Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Sais


 My report on Sais:

It’s safe to say that Sais isn’t like ANY other city that I’ve visited so far. Sais, is very much a very by-the-book sim, but at the same time treats it’s people very, very well. Everyone from the red caste to the red silk is treated with respect and care. This is probably the first time that I’ve actually understood why a by-the-book sim is preferred by so many. The honor, the pride, the glory of the village filled the pixelated air. It is the first city that I’ve come across along the Vosk River that hasn’t been taken over by pirates, panthers, outlaws or mercenaries. I was warned that Sais wasn’t going to be an easy stay, and in order to keep myself safe I had to tell quite a few lies, this included my name, homestone and caste. Two of which I don’t even posess. When I first came to Sais there were a set of men there, eager to greet me. One of the men escorted me into the city and set me up with a kajira tour guide (a lovely kajira.) When I first asked about lodging, I was under the impression that the inn was in the tavern, as so many things are. We discussed what would be of me, back and forth a few times before he insisted that my drinks and lodging were on his tab. For his generosity I owed to him a salve which I sent with the kajira before I went to bed, (logged off.)

I was given a tour by the pretty kajira. She showed me the village, the bakery, the various places where the castes practice and the residental area. What I found especially interesting was the tavern. There are very strict rules, as not only are unescorted freewomen not allowed to enter, but white silk slaves are also forbidden to enter. I was VERY VERY impressed, and pleased that white silk kajiras were so well protected. 🙂 We finally ended our tour at the infirmary, where the inn is actually located. Since the kajira wasn’t entirely sure how to get into the inn, we stopped and talked to the neighborhood scribe. This was where the majority of lying took place.
As I was wearing a green colored dress he asked me if I was of caste. When I told him no, he told me that it wasn’t anything a bit of studying wouldn’t fix. I then told him my secret Gorean ambition on second life… and that would be… that if I were to pick a caste… I’d be.. A LAWYER!


He then told me that there is a training academy called the Gorean Legal Academy. OOC, I immediately joined their group and dropped my jaw. Guess where I’m gonna get my education on! You guessed GLA? You guessed right! I wonder if panthers have lawyers… 🙂 (Probably not, as they are basically ex-slaves living as outlaws.) Regardless it can’t hurt to look into it, right? Shortly after the friendly scribe added me as a friend and I prayed to God he would still think I was a worthy person to converse with after he saw my profile, (Which mind you, explains that I am NOT a pretty freewoman, and that I actually am a Panther En ). Last night ended with my stripping down to my underwear, (Which definately looks like kajira clothing, as it’s just a corset and panties) and snuggling into my nice big bed. My first day in Sais was wonderful. I was hopeful that it would be just as lovely in the morning… and it was. 🙂

In the morning I headed out to the women’s pavilion (a lovely, and MUCH less misogynist alternative to the tavern. My feminist self didn’t enjoy the segregation, but very much enjoyed that I didn’t have to listen to men drool over kajiras. There I met a recently freed ex-slave who was mourning the lost of her lover. It was sortly after that in which I decided it was time for an RL gri’lled cheese sandwich. When I signed back on, I shocked to see that there was a kajira who I had met earlier who was down to 25% health with a rock drawn. I looked to my left and low-and-behold the tavern was on fire. The kajira and I did our best to put out the flames, roleplaying carrying heavy buckets of water into the tavern and doucing the flames over crunchy arrowheads. There must have been a massive raid before I woke up because the lag was rediculous. When we were finished putting out the fire the sim called for a restart. That was when I roleplayed walking to the gate and leaving, as there was no way I was going to be able to actually, really leave in 60 seconds.

Overall, my stay in Sais was lovely. I wish that more Gorean sims could be as wonderful as this sim was. They were honorable, respectful, classy even. And, as close to the books as someone could realistically get. The people are so friendly from the red castes (which I usually fear and hate) to the freewomen and even the kajriae! I highly suggest a visit, and if your own sim recently folded, that you check out this place – as it’s awesome! 🙂


My role play report of Sais (high scare factor for panthers!):

  • Bohica  shouts: man to the gate i see the traverse of travelers

  • Harif  walks closer drinking the sweet ale groaning “Thank you girl ” then nods to the woman “Tal “

  • Chiale: my eyes dart to the gate.. trying t get a glimpseswho was there

  • Marli nods at the sergeant “Tal ” then adds “I seek entry into the town of Sais , to talk with the physician ” she wore her green robes as a sign of her own caste

  • Harif Horchester raises the gate and looks to the lady “Aye Lady come in”

  • Marli: “thank you ” and Lady Marli enters the town square

  • Chiale: watches the lady pass by.. ‘greetings msitress”

  • Erik  waves his hand in the air in front of him again mubmeling as he walks of ‘How can I be expected to protect this village when everyone asking to be let inside is allowed to

  • Harif  looks over at capri with a broad smile “Duty calls girl tend to the ladies needs”

  • Vidor was always one to enjoy the drilling of an errant woman. Strangers were indeed a mystery in lands of Gor. Quite simply the word was the same as that of an enemy. This was indeed the significance and importance of the homestone. Tristan continued his watch, giving a few glances over his shoulder as a she-urt passed inside. The certainly drew his attention in a bit more, allowing the conversation with the Kailla woman to fade into the wind. His glances toward the urt were educational to say the least, taking in her appearance and demeanor for some future business.

  • Jace sneaks in through the gates carrying her heavy sack trying her best not to make eye contact

  • Chiale: ‘ nods yes master”

  • Marli briefly nods at the slave girl and walked on she was interested in finding the physisician

  • Chiale: mistress I can escort you to the physician”

  • Harif  walks over to the man in white i n the hood “Sir are yo ua black caste and are yo u marked?”

  • Jace  standing by the fountain looks around and in the loud voice shouts ‘chocolate for sale, buy your slut some fine chocolate here’

  • Źĩʄεŗ finsihed the mead and gave it to Azana to return to Tavern, “Return that mine,” he said unleashing her

  • Marli glanced to the girl in the blue camisk , she sniffed at the sight of so much exposed flesh , though accepted the offer of the girl “Lead on ” she simply relied

  • Kirsten shouts: Tal _ I have come to collect my sisters

  • Chiale: smiles. ‘ yes Mistresses, thiis way if you please”

  • Harif shouts: hOLD YOUR KAIIL

  • Chiale: I’m not suer if the physician is in mistress”

  • Marli looked at the infirmary and nodded at the girl “thank you….well perhaps I shall wait a while “

  • Kirsten shouts: peers through the bars and sees a warrior ‘Tal, I wish to end this nonsense between our tribe and your village, I wish to speak to your Commander. I have come to collect my sisters.

  • Chiale: may girl be of any other service mistress.”

  • Marli shook her head “you have been helpfull….you may tell your owner that ….now continue with your chores slave “

  • Chiale: nods, ‘ yes mistress”

  • Bohica  shouts: sound the alarm” he would shout back to the village” a hoarde of woodsluts makes for the gates, men defend the walls

  • Bohica  shouts: raise the bridge

  • Some panthers are spotted  in Sais , all hell breaks loose !!!

  • Źĩʄεŗ used his steel, and cut her clothing from her body, and removed her dagger and her small sword (pickaxe), and then left her there.

  • Sterling  shouts: Panther on the loose,

  • brigit: hears the shout and looks around for the escaped panther…

  • Sterling : seems it magically self unbound itself

  • Źĩʄεŗ: “I suppose search the Village?”

  • Black Orchid  sighs and shakes her head. “any of these sluts any good at gardening? If they are gonna sit around, I can find work for them”

  • Sterling : i would beleive ignoring her might help

  • Brogan calls out to the group, “Harif come to me if you are about.”

  • Harif  takes the rope and chains the slave binding her to the binds noddin tyign her binds to the binding area pushing her into the binds

  • Brogan cups his hands and then bellows, “Cut the bow fingers of some of them, and place them to the docks, and sell them to the ships there.”

  • Sterling : dam whining sluts , id like to kill them all

  • Harif smiles and says rubbing agaisnt the girls chin “il be back sweety dont go anywhere hahahaha

  • Źĩʄεŗ: “Do as I would, collar them, cut their tongues, and then sell them for as much as you might be able to get. Coin is coin, after all.”

  • Brogan: Pick one of them, and kill her, keep the leader in a collar, and cut the fingers of the rest, through the palm to keep them from lifting a weapon against us for a hand or so.”

  • rana checks to make sure both are securely bound before entering the cage.

  • Sterling  nods in the direction of Vidor ” perhaps the house of vidor is looking to keep them Commander”

  • Harif walks over hearing Brogan cal l for Him “Aye Brogan yo u called upon me”

  • Brogan looked to Harif, “Pick one and kill her, the others, we shall cut the hands of the rest of them across the palm.”

  • rana hears the sigh and takes a few bold steps closer to the bound huntress, taking opportunity to check her for anything of value an being careful not to touch weapons.

  • Brogan : I take it they are for the one that submitted, from what I surmise, she shall stay in her collar, and honor her submission, agreed Captain?”

  • Harif  nods hearing him and looks over at the cages with a weary eye

  • Brogan: Captain, I take it we drag them out now.”

  • Sterling : Aye cut them and drag them all out

Sais, a village located in the Vosk region of Gor. It is a full scale BTB (By the Book) community with everything a Gorean would be looking for. Beautiful slaves a plenty and manly men? .. actually a place where Warriors send slave girls to do their job for them.

  • Imp looks nervously to the citizen’s gate at the girl with thedagger on her thigh, and whispers to Rya “Isn’t that one of those panther?”

  • Luna: clicks her tongue once as fingers work an guide the tumblers into place feeling it give away and slips inside

  • Ricari tilted her head a moment looking at the other gate..and the one picking the lock. “Masters, you have someone breaking into the city from the side gate…”

  • Imp: “She has a dagger on her thigh”

  • Sterling frowns to her and shakes his head not understanding anything about merchantess and coin and the like and then thinks of the brand knew shinny sword on display in the market and scrratch’s his head ” maybe there is one use for coin” he says spinning around hearing the visitors at the gate

  • Sterling  moves to the ropes and opens the gate

  • Ricari as she passed through the gate, she reached up and pulled hard upon it. Settling it back into place, and giving it a shake to reset the lock.

  • Imp sinks to her knees as Master comes to a halt, and the other Master arrives as well. “Tal ,Master.”

  • Sterling  see’s the girl pull down the gate after he steps inside ” was it stuck sir?’ he asks the man

  • Luna: peeks through the veins seeing a crowd has gathered clicks her tongue and takes off through w hat appears to be a tunnel

  • Sterling  opens and closes it again

  • Gil looks at Rage, “Tal again Warrior”

  • Ricari settled to her knees and hummed to herself, “Tal Master.”

  • Sterling : seems to be working alright , was it stuck

  • Gil: “ya i noticed that

  • Imp: “No, Master, a girl picked the lock and opened it just before we entered. She went off that way” She points off to the right.

  • Sterling  looks to the right and back to the slave ” what are you talking about girl, what girl?”

  • Imp: “THe one with the dagger, Master.”

  • Imp: “On her leg.”

  • Ricari tilted her head, “And multi colored hair..dressed as a panther, or a rather, dull witted slave.”

  • Sterling  looks to the man ” is this true sir, did you see a female with a dagger half clad”?

  • Imp tugs at her own, multicolored hair, and frowns reproachfully at Rya

  • Sterling looks to the right again and scratch’s his head ” mulicoloured hair” he mumbles to himself and turns to the man ” i have no idea if your girl is here sir, but you are welcome to go look for her’

  • Gil: thanks and yes

  • Sterling : ill send out a message to the guards to be alert forr the multicolured haired female with the dagger

  • Imp: “I wish you well, Master.”

  • Sterling : apparently there is a multicolured haired female with a dagger wandering the village

  • Saryn lifts a brow, “Here? In the village?”

  • Sterling: aye those dock dwellers have reported it picking the gate lock side gate

  • Sterling : dILEK it appears we have panther in the village go find her and ask her to go to the cages and wait inside one of them for me

  • Dilek hears the Master , and glances to him, her expression asking the question she dared not voice… whther he’d lost his senses…. instead she only said… ‘um.. you want me to ask a panther to cage herself, Master?’

  • Sterling  listens to saryn and then to Fidias and gets confused not understanding the full story, he turns to Dilek a little annoyed ‘ yes girl, go find the panther and tell her to wait in the cages, do you want me to repeat myself again”!!

  • Dilek: um.. yes Master…

  • Dilek: i mean.. no MAster… was just.. clarifying

  • Imp stifles a giggle

  • Dilek lifts and rushes off,but not too far… she knew better than to confront a panther. and she really had no intention of doing so… but ah well.. shec could at leaast deliver the message and see what happened next….

  • Imp looks sympathetically at the girl as she passes. “Tal, kajira”

  • Dilek paused seeing the girls and smiles…

  • Dilek: oh tal rya..

  • Ricari looked over to Dilek and stuck her tongue out at her, “You never do visit you know..and the panther has long hair, multicolored at the ends…shouldn’t be to hard to spot.”

  • Ricari yes she was listening to what was being said around the corner..stuck here as she was

  • Dilek: actually i came yesterday

  • Dilek: but you weren’t there

  • Imp: “She was wearing a dagger on her thigh also. Easy to spot.”

  • Ricari nodded, “Aye well, one of these times you’ll visit me when I am actually there. Though I do wish you luck in finding the panther.”

  • Dilek: oh i see.. a dagger.. so he wants me go and tell an armed panther to kindly cage herself and wait for him?

  • Imp: “Um. well. Yes?”

  • Jules: knelt there listening

  • Imp: “I believe that is correct.”

  • Imp shrugs helplessly

  • Dilek mutters and stomos offf… ‘as if i don’t have enough frustration in my little slave head…’

  • Imp: “Maybe if you just ASK her.. and then run fast…”

  • Sterling  hears the slaves talking and argueing and gets annoyed ‘ dilek, take your friensds with you ‘

  • Dilek: oh wait.. i have a better idea

  • Dilek grins..

  • Ricari perked hearing the Master and grinned, calling out. “Master if she tries to stab may I use my goad?!” Oh she’d damn well make sure that panther hit the dirt hard.

  • Imp perks up. “Oh that’s right! You can protect us, Rya!”

  • Sterling  calls back ‘ use whatever it takes if she wont come politley”

  • Dilek: shouts: will any armed panthers in the vllage please by request of the warrior at the gate find a cage and insert yourself into it and wait there for his arrival?? Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your stay!!

  • Ricari grinned like, well a sleen or a larl. “Oh I will Master!” Her Master said she could only use it on violent girls..and this panther counted in her mind. “Lets go a hunting girls!” Bounding off, she’d do it oh so happily.

  • Imp grins at the other girl. “It’s okay, Rya’s more than capable of taking on one of those awful panther girls that’s loose in your village. I daresay she’s creating mayhem and stealing all the food in the tavern.”

  • Imp giggles

  • Dilek hadn’t even heard the master, as she was busy yelling that through the village

  • Sterling : shouts: i told you to go find her and ask her slave NO DO AS YOUR TOLD!!

  • Sterling : NOW

  • Imp snickers, running off to find the pantthers

  • Dilek eeps and runs off

  • Imp: “Wow what kinda warriors they got in this palce anwyay”

  • Imp: “Let’s try the tavern first, panthers love paga”

  • Imp: not in the tavern

  • Imp: maybe she’s taking a bath? though not very likely. maybe breaking into private homes

  • Ricari looked to Dilek, and shook her head some. “Well Dilek can go into places we can’t properly do lets see what we can see eh?”

  • Imp: well where should we look?

  • Imp: the farm, maybe, gettin gfood?

  • Imp: “Shes’ not at the farm ,and not in the baths.”

  • Imp: She woulnd’ thave gone in the Library, with the Master standing there.

  • Imp: So that leaves theprivate residences area

  • Dilek: yep…

  • Imp: oh there you are. I checked the tavern, and the farm, and the baths. She s not there

  • Imp: you thikn we should warn the other girls we see that there’s an armed panther in the village? she might try to capture them

  • Imp: there she is !

  • Imp: THere!!!

  • Dilek: shouts: hey kitty!!!

  • Imp: shouts: “Up here!”

  • Imp: shouts: “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere kitty kitty kitty”

  • Imp: gone now

  • Imp: she was up here

  • Ricari: Where did she go? *Cocking her head a moment.*

  • Imp: She…THERE!

  • Imp: straight ahead!

  • Imp: eeps

  • Imp: she’s looking at us!

  • Ricari reacting quickly she slid the goad from its place on her thigh. Flicking it on to see it sparking in warning to the sleen.

  • Imp: yap panther

  • Ricari reacting quickly she slid the goad from its place on her thigh. Flicking it on to see it sparking in warning to the sleen.

  • Imp: ugly too

  • Imp: “Come on panther, th eSergeant said you’re supposed to come put yourself in the cage and wait for him.”

  • Ricari had drawn her goad on the run, flicking it out ad readying the charge for use. Panthers, well they didn’t always play nice. And armed, well she wouldn’t play nice either. “So, we’ve been sent to ask you to nicely join us for a walk to the cages..where you’re to go step inside. Or, I can shock the ever living piss out of you.”

  • Luna: clicks her tongue as two figures appear and growls low

  • Imp: “So come along nice.”

  • Luna: eyes them an growls again and holds the dagger tightly

  • Ricari gave a quiet sound, she’d put up with being cut, spinning the goad in her hand then gripping it securely. She’d take her down if she didn’t speak, simple enough. “Are you going to play nice, or do I need to do as the master ordered?”

  • Luna: growls low again watching the to an charges the one that didnt have the sparking object hoping to knock her down out of the way

  • Imp sighs, yet another freaking mowgli

  • Imp: “Want me to go tet help, Rya?”

  • Imp’s eyes widen. “Wow you are good, Rya!”

  • Ricari as soon as the panther paused she darted up attempting to tag the panther. And managing it she quickly pulled a few strops of binding fiber from her belt.

  • Ricari moving to her she quickly set to work, tucking the goad away and pulled her legs together. Binding them first with the fiber. A capture knot used to make sure she couldn’t run.

  • Imp looks at the First Girl admiringly

  • Ricari flipped it off and gave the flick needed to shorten it once mor. Returning it to its place upon her thigh.

  • Ricari and then she shoved the dagger to the side, taking out the next fiber. Using that when she pulled her wrists back behind her back. Binding them together firmly at the small of her back. Again a capture knot used.

  • Ricari the last two lengths would be used as well. One binding about her body, pinning her amrs firmly to her sides. And the last, attached to this as a leash.

  • Sterling : shouts: Slaves where are you, where is my panther!!!!!

  • Ricari hearing the Master she called out, “Just finished binding her Master!”

  • Imp mutters rebelliously. “We were very happy to do your job for you, Master”

  • Ricari reaching over she picked up the dagger tucking it into the back of her kirtle for now then pushed to her feet holding the line. Grinning as the Master appeared ,and offering him the leash. “Here you go Master, one panther..though she’s a wee bit..twitchy from the goad.”

  • Luna: shakes my head and squirms in the ropes dazed shakes her head more

  • Sterling walks over seeing the panther laying on the ground all bound up for him he places his foot on her and rolls her back and fourth ‘ good job girls” he says and looks around for dilek

  • Imp: “You are very welcome, any time you need someone capture,d just call us!”

  • Imp beams in delight, thrilled to have had a part in all this

  • Gil: shouts: “RYA! IMP” his voice carrying over the city, “Boot Girls”

  • Imp: shouts: “Yes, Master!”

  • Dilek grins to the girls.. ‘great job! thanks…. ‘.. she then looks to the panther… ‘that Master says to cage yourself and wait for him

  • Dilek grins to the Master….

  • Dilek: see Master? i found her, and told her

  • Imp: “I wish you well, Master. well wishes, kajira”

  • Luna: growls wriggling in the ropes

  • Dilek waves tot he dock girls

  • Sterling looks to the girl with the leash but doesnt take it turns to IMp ” i dont need you to capture these beasts for me , but you did a good job, so well done tell your master im pleased with your service”

  • Imp: “Rya did it, Master.”

  • Sterling  takes the leash from ricari ‘ did dilek find her and ask her?”

  • Ricari nodded as she set down the leash. “If you will excuse me Master, I hear my name being called and I need must go. Do enjoy the panther!” grinning as she bounded off, with a new dagger.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Various


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