About silks and satins for slaves

Covering a beast


The main purpose of slave garments, of course, is not particularly to clothe the girl, for she need not even be clothed, as she is an animal, but to, as I have suggested, “set her off.”

There is much confusion in the online environment over the color of slave silk and what the color of this silk means.

I have researched the online and have concluded there are 12 different variations of color. I have also noted that in SL Gor there is a preference for certain styles and colors.

Black silk

I wore the belled collar, and belled ankle ring, of the tavern, and a bit of black silk. On the silk, in yellow, there were words, which Narla had translated for me. “I am Yata. Own me at the Chatka and Curla.”

An unowned slave is in her black silks. The girl is known to be in a kettle collar.

Blue silk

“I had intended to rent a dancing slave in Vonda,” said the Lady Florence to her guests, “a decorous girl in blue silk and a golden collar, who might by the loveliness and grace of her movements please us, but it slipped my mind.

Brown silk

She wore a brief bit of transparent brown slave silk, gathered before her and loosely knotted at her navel.

Golden silk

The silk girl was heeling her master, a captain of Torvaldsland. She wore, indeed, a brief tunic of the south, of golden silk. She wore a collar of gold, and, hanging in her ears, were loops of gold.

Green silk

The Pleasure Slaves who served wore green pleasure silk, and the tops of the tables and the walls were also painted green; even the curtains on the alcoves by one wall were green.

Many colored silk

The girl ran to my side in a swirl of many-colored silks and from beneath the Robes of Concealment she withdrew my sword and kneeling at my side lowered her head and placed it in my hand. “Cabot my Master!” she cried.

Purple silk

“No!” called another girl, from the side, kneeling, in brief purple silk, lifting small pinioned wrists.

This color is reserved for slaves of the Priest Kings. The ‘silks’ are actually plastic. These slaves generally serve only in the Sardar Mountains, the Home of the Priest Kings, and such slaves are called muls.

Red silk

She was attired in a brief gown of red Pleasure Silk, prescribed for her because she was a Red Silk Girl and in training

A slave of red silk status is known as a falara, meaning a girl is complete and fully a woman, a pleasure slave.. there are 3 types of red silk slaves 1)pagar – term applied to the best trained of slaves..elite of the pleasure silks. 2) pleasure slave -a girl wearing red silks that is available for the use of Masters, Both sexually, and in servitude. 3) passion slave – bred for a particular trait, such as beauty, slave heat, or the shape of her lips.. (obviously not a barbarian) ~~ Red silk slaves are generally used by any who desire her, but may also be reserved solely for the use of her Master. A pleasure slave is considered to be well trained, to please in all ways sexually, service wise, dancing, and are closest to the houris of the Arabian harem.

Scarlet silk

As I mused, Talena stepped forth from behind the silk curtain. I had thought she had retired. Instead, she stood before me in the diaphanous, scarlet dancing silks of Gor.

White silk

These would be girls in training, some of them perhaps White Silk Girls, being accustomed to the routines and techniques of serving at table.

A slave wearing white silks is not necessarily denoting just her virginity; it can also mean she is reserved solely for the use of her Master. In most cases it is acceptable for the Master to embarrass and/or upbraid the slave, but at no time should a slave wearing white silks be struck. The matter should be brought to the attention of the slave’s Master and then left to His hand. A girl in these silks is generally a girl who is a virgin. Her duties involve studying and chores ONLY and after training lessons in serving, she will be permit to serve food/drink and converse in tower. She is not available sexually, unless she is in a Master’s collar, and then only to Him. If a girl is a virgin, her virginity will be raffled off to anywhere from one to ten Men. In some cases, a Master will petition the Ubar to keep the girl intact because He wishes to buy her and de-flower her Himself.

White and Gold silk

Down the stairway, slowly, in trailing white silk bordered with gold, the colors of the Merchants, there regally descended the girl who was Aphris of Turia.

Yellow silk

She wore yellow Pleasure Silk, and, beneath her long black hair, on her throat, I glimpsed a silverish Turian collar.

These girls are knowledgeable in most ways of serving except dancing and the use of the heat as seductively as a red silk. She is often in training for her red silks. Her use is free and may include sexual favors at the Owner’s discretion.

Styles of silks, most are  similar to pleasure silks, a sheer rectangle of silken fabric wrapped around ones body and tied to the left shoulder, the right shoulder is bare, the open fabric on the left side of the body is slightly overlapped then a binding fiber about the waist holds it closed, the hemline reaches between the knee and the bottom of her rear, depending how much extra fabric she has tucked above the double wrapped binding fiber at her waist

A word on Pleasure Silks

This sheer form of silk is worn only by slave girls, with a disrobing loop or slave knot at the left shoulder.

A word on Camisks

A camisk is slit fully on both sides with a slit for the head, worn poncho style, the cloth is held in place with a cord tied tightly about the waist. The hem stops barely beneath the groin and bottom, so that the slave flesh is fully available at all times. Turian camisk is a style of camisk worn by slaves in the city-state of Turia. It consists of a piece of cloth shaped like an inverted ‘T’ with a beveled crossbar. It fastens behind the neck falls before the wearer’s body. The crossbar then passes between her legs and is then brought forward snugly at the hips. It is held in place by a single cord that binds it at the back of the neck, behind the back, and in front at the waist.

Silk Ceremony of Panthers

The status of a kajira’s silks can refer to several thing on Gor. Most commonly such words are used to designate a girl virginity. White silk can mean a girl is a virgin, and red silk the loss of virginity and accessibility of the girl to the tribe.
For the Tribe, the passage from white to red silk is of special importance and it indicates a potential for change in both physical and the emotional being of the girl. John Norman speaks of blood auctions conducted by the Free in which a girl surrenders her virginity. In the Forests there are no such written rules, not even for the ownership of slaves. So, we take a GE path and create our own equivalent for these kajira.

Let us begin . . .

The En calls the girl to her and speaks.
The En ties a white ribbon to the girl’s collar indicating the first stage of Glana Veck (virgin awakening).

“You are a pretty slave, Evelyn,” I said.
“Thank you Mistress,” she said.
“Are you white silk?” I asked.
“I am virgin,” she said.
“Then you are white silk,” I said. —-Explorers of Gor, 13:172

The En places a dina flower in the girl’s palm. The girl is escorted to the river bank.

The dina is a small short-stemmed flower indigenous to hillsides; sometimes called the ‘slave flower’ it is often used as a design for slave brands; sometimes used as a slave name. —-Slave Girl of Gor, 11:61

The girl wades into the river and the flower is cast upon the river representing the passage of her innocence. The girl emerges and the En’ removes the white ribbon from the girl’s collar.
The En using her finger paints a symbol of ‘M’ and ‘fish’ (similar to the Earth zodiac sign of virgin) with moist red thassa powder on the girl’s forehead. The girl again wades into the river and washes the red thassa powder from her face representing acknowledgment of her new status and relationship to the Tribe. The girl emerges from the river once more and a red ribbon is tied to the girl’s collar indicating she has entered the stage of Sa Kara (feminine turning).

Then I felt her, and I could not have stopped her, had I wished to do so. I was chained as she removed the white-silk ribbon from my collar. In a moment she had fastened something else there, in its place, Doubtless another ribbon, doubtless the red-silk ribbon which had been given to her earlier by Mirus. She jerked it down on the collar, snugly.—Dancers of Gor, 11:209

The En’ presents the girl to the Tribe.


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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