Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Thentis




The high city of Thentis lies in a remote area within these rugged mountains. It is most famed for its fine tarn flocks and skilled tarnsmen. The books do not state who leads the city or even if an Administrator or Ubar rules. The city must import its grain so it is safe to assume they engage in little agriculture. But, it is a wealthy city due to its large tarn flocks and a number of silver mines. Though the mines provide them with a source of wealth, they are not as rich as the silver mines of Tharna. Though it is a mountain city, it is still composed of cylinders like most Gorean cities.

The role play:

The city of Thentis was dangerous ; she had to be prepared for anything here.  There was no protection for anyone regardless of status, caste or home. Everyone is subject to capture. Marli knew the dangers of travelling to a city, yet she heard of an interesting tale of a free woman. Disguised as a Free woman she travels via boat to the city of Thentis  to witness the trial of this free woman.

Tabby: greetings Mistress

Lady Tamarra: girl, I have come for the trial, can yu show me the way?

Tabby: yes Mistress, of course. may this girl lead the way?

Tabby smiles at her sissy

Tabby: if Mistress would please follow this girl

Lady Tamarra: lead on

Marli leaves the dock , disguised as a free woman , yet the locals can tell she is a panther ?

Tabby: greetings Huntress

Marli inspects the kajira “greetings “

Tabby: is Huntress here for the trial?

Marli blinks , not expecting the girl to see through her disguise??? though now she was curious , she stepped closer to the girl slave “Mhm……and what trial would that be ?”

Tabby: the trial about, hmmmm, who gets the baby and if Mistress Tammy will remain Free or not, Huntress

Marli was disguised, it had been some time she had entered a village , allways apprehensive of the strange customs that governed the daily lives of villagers “I see …..and a disguised panther would be allowed to watch the trial and then be allowed to leave ?”

Tabby: tabby is only a girl and was ordered to bring anyone who wants to be at the trial to the magistrates office, Huntress

Marli rubbed her chin “show me where it is , this place where the trial takes place , perhaps I will choose to listen from outside “

Tabby: if Huntress would please follow this girl ~ smiles and is relieved that she doesn’t have to answer any more questions

Sahiela  goes back to reading

Tabby: this is the building Huntress

Tabby: tabby needs to go in now ~ smiles

Marli nods says nothing , then waves to the girl to leave

Sahiela  looks up and smiles a polite smile under her veils

Sahiela : seems we have a nice private session for this case

Lady Tammy waits, the silnce making her nervous

Lady Somera Sands nods

Sahiela : Okay, before I begin this session *stares at tammy* I have to make one thing clear

Sahiela : Normally, I would have wanted this case be brought before the lower court

Sahiela : alas, that did not happen

Sahiela : since I am here, Regent of Thentis, this case is allocated to the High Court, as if in the presence of the tatrix herself

Sahiela : there is no appeal, the senntencing can be far greater than the lower court

Sahiela  stares at tammy, then looks to the others

Lady Tammy swallows, getting more nervous

Sahiela : each person will be given a time to state theeir case

Sahiela : rebutals may be offered

Sahiela : then the court decides

Lady Tamarra simply nods, used to a strong system with harsh rulers in her home of Vonda.

Sahiela : judgement is immediate

Sahiela : and no plea allowed

Sahiela  looks down at the papers

Sahiela : Tammy, various charges have been brought against you

Sahiela : mentally unable to tend your child properly

Sahiela : various warrants for your arrest

Sahiela : a claim of ownership

Sahiela : some of these warrants given over to us by other cities include the death sentence

Sahiela : debts owned and not paid

Sahiela : not a short list

Sahiela : in each case tammy, state your plea, and your reason

Sahiela : you have the floor to speak

Deke slips in quietly and sits down in the back to observe

Sahiela  tips head to side waiting

Lady Tammy: Thank you Lady Regent. To the first charge, vagrancy. I was instructed to remain in infirmary after the birth of my child and not to leave Thentis. I have obeyed. No one has presented a bill for my expenses, and I have nursed my child. I would ask what the vagrancy is based upon.

Sahiela pulls out a scroll, and mumbles “200 Gold Tarns in heathcare, birthing, food & lodging”

Sahiela : lets go to the mental state and the warrants they are based on

Lady Tammy gulps, surprised at the unbelievably large charge – when a gold tarn is commonly a years income for a family.

Sahiela  puts the scroll to the side

Lady Tammy: Yes Lady Regent. I can address the mental sate with a document I believe you hold, Lady Sunny’s evaluation.

Sahiela : that is a lesser charge, it seems your pick of lodging wasnt exactly the expectations of your social standing

Lady Tammy: As I recall, it says:

I hereby state that Lady Tammy has been mentally and physically evaluated by me and found that she is of sound mind and healthy body.

The girl child Tapanga has been examined and found that she has no genetic defect and that her (unknown) father could not have been in any way related to her mother.

Sunny, head physician of Thentis

Sahiela : yes, I know that document

Sahiela  looks through her papers

Sahiela : yet it says nothing of your moral standard

Sahiela  pulls out another scroll

Lady Tammy: Forgive me Lady Regent, the second charge was stated as: mentally unable to tend your child properly

Sahiela  pulls out another scroll

Lady Tammy: Forgive me Lady Regent, the second charge was stated as: mentally unable to tend your child properly

Lady Tammy: To which the Lady Sunny’s statement is a response.

Sahiela : I have a statement here that you consorted with kajirus, from which you have the child, you acted in a manner not becoming a freewoman, even of lower caste, but rather a lawless she-urt in port kar

Sahiela : guilty or not guilty?

Lady Tammy: not guilty.

Sahiela: okay, the warrants from other cities, this court can not decide if they are valid or not at this moment

Lady Tammy: I have NEVER been a she-urt. I have never been in Port Kar – That is Lady Urvie.

Sahiela : it will come up later as a reference of character

Tabby tries to hide her giggle

Ann : tal girls

Sahiela : tal Ann, court is in session, please take your position

Lady Tammy: Lady Regent, I believe those warrants refer to a person who no longer exists and are thus no longer relevant.

Sahiela : okay to the debts owned to tharna, we have questions

Sahiela : that I will accept as you plea then in that matter

Sahiela : mental health, you plea not guilty

Sahiela : warrants, you plea non-reivant to your person

Lady Tammy: I plead healthy Lady Regent, if that is your meaning.

Sahiela : yes, that is my meaning

Sahiela : since the question of custody of your child rests on your moral state, I think it is best we take up that question

Ann  stands as bailif halberd in hand

Sahiela : do we have witnesses, or persons with petitions?

Sahiela  looks between the other two ladies

Lady Somera  raises her hand. Regent, I would ask to take custody of the child based upon the impropriety of Tammy as a FW.

Sahiela : yes, I have that petition

Sahiela : I also have in my possession a petition from the patriarch of your family to do so

Lady Somera : Lady Tamarra, the woman sitting behind me is here at my request as female elder of our family.

Sahiela : per merchant law, that weighs heavily

Sahiela : not so much in tharna as the matriarch has first right to claim any child of family

Lady Somera : It is my understanding that Thentis law might hold a Matriarch in equal or higher standing – especially as the male, Lyndal is her Nephew.

Sahiela : but since this case does involve many other cities…

Sahiela : we will consider both matriarch & patriarch as relivant persons

Sahiela: and who may I ask is this matriarch Lady SOmera?

Sahiela : I have not heard from her

Ann  wonders where those who had agreed to be advocates for the sides might be

Lady Tamarra: Well I am the oldest on the family, that’s a fact. I am a slaver and rather used to dealing with both animals and Fw who’s behavior is improper.

Lady Tamarra: I am Tamarra Sands, Slaver of Vonda.

Sahiela : ahhh you are the matriarch?

Lady Tamarra: I am the oldest living person in our extended family – fo those named Sands, Homewood and Murfin

Sahiela : and how may I say do you wish for the child tannanga be cared for?

Sahiela : IF this court finds tammy’s morals questionable enough

Sahiela : the court holds your voice in this matter highly

Lady Tamarra: I was starting to say – that if Tammy had done all of what I have heard about – and wasn’t enslaved of dead, twould be a miracle.

Sahiela : Lady Slaver, my question was, IF tammy is considered morally unable to care for her child, who should?

Lady Tamarra: So Lady Regent, I was saying, if Tammy had done what she was accused of – and even if there was suspicion of that – she would likely be fit for a collar at least.

Lady Tamarra: And that was `fore she turned up pregnant.

Sahiela: nods

Lady Tamarra: AT that point I would have done exactly what I hear LC did – rip off her veil and slap on a collar.

Sahiela : I see

Lady Tamarra: But I also hear that Port Cos probably thought she was using taking a collar to dodge the crimes – and they refused to approve the enslavement.

Sahiela : however, we have a child to consider

Lady Tamarra: Well I figure you are right in that – once she did find her way into a collar – she DID excape all those warrants.

Lady Tamarra: and that person no longer existed.

Sahiela: yes

Sahiela : so let us go to the verdict

Lady Tamarra: But I hear you freed her here – before the child was born, did I get that right?

Sahiela : in matter of warrant by foreign cities

Sahiela : yes that is thentis law

Sahiela : no kajira may give birth

Sahiela : the warrants are found to not be valid since tammy had been collared

Lady Tamarra: So she’s a FW with NO past? No PRIOR homestone just Thentis. Caouse most manumission includes local homestone – making the newly freed a ward o the city till she gets started up proper.

Sahiela : no city may call upon those warrants for the arrest of tammy while she is in thentis

Lady Tamarra: Them warrants aint nothing but ass wipe now,

Sahiela : yes, she was freed, but she never applied for citizenship in thentis

Sahiela : however, they do put tammy’s moral is grave question

Sahiela: the matter of the guardianship of Tapan the court gives over to the matriarch of her house

Sahiela: it is a family matter

Lady Somera Sands: And Regent, that is my point.

Lady Tamarra: So you mean I get to decide?

Sahiela : yes, you are the matriarch

Sahiela : now to the last issue tammy

Lady Tamarra sighs – ya sure don’t like settin no precedents now do ya young Lady, Lady Regent.

Sahiela : 200 gold tarns owed the city

Sahiela : naturally Lady Slaver, we rest our case on past judgements

Sahiela : heads of family, rule their families

Sahiela : family is the basis of gorean society

Sahiela : the patriarch of the family abstained his right in your favor

Lady Tamarra smiles – not criticizin Lady Regent – tis you’re call all the way. And that is is – though I wager Somera here never thought o that twist.

Sahiela laughs

Sahiela : now tammy

Sahiela : you accumulated a major debt

Sahiela : granted, some of the quarters may have been forced upon you

Sahiela : thus the court will pay the medical costs

Sahiela : so that leaves a debt of 1 gold tarn 300 silver tarns, and some coppers

Sahiela : as I dont see the city paying for blackwine

Sahiela : do you have that sum?

Lady Tammy’s jaw drops open, not expecting that.. “Thankk you Lady “, she stumbles realizing that it is STILL an enormous debt.

Sahiela : If not, the court has 3 options

Lady Tammy: I have about a dozen silver and several gemstones whose value might cover that, but I am not sure Lady Regent.

Sahiela : sentence you to the mines

Tabby gasps in horror

Sahiela : collar & sell you tto cover the debt

Sahiela : alow you the time to pay off that debt

Sahiela : it has come to my knowledge that our head physician has offered you imployment

Sahiela : is that correct?

Lady Tammy: She wishes me to learn the role of physician, as an apprentice, yes Lady Regent

Sahiela : okay.. here’s what we will do

Sahiela : Captain Ann will monitor you

Sahiela : you have 2 weeks to borrow or bring up the sum

Sahiela: if not, you will be collared again

Sahiela: and sold

Sahiela : if no buyers, sent to the mines

Sahiela : case closed

My report on Thentis:


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