Role play of “is she the one they call ‘Red Hair”?”

Adventures of Red hair

The Veck

Red hair slips out of her canoe , heading inland to scout a panther camp , suddenly she falls into a quicksand trap and sinks. Fortunately the local tribe had seen her and decide to rescue.

The role play:

  • Hazine grabs a vine and lowers herself into the quicksand, her hand feeling around for anything she can find

  • luna : she did not stop when I called and fell into the sands

  • Hazine feels a wrist, or an ankle, and grabs a hold while pulling herself up the vine back onto dry land

  • Màяℓî  grabs the fine and the hand and breathes finally “My thanks “

  • luna: yes Mistress

  • Hazine : You’re welcome, huntress.

  • luna : I tried to stop you running into danger \Mistress

  • Hazine  announces herself with a thick barbarian accent “The jungle is a dangerous place to those who are not familiar. I am called huhZEEN.”

  • Màяℓî  nods “I slipped”

  • Màяℓî : “I am called Marli , I have travelled many pasangs by canoe and came upon your lands by accident”

  • Tey : She is lucky … Hazine got her out

  • Wosice : yes she is or you would have hard work

  • Tey : Laughs …. maybe impossible winks

  • Wosice : perhaps

  • Hazine  stands on a small dune to make herself look taller and grins “Our lands are good for collecting wanderers and lost souls it seems. Well met, Marli”

  • Màяℓî : “Well met” she nods “when my tribe lived in the swamps , we had similar traps “

  • Hazine : Oh? Where does your tribe live now?

  • Màяℓî : “some 150 pasangs north of here , we call our lands whispering moons”

  • Tey : Tey crouches and listens

  • luna hears the name and shudders a little

  • Wosice stands tall as she watches below

  • Hazine  grunts and nods “I’ve been there. Hazine looks up to her sisters and thoughtfully adds “recently”

  • Tey : ahhhhh

  •  luna  nods vigorously remembering the cage

  • Tey: Tey moves to another vantage point

  • Màяℓî : “mhm…..I do not recognise your tribes feathers , I trust you were invited to trade ?” she raised an eyebrow

  • Hazine hesitates and tries to be tactful with a weak chuckle “We were…. invited to trade… for our own things.”

  • Hazine looks up at Luna when she says the word ‘things’

  • luna  looks serious as she remembers the naked man thrust at her

  • Wosice looks at luna “shhhh”

  • Màяℓî lips curl into a thin smile , catching a hint on irony in Hazine’s voice “I see … do know that two tribes live on the lands? the zima and forest moon?”

  • Hazine  nods and tries to conceal a smug grin as she replies “I know the lands well now”

  • Hazine holds her gaze into Marli’s eyes and winks “Our friends in the Zima have showed us much about them.”

  • Màяℓî : “well, I have travelled this far , I offer a chance to trade , I have some influence in forest moon” she smiles

  • Hazine  adopts a solemn expression and nods with feigned interes “What do you bring to trade, Marli?”

  • luna  shuffles uneasily , staying close to the Mistress

  • Wosice whispers: maybe she brought you another male luna

  • Màяℓî inspeced her fingernails, avoiding the solemn expression , the red head unaware of any past troubles with this tribe “I bring only a few items to trade , to see if there is interest” she paused “Let me see , I have brought some bonta fruits , some shells , some warm furs ” she scraped the dry sand with her boot “…..though you dont need that here , I can through a contact I have , supply iron wares”

  • luna : ewww , wrinkles her nose at the thought

  • Hazine gestures to the east “There is a tavern, not far from here. The Slippery Fish. Let’s go there and discuss an equitable exchange over a nice cool paga.”

  • Tey: Tey whispers down to Hazine /whisper “is she the one they call ‘Red Hair”?”

  • Màяℓî looks at Hazine , she grins hearing her other name whispered “That is an agreeable suggestion , to go to the tavern to speak some trade over a paga”

  • Hazine looks briefly at Teya and nods

  • Hazine : this way

  • Hazine  motions to the table “Please sit”

  • Tey : Tey sits

  • Hazine : Luna! Serve the guests first.

  • Hazine snarls with disappointment and unnotches the arrow, hanging the bow at her hip for next time….

  • luna : yes my Mistress

  • luna : Mistress, may I fetch you something cooling to drink?

  • Màяℓî takes a seat and ignored the snarl she heard , she then glances to her right , down at the girl “You may fetch me a cool paga , thank you girl”

  • luna : yes Huntress

  • Hazine gestures to the woman on her right and then across the table at Tey “I’ve been rude. This is my sister Wosice, and next to you is our jungle neighbor and wilding friend Tey.”

  • Màяℓî  nods to each of them “Well met”

  • Tey: Well met

  • Wosice : osiyo

  • Hazine : Wosice might be a little more familiar with our stores and needs. Would you like the honor of arranging a deal, sis?

  • luna  takes a footed temwood bowl from the shelf and checks it over before placing it on the counterto

  • Tey : Looks to the woman”I believe I have heard of you by the name Red Hair”.

  • luna pulls up the bota from where it hung in the water, keeping cool

  • Wosice : think we mostly in need of metals

  • luna pulls the stopper out with her teeth and pours the liguid into the bowl smiling at the refreshing glugs

  • Wosice : we have good hunting near here

  • luna  replaes the stopper and takes the bowl , returning to the Mistress

  • Màяℓî looks to Teyacapan and nods “I go by that name too” then glances to Wosice “metals are rare , though we have some items to trade” she reaches for her sheath and lays two arrow heads on the table

  • luna  lowers hersself to her knees and raises the bowl above her head in offering to the visiting Mistress

  • luna : cool paga Mistress, I hope it pleases you

  • Màяℓî smiles as she sees the slave girl approach , she listens to her serve and takes the cool paga “Thank you dear “

  • luna lowers her arms and goes to Mistress Tey

  • Wosice  picks up an arrowhead and looks at at, almost studying it

  • luna : something cool to drink Mistress Tey

  • Tey : Thank you luna

  • Tey : Paga please

  • luna: yes Mistress

  • luna  stands and turns to the counter

  • Wosice : these a good arrowheads, how many you willing to trade?

  • luna  ooks over the shelves and takes two footed bowls down and places them on a small wooden tray

  • luna  slices a larma and squeezes it into one, and then pours paga to fill both bowls

  • luna takes a goblet and fills it with sparkling clear water

  • Màяℓî  watches Wosice study the arrow head “one is barbed … personal favorite……the other is slender and penetrates further” she taps the table with her finger tips “Let us say three sheaths of arrows , as each contains fifteen arrows , I would like to hear what you can trade in return? “

  • luna takes the tray back to the Mistress’s

  • luna places the tray on the table and picks up the plain paga and kneels near Mistress Tey’s feet

  • Wosice : besides the furs, horns, meat eggs, I can not say for sure what else we have that might interest you, maybe some kalana wine

  • Teyacapan : Our guest first luna

  • luna: I have Mistress

  • luna  offers up the bowl of paga

  • Tey: AQhhh, then thank you … takes the offered bowl

  • Tey: Thank you … you are free to serve the others

  • luna : thank you Mistress

  • Màяℓî  takes a sip from her paga goblet “The furs , interest me , and leathers , if you have skinned and gutted the animals , even better” she looked at Wosice “Can you show me a sample?”

  • luna picks up the goblet of cool water and holds it up in offering to Mistress Wosie


A male appears at the tavern and Red hair decides its time to head back to her lands.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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