekato: nods, pushes the leash of erin near the bar, “choose a name for you that i can use to keep your real name secret in case we have to talk in presence of slaver or other one”

  • Erin  watches him pace back and forth, her breath remaining measured

  • Erin looks up at him blankly “you want me to choose my own slave name?” she almost growls

  • Jaekato: laughs “not your slave name , your fake name we can use with the tavern keeper, you said she know you, and i not think i am calling you erin when she will be near us, i am wrong?”

  • Erin mumbling “surely you will both just refer to me as some nasty name you call all women anyway…”

  • Erin smiles, wipes it off her face and looks up “kaitlin, then”

  • Jaekato: nods

  • Erin : “if i have to choose”

  • Erin  slaps the door shut and jaggles the lock, locking him in

  • Erin  snatches a few coins off the desk by her and turns for the docks, screaming as she did, at the captain there on the skiff “SAIL ME ANYWHERE!!!!!!”

  • Jaekato Resident shouts: after i killed all of them i come for you! you are going to be my private slave, forever, i not forget!

© Erin


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