Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Olni


My thoughts on Olni:

There were a lot of things that have taken place since my last visit to Olni in 2012. A few of them, architectural in nature. The first building I was greeted by is a new tavern that was erected by Buildem and Pray, the architectural firm that the Ubar and Ubara so often put into their employ. The tavern is a public building that is now worthy of the town of Olni.

The new tavern off the commons is akin to a four star restaurant on earth and probably would receive two stars in the Guide Michelin if it were an earth bound establishment. But as it is a Gorean tavern the men could care less if there was excrement on the floors. I, on the other hand, appreciate a well designed and sumptuously decorated space. The new tavern off the commons is now such a place. There is a full kitchen, tasteful art on the walls and a nice dance pit. The only disconcerting note inside the building was a low wooden table with bench seats. The wood used in its building appeared to have been taken from some weathered material in an outdoor picnic area. I overheard that the Ubara is having a lovely marble table constructed for the tavern which will soon replace the old one.

Another building I was glad to see reinstated was the male and female bath house. I think water had become precious in Olni at one point and the bath house was demolished. In its place was a rickety old building that one felt afraid to go into. There was no privacy for men or women and it languished for a time. Olni was starting to smell ripe since no one wanted to use the bath house. Now a bath house that is accessible in a garden setting. It is also far enough out of the city that loud late night parties will not disturb anyone.

While covering the new construction in Olni I have one sad note to report. It is the existence of a group of apartment cylinders in the Olni Var garden. I visited them briefly and felt immediately trapped inside their forbidding walls. I think they need to put the jail where the apartments are and replace the jail with the apartments. With a few deft touches the jail could become a sought after address and the cylinder apartments would function nicely as roomy jail cells 😉


My role play experience  in Olni:

  • Marli smiled “Tal Lady , just admiring your sketches “

  • Low: oh i thought i heard a noise. Greetings

  • Low: Oh i did not mean to disturb you then

  • Marli smiles “You are very talented “

  • Low: please feel free to look round. it is always open down here

  • Low: thank you…smiles

  • Marli nodded “I shall, thank you Lady”

  • Low: I am Lady Low, as you may have guest

  • Marli: “I am Lady Marli “

  • Low: well met lady Marli

  • Low: are you here for the zar?

  • Marli: The Zar ? please explain , my friend stefania didnt mention this in her letter

  • Low: Oh, there is a Zar tournament on at the moment held in the City. well not right now but games are played here. we get lots of new faces

  • ‘E’: greetings lady Low.. nods tot he unfamiliar lady

  • Low turns “Tal E, how are you”?

  • Marli smiles “Oh a Zar tournament ” she now understood “how exciting !” then turned to the man “Tal Sir”

  • ‘E’: perhaps a tea room section to your studio would be good.. chuckles..seems there is alays a gathering of ladies here

  • ‘E’: nods again .. I am E ambasador and scribe of Olni

  • Low: yes i need seats and a slave to serve

  • Marli: “Well met Sir , may I intoiduce myself , I am Lady Marli from the village of Tor Mark”

  • ‘E’: hops up onto the garden wall smiling.. and I cansit here and admire Olni finest as they pass

  • ‘E’: well met lady Marli

  • Marli smiles

  • Low: I have never been to Tor Mark, is it nice there?

  • Marli: “It is a much colder climate , the mountains of Hrimgar are some 150 pasangs from where my homestone is “

  • ‘E’: i would imagine those bare ankles get chilly even here in Olni grins

  • Marli grinned “The women of Tor Mark are a sturdy breed , Sir “

  • ‘E’: i am sure it is so

  • ‘E’: one of my former companions was from the north

  • ‘E’: sturdy is one adjective i would use to descibe her….laughs

  • Low: I spent some time in the northern woods. it was very cold there. i have not been any further north than that

  • ‘E’: mmmm i believe she was from ironhall

  • Marli smiles “the north has its charms , perhaps one day you will travel there ” she nods “Ironhall is very close to my home stone “

  • ‘E’: has it once again risen from the dust?

  • Marli shakes her head “I am afraid , it will take some time to rebuild Iron hall”

  • ‘E’: i was fortunate enough to visit it once before its fall

  • Marli smiles “Iron Hall is quite in the North ” she laughed softly “you have been further North than you led me to believe , Sir”

  • Low: did he fall in the flower bed?

  • Marli chuckles “oh my !”

  • Low goes and looks over the wall

  • Low: no, maybe he fell way back and will get out soon

  • Marli: “I do hope he hasnt hurt himself too much”

  • ‘E’: i was saying my favorite aspect of the north is the ladck of the use of veils.. that is only second to the cammraderie and lustyness of the long halls

  • Marli smiled “well, the veil is required in the city , Sir”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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