Role play of Oi red .. ya can come over i wont bite

Adventures of Red hair


A trade post

Red hair pauses from her casual exploration of the trade post and gives a nod at the man sitting by the fire.
Lobo had simply paused at the fire, resettled the wood in an orderly manner to make sure he could light it easily again. Eyes went up shortly as he noted a young red headed panther girl closing in and he canted his head in a slight nudge.. “Tal.. ” he said, before slipping to his knees and taking a flint and steel from his belt to start the fire.
Marli moved forward almost in a kitten like way. She clambered upon the log and watched him pulling forth the fire starting implements. She crouched quietly, watching almost mesmerized at his technique. Her thick red hair swayed in a light breeze that pushed down over the tree tops. Her slender fingers, ending in chewed off nail stubs, tapped randomly against the wood as she perched curiously “Tal” she finally uttered.
Lobo took some tinder out from his belt, pressed it beneath the wood and started flinging the flint and steel over each other until there was a spark, or so he was told to do it. Whether it worked or not, there was a spark and it ignited the dry stuffing beneath the wood. Bending slightly further forward he started to blow at the spark, the small flames with an increasing volume of air. As the wood started to take bigger flame, he pushed himself up with a soft grunt, knuckles dug into the soft ground around the fire pit.. With a few swats, he flung the dirt from his hands, his pants and made a step backwards as he looked from the fire up to the woman.. “Have not seen you here before?” the question also a notion.
Marli let her legs droop over the stump, took off her soaked boots and wiggled her bare toes in the dirt for a moment like fat little worms. Her body folded over her lap as she tucked her hands under her chin and stared at the flames, “Sometimes….” she mused, quietly “I come around sometimes, to trade with the local panther girls known as the SakiFori”…… her dark orbs slanted to regard the other for a moment, taking in his frame as she said, quietly “I am Marli, and it is my pleasure to meet you” her head bowed slightly by way of greeting and she shifted for a moment before apparently becoming comfortable.
Lobo still stood but slowly one of his brow furrowed by the talk of local tribes… “I see.. ” his usual response sounded as he had to process impressions and things people gave or said to him, trying to sketch an image of the woman. “Well met Marli, ” he responded with a courteous nod of his own.. “ I’m Lobo and well.. nowadays a trader.. “. Eyes followed hers, and as he took a step back, allowed himself to fall down on his ass with a soft thud in the dirt, he asked.. “and what might the name of your tribe be? Perhaps I know them?”. As he leaned against the rough wood of the felled tree behind him, he extended his hands to the fire, rubbed them against each other and warmed them.
Marli let her dark brown eyes drift back to him as he slumped against the mossy log and a light smile crossed her face “I shall say, I am a Forest Moon, but judge me not by their reputation of hunting in foreign lands, as the wilderness calls out in all our dreams”, lips curling up, then she dusted her own hand off on the simple leathers she wore.
Lobo sat there quietly, the sound of the crackling fire. The smell of the dark forest, decay that brought life, the hint of her as she sat close to him, mixing up to a rich sensation that soothed his senses, only through openeing all those senses, he felt truely relaxed. “There’s more then enough wilderness around here.. ” his voice was soft, it was a small muse, “feel free to stay around longer.. “

Hrimgrar trade post

Red hair travels to the mountains of Hrimgrar, she is on a scouting mission , her presence is obeserved near the trading post.

The role play:

  • Tσɩ : Greetings Master….you rang the bell ? my Mistress send me down to see who did and most of all why

  • Lobo : Oi friend how goes it this day

  • Lobo : Im a trader settled into these parts to trade and see what happens been here a full few days so i ring the bell to see who is awake been a different person every time so far

  • Tσɩ smiles warmly ” I am well Master , thank you for asking and may i ask what it is you are trading ?…..Maybe i could tell my owners about it “

  • Lobo : i have arrowheads so sharp if ya have a marksman amung ya up there they could shave you with it and sink it in two guys standing behind you .. on top of that i have blades of all sorts.. bits of this and that .. dried meats.. berries suitable for long storage and trade salt.. sugar.. candies etc i trade for what suits my fancy

  • Lobo  stands up slowly thumping the deck with my peg leg a few times before taking a few steps forward

  • Tσɩ suddenly spotted a Huntress lurking in the bushes and waved a bit ” Greetings Huntress” he spoke to make sure she knew he knew she was there. Then returning his focus back to the Master. ” Hmm i see you have usefull items,…but what it is you seek in return ?”

  • Lobo : Oi red .. ya can come over i wont bite nor bother ya with weapons or trying to collar ya i have my girls and am happy with just that ok and beast.. what i seek is herbs and thats well known so other then that its whatever catches my fancy or i think i can turn a profit on

  • Lobo : i traded with your umm trader earlier we struck a fair deal

  • Màяℓî grumbled to herself , seemingly she had not hidden well enough behind bushes to be seen by both men , grudgingly she stepped from her hiding place , nodded to the trader man , stepping closer to the trade post , flashing an angry look at the male slave.

  • Lobo : chuckles at the look she gave the slave “huntress .. it would help if your hair wasnt the color of mine the color of fire in green woods around you .. makes ya stand out a bit”

  • Tσɩ nods his head ” aye Master we do have herbs, plenty of them so enough to trade for sure. I do know arrowheads and salts are always much needed around here , but may i ask do you have kalana too ? Like two barrels of them ?” Toi then noticed the Huntress looked at him with angry eyes and he wondered why , so boldly he asked

  • Tσɩ : ” are you alright Huntress ?”

  • Màяℓî  lips curled into a thin smile “conclude your talk with the trader….boi” she waved her hand in the air “I shall deal with you later.”

  • Lobo : kalana i can get i dont have with me boy .. now run along and get someone who can trade sorry but i trade only with those that do not wear a collar to cover my ass .. and the beasts

  • Lobo : turns and eyes the huntress … “from what i have seen in the dress around here im guess your not of this tribe am i right huntress?

  • Tσɩ  chuckles a bit hearing her words ” well you better have cookies then Huntress or no deal ” He knew he was walking over a thin line here but he was at his home so he felt secure enough to do so. Toi then looked at the Master and nods his head ” Very well Master , i will see who i can get for you to trade with “

  • Màяℓî : “My dear fellow ….” she pursed her lips at the trader “You are indeed right , I am not of their tribe , I am red hair of Forest Moon.”

  • Màяℓî  fights the urge to fire an arrow at the boys ass as he ran off.

  • Lobo : I am old bosk .. trader, wanderer.. story teller, and blacksmith i go where the winds take me the roads lead i trade fair with all and treat all how i wish me and mine to be treated…

  • Màяℓî : “well met …old bosk”she had to chuckle about the unusual name.

  • Lobo : if you pass me a map with a spot marked for safe trade and a list ofw hat your tribe might need i would be glad to swing by you may ask any huntress here.. i have kept my word to them and have been more then fair even offering to share my meals freely

  • Màяℓî reached in her leather pouch , removing a scrap of paper and a piece of charcoal , she draws to her best ability a crude map to her trade post and steps closer to the peg legged man to hand him the map “Is this clear for you?”

  • Lobo : clear enough huntress*says as i take the map looking at it* might slow me down getting to your tribe BUT i will get there

  • Màяℓî  grins , she had noticed the wooden leg “Indeed.”

  • Lobo : matter of fact i think i was there .. not long ago .. you have one in the area with a leg like mine??

  • Màяℓî rubbed her chin “mhm…..I only know of a Zima Akam huntress with a wooden leg?”

  • Tσɩ sighs “i am sorry Master but none of the Huntresses are available to trade at the moment…maybe you can return at some later time , as for now no trade deals can be made”

  • Lobo : i have no idea .. no offense butat times yall look kinda alike at times .. hard to tell who belongs to who

  • Màяℓî  flicks her red mane of hair “Indeed.”

  • Lobo : now .. what might you be intrested in hhmm? i might have some of what your sisters need with me here you can take back if a deal struck fair

  • Tσɩ arched his brow hearing the name of his Mistress been spoke by the man . Toi looked up and whispered ” What about Huntress Alika ?” and eyed the man curious

  • Lobo : who boy ?? i know of no such huntress.. maybe her face but no name .. i have met a fauna .. and i think the other was called hats.. and jade and your trader

  • Màяℓî folded her arms , listening to the names, giving her some indication of the strength of this tribe and what they were trading , such titbits of information of interest to red hair , she chuckled hearing the name “hats” and wondered if that was a nickname for a panther she knew as Ama.

  • Tσɩ eyes the man who seems to know a lot of the names of the Huntresses at his home. Toi didn’t trust the man too much as he never did with any of them but he followed orders as always. Toi looked at the man , then at the Huntress as he spoke once more ” Well once again….i am sorry but there is nobody to “deal” with but me Master …so i am afraid you will have to come back later”

  • Lobo : Beast i have permission to be here till the trading is done or i have to leave and now im talking to the huntress here in front of me

  • Tσɩ arched his brow hearing the tone of voice change in the mans response . Toi shaked his head wondering why the man suddenly became grumpy ” permission by whom ? As knowing the Mistresses of my tribe they do not like men to hang around here too long “

  • Lobo : from your En …

  • Lobo : now are you going to keep questioning me or do you really see what an iritated tuchuk is like

  • Lobo : now are you going to keep questioning me or do you really see what an iritated tuchuk is like

  • Lobo : if you wish to talk polite like before then we can go back to that .. there is stew by the fire if you wish some

  • Màяℓî grinned at the slave boi , that was two free he had irritated within the ihn, she shook her head hearing the offer he made to the trader.

  • Tσɩ laughed a bit as he clearly didn’t knew their tribe had two En’s . Toi listened to the mans words and shaked his head “i have no desire to see you become angry Master, so why don’t you just go home and come back later oh and take the Huntress with you. But when you come back later leave her …as she doesn’t seem to like me “

  • Màяℓî narrowed her eyes and hissed at the boi “Since when do slaves give orders to the free.” she made about turn to head back into the woods.

  • Lobo : scratches my chin as i take a step back .. out of the range of the iritated huntress weapons “boy who is your owner so i know who to gladly pay for damages from teaching her beast manners .. and huntress dont go from the sounds of it he threw you at me like a gift did it not??”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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