Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Port Cos

Port Cos


Port Cos, that legendary Port of the books with it’s many ships, both naval and merchant, is once again unfurling the sails and setting forth to bring the name back into Gor with strength and commitment.

The role play:

  • Marli overhearing the male at the city gates she turns lightly more towards the Lady Naj , having learned long ago males enjoy the collar girls and they were pretty little pets most were so soft and supple, Marli certainly enjoyed her pets, she shakes the thoughts of her family from her mind and looks to the Lady again a bit of sadness at the memories in her mind she blinks the emotion away to concentrate thinking a tea would calm more then nerves perhaps it will calm the memories as well, she follows the Lady into the tea house

Marli heads to the tea house , hoping to overhear the local gossip and news of Port Cos….and yes intregue and spectacle….she however stops at the market where she sees a group of city folk , she decides to stay and observe

  • William seems to now be focusing the majority of his attention on Lady Julia now rather then the slave, completely switching things around as he seemed to rather easily turn away from the naked slut at his side. He continued to smile towards Julia then as she spoke, bowing his head to accept the compliment. “Let them think as they like! for the lady’s happiness is all that matters yes, If my actions make you pleased…then that makes me also happy.” He felt the softest of touches against his hand as the flower was placed there. He looked down at it, holding it up his palm outstretched as he admired the small gift the slut had offered him. Lifting it to his nose he breathed in its scent as he spoke over his shoulder…”Why thank you girl…a fine white flower…although perhaps red would have been more suitable..” He teased as he held it reverently. He turned then towards the northerner he had met the past few days grinning. “Ahh sir! welcome back once again. I trust you are well? Any luck with finding a buyer

  • William : for your ships?” He grinned. His gaze briefly going towards the slut at his side once more! as he gave her a light smile before turning back to Julia. “The girl here is rather interesting….I was simply questioning her…I enjoy learning what I can of the people of temos…be they high or low!” He rubbed his hands then at the mention of service. “How may I be of service to you Lady Julia…you have but to ask!” He made a flourish then with his hands.

  • Jυℓια  couldnt help but admire the man, he was a smooth one, and he made her smile, it wasnt that she laughed at him, he just seemed to be one that threw sunshine around him where ever he went “well I wish to try my skills with a needle, as an advocate I dont always have work, I need to have a hobby sota say, something that isnt about law and people, but something I can create, I wish fabric, cream and gold, maybe with a small shine of rosy.. I love rosy and purple, but I wish it to be little… as they say less is more” she gave him another smile, folded her hands infront of her dress before turning to give the northern a nod “greetings Sir and welcome again” her attention then moved to the trader “wouldnt you mind that people started to talk about you sending flowers to a poor free woman, they could think you had something planed” she of couse teased him, but she did enjoy it

  • Lσŧųş  coming up the stairs she takes a look around, seeing a Free Man she moves to him, sinking down onto her knees she offers a soft smile, “Tal Master” seeing as how there are Free Women near she would close her legs out of respect

  • Dεᴍα groaned slightly as she gave a shake of her head. The blonde hair bobbed around when she did so and though she was still near his side, the sexuality had seemed to ebb away slightly. It was replaced with more bubbliness, the sort of thing that oozed in a chipper way. She nodded her head towards the woman Julia, “Master, it was for the woman. You said you would bring her flowers, I merely quickly fulfilled your needs.” There was a light hint of teasing in her tone and she said towards the woman, “Tal, Mistress.” Dema seemed to have no outward issues with free woman, truthfully she had no inward issues with them either. Issues were a Gorean specific thing, not a sex thing to Dema. And this was a pleasant charateristic in a slave who spent so much time around a myriad of free. Dema heard the man say he was learning of Temos from those high and low and Dema wondered if he found her low, if the collar denoted her as such. Dema understand, having been free herself, how things were certainly. But Dema never saw

  • Dεᴍα : Goreans as high or low and for this announcement from the man, Dema felt a deep wound to her gut, one she would likely get over in half an ihn but it lived there now. Another mark on her soul, just such a thing that would flare her temper in the nearer future. But for now? There is was nothing. She smiled towards the man that had greeted the free she was technically with, “Tal, Master!” she called out.

  • Hendow : “tal” he replies, watching her figure, her manner, and posture with great care. “pale, dark maned, and with classic slut red lips.” He nods at this. “pleasing. Full titted, I see. Name, and owner, pretty girl?”

  • Alrik  shrugs smiling as william asks about the ships “not yet … not yet … but maybe they come to their senses anytime soon” he winks and now recognizes the lady william is talking to, she is one the persons interested in his secret project, with all those veils, gowns and robes he had a hard time telling who is who when it came to free women he has seen rarely, but as she spoke he recognized the voice, he looks to see if she as well is aware who he is and if she remembers her order, but she seemed totally consumed by williams presenced he realized with smirk, upon noting williams look on frida he adds with a naughty grin “you are in the mood for having that talk about certain bodyparts we pointed out yesterday?” he couldnt help but chuckle about his own joke like he always does

  • Lσŧųş  she responds her eyes cast to his boots, “Corim Thalfos is this girls owner, this girl has been generously given the name Lotus, Master” she answers immediately not wanting to make the FM wait

  • Frida heard the different dialects around her, from the broad torvie of her owner to the different and more exotic from Assad, then realized he was giving her a look and a smile. She felt like letting her hands run up to cover her naked upper body, but knew she would probably recieve a hand from Alrik, if she even did a short attempt. Hearing Alrik’s comment to Assad her discomfort became even deeper…how was she ever to learn to accept this life?

  • Hendow : “well a lovely purple and pink lotus, aren’t you.” He smiles. “and why the closed knees, when you are owned by a man?” He seems puzzled by this.

  • Gavin watches a man he recognizes in the distance the merchant of the tahari he smiles seeing a kajira next to him and see another man he doesn’t know with a kajira , but he can spot julia in the distance as wel her curves hidden well under her lovely dress and the veil over her head. he glances as sees another man talking to a kajira to his right . his warior eyes turn to look at the seashore of cos.

  • Lσŧųş  she glances up to him for merely a moment, “out of respect for the Free Women around” to which there was many, she saw unless they left…her eyes fixed on the FM’s boots

  • Hendow : “By the kings girl, if you kneel to a man, then you spread — and more, I am not near a free women.” He shakes his head at this. “does your Master require coin or permision for your use, girl?”

  • William pursed his lips in thought as he considered the ladies request a moment and how he would fill it. “Hmm…I have just the fabric for you down at the docks Lady Julia, I will obtain a selection and bring it to your home yes? I will perhaps rent a slave to assist me in carrying them…I am all fingers and thumbs I fear and would mark the precious fabric as I stumble about!” He chuckled grinning broadly as he gave her a slow wink. “Maybe I do, only Assad knows what he is thinking…many plans he has, many…rather exciting! and delicious plans yes!” He laughed heartily then as he teased before he let a hand stretch out behind him towards the girl, letting his tanned hand rest against her back as he pushed her lightly forward so that she was more in view of Alrik. “This girl…a very pleasing slut I will say…much like your own. Perhaps slightly different build..but of equal size….in many areas..” He grinned, his eyes lowering to her bosom encased in metal. “What say you, should we stand them next to each

  • William : other and compare..” He spoke in jest as his fingers ran up and down the girls back a moment watching her his eyes carefully examining her face as he tried to make her smile. “A thoughtful gift you offered girl…but if I were to offer the fare lady flowers…it would be a bucay of them, cut fresh and smelling of the sweetest perfumes..” He professed looking back to lady Julia and then to Alrik. “I enjoy talking about every facet of women sir, be that physical or other wise! but in the presence of Lady Julia I Can’t!” He smiled. “Out of respect for her….of course.”

  • Lσŧųş  she shakes her head, changing her stance..”No Master” she spread her legs didn’t think it would be such an issue but she would be happy to rectify her stance..

  • Hendow : “so he does not restrict you in anyway?” he moves around her, examining, his boots crunching into the hard gravel on the uneven stones, standing behind her, and then twisting his hand in her long, soft locks, arching her face up to the sky.

  • Gavin watches the magistrate come by

  • Lσŧųş hearing his question she responds, “no Master” feeling his hand reaching into her hair she closed her eyes a moment befor feeling her head pulled back, she opened her eyes but kept them cast low

  • Hendow : “and are your needs upon you, girl?” He lets her hair go, but his boot moves, slowly, firmly, yet gently on her behind, as he stands behind her.

  • Jυℓια smiles at Dema as she remind the man about the flower, isnt the first time the slave made her smile, Julia diddnt see them all as low humans, she would treat a respectful slave with kindness, she nods gently at Assad as he spoke about the fabric “that is lovely Sir Assad, just send me word when you can and I will as last time set out a table and water for you” she offered the man a smile, he has only treated her with kindness and totaly respect, she glance towards the northern, remembering well their deal “I gather you still do not have a blond slave for me Sir” she said towards him, she gather the man would contact her when it happend, again she looked towards Assad, brushing her hands along her hips and bow her head “ohh please go ahead, dont let me stop you two from talking about flesh, I was just heading here to get some muffins and honey” she was an eater she knew that, keept her nice and fat, just as she liked it

  • Lσŧųş : “this girl merely wishes to please Master..” a very unconventional answer but she would continue knowing that the Free Man would want something more direct, “yes Master” she raised her chin now that the free Man was behind her, feeling his boot moving along her ass, she dared not move

  • Dεᴍα  when Dema heard the sort of flowers he would bring for the woman, she smiled. She looked briefly at the white flower from her hair and gave it not a second thought, wondering how Julia liked the attention. Dema knew how such things pleased her, they always had. When she was a free, too. Though surely positive attention was always best and this, this was positively positive. When Dema felt the man’s hand on her back, that chipperness took a backseat and sliding to the front once more came the sexual creature. The creature whose breath caught in her throat with the touch. S he slid forward and hearing the man’s words, her cheeks flushed a bright pink. But Dema did not shirk and attempt to cover herself. Instead, she stood there proudly if not slightly embarrassed. Apparently attention without a crowd was easier. Dema wasn’t entirely sure. But the heat in her stomach was warming her cheeks and there was a hand on her back and she swallowed hard. Forcing her body to relax as she stood there in her pretty

  • Dεᴍα : pale glory. Slave of Malifice. Beloved. Exquisite whore. Mostly? Sort of embarrassed Dema. She looked down at the stones in front of her, her hands threading together in front of her and getting lost in the volumes of her skirt.

  • Gavin blinks hearing of a blond slave julia wanted his helmet was getting warm by the rays. wondering what julia wanted with a kajira. thinking of the preperation for children. he smiled damn that perfectionist his eyes glanced upon the merchant of the tahari thinking the northen men of temper and tahari men of temper thinking always of battle as he gazed wondering just wondering in his mind as he watched his citzens and property.

  • Hendow pressed the edge of boot, turning his ankle slightly to the crack of her backside, visible through the long tunic skirt. “this garment does flatter your ass, sweetie.” He grinned slowly. His hand flashed down, and gripped her hair again, pulling her up. “heel” he said, and stepped away.

  • Lσŧųş  feeling her hair pulling her up she rose following the free man as she stepped away..”yes Master” she winced with a bit of pain as her hair was tugged

  • Alrik  chuckles as Assad offers a comparing game with the two sluts “i am all up for it …” he grins and snips his fingers behind his back to alert frida “move over there and stand next to the girl … first we shall find out who is taller, then we will proceed to other more eyecatching bodyparts” he lets her leash longer and again chuckles happy about himself and his own game of words, he shrugs as Assad mentions the respect for the Lady as he wasnt used to that from the longhall, but he knew that the southerners were very particular about that, as the Lady Julia finally could tear her eyes of Assad he nods hearing her remark “aye … the blond slave is still in the making …” he points at frida, the others may not understand what the true nature of the order was and it was probably better like that as he didnt knew how the laws of this city handled such business

  • William inclined his head towards Julia at her words. Although inwardly he couldn’t help but be a little disappointed at hearing the mention of the table. He wanted to tease her further but kept his tongue in check in regard to the meeting arrangements, instead focusing on the mention of food. “Why that sounds rather delicious Lady..muffins and honey…what a fantastic combination. I shall certainly have to try it next time I have a desire to eat one.” He smiled brightly then. His eyes lowering towards Dema. Just in time to see her chin fall. He caught it in his hand, brushing his fingers over her before pushing just underneath her chin so that she was forced to keep her head facing strait ahead. “Now now slut…keep those deep pool like orbs faced forward…how else will you attempt to measure up to your competition hmm…” He gave her a playful wink, brushing his thumb over her cheek before letting his hand slide back to his side. His ears picking up on the conversation spoken between Alrik and Lady

  • William : Julia…”You are in the market for a slave Lady Julia…looking to go direction to the source ey, a northern bond though…surely such a lustful slut would be quite a handful for you, wouldn’t a more..demure southern tea slave be more to your liking?” He inquired as his eyes narrowed slightly as scanned over her features. Only then getting distracted as the northern girl walked directly across his vision catching his eye as he watched her breasts sway gently at her passing. As she stood there beside the other girl he turned to appraise them both. A finger moving to his lips as he concentrated. “I say this one is the taller…” He gestured towards Dema then grinning…”However…yours seems to have the larger breasts..from what I can observe. The girl has them hidden from view presently..” He snapped his fingers, gesturing with a hand towards her scarf.

  • Dεᴍα felt the hand just below her chin. She pulled in a deep breath, her lungs expanding and her chest doing the same. The scarf fluttered slightly at the edges as her breasts and the metal encompassing pressed outwards. Dema would have loved to watch the man looking at the woman across from him. Seeing the two interact. It was like some dance that Dema couldn’t exactly keep up with. Oh, but she would have tried and enjoyed it. But Dema was too stuck in her own brain at present. Being on such display and such comparison. It seemed like years since Malifice had done similiar things to her. Breaking down her ego, embarrassing her, amusing himself at her expense and then taking out his pleasure on her body after.

  • Dεᴍα  but Dema pulled herself together. A nd she shook it off. She reached behind her and untied the scarf and removing it, tucked back into her skirt. And Dema’s lips curled up into a smirk and she said, “Master, some of us are built for comfort and some of us for speed. I am afraid I am the latter, and the pretty slave beside me is the former.” She grinned at him and then turned to grin at the slave beside her. She murmured to her, “I’m Dema, you’re quite pretty,” and it was easy to tell she meant it. She was relaxing once more, and maybe beinning to enjoy the spectacle. At least in this moment. Who knew what the next would hold.

  • Jυℓια  let her hands slide behind her back, she glance up at Acheron, he was on guard as always, made her smile he was so into his work, again she let her eyes fall on Assad “it would only be a northern of birth Sir Assad, but trained in the southern ways” she said with a bright smile, she look towards the two slaves nodding some “the one with the flowers is tallest, even I can see that” she just said moving into the inn to grab a muffin, only to move back outside to watch the two men and their game “did you make a bet or what is this game about” thu both slaves were almost bare breasted, she just did not see that, she couldnt care less if the slaves were dressed or naked “you have any blond slaves Sir Assad” none of the men had any idea about Julias own hair, there was a reson to why she liked blond slaves, and thu she liked the slave dema, the woman was rather tall, Julia wished them around her own hight and build “I dont mind if the slave if from north or south, as long as she pleases me, I want one that can

  • Jυℓια : work hard and not give me any drama”

  • Gavin smiled at hearing julia her words work and no drama for if there would be a slave that caused that , he would sell her off or toss her with his warriors to be used and then chop off her head. he smiled at the men trying to compair wich one he could care less if the girl wasn’t a looker the man only cared if she would make him good food.

  • Alrik  folds his arms and nods curling his lips as if he would have to take a hard decision when it was all obvious what the difference between the two girls were, he even squints his eyes and nods to Assads remark “yes, she is taller …” while his own eyes were fixed on fridas boobs “… and yes fridas tits are definitely bigger i can see that now after the tall girl has removed the scarf” and he adds with a smirk “just how i like it …” and he can barely keep himself from taking a step forward and grope fridas tits, he looks at Assad wondering “how far can we take the comparing game before the guards throw us in a cell? technically we are not in the inn and when the lady says she isnt bothered by naked slaves?” he grins and turns to julia “just a little game to keep the blood pumping … we wont have them fight each other” he winks

  • Frida  moved with reluctant steps towards the blond slave who was, even for Frida to see, warming up by the touches of the soughtern merchant. With adeep inhalation, she arched her back and lifted her chest allowing her heavy breasts to be presented as she knew was the wish and command of the man who had taken her precious freedom. Her eyes were dragged towards the docks as she tried to control the breathing that had become faster in her chest, and the red blush that was spreading from her cheeks down her chest. She hated being the spot of attention, especially of the free woman standing way too close and of the slave, whom she would have disgraced not so long ago. Now she had just given her a soft look, showing nothing but kindness before her eyes seeked the distance. Hearing the slaves kindness she peeked to the side now ad gave her a smile. She still felt too inhibited to answer her, but she hoped she would see her kindness. The slave was tall and slim, shaped a slave of the sought she though, knowing hers

  • Frida: were shaped by the Northern woods and certainly not from comfort nor to be beautiful

  • Gavin looked at the northen man thinking that he be dealing with his own women of the north , he chuckels softly under his helmet knowing julia well and is confident of her skills he is not worried at all as he glances at the tahari man. both trying to see wich features are best. thinking there is more to a slave then looks . yawning abit under his helmet as he softly polishes his sword and hilt.

  • William looked in concentration between both sluts now as he examined each one in turn appraisingly. Seemingly taking the little game quite seriously. He tilted his head towards Lady Julia then momentarily distracted as he briefly allowed his gaze to look over her own appearance as he smiled. “We have yet to decide what the bet might be…although a few ideas are starting to pop into my head as he look upon them..” An almost sinister grin appearing across his lips as he looked back. “I have no slave of my own as yet Lady…I am..picky when it comes to slave flesh. Although I have thought to purchase some for my business here…to sell on when I come across a suitable owner..” He stated with a light shrug. “I think a northern girl would be used to working hard…more so then many southern sluts would…perhaps if you were to also have a fighting slave. You could keep her in check with him…and in turn she would serve you well without the added nuisance of dry humping your leg every ihn..” He chuckled. His

  • William : attention returning on the two sluts then. “It is as the slut said…they both have been raised under different conditions…I for one never inhibit myself by selecting just one type….I enjoy every flavor of slave…” He grinned watching them both as he contemplated. “Hmmm…it is very tempting is it not….stamina is one I am quite interested in finding out…but I think I will hold of on that particular trait! at least for now..” He teased with a broad grin. “I think the guards won’t mind in truth…just a couple of slaves….and the only lady present…doesn’t seem to mind..” He stated grinning.

  • Dεᴍα  had seen Frida smile at her. Dema didn’t know her story but she could read the bright red look to her cheeks. Dema, who only moments ago, had dealt with her own embarrassment seemed to puff up somewhat and slid out a hand and poked at Frida’s side. She murmured, “Breathe,” quietly. The noise barely rising between the two slaves. She had mostly blocked out what the free were saying now, it seemed like a wiser choice. Instead she stood there, in her half ish naked glory. Whatever sort of glory it was. North, south, once free, born a slave. None of it mattered in her brain anyway. She simply was a slave now. Her past gone. It had been for awhile. But she had been spending so much time around the kennel, she couldn’t help pick up on the new flavors of servitude. Those slaves, and there were so many of them, who were still savoring their freedom on their tongue. She reached up to her hair and plucked another flower from it and looked at Alrik, “Master, may I give your slave a flower?” It was a quiet uttering,

  • Dεᴍα : just loud enough to be heard but certainly quiet enough to be ignored if she choose to do so. The flower hung easily from her fingers, and she spun it by the stem with an easy smile. Her discomfort had disappeared. She was used to being looked at. It was the being touched by the man thing that kept throwing her off. And for the moment, he wasn’t touching her and thus she was fine. Gavin smiles at the tahari merchant as he polishes his helmet remembering him from their last meeting hoping he will find a kajirus to fight against Leo the thunderlion. he watched in the distance as the sun rays hit on both their breast as they where moving around like 4 moons and the men locked on to them the blond hair was pretty commen to him. wondering wich one would have better milk. he then changes his mind and tries to keep a eye on the gate but couldn’t help but stare at julia who had to deal with the same things and how men would talk about property. she seemed very used to all , the girls displaying themselves like wall flowers his eyes back at the sea as his thoughts were flushed.

  • Jυℓια was eating her muffin, she looked around the streets, her eyes found Acheron, then back at the two men with saves, she wasnt the only woman around, she had spotted Marli over by the tree, yet Julia really did not mind the men and their play, as long as they diddnt start to fur them infront of her, she was fine, she after all is a daughter of a man beast, that was always with slaves next to him or under his desk while speaking to her or anyone else, he had no shame at all, made her smile at the thought of her father “every woman is special in her own form” she just said, then looked at Alrik “if you were to sell your slave, what would you charges?”

  • Marli feels she has been spotted , perhaps it was better to move on , she didn’t want to draw attention to herself in a strange city….

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