Role play of A Sa Jesuil Panther sold to Sais

Adventures of Erin


Sold to Sais

A Jesuil captive is sold to the village of Sais.

The role play:

  • Erin shouts: I’ll be back shortly petra”

  • Erin  shouts: “if not come to sais”

  • Petra shouts: safe paths erin

  • Vaher: “There will be no need for a moon. I will get out”

  • Petra: adio was only worth on rotten rope

  • krystall: i do not know maybe

  • bambi: oh tal

  • Erin shouts: tallies bambi

  • bambi : this way

  • Karas : well guess they’re trading your prisoner away

  • Vaher: “You should just send me back to my homelands” nods

  • Erin : ah

  • Erin  starts a bit “i dont see a trade bell. may we conduct business here?”

  • Trey followed the panther to the docks with a frown “Woman, you are to trade at the raid entrance. You are illegal here. At the raid entrance is the trade bell. But I will speak with you now; but you may not stay here long lest I put you both in steel.”

  • Erin : “put her in steel for sure. me? i’d ike a coin or two for the effort of bringing her to you”

  • Trey  noted Hawk’s arrival “Tal, Hawk. This panther wishes to trade only. I told her to come to the raid entrance next time.”

  • Vaher turns to hear another’s footsteps come up from behind Erin and herself. Pivoting herself the best she could to see a man standing before hearing Erin speak of business “There is no business needed” her tone softened seeing another male approach “There’s no need for steel either unles you take to” nodding her head towards Erin “this one”

  • Trey  looked to the captor panther women “What are you called, woman? I am Trey; head slaver of this village. How much are you asking for this beast? What are her skills and abilities?”

  • Erin  staps back to the girls spanks her ass and pushes her to the ground “this one is for sale she says as she turns baack to them

  • Hawk stepped over as he saw Trey standing there with the two panthers. A nod was given to Trey, pausing to clear his throat. “Tal, Trey…” He muttered some, glancing to the two panthers. “No trade on the docks. No business on the docks. You want anything, you go to the trade area.”

  • Erin  sighs

  • Erin shakes her head

  • Vaher looks up at Erin with a grimaced look “See, told you should just let me return to my homelands”

  • Trey  nods to Hawk then turns to Erin “You heard him. We cannot do business here. You must go to the raid entrance and ring the bell.”

  • Erin: i hope it isnt the same anal retentive jerk

  • Vaher: Can only hope

  • Erin: at this point i think i’d just as soon let you walk

  • Vaher: And they’re running over it looks

  • Erin: there used to be one entrance and no tp nazis

  • Erin holds her hand out “a silver and she is your”

  • Trey  runs up to the forest and finds the two women again “Better.” He sputters at the price “A silver? Are you mad? I’ll give you a fifty arrow heads.”

  • Erin laughs “i can only buy 20 arrowhead with a silver, so if you insist n over paying, sure”

  • Vaher frowns shaking her head lightly back and forth as in telling the man don’t do it. Leaning forward whispering slightly loud “You set me free and you can have this one for nothing”

  • Erin: “deal” she hands the leash over and holds a hand out for her arrow heads

  • Trey  nods to Erin with a smile then takes the leash. He then opens a medium sized leather pouch with the arrow heads “there you are, women. What is your name so that I know you upon your next visit? What tribe do you call home?”

  • Erin  grins “valkyrie, of course, ask for robin”

  • Erin takes the satchell and ties it to her belt as she hops back onto the boat

  • Vaher softly huffs her lips parting with a small gape “You could have her for free” she was rather uneasy.

  • Trey nods to Erin “As you say”

© Erin


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