About Battle Bonds of Gor, a gorgeous nightmare of Valkyrie Panthers

Bond maidens an alternative to kajiras


The battle bonds, a gorgeous nightmare of  Valkyrie Panthers ….but Who are they? How do they fight? How do they dress?

Bond Maids:

panther camp bonds replace the term Jarl with Huntress

Bonds are not soft silkies and only kneel when working or told to. They know when and how to speak and interact. Bonds often sit on benches in the hall at their Jarl’s side or in his lap. Bonds listen and enjoy merryment and stories of all sorts. They rarely treat thralls harshly or with disdain, to do so is to risk being given to the thrall’s hands for a time by her Jarl. Bonds are outgoing and lustful and do not sit idle waiting to be needed or wanted, they use their charms and curves to make themselves needed and wanted then work hard to ensure their Jarl is pleased.

From the South:

Most bond maids of Torvaldsland are from the South. As we have discussed before, the average man of Torvaldsland, does not care for the making of free women of Torvaldsland into bond maids. Consequently, the man of Torvaldsland prefer to raid southern Gor for slaves. Please keep in mind in the book Marauders of Gor, Forkbeard rated the Temple of Kassau for the free women who were in the Temple at the time of the raid. As we’ve taught you Kassau is not part of Torvaldsland, however, Kassau is not completely southern. You will certainly note that the names of those from Kassau appeared to have a Viking or Nordic naming style. It is interesting to note that none of the bond maids in Forkbeard camp have any names that we would commonly associate with the South. This may simply mean that they had been renamed, or may imply that Forkbeard like northern but not Torvaldsland women.

So as we begin this class we must pause and wonder what is the most important information that both free and slaves need to know. Certainly bond maids and thralls want to know how they should act, what they should do, how they should speak. But this class is written for everyone who is interested in becoming educated on Torvaldsland. We have a three or four part class specifically dedicated to the education of bond maids. In this class we are going to do our best to give a broad overview.

North vs South:

One of the first things that I want everyone to understand is the vast differences between bond maids and silk girls of the South, and between thralls and male slaves in the South. The most common perception of Southern slaves is the pleasure slave. Very few slaves in southern Gor role-play as kettle slaves or tower slaves, or even coin slots. Therefore the most common comparison between bond maids and Southern slaves is to that of the southern pleasure slave. From the point of view of a bond maid, a silk girl wore a pierced ear girl is that the southern pleasure slave is little more than a pampered toy dog sitting on a gilded pillow. Obviously from the point of view of a southern pleasure slave bond maids are little more than farm girls, and are interestingly enough called “high farm girls” as an insult.

Most man in Torvaldsland are free farmer’s. However, we understand From Marauders of Gor, that primarily bond maids were owned by men of rank, what were called High Men, such as Jarls, captains, chieftains, minor Jarls and officers. We are given the impression, that very few free farmer’s owned slaves. However, even High Men, owned or managed farms, villages, or camps.


What is the primary responsibility of the bond maid? To work. To churn butter, to bake bread, to roast meats, to dung fields, herd verr, and to serve in the Hall. If the free woman of Torvaldsland is rarely more than a farmer’s daughter the bond maid, is in essence little more than a farm slave. While this may sound, at least initially, vastly unappealing, it is as rewarding and this freeing to the slave as it is to the free woman. Overt southern expectations of behavior do not exist in Torvaldsland. There is not 1001 ways to enter a tavern in Torvaldsland, not to mention, we don’t really have taverns anyway. Bond maids are not expected to kneel and beg for permission to pass every time they come on a free. Bond maids do not kneel to serve. Bond maids do not need to ask permission to greet, even if in the middle of the serve. Bond maids are not taught overt ritualized behavior.


I have been asked what is the by the book way for a bond maid to serve mead to a Jarl. In the books, a bond maid simply fetched a horn or pitcher of Mead and gave it to the free man. There was no horn kissing, begging permission, or even hopes they enjoyed it, going on in marauders. In addition, it should be noted that the term “lap serve”, was not used in marauders either. It is this that I fear that has caused some of the confusion. That by formalizing the action of a bond maid to try and get into the lap of a man into a term called a lap serve, simply reinforces southern ritual. In marauders a bond maid got into the lap of a Jarl, by wiggling her happy little ass onto the man’s lap, or by being dragged onto his lap. The “lap serve”, was no more and no less than this.

Types of Bonds:

We’ve spoken a great deal about the man of Torvaldsland so far. We have attempted, to communicate to everyone the freedom from restriction that they enjoy. Just as the free of Torvaldsland have no caste, female slaves in Torvaldsland are categorized as pleasure slaves, kettle slaves, tower slaves, or anything else of the like. All female slaves in Torvaldsland are bond maids. Is everyone beginning to grasp the complete lack of formality here?

So what is this freedom bring the Torvaldsland bond maid? In a word, exactly that … Freedom. The bond maid is free to run, laugh, squeal, beg, and completely express her joy. Even free women who become bond maids quickly appreciate the delight of their existence. Just stop and think about it for a minute, as a bond maid, your life involves hard work, and the simple pleasing a free man who want nothing more than to fuck you on a table or in the furs. You are bound by no other restriction been should be a joy to those around you, not to mention mind blowing sex.


Most people when they begin a class on bond maids wish to focus on how they dress, what chores they performed, how they were collared and other aspects that are primarily focused on the outward not the inward. However, I feel the single most important thing for any role player, and certainly one who is coming from southern Gor, to understand is the personality of the bond maid.

So while we will moment discuss kirtles, collars, thralls and chores, I want to take a little bit more time to give you the personality profile of a bond maid. The first bond maids we see in marauders are not the free women captured in Kassau, they are instead the bond maids of Forkbeard who upon his arrival at his home rush down the steep hills towards his boat. They laughingly and happily press themselves against him, begging for kisses, asking who is favorite is, asking if he missed them and throughout all of this, Forkbeard and his men are laughing, sharing ale, and enjoying the spontaneous nature of their slaves.

Forkbeard then sends his bond maids off to prepare a feast. They don’t beg for permission to leave, take three steps backwards and only then turn to walk sedately to the long Hall. No, they turn, and running and laughing rush to the long Hall begin a feast. When the feast is served, They strut around the Hall carrying huge trays of roasted meat, as the men shout for Mead, ale and yes I think will be edible left her the from last night okay. To which they respond quickly, carrying pitchers, horns and trays. Bond maids are grabbed maids serve, dragged into lapse, kissed and ravished as the men, laughing, look on. The men in the Hall don’t get their knickers in a twist, because some other man in the Hall grabbed the bond maid who was on their way to serving him.

The next bond maid lounges in Forkbeard’s lap, being fed bits of meat from his plate, her bare breasts shining in the firelight, is another bond maid brings him more Mead. And the third, her eye on some man she likes, brings him Mead trying to wiggle her happy little ass into his lap. The only formality in this hall is how fast you can serve the Mead and get ravished.


Bond maids in marauders wore garments called kirtles. Unlike the examples of kirtles in second life the traditional kirtle was a loose, ankle-length, longsleeved, high necked dress much like a shift. Both bond maids and free women wore kirtles. Kirtles are the traditional undergarment of Norse women. Bond maids wore their kirtles split down to their belly, and often hitched up high on their hips. The traditional kirtle is not a tightfitting, sleeveless garment, with fabric strips in the front and back.

If a kirtle was sleeveless it was because the sleeves had been removed, not because it was made to look like a tank top. Second Life vendors, mimic the high on the hips walk of kirtles by using panels of flexi prims in the front and back. However, it is more likely, that the garment would have sat around your hips in a bunch, more like that of the can can girl. The kirtle would sit loose around your waist, with easy access for probing hands to grab a breast, or encircle your waist. The top of the kirtle would likely slide off your shoulders easily, and may have had a bit of rope, tied around the waist.

Collar and Brand:

The collar of bond maids was not closed by a lock. Instead, the bond maid collar was a simple heavy iron collar, that was riveted closed on an anvil with a hammer by a blacksmith, or a man with this skill to do this. Torvaldsland does not follow slaver caste brands, instead the brands you used are ones that have become popular by tradition. One of the most common brands is a simple horizontal curve with a diagonal line over it, this brand stands for “a woman whose belly lies under the sword”. Brands in Torvaldsland are applied two Gorean seconds longer than brands in the South, approximately 5 Gorean seconds. Free women who become bond maids are typically collared and branded at the same time.

Bond Maid Circle:

Slaves, are never branded a second time. Bond maids who were slaves before they came to Torvaldsland are not put in a bond maid circle. A bond maid circle is made in the dirt, or on the ground, by an axe or boot. It is Torvaldsland law that should a free women be tossed bound into a bond maid circle, or enter the circle willingly, she becomes a bond maid. There is no such thing as permanent or static bond maid circles. While second life sells prim bond maid circles that are traditionally in second life Gor left out on the Sim, these are not true bond maid circles, because they have not been drawn by a man with intent at that time.

I hope this provides a clear instruction as to the role, demeanor, and look up the bond maid in Torvaldsland.

Battle Bond and a ‘Mighty’  Northern Man

The role play:

  • Battle Bond dragged Ansgar all the way in from the docks, making sure to try and be mostly gentle with pulling him over the uneven terrain that led up to the main part of the village. Stopping inside the pavilion, she turned around and smiled, leaning down to help the man onto his back. “Tal, Master. I imagine this might be easier for you to see?”

  • Ansgar : lay on the ground his face full of blood he skin his cloting alll ragged becoiuse my was dragged me over stone grass and rocks and more as his face hurt while i feels the blood dripping on his skin ,,, as i feels she finelly dragged me on the boat ,,, as i was sailed to a strange land and looked around when she start to drag me agian from the boat all those stairs my face wull with wounds his legs probelly broken ,,, as he scream when she touch me as i scream ” aaaahhhh dont touch me ,,, ” he scream ,,,, as everything was hurting ,,, as i say ,,, do it carefully

  • Battle Bond backed off pretty fast as she was assaulted with a scream so loud and girlish it set the hair on the back of her neck to stiff. “But, but Master, I barely did anything!”, she protested. Honestly, Ansgar did not appear to be that broken, or bloody, or really mangled, but apparently he was much worse for the wear than she initially thought. Carefully, after nearly peeing herself from the fright he caused by such a reaction, Battle Bond leaned back down and lightly touched his nose. “Tell me where it hurts? I might be able to help.”

  • Ansgar : finely she stopped with walked as i liften my head a litle ,,, up as aye feel the warm blood drips on my entire skin ,,,, while i still was looking around the place so far i can ,,,, while my legs hurted and my face hurts more from all those stairs his face was really bumped into every stairs ,,, his nose probelly broken ,,,, as i hurt her qeustion ,,, and shake my head as i was in pain and scream ” you dont see where i am hurted ?” he scream ,,,,as he slowltry to take a breath as i say ” you let me not walk ,,, and just dragg me on all stairs up i have seen every stairs with my own eyes so close ”

  • Battle Bond was almost panicking as the man screamed again. Taking a step back she looked down at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s barely any blood, nothing really at all.” As it was, Ansgar’s face looked fine, his legs appeared normal, and the tears to his clothing seemed minor. Perhaps he was one of those fellows that, you know, figured everything and anything was wrong? One little scratch usually set that type off. “Are you a hy·po·chon·dri·ac?”

  • Ansgar : shake his head as i looked around as i looked to the girl ,,, his face full of blood ,,,, and shake his head as i close my eyes and say ” wel if you dont wanna help me ill probelly dieing ” he say ,,, as he really was bumping aginst every stairs and aginst the boat ,,,, as i just think that girl is prbelly crazy ,,,, while his eyes closed ,,, his breath start to go heavely ,,,,, and more havely ,,,,,

  • Battle Bond screwed her face into an expression of intolerance. With a sigh of irritation, she whipped out a bandage and started applying it to his badly broken body. Well, it seemed to be to him, though there was nothing she could see which was really life-threatening. “Oh, stop your whining…” Battle Bond finally said, wrapping the cloth about his ‘wounds’. “I am quite sure people have been dragged up stairs before, and been just fine. Don’t you think you’re over-reacting a tad? The arrows and blades would have done much worse damage than me.”

  • Ansgar : his breath goes havely as his eyes closed as i was feelings my life slipped away from me my body was shaking ,,, as i heard small words but cant really understand them ,,, as my eyes where closed my breath goes havely ,,,, while the life slowly slipped away from my body ,,,,, even a normall bandage could not help me anymore ,,,, the only thing what could rescue me was a healer ,,, but the fighst for his own life would be very hard

  • Battle Bond watched as apparently her desire to help, however skewered it was, did nothing. Finally realizing he was going to likely either slip off into sleep, or just keel over all together, Battle Bond yelled. “Can someone come help this poor, broken fellow? Apparently his body is too fragile to handle our stairs. HELP!”

  • Blue made his way over after hearing the calls for help. Blue with groggy expression on his face turned his attention towards the slave girl and the captive. ” That doesn’t look to good.” he said eying the girl. ” How does a strong man get so injured?” he said shrugging his shoulders as he leaned over to inspect the wounds. “You there.” Blue said towards the captive. ” What is your name?” Blue said trying to see if the man was conscious.

  • Ansgar : his eyes closed his breath was havely ,,, as he still feeled the lif slipped away from his body ,,,, his mind was sipping away in a dream about his young born child ,,,,while he saw all his life slipped from his eyes his dream go deeply away as he saway the happenis with his child his his daciother ,,,, the time when they where born ,,,, alll was passed by ,,,,

  • Battle Bond shrugged and looked toward the stairs. “I guess apparently, it happened from the stone stairs, Master? I am not sure, really. The poor man has been screaming non-stop since I pulled him up here. I was even nice enough to bandage…” pointing to her sloppy, botched job. “But I guess that was not enough?” Battle Bond scowled, as this was an obvious waste of a good rep cloth.

  • Blue reached his hand to his face. Although he was an enemy to his people and Blue was rather concerned for the mans life. ” I would prefer you to not die. When one dies on foreign land its tends to create tensions between us and your people.” Blue said tapping his face to see if he would wake up. ” I see you have done all you can.” Blue said to the slave.

  • ἶղƙყ moved over and than spoke to the crowd “whats the antention with all this crowd?

  • Battle Bond rolled her eyes as she watched the great Gorean warrior begin to slip away and die on them. “This is silly. I dragged him up stairs. Unless he is made of glass, there is no way this would even occur, Master…” she looked down and pointed to the barely scratched man. “He is a hypochondriac.”

  • Ansgar : as i was dragged from his own land with his face over the ground his face has seens every stairs in this village as i was really wouned ,,,, and hurted ,,, his breath start to stock haavely his body start to shake ,,,,, while his breath go heavly while i just saw his life slipped away his dreamss ,,,,, about his mate his kids ,,,, the happenis time all passed by ,,,,, as i didt feels anything anymore ,,,, his eyes where close ,,,, as he saw a big white light showed up ,,,,, his hands raised up as i feels that i wished to go there

  • ἶղƙყ  “Oh well he seems like he is dying to me i should perhaps finish him of already he said as he pulled out his great axe “he shall die in a torvie tradition

  • ἶղƙყ  shouts: pulls out his axe and than swings it up into the air and holds it up

  • Battle Bond backs the fuck up to avoid the blood splatters…

  • ἶղƙყ  shouts: as i do i point it up towards his neck to positon its blade

  • ἶղƙყ shouts: swings i down and aims for his neck slicing it apart from his head

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Lady Branwyn/Valkyrie

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