Story of Gor, The Panther and the Shock of a branded kajira

Adventures of Red hair

Here’s a little fan-fiction based in John Norman’s world of sci-fi, beasts, heroes and sexism – Gor.  Four slave girls have been freshly branded and await inspection by a healer.

Red hair stepped into the healers tent, pushing aside the thick green cloth at the entrance, her nostrils filled with the sickly smell of kanda which hung about the place. The tent was stocked with several items of salvaged or stolen healing equipment that had been collected over the years by the band. Beakers and broken vials and other random items dripped their murky contents on the soft damp earth.

She looked over the four girls curiously, noticing one slave in particular lowering her eyes , perhaps hoping not to be beaten, she looked ethnic. Red hair smirked at this dark skinned one, she leaned down to inspect the fresh brands. Making no sound she studied them closely. Her fingers slightly stretched the skin as she grabbed each kajira’s thigh, causing them to let out gasps and whimpers from the searing pain.  Finally, she turned away from the girls after looking at the brands. She walked over to some makeshift shelves, reaching for a glass jar with leaves in it, kanda leaves in fact.

After she returns to the four she holds enough kanda leaves for each girl to chew on. Red hair was quiet as she handed  out each leaf and watch it as they slipped it into their mouths without resistance. One girl who had lowered her eyes, could not get her pain away fast enough, she was ecstatic that she was allowed to chew on a kanda leaf. Red hair watches them in silence, waiting for the leaf to fully kick in. She inhales deeply and speaks out rather sharply as she crosses her arms across her bosom and stares at the four with her dark brown orbs.

‘It will take a hand of time for that brand to completely heal. Take it easy , and do not mess it up or it will be redone!’  She speaks with a stern tone at each of the girls, who in turn nod softly with their own small reply to her. She then nods to the girls, snapping her fingers and pointing to the tent entrance.

‘Go rest, when you wake at dawn, spit out the leaf’ She snapped a bit then waved her hand to motion them to move on. As the girls rise , they suddenly realize they are cold, having escaped the heat of the branding tent. It did not help that the pain of the brand was slowly dissipating, courtesy of the kanda leaf, now they could think without the searing agony of the brand eating at them.  Still naked they limp slightly, gingerly stepping with their freshly branded leg. Outside the tent they shiver feeling the cold air of the night for the first time.

It did not take long for two panther girls to show up and take the four kajira to yet another tent. The two panther women stood tall compared to the frailer and smaller slave girls, they were also more toned and muscular than the average gorean woman.  The ethnic girl found it odd that these women were still beautiful and had a feminine appearance even though they were muscular, tough and defiant. Once outside the narrow but long tent, the two panthers spoke roughly and herded the girls with their hands.

Inside the tent were two rows of both  male and female slaves, each sleeping in their own space.  Each row was separated by a thick wooden log that was secured into the ground by thick steel pins. A steel chain secured each slave to a log, and the ground was covered with hay to soften the grass. The ethnic girl peered around, noticing two male slaves with their legs bound apart and stretched, with a look of horror she saw the red smear of dried blood on a shaven place near the cock, they had been gelded!

The ethic girl snapped  towards one of the panthers ‘Are you serious ? we are not animals…I am not like some damn bosk!’ One of the panther’s lashes out and slaps the ethnic girl hard, but not as hard as a male could.

‘You are a kajira now!  So move your ass!’ The panther known as  Sav snapped back loudly.

‘No, I wont!, I have been branded , I haven’t eaten in three days!’ the ethnic girl screamed back at her.  She continued her rant, glaring at the panther with look’s  that could kill. She raised a finger close to the panthers face ‘You can….kiss….my….ass!’

Sav could not help but blink at the unexpected ballsy reply from this girl. The panther woman deciding she would not allow a slave to talk to her this way, she struck again, this time much harder. Normally, the ethic girl would be cowering, but no one could slap her as brutally as her former master had. Sav growled as she prepared to raise her hand again, but her wrist was caught by another. Caught off guard,  Sav looks back, as well as everybody else to see Red hair standing firmly on her ground. The ethnic girls heart sank , hoping that Red hair had not heard the things she had said, for she knew this panther to be the cruelest in the band. The situation only worsens when Red hair directs the panthers to take the other girls to the post, leaving the ethnic girl standing alone , by herself.

Red hair glares at the ethnic girl, crossing her arms together and standing speechless. The silence alone ate at the girl, she wanted to slump down and shrink into nothing, wishing she could disappear for that moment. Red hair sneered down her nose at the girl and for the first time the girl could see her face clearly, now without the tribal feathers and face paints.

She had a young gorgeous face, even with those cold dark almond shaped orbs staring down at her. Red hair grabbing at the girls collar and dragging her to a small tent near the edge of camp. The leather makeshift entrance had an image painted on it, a red larl, much like the colour of her hair. Red hair roughly pushing the girl inside her tent.

As they enter the girl catches the feel of leather, she expected it to be rough, almost like the feel of hide, but instead it is soft and supple. The was a firepit in the dead centre of the round tent with a battered looking kettle  boiling over it, and to the right a small wooden weapons rack , some furs and a locked wooden box.  Red hair obviously slept by herself in this tent, she let go of the girls collar with a sly grin on her face.  The girl became unsure of herself and stammered ‘Please mistress ….do not lash me….I beg of you’ She pleaded trying not to sob.

There was a silence, until Red hair let a creepy giggle escape her lips ‘You can kiss …my ass’ She recited the girls previous words.  The girl had drained of all color, getting so nervous she started to fidget. She softly croaks back ‘That is what I said mistress’

Red hair grinned ‘You have some balls kajira….well…figuratively of course…a female slave not afraid to confront a panther’ the girl caught the sarcastic smirk on Red hairs face.

‘Mistress ..I don’t have balls , I have a pussy…I would be pretty screwed up if I had been born with balls’

Red hair laughed, she reached for a cup, pouring hot liquid from the kettle into it and offering it to the girl ‘Come ….drink this’ she smiles, the girl is hesitant but drink’s  it anyway , she exclaims a ‘ew’ as the bitter taste hits her taste buds.

Red hair nods , she lifts the lid on the kettle , observing  the severed balls surrounded by the dark bubbling liquid ‘How apt, you drank a males essence’ her lips curling wickedly as she watched the girl’s eyes widen in horror.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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