Role play of a Traitor of Gor, the execution of a panther



The Forest Moon encounter the Sa Ki Fori

The evening was cool, the panthers of Forest Moon looked down towards the dock where the Sa Ka Fori gathered, their feathers were numerous and you could hear the shouts as they climbed from their canoes. A soft breeze whispered across the land and then the volu’s broke and the war horns sounded.
Minx, Hot and Stacey moved to the cliffs at the back of the camp, where they took up position. Moon, Yss, Heather, first war bow Dutch and Cherri took position round the perimeters of the camp. Though out numbered the Forest Moon fought a long and bitter battle, they raked the gully to the gate keeping the enemy at bay and the battle seemed to go on forever.
Yet the enemy never retreated they stayed and fought determined to get in through the gate. Yet Forest moon battled bravely beating off all attempts. It would seem they would hold out forever until……….One of their number were shot from the cliff and the rampaging enemy took the keys and swarmed through the gates.
Those on th cliff held out for a little longer before being over run, by which time they were already wounded
and tired..
Minx slowly regained consciousness and found rough binds biting into her flesh, her mouth was full of dirt and blood. her wounds pained her and her eyes were dull taking time to get back their sparkle. She pushed against her binds and felt the spear tip against her neck. A white haired woman, a tribal leader looked down at her and took the rope dragging her down to the camp below.  She, Hot, Cherri and Yss found themselves dragged to the dock. Though they struggled and fought against their bonds, they were taken away in canoes to a strange forest land and separated.
There the EN sat and spoke with her, Minx looked at the woman and sensed though a fierce huntress, there was a side of the woman that was honorable in victory.  She was treated with a kindness and told that it was just one of her tribe they wanted and that she would be freed.  Minx realized that she was more liable to be released, if she was not belligerent
Then she could carry information about the others to the tribe. Finally she was allowed to return to her home and was given a canoe for her journey. A journey that was long given her wounds and tiredness. Yet eventually she smiled as the river ran into areas she recognized and smiled tiredly, she was home back with Forest Moon.

 The tools of the trade

A young panther girl finds out what happens to those that turn and betray their own.

The role play:

  • lia : sounds like the En Bow is coming, she will be delighted to see the coward”

  • Morr: tal sisters…and traitor

  • Mila stutters and her voice cracks..tears run down her face “she ponted an arrow at me!!! and..”before she could finish the sentence lia’s back hand connects and knocks her off her feet, she crashes to the ground hard, slowly looking up “it wasnt my fault…

  • lia  nods to Morr “tal their enforcer. Shall you like to have to first blows at the girl who stab your long time sister?”

  • Mags : Tal Morr

  • Morr: would you put her up on my display rack you two? I need to get some things from my hut

  • Mags : I’ll go see if I can assist Sar in making her way down here. No doubt she’d love to watch.

  • lia nods “most certainly” roughly I grab Miley by her right arm, yanking her up to her feet “let get her secured first Mags then you can help Sar”

  • Morr: over here ladies

  • Mila screams out in pain as she’s pinned against the cross, with each arm and legs thats locked into the place she fights harder and harder, screaming and crying, spitting at mag and lia “you bitches!!! i’ll kill you both for this!!!” “fights and struggles until she is exhausted…hanging there, breathing heavily…crying

  • Morr: the display rack not the cross

  • lia grumbles looking back to Mags, I grab a hand full of hair like a leash “cut her down”

  • Mags reaches for her other arm, chuckles to herself as Mila dangles slightly off the ground, then secures her wrist to the cross. Bending down quickly, she roughly spreads the girls thighs and secures first her left ankle, then her right to the cross, checking closely to ascertain that she won’t get loose.

  • Morr: it matters for what I plan, and thanks

  • Mags grins and quickly begins to cut through the ropes, loosening first one wrist, then the other. Bending Mila over her shoulder, holding her tight with one arm, squats down to slice through her ankle bindingsg.

  • Mila gets pulled toward the rack like a limp doll…all the fighting on the cross had worn her out..she looks over at Morr “Morr…i didnt mean too…Sar insulted me..then pointed an arrow at me..threatning me..surely you can all understand that

  • Morr opens the dusty trunk, pulling out of it objects seldom used…and for good reason. I shove them all into a knapsack and sling it over a shoulder as I return to the camp area, walking up to Mila. ‘You should know in advance that nothing you say is going to matter. You can beg, you can plead, but ultimately this is the day you will pay for your crimes against Sar, and by extension this tribe. You made a poor choice in aligning yourself with the SDS. They are idiots with no clear purpose of what a panther tribe is. Here, we protect our own, in the true spirit of sisterhood, and when one of us is wronged, all are wronged and vengeance is taken. Which brings us here, now.”

  • Mags quickly rises after removing the restraints and shoves Mila to the ground, then drags her towards the display rack.

  • Mags: Morr, she also came over last night with 3 other SDS and tried to attack. However, they are such bad bows that I was able to fend them off by myself. So she will be paying for multiple transgressions against this tribe.

  • Mags grabs the girl’s arm and roughly pulls her to the display rack

  • Mila closes her eyes, thinking back to what she would do diffrently…tears still pooring down her face “Morr…i only ran to the SDS for protection after I lost my temper with Sar…I didnt know where else to go..please..we were friends once..

  • Morr merely nods, and lays the pack down, rifling through it for the first objects needed, a thin small blade, similar to a fileting knife, and a needle from my first aid pouch.

  • Mila: Morr please..”she pulls at the ropes holding her arms back “there are other ways for me to make up for what I did….i’m so sorry..i lost my temper..I dont deserve this!!

  • Mags lifts Mila easily onto the rack, again spreading her thighs, pressing them to the boards. Pressing into her belly, holding her firmly in place, grabs her wrists and quickly wraps a fiber around her wrists, ties it tightly then secures it to the ring embedded in the log.

  • Mags then wraps a rope several times around Mila’s right lower leg, tying it off in a knot, turns and does the same to her other leg. Stepping back with a smile, satisfied that the shameless troublemaker is secure, she turns and heads for the infirmary to help Sar down to the campfire.

  • Morr folds my arms and watches as you are bound, your protests buzzing at my ears like summer gnats. “I am called the dark one Mila, both by those in this tribe and outside it, both for my skin color, as well as for the fact that I don’t shy from doing what needs to be done. Sar is not strong enough to exact the revenge she deserves, but I am.”

  • Mila quickly realizes nothing she will say matters she barks out loudly “She deserved it!!! she threatened would have done the same!!!

  • Morr: chuckles softly as I walk around your bound naked form. ‘Nobody is stupid enough to threaten me girl. Those who try pay a heavy price.” I take a few laps around you, letting the anxiety build, and then stop behind where your hands are tied to the ring. I lay the flat of the fileting knife against your cheek, and whisper softly. “Have you known pain in your young life Mila?”

  • Mags eases her way down the mountain with Sar, arm around her waist as we make our way towards the others

  • Sar hangs on Mag’s shoulder heavily as she walks down to the fire, gulping against the pain Sar looks up when she reaches the bottom of the hill, seeing Mila she smiles a little bit but says nothing right away, taking her free hand she brushes her hair out of her eyes and says softly, “I see we have caught a sleen.”

  • Mags reaches for a pouch on her belt and pulls out a thin folded paper, opens it and takes from it a kanda leaf, offering it to Sar

  • Mila feels her heart beating so fast she thinks its going to explode, she looks up and see’s sar standing there…her eyes widen with fear “sar…please tell them…I was just taking up for myself…you understand don’t you….”feels the knife against her cheek and closes her eyes tightly, trying to imagine any place but here….”i will not let you know it hurts morr…no matter how much you try

  • Sar shakes her head, wanting to stay clear now that she has made it down here, “no thank you sister.”

  • Mags nods, folding the paper over the leaf again, replacing it in her pouch for another time. Not one to indulge in kanda often, she instead chews on a small twig laden with acorns.

  • Morr chuckles and takes the knife away, whispering. ‘you are a fool to say such a thing. I will have you screaming inside an ehn.” i look to Sar. “What is it you wish me to do to this traitorous sleen sister?”

  • Sar looks at Morr with the pain showing clearly in her eyes, Sar’s head isn’t swimming now, and whether it was the act of standing and walking, or seeing the one that literally stabbed her in the back last night on the rack, Sar feels a surge of strength, “make her pay Morr, please, make her feel at least the pain that I feel, but save the killing blow for me,” then Sar’s dark and foreboding gaze turns to Mila on the rack, “count yourself lucky it is Morr that is going to make you feel pain here, because if it was me, you would be dead from that alone, and I wouldn’t need a killing blow, and you would die slow.”

  • Mila looks up at Sar her eyes pleading just mumbling the words “please..please “over and over again…she pulls at the ropes agian..cursing herself for not being strong enough to avoid this..and for not being strong enough to hold back her anger when she attacked sar “i’m so sorry… was a mistake Sar..i can make it up to you…to all of you

  • Morr nods to Sar and ignores Mila’s pleas. Unless the se or Sar tell me otherwise, I begin to exact retribution. It starts when I grab your left index finger, squeezing it in my left fist, so just the tip of it sticks out. I bring the thin bladed filet knife to bear, pressing just under the fingernail. I pause. “Did you know Mila, that you have more nerve endings in the end of your fingers than anywhere else on your body? More than your clit, more than your knee.” After this informative educationial tidbit that you will never get to use, I slide the blade under the nail, far enough to penetrate its entire length. I pause to let you feel that pain, then twist my wrist sharply clockwise, the blade turning, lifting the entire nail with it. I see it is still attached by a threat of tissue, and i pluck it off with my thumb and index finger, laying the nail on your thigh to see.

  • Mila ‘s entire body goes into a spasm and tenses up, her back arches, every muscle in her body tense and pulling so hard it would looks as if she was going to break her own back…her mouth opens to scream…but nothing comes out..the pain has taken her breath, only little pants of high pitched “aa…aa…” come out..until her nail is plucked off….finally the screams comes out..echoing off the mountain side….Morr was not lieing…it was the most pain she had ever felt….she tries to catch her breath only to scream louder and louder

  • Sar has seen Morr at work before, so nothing here will surprise her really, and Sar has done much the same, if not worse in her lifetime, the unpleasant business of killing is one that is necessary at times and Sar reserves those times for when she has been attacked in trade, been raped, or has been betrayed by one she should have trusted, there is no division of degrees in these things in Sar’s mind, it is all the same, she watches as Morr places the fingernail on the girl’s thight and nod gently, her neck and shoulders smarting from the effort, reserving her strength as much as she can Sar continues to watch though, softly she says to nobody in particular, “and it begins.”

  • lia shudders watching Morr slide the blade under the nail, turning away for a brief moment while taking my own finger into my palm and squeezes to deaden my own mental sensation of how painfully that might be.

  • Mags watches quietly, not bothering to avert her eyes from the painful scene before her but rather sadistically enjoying Mila’s squirming and screams, having no use for feebleminded sluts with big mouths and small brains.

  • Morr wipes the dagger clean and then picks up the thin needle. I twirl it in front of your field of vision. “Now here’s the thing. I know what I just did hurt. But the nail removal wasn’t really the goal. And you screamed like a little bitch. Now comes the fun. You see, the nail bed has been protected your entire life by that nail. Now it is open, raw, pink, and vulnerable. Feel free to scream. Perhaps any below listening who are considering us harm will be turned away after hearing your cries.” I take the needle and poke it into the soft tissue of the nailbed, not once, not twice, but over and over and over, at random, holding the finger tightly…offering you no escape from the pain.

  • cibo slowly and quietly moves to her Mistress’ heel kneeling close as soft greets “greetings, Mistress’

  • Mags smiles as cibo arrives, then tugs her hair gently as she kneels

  • Sar ‘s fingers start to trace the scar on her left thigh, no stranger to death, and now considering herself to live on borrowed time since she was marked so long ago Sar watches with a calm that is almost eerie. Having witnessed how the Kurii deal with those that betray their clans Sar has seen raw, primal savagery at its most violent, but the methodical ways that she has seen her sister use before, Sar knows those are the ones that elicit the most agony. The Kurii are not subtle, but in their own way, Morr, Sar and their sisters are not subtle either, just more methodical, looking down she sees Cibo but says nothing to the girl.

  • Mags: Greetings, cibo..and here we have a fine example of what happens to bad girls gone worse.

  • cibo her head perks a bit as her hair is tuggged, nuzzling her head to her Mistress’ thigh she remains close happy to see her as well. her eyes drift about as she begins to understand what is happening around her

  • Mila  could only manage to gasp siilent the word “please” before she started again…her eyes rolled into the back of her head, she couldnt think of anything…she wanted to pray to blackout, for death, anything at this point, but she couldnt even make a coherent thought as the pain overtook all her senses….she just screamed louder and louder, what seemed like a dream as she blinked and flashes of light passed by her eyes, she looked at those in front of her…humilated and ashamed. they are seeing this….

  • Mags: Tal En

  • Willow : Tal all

  • cibo : greeings, msitress

  • Morr cleans the needle off as well and places it back in my pouch, for now at least. I step around in front and crouch, once again rummaging in the pack, letting you recover a little, not wanting adrenaline to take away the pain. I find what I am looking for and stand. It is essentially a pair of short handled pliers, used by blacksmiths for twisting wire. I have used it for adorning bows and spears with bits of metal, but it will serve well for what I have planned next. I walk to you slowly,acknowledging the waking of the en. “Tal Willow.” I smile the smile of a predator to Mila, all teeth and no warmth as I open and close the pliers, the “clack clack” sound loud in the clearing. I hold them up. “Ready for round 2?”

  • Mila tries to refocus, she can barely see Morr through the tears of blurry vision..she just hangs there crying, snot dripping from her nose, droll down her face..she shakes her head “please…show mercy, just kill me…please” her body was exhausted, dripping in sweat …while she had to think, she closed her eyes and prayed for death ..”

  • Morr lays the pliers in front of your knee where it rests on the wood platform and takes out two of my binding ropes. I lay the first ini the middle of your forehead, loop it around your head twice, pulling one end down to be tied to the kneeling platform on your left, the other end on your right. The second rope I also tie around your head, but this one I tie to the ring behind your, where your wrists are bound, effectively immobilizing your head. Only then do I speak. “You will see the city of dust this day girl, however that death is Sar’s to give, not mine. She wanted you to suffer first, and so you will.” I pick up the pliers.

  • Sar adjusts her grip on Mag’s shoulder a bit, not leaning as heavily now Sar starts to feel her balance, but standing here is taking it’s toll on her, Sar watches and when Morr speaks of the killing blow Sar nods silently, then whispering to Mag, Sar says, “she will die like the tarsk she is.”

  • Mag nods, then speaking in a whisper to Sar, says, “She will, at that. How about I help you over to the fire so you can sit. You’ve not regained enough strength as yet to be on your feet so long.”

  • cibo a soft sigh leaves her as she looks to Misss sar, her feelings go out to her as being wounded is no stranger to her, her life only a gift by miss marli as she sat with death exchanging recipes in the darkness not momments before the surgery finished.

  • Sar  looks over to Cibo and quietly says, “come here girl, I have something for you to do.”

  • Mila pulls in all directions, but she is tied down so tight now nothing can move, watching the pliers move closer her mind races in all directions…her heart pounding even harder…she looks over at the crowd and whispers “how can you just watch this….please…I was only defending myself..”

  • Sar  then looking at Mag,  Sar says, “I will remain standing, while death is in camp, it is my way sister.”

  • Masg scoffs at Mila’s defense of herself, “Stabbing someone in the back isn’t exactly a defensive move, Mila”.

  • Mags responds with a nod, tightening her grip around Sar’s waist, helping her to stand should she feel faint.

  • Willow  steps over to the other side of Sar as I see her struggling a little yet trying very hard to remain standing… I just stand there in case she wishes a little more support

  • cibo kneeling next to miss sar, she looks up concern in her eyes as she softly asks “yes, Mistress?”

  • Morr again makes no reply to your begging. Your fate was decided when you took a blade to my sister, my friend. I skin up your upper lip, revealing a few teeth. I choose the canine, and press the pliers hard against your mouth, forcing it in, not caring if the tooth breaks if you resist, wanting to snare the tooth between the pincers of the metal tool.

  • Sar looks at Willow and gives her a look of appreciation, just short of a smile, for the support, then reaching to her back she unsheathes her spear, taking a cloth off her belt she wraps the shaft of the weapon and hands it to Cibo, “heat the tip of my spear in the hottest part of the campfire coals, then go to the kitchen and get me a pair of gloves from there, make sure the gloves are not greasy.”

  • Mila gags as the pliers are forced in, her body tenses up as tight as it can, anticipating the pain…she feels like she is going crazy, her mind on the verge of breaking…she looses control of everything , not even noticing she has started to pee at Sar’s feet

  • cibo: yes, Mistress

  • cibo : /,atking the speak she heads off tot he fire

  • Morr sees your bladder release, smells it, not the first time this has happened, never pleasant, but it is after all only water really, and I ignore it, time for bathing after…I am able to grasp the front and back of the tooth with the pliers, and I squeeze them shut. I hold your tooth there, trapped, letting the anticipation of the pain build in you, then with a wrenching downward twist, I yank out the tooth. I lay the pliers down, and put the tooth on your other thigh, opposite the fingernail.

  • cibo taking the spear and thrusting the blade into the core of the fire, she watches it blacken at first, then as the carbon burns away she tip begins to take an orange hue as the flame roar around it. wiating a time she sees the metal take a cherry red, digging the shaft into the sand and bneitht he og she runs quickly to the servey to grab a fesh pair of gloves. upon returning she sees the tip white hot as it burns with a heat all its own. removing it from the fire she takes the items back to miss sar as she had asked kneeling at her side

  • cibo holing the golves in one hand , and the spear in the other, the hot end away fromt he Msitress’ as she does

  • Mila looked like a stew of raw meat with all the blood…as blood runs down her body, she feels the world starting to spin…she tries to scream but only chokes on her own blood…. her eyes finally closing as she blacks out

  • Sar looks at the spear and nods, she takes the gloves from the girl and then with a gentle nod she tells Cibo, “leave the tip in the coals, let it retain it’s heat, we will use it when we are ready for it girl.”

  • cibo : yes, Msitress

  • Morr steps back as Mila begins to regurgitate, moving swiftly to the side of the rack to avoid further nasty body fluids.

The Execution

TERROR……Death nears.

The role play:

  • cibo crawls over returning the tip to the coals to let it simmer and keep the glowing tip

  • Mila slowly come back to…it felt like a nightmare, for a split second she thought ti was..then the pain sat in..her finger and mouth aching….she looked down at the dried blood..tried to focus on what was going on..she saw Morr approaching and screaemed as loud as she could .. “’ve done enough…

  • Sar stands with a groan, hours of sitting by the fire has kind of made Sar stiff. not sure if she has slept or not really, the pain still making her head kind of foggy Sar looks over at Mila and sees that she is now awake. Checking her belt she sees that the gloves are still on her belt for now. Walking over to the fire, Sar puts the tip of her spear back into the hottest part of the coals and stirs them, the tip glowing red but Sar wants this to be as hot as possible.

  • lia : tal everyone

  • Sar nods to Lia as she heats the spear tip, “tal Se.”

  • Marli waves to Lia

  • Shi: Greetings mistress

  • Leia : tal lia

  • Morr hears you stir and heads back over, walking slowly, almost languid in my fluid movements, like an ost with a toad in its sights. I take my first aid kit out and withdraw the needle again, then fold the leather back up, tying it with the string. I stand there and look at you a moment. I hear your words, your pleas. “No Mila, I haven’t. But welcome back to the land of the living…..for now.”`

  • lia reaches over my shoulder, for her bow

  • lia shouts: who’s there?

  • Imani shouts “Its Imani..”

  • Marli waves to Imani

  • Imani waves to marli and smiles softly”Tal sis”

  • lia standing back the fire holding out my hand to warm them, glance over at Sar while she heats the spear tip in the flames, “does she have any fingernails left?” I ask Sar while motioning towards Mila

  • Shi: Greetings mistress Imani

  • Imani moved behind leia and wraps her arms around her and kisses her cheek. Imani glanced over and nodded” Tal shi.” she smiled softly before turning her head back

  • lia : tal imani

  • Sar  doesn’t look at Lia, Sar keeps her eyes shifting from the spear tip to the girl on the rack, not wanting to miss a beat of what is happening over there Sar speaks low, “she is only missing one fingernail, that is on one of her thighs, and she is missing a tooth, that is on the other thigh.”

  • Mila  just looked back at Morr her eyes glazed piercing pain going through her head as she tries regain some ability to focus and think ..she opens her mouth and spits out a pool of blood that had formed from teh tooth being yanked out “just get it over with …please

  • lia  nods to sar, turning my focus back to the girl “it ashame she actioned without thinking, her temper might very well cost her life”

  • Sar nods her head gently, turning the spear in the coals of the fire as the tip starts to glow brighter now, softly she says, almost in a whisper, “it will.”

  • Morr has no intention of getting it over with quickly, after all, it was Sar’s wish to see the woman suffer. I rotate the tiny needle in my fingers, making sure you see it. “Amazing really something so small can inflict such pain, isn’t it?” The question is of course, rhetorical, and I don’t wait for an answer. I use my thumb to lift your upper lip, exposing the gap where the tooth had been. With your head immobilized, everything is easy. I push the needle into the middle of the bloody socket, deep, until something, probably your upper jawbone, stops it.

  • shy : Tal sisters!

  • shy whispers at Lia….”why mila is on the rack?”

  • lia “tal shy” turning to greeting and waves to her to stand with me, I whisper in her ear “Mila attracted Sar last night, stabbed her in the she is paying the price for her actions”

  • shy gasps…”oh no! I thought she was one of us…what a shame!”

  • shy looks at the back of Sar and asks to her….”are you hurt Sar?”

  • lia  wave hello to Sorrow “tal, sorry I didn’t see you arrive” then I nod to shy “yes its a shame however she made her bed and she will lie in it”

  • Mila  was forced to keep her mouth open even with the pain nearly making her black out, if she tried to close it..would only press the needle harder against the nerves…making it even difficult to scream..she sounded more like a wounded animal that was about to die, just making loud groaning sounds

  • lia  covers her eyes and goes to another place

  • Sar turns the tip again in the coals, she watches the sparks fly up from deep in the firepit, the speartip glowing brighter as it heats up more, she hears Shy behind her ask the question, just nodding once Sar speaks low, “yes, if it hadn’t been for Mag and Marli last night, I wouldn’t be here now.” then looking up as Mila makes that cry Sar sets her face again. Mind made up now, Sar has decided that action like this needs to be done.

  • Sar  looks down and sees that the tip is now white hot, speaking low she says to Morr, “yes, it is white hot, like a branding iron.”

  • Morr nods. “I will take it then.”

  • Sar  pulls the spear out of the fire, she hands it to the En Bow with a slight bow of the head, anger aside, Sar will treat the death of the woman with the respect it deserves nonetheless.

  • Leia looks over to mila and raises a brow.. she sighs some and folds her arms

  • Morr nods and takes the spear, looking at Sar, wanting to insure there were no last minute reprieves. “You are sure this is what you wish sister?”

  • Imani watched a bit and untill she couldnt watch anymore” im going to go keep a look out or something.” imani mumbled not wishing to watch a woman tortured even if she deserved it.

  • Leia looks to sar..”is this really necessary?”

  • Sar  meets Morr’s gaze straight on, “with all that I am En-Bow”

  • Imani glances back at them and shook her head feeling sick.

  • Leia  narrows her eyes at sar and shakes her head..”m not understanding what exactly happened other than she attacked you in camp.”

  • Sar  reaches out for the spear as she has confirmed that this is what she wants, “I will do the killing bow En-Bow.”

  • Morr shrugs and steps aside.

  • Leia raises a brow…”killing? “

  • Morr turns to Leia. “The en has sanctioned this.”

  • Leia throws her hands up in the air…

  • Sar  moves over to the woman, her gait showing the great pain and sorrow that Sar feels, she holds the spear out in front of her the tip glowing with it’s heat and the air appearing to shimmer above and around the tip, she holds it scant inches from the girl and looks at her. Planting her feet she puts both hands on the spear shaft, then with all the strength she can muster she pushes the hot spear tip into Mila’s belly, just above the pubic bone, then with a savage growl she lifts the spear tip up through the girl’s abdomen as it cuts and cauterizes the wound at the same time. When the tip reaches the breast bone Sar throws the spear aside and puts on the gloves that were hanging off her belt.

  • Leia folds her arms and looks at sar, shaking her head in disapproval…

  • Mila  squishes her eyes shut tightly watcing the spear get closer…she felt overcome with peace and tranquility..knowing all the pain was about to be over with…her mouth opens wide as the spear enters…only a gasp for air comes out…she looks at sar for a split second and whispers “thank you”…..and dies

  • Marli shouts: who goes there

  • Sephora shouts: The boss cheese, Sephora!

  • lia  gasps not being able to react….for some time….then she just says….”what the hell have you done!?”

  • Sar with her gloved hands, Sar reaches into the body and pulls out the intestines, picking out one loop of intestine, Sar picks it up and then with another primal growl pushes the mess into Mila’s mouth, “those that betray, can eat their own shit sleen!” she calls out.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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