Role play of a Panthers Revenge is a dish best served cold



The Forest Moon encounter the Sa Ki Fori

The evening was cool, the panthers of Forest Moon looked down towards the dock where the Sa Ka Fori gathered, their feathers were numerous and you could hear the shouts as they climbed from their canoes. A soft breeze whispered across the land and then the volu’s broke and the war horns sounded.
Minx, Hot and Stacey moved to the cliffs at the back of the camp, where they took up position. Moon, Yss, Heather, first war bow Dutch and Cherri took position round the perimeters of the camp. Though out numbered the Forest Moon fought a long and bitter battle, they raked the gully to the gate keeping the enemy at bay and the battle seemed to go on forever.
Yet the enemy never retreated they stayed and fought determined to get in through the gate. Yet Forest moon battled bravely beating off all attempts. It would seem they would hold out forever until……….One of their number were shot from the cliff and the rampaging enemy took the keys and swarmed through the gates.
Those on th cliff held out for a little longer before being over run, by which time they were already wounded
and tired..
Minx slowly regained consciousness and found rough binds biting into her flesh, her mouth was full of dirt and blood. her wounds pained her and her eyes were dull taking time to get back their sparkle. She pushed against her binds and felt the spear tip against her neck. A white haired woman, a tribal leader looked down at her and took the rope dragging her down to the camp below.  She, Hot, Cherri and Yss found themselves dragged to the dock. Though they struggled and fought against their bonds, they were taken away in canoes to a strange forest land and separated.
There the EN sat and spoke with her, Minx looked at the woman and sensed though a fierce huntress, there was a side of the woman that was honorable in victory.  She was treated with a kindness and told that it was just one of her tribe they wanted and that she would be freed.  Minx realized that she was more liable to be released, if she was not belligerent
Then she could carry information about the others to the tribe. Finally she was allowed to return to her home and was given a canoe for her journey. A journey that was long given her wounds and tiredness. Yet eventually she smiled as the river ran into areas she recognized and smiled tiredly, she was home back with Forest Moon.


Revenge is a dish best served cold

The role play:

  • Angeni chuckles “Well well looky ‘ere jis the person I was hopin ta see.” she looked rather amused “Now ‘ow are ye a doin on such a lovely fine morning?”

  • Lia runs over of the ravine to see three standing at the trade post, she looks that over recongizing tow “tal”

  • Luciy : tal

  • Lia watches Chumana kneeling, she raises her brow to this then notices it was Angeni who was next to her “what is it that brings you to our land?”

  • Angeni : So *she started off as she pretended to casually look at her nails as she spoke* oh, Well a few things, first I came with the bearer of bad news.” she pretended to frown a bit as she went on “The first is, I ran an extensive test of our mine an I regret to inform ye, that well I guess ye stole them all.” the sereem diamonds she spoke of this was a lie of course “Seems as to my *coughs* extensive surveying there are no more to be found there now.

  • Chumana rests her hands on her thighs bracing her toes in the dirt watching and listening carefully to whats goingon ..especially to the woman who her Mistress was speaking to

  • Lia crosses her arms over her chest while looking at Angeni “I didn’t stole steal anything from your mines.” she says with a confident tone. “well not unless you are talking about this. She reaches behind her back and unhooks a small urts foot and tosses it at Angeni. “I killed an urt in there and use its foot as a good luck charm. So if that is stealing so be it.”

  • Chumana shuffles back a little from the gross looking foot that was tossed on the ground …she made a face and turned away

  • Angeni ‘s eyes had been watching Lia for every single little twitch or move she made studying her, she made sure to often show her hands in the conversation but never said one word of the prank an chuckled looking to Luicy “Oh seems she got a case o’ selective memory.” she chuckled again folding her own arms across her chest, but she felt what she had just said would suffice to keep the SKF from further incursions into their mines, or so she would think she glanced over to Luicy then looked down at the urts foot an rolled her eyes “thats disgusting.” she said to lia an then went on using her hands alot still over exaggerated of course “Well ok perhaps stole is a bit strong of a word we shall say borrowed, after all yer lover did so much as admit to that before I had passed out but I guess ye spent em all already eh.” she chuckled again then said off handedly “So, tell me Lia, do ye happen to remember a pirate captian by the name of Jack Redbeard? think was the captain o’ the crew the Brothers of the Bloodied

  • Angeni : Blade?” she asked adding “They was a terror but then went missing it was said?

  • Luciy  looks to Angeni, “should we help her remember?” she asks. She glances at the foot wondering how a disgusting bit of a slaughtered urt could be lucky, I mean the urt had 4!

  • Lia smirks at the girl’s expression when the foot lands near them; the foot really didn’t come the mines but Lia thought it was humorist to creep them out a bit. She watches Angeni swing her hands around while she spoke, noticing the green dye was gone; this make her ponder a bit since the ink should have lasted for several hands. She turns her eyes towards Angeni’s “Peyton is her own person. I don’t know what she does on her hunts while I am asleep; so you are barking up the wrong tree girl.” Lia says to her thinking she was still a slave. “As far as this…this person you speak of I haven’t a clue who this Jack Redboard is.” which was true. “A male is a male is a male. They all act the same, look the same. I don’t bother remembering who they are.”

  • Chumana idly turns some of the grass in her fingers trying to follow what was going on and failing wonderfully her face flashes a little anger as that Mistress spoke to her owner like that

  • Angeni grins to Lu an gives a little shake of her head “Nah, I am sure them sareems will find their way back to they proper owners jis like a lost little heard of good little kajirae.” she said with a little giggle lookin back to Lia adding “This is a friendly conversation after all.” she grinned that same lopsided pirates grin that her twin often did, it was something what ran in the family wriggling her nose as she listened to the woman, evasive she figured as much she just shrugged “Well thats …..all fine an good, ye got an open relationship right?” she just threw that in there for no apparent reason she grinned when she noted that she was looking at her hands probably wondering how she got the paint off, she’d not mention it though, if she wanted to know the woman would have to ask, of course she was trying to bait her into it, she reached down to her girl an ran her fingers through her hair an said to Lia “I am free now, if ye wish to remain so, dun call me girl again.” she said her tone had changed a

  • Angeni : bit when she said then, then abruptly switched back “Oh? really, my I was under the impression this particular man an his crew were rather infamous, that all knew of them an their exploits, what with all the treasures an such they had stole an buried around various locales.” she said to her of course she was setting her up to bait her, all of this lies of course, she made it all up, she did not expect Lia would know anything of any pirate groups nor what they did to coastal cities. she went on “Well anyhow the story is they went missing, perhaps a storm or such at sea, but there is legend, of course this happened long ago too, so perhaps ye would not know this, but the legend goes that they have a vast fortune hidden across Gor, different spots, four to be exact….” she said playing with her girls hair, she stopped here adding only “It is said there are Maps to the treasure hidden as well, this treasure be enough to buy three cities of Ar in gold….” she said then waited to see an gauge Lia’s reaction

  • Lia puts her hands on her hips and curls her thumbs under, looking a bit shocked when she heard the news that Angeni was no longer a slave, that information distracted her from answering her first question “well well! I guess congratulations are in order!” She pulls her hands away from her hip and claps a few times slowly. The claps echoed around the surrounding mountains that lead into her camp and stirred the birds who made their home there. She stops clapping when you mention of the last treasure spread acrossed gor, remembering how her one of her former tribes found a hidden cave with a mountain of gold inside. At the time they thought the priest kings had hid it there. “You don’t say?” she says with a hint of sparked interest. “I suppose you are going to tell me now that you found gold in one of your caves.”

  • Angeni  she continued to casually play with her girls hair, she heard the womans words, had still been watching each and every one of her movements, she had to work quite diligently to keep a straight and calm face but managed had not been for training as a young girl by her fathers many teachers hired to train his daughters such skills, she would not have managed, she waited patiently again she’d hide a grin seeing well she had caught this womans interest with her tale, so now she would go on into it she gave a flick of her hair an pretended to lean down an wipe a smudge off her girls face to grin at her girl that Lia could not see winking at her as she did this she calmly said “Oh no no, nothing like that, however in a recent trade I jis so happen to have had discovered one of the maps, cleverly hidden in a painting of some Cosian Ubara, the artwork splendid…” she went on “See the maps be hidden it is said in such things…” she let this soak on before she continued “I been search fer these for sometime, but

  • Angeni : as luck would have it I found the second map in a art auction also hidden in a famous picture this a painting of the Ubar of Ar Marlenus, So we have in our possession two of the maps looking for the other three.” she said with a wry grin then looked to her pretty much having her interest piqued this pleased her as she studied Lia “So if ye happen to come cross any o’ the maps perhaps we can work a deal yes?”

  • Lia letting this all sink in, Angeni having two maps looking for a third, and when she asks if she would trade if she found a third…Lia thought Angeni was insane, “now why would I trade you a map if I had it. You just told me you had two out of three.” shaking her head side to side “I’m no fool the map would be of great value and to have you holding all three just wouldn’t be ideal.” Lia waves her hand to them “but thanks for the information. I must go now.” she starts to run into the ravine and calls back “safe paths!” she shouts back as she disappears into the ravine

  • Angeni giggles an grins saying “she bought it now we sit back, wait an see if and or when they make a move to steal the maps, come Chu, sis let git back home, we got some work to do.”

  • Luciy : smiles to Angeni, “sneaky sleen” laughs

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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