Role play of Red hair and the Forest Moon Panthers

 Adventures of Forest Moon


The Forest Moon Panthers

The sun rises slowly, its watery and cold with the touch of winter. You look across the land and its brushed with a low lying mist that comes from the river. You can hear the morning dew dripping from the trees as the light frost begins to melt.
You turn slowly the bosk fur wrapped tightly round you, kneeling you add logs to the fire whilst your sisters sleep. You check the string on your bow is dry and smooth the feathers of your arrows as you take a little smoked bosk meat. You brush the hair back from your eyes and discard the fur. Even though its winter and the cold bites in, you are dressed in little more than a loincloth and short top. You convince yourself you are not cold, after all you are panther and above such things. Even though your fingers feel numb and frozen and your feet like lumps of wood. You lope off towards the gate and out across the land towards the outlaws camp. You head deeper, ever deeper into the territory of your enemies and along the way, you leave the mark of your tribe so they know, they all know, that you claim this land for your tribe.
Yet you are wary, for you are alone and always in your mind, you wonder is this the day when they will outwit you and take you down. As you run the blood circulates warming your feet and fingers and you dare not hesitate or stop. Nowhere is safe and nowhere will ever be safe again, for you are outcast, you are panther, you are Forest Moon.

 The Isle of Brands

A group of Forest Moon Panthers head to Isle of Brands. A skirmish with a local tribe named the Sa Seraka Tor occurs. Red Hair attempts a lock pick and is successful. However, quite unexpected a number of new Sa Seraka Tor panthers appear out of nowhere. Suddenly the Forest Moon are outnumbered and outflanked. This is what happened when Red Hair was surrounded and struck down….

 The role play:

  • Kam : runs to Marfi and takes a rope frm his belt and slip it around her wrist binding them
  • Kam : takes a second rope and kicks her ankkles togeather and binds them in a figure eight
  • Kam : akes a third rope and ties a bowline in it slipping it over her as a leash
  • ℓĭℓĭтн  giggles ” strip em down kam hehe
  • Safora : looks to the two panthers, “tal, I’m Safora of the Sa Seraka Tor, who are you?”
  • Kam : nods, he takes Marlis’s bow and slings it vover his back
  • Màяℓî slowly regains her senses , realises she is bound and gives a harsh growl at any man that dares touch her
  • Çýη : I am Cyn
  • Safora : and who is this other panther?
  • Kam : he rolls her over to look at her and cuts her neclace off
  • ℓĭℓĭтн : oooh get all her supplies i can use them in the infirmary
  • Kam : rolls her back oavea nd takes her balde tossing ot to the side
  • Jane  whispers loud enough for birds on the water to take flight “We need a healer…. pop a collar on her and chain her to our healing station, what I’d do”
  • Kam : and he sees what looks like a bone handled knife or club so he take that too slipping it into his belt
  • Màяℓî  growls and spits in his direction “stay away from me !”
  • Castor : Tal brother Kam.
  • Kam : “im afraid that isnt an option Huntress
  • Jane  grins “A breeding slave, that’s who!”
  • Kam : tal castor
  • Kam : kam kneels and loosesn the bindings on his captive so she may stand and walk but not run and helps her to her feet
  • Castor  looks on the floor. “Kam! A big catch! Is that not the En of Forest Moon?
  • Jane  : Do you know her, thrall?
  • Kam : Is it? how do you know?
  • Castor: No, I do not know her… but she is reknowned! I’ve seen her when I spied on the Forest Moon camp… with all the Mistresses surrounding her.
  • Castor: She seemed much the En when observed unbeknownst
  • Castor  stares at the captured female with awe and admiration. “She just almost escaped… with all of us around her!” 


 She Awoke – A short story

The young girl awoke with a yelp, a kick to her foot made her shrink further into her make shift shelter near the swamp entrance as a wild red headed woman towered over her, it was Marli, she was beautifully dressed in animal skins and wore thick fur booties, a crudely crafted wooden bow notched with markings was in her left hand as she parted her lips to speak to the girl.
” well…. I hope you know how to use that thing” Marli pointed towards the bow that the girl was hugging close to her chest. In complete shock the girl nodded her head dumbly her mouth opening and closing like a fish before she found her voice as she pulled herself to her feet “im not great but i can shoot at a bosk if need be”
The girl could feel Marli’s eyes on her, scanning her body curiously, Marli’s eyes resting on the girls neck before Marli chuckled and reached into her wild red hair and pulled out a lock pick and in an easy manner laughed out her words as if this was just an everyday occurance “Hehe…. turn around girl and let me get that collar off you”
A moment of fear filled the girl as she turned slowly and felt Marli expertly push the pins into the lock of her collar, Marli worked fast and cleverly till the timbles in the lock clicked and released the collar falling uncerimoniously from the girls neck landing at Marli’s feet. The girl took a deep breath and kicked it away with a few determined nods of her head and she looked up to Marli with a weak smile and pushed forward her hand and spoke with as much strength in her voice could muster “Kelly…… I am Kelly”
Marli’s face broke into a warm smile as she clasped the girls hand “Well met Kelly, my name is Marli ……….now let’s get out of here, i’ll show you our camp…which is close”
Confused the girl just grabbed up the few belongings she had and followed in Marli’s footsteps as they walked around lake Ias and to the astonishment of the girl she saw an amazing structure of wood and branches, swamp undergrowth and trees. Hidden there was the place that Marli had made her home. Marli quickly looking over her shoulder opened the door to her hut , dragging the girl inside and slammed it shut before turning and speaking “well…. this is my hut, make yourself comfortable but keep your eyes peeled, we are never safe, the Askari men come hunting us daily”
With a flick of her red hair and a grin on her face , Marli started towards some ropes and hauled herself up to the zipline and called over her shoulder “i have to go hunting for food, be safe sister” and with that Marli disappeared over the rocky cliff and headed to lake Ias, again the girl was alone. The girl started to walk around the Luna Caleeng camp in awe, unsure of whether she really was in a Panther camp only having heard tales about such places, the reality suddenly hit her, Kelly, the Kajira was now a panther, a wild woman of the forests. At this realisation she fell to the ground and sat cross legged at the camp fire and just shook her head in disbelief. Before she knew it, she was surrounded, they seemed to come from nowhere jumping over the undergrowth, all pointing bows at her, her eyes darting around looking for an escape as she felt a dull thud to her head as she fell to the ground, she felt her wrists and feet being bound and looked up blinking trying to focus as a dark sinister character covered in jewellery and bone decoration all over his strong body and heard his words cutting into her head “Mhmmm…….. I like you, quite the find” he laughed a cruel evil laugh as he grabbed hold of the binds and started dragging her along the ground “come on lets get you home……. mine”
Complete anger filled the girl as a growl came from her lips , her mouth snarling as she spat out the words “get your hands off me you bosk scum I am not yours…..I am a panther girl” He just laughed and continued to drag her towards his tarn and tossed her like a rag doll over the back of the saddle before jumping on himself and whistling to the large black bird as its powerful wings started to beat raising up above the camp………


A tale of Asma

Red hair captures Asma in Hrimgrar and learns of Ama’s new trade.

The role play:

  • Màяℓî  grabs the bow from Asma and slings it over her own shoulder
  • Màяℓî grabs a piece of rope from my hip and grabs Asma ‘s wrists , heold them together as she binds them in a tight gorean knot
  • Asma groans slightly feeling her arm yanked in her sleep
  • Màяℓî  pulls Asma down a bit “you gained some weight” and wraps a rope around her legs rendering her feet immobile
  • Màяℓî  uses the last peice of rope to wind around Asma ‘s waist line and then pulls it up to fashion a leash , then makes a final check all the binds are tight
  • Asma  comes to with a headache…”Get off me..who are you…Oh Marli…grrrr …these are not lands you want to be raiding in”..spits a bit of blood from her mouth
  • Màяℓî : “These are my old hunting grounds , I have every reason to be here ” she raised an eyebrow “question is , what are you doing here Asma?” she then grabs at the leash
  • Asma : and let me stand…I would let you stand”..usualy she would…”ggg let me stand
  • Màяℓî  uses the last peice of rope to wind around Asma ‘s waist line and then pulls it up to fashion a leash
  • Màяℓî : “A most profitable hunt” she squats beside Asma and loosens the legs a bit , so Asma can shuffle along
  • Asma scowls seeing Wynter downed..”Who are you calling cowards…when you attack an unarmed women?
  • Wynter  glares at rogue and spits at her
  • Màяℓî  pushes Ama into the bosk cart and then sits there , whips the bosks ” off to home “
  • Màяℓî reached in her belt , then placed the key in the gate door and opened it
  • Asma : you need to invest in some stepping stones Marli…these are good quality boots”…looks about with her usual interest to see if anything had changed…”
  • Màяℓî : “I will take yours as a spare ” she smirked
  • Màяℓî pressed on Asma ‘s left shoulder “have a seat , we can talk some”
  • Asma scowls but had expected that anyway…”So why have you brought me here…I am no use to you, do not have a tribe any more to pay ransom..I can give you some things from my tannery if it was robbery you were about?”..loos up at Marli now from her seated position
  • Màяℓî looks down at Asma , ignoring the brief scowl , she reached for the spear on Asma’s back and removed the leather straps “A fine spear , one I shall use on my hunts ” she placed it near the log “You have some use to me Asma , as you are now finding out”
  • Asma : what use?
  • Asma  looked about wondering where they had taken Wynter….”Thouh it is true you have proved to be some use to me today”
  • Màяℓî eyes noticed the club on Asma ‘s back , she removed that too and places it near the spear ” Captives like yourself have items I can use ” she remarked briefly , then raised an eyebrow ” You know this wynter?”
  • Asma : Yes..she is one of the SKF…their Se I think..any way I have traded with her”…smiles…”As I said you will have raised my credability with them…make it easier to trade with them, they are a hostile bunch”..nods…”Tal Wynter…not all of them though”
  • Wynter : Tal Leatherwork of Gimli… Long time since I seen you…
  • Màяℓî  chuckles hearing Asma ‘s new nick name “Leatherwork eh? is that the new name you go by Asma?” she turns her attention to Asma’s boots “Did you make these ?” she removes the left leather boot , twisting and pulling at it till it would loosen and come off by itself
  • Wynter : “You had better make sure that she can complete the deal she made with me for some water skins before you break her marli…
  • Asma lowers her head to smile at Wynters greeting then looks back up to Marli …”Yes..well Tanner realy…I have a tannery at Gimli and would have given your tribe good discount untill this incident”…frowns at her boots being taken”..yes well those are my forest boots…you do not want anything to fancy to trudge around in the forest”…she knew the quality was not great
  • Màяℓî glances at Wynter with a cold blank stare “You …..had better shut up and remember you are our captive……” she contorted her nose”…or soon to be slave , whatever Moon decided to do with you” she then looked back at Asma, examing the boot in her hand “Forest boots , the quality is sturdy enough for our marshes , I will take them both……in the meantime , tell me more of your tannery in Gimli” she reached for the other boot and started tugging on it
  • Wynter  glared over at Marli and smirked..”Real tough arent you Marli… I remember not so long ago when Cali and Morr punked what was it 6 of you out on the docks…You all yapped and strutted yet none moved…And I dont see Cali here.. so from where I sit you got one SKF and a trader”
  • Asma : Well its a better Tannery than I had at Primus, quite warm and snug really, it is just behind the tannery and I only deal in the finest furs..making quality items like this jacket
  • Asma gave Wynter a sideways glance and in low tone…”Best not to get Marli cross…she has medical training”…she remembered the concoctions worked on with Ems
  • Màяℓî  now held both boots in her hands , she rubbed her finger over the leathers to assess their quality “I have seen better” she muses , she was too focused on the boots but heard wynter “…..Asma is right wynter …..I have medical training …..and it has been a while since I had a urt to experiment on……” she laughed softly , then placed the boots near the spear “…..well , Asma ……we do hunt animals in these forests …..bigger than the occasional urt……perhaps this tannery is of interest to me”
  • Wynter : “she cant be any worse then what Dee did to Me.. The pain and shame that occured to me due to her sorta takes my fear away from Greens. After what Dee did what is the worse she can do..”
  • Asma : I will buy untreated hides or whole carcasses…the bones sinew and guts all have their uses…Wynter was trading for a case of bladder water Botas with me
  • Màяℓî sighed and shook her head hearing Wynter “You obviously want to tell your tale about Dee , so amuse us all” rolling her eyes , then looked at Asma , her emerald eyes sparkling from the nearby fire “Look , for the sake of trading our catch , I would propose a trade deal with you Asma , and since your tannery is I assume near the village of Gimli , you would have access to village supplies ….yes?”
  • Wynter: “Why would I tell you.. ALl I am saying is I dont have a fear of being cut sliced diced sewed up or what not ” She looked at Marli and smile so enjoying the baiting game she was playing
  • Asma wiggled her exposed toes wondering why she had been moved away from the fire…”Err my toes are getting cold….can I turn around”….listening to Marli she wiggled on her bum and turned about anyway…” is part of the village…I am a respected member of the village upper Caste”…if smelling of urine was a reason to be elected magistrate she was sure she would have been but as it was…”I choose to keep to myself on the edge of the village though”…shook her head in Wynters direction, it was more the drugs that would worry her
  • Màяℓî : “Oh ….there are other ways” she looked at Asma knowingly , as if for a brief moment they had shared the same thought , she nudged Ama towards the fire “Yes warm your toes …….Good….good” she nodded “……I can use village supplies , and a contact that is favourable towards panther girls ….so about the discount……you do want to be free? so lets cut to the chase”
  • Asma : ummm yes..sure a discount… what do you think will be fair?”
  • Màяℓî : “fair?” she rubbed her chin “how about a discount for Forest Moon”
  • Wynter  rolls her eyes and looks out over the water saying nothing
  • Màяℓî  lips curled in a cruel grin “…..Sun…..put her in chains……place a collar around her neck…….dress her in a plain camisk…..have her serve…..that is what I mean by taking care of”
  • Sun: Yes En at once
  • Asma  felt a lot better now her toes were being warmed by the fire and wiggled them contently as listend, she then nods solomly not having a clue what a discount was…”Yes that sounds fair…and I will pay more for anything you bring me …deers, bosk and panthers are all the vogue at the moment, though it is better if I get a full carcass… I can pay more and be sure that the hide is not spoiled when stripped from the beast”…frowns hearing Wynter had not long escapaped the Moon…”Marli…I had agreed a trade with Wynter for a crate of water botas as you heard..say I was to deliver them to you for her freedom as well?”
  • Sun: Sun reaches over and kisses Wynterrs forehead….”welcome to teh tribe hun”
  • Wynter leans back and SPITS at Sun…
  • Sun: ddd*sun backhands Wynter hard enough to rattle her teeth and drawinvoluntary tears…..” you ever spit at me again.. and you regret it!”
  • Wynter  glares at Sun and shrugs..”And what seriously and waht.. I get beaten it happened before..I keep gettign told I am now part of this tribe that I have NO intent to ever join..
  • Màяℓî  smiled hearing Asma agree to her terms of a  discount though she too had no clue yet how that would work out “….we will bring the full carcasses to your tannery then ….truth is , few of us are skilled as tanners ….we have a deal ……but this only concerns your freedom……you see Moon has plans with wynter ……so she stays” she helps Asma to her feet
  • Asma struggles up…”Surly Moons plan would be to profit from Wynter…tell Moon my offer…I will through in a good Bosk rug as well..then I will have Wynter work in the tannery to pay me off”
  • Màяℓî : “I will speak to Moon of your offer……but she is dead set on keeping wynter” the red head shrugged “…..I will take you to the docks now and release you there Asma”
  • Asma shakes her head as sees Wynter collared…”Is that not the wrong need to get submision for a collar to have any meaning”…sighs seeing wynter led off…”Fair agreement Marli..lead the way”…being on leash she had little choice in this


The cruelty of Red hair

A new slave girl with a familiar face.

The role play:

  • Marli swats the new slave with the back of her bow “greetings new slave girl”
  • tali : tilted her head overhearing tara and quipped “dont ye mean “dress down as a slave?” I never did hear of a slave wearing a posh frock or nowt” and chuckled seeing her walk off so started to think about food
  • Carrie : frowns feeling the bow hitting the back of her head thinking all these people know is to beat paople” greetings Mistress can you untie me from posts and unchain me pl;ease?” she askes as she looks up” I believe the huntress is done with me since the captive not on the posts no more
  • Cathrin  shouts: Trade or trouble?
  • Penny  shouts: on my own …trade!
  • Marli smirks at the new slave girl, she had no intentions to unchain her, there was probably a good reason why her sisters had leashed her to the post, then she spoke sweetly “kiss my boot… wait! lick my boot and perhaps i will “
  • Carrie : grumbles as she looks at Marli ” yes Mistress she as she obeys her and leans over best she could to show the huntress she listens well, while she begins to lick the huntress’s boot from tip of boot to the sides and to the top and back down slowly
  • Marli grinned down at the girl , she grabbed some of that golden hair to make sure her face was close to the boot
  • Carrie : closes her eyes feeling the huntress grabbing her hair as her face bumps up against the boot as she continues to lick, before going over tot he other boot as she licks the tip of it as she travels around the sides and up the boot before stoping hoping the Mistress is pleased and will get her out these bounds
  • Marli twisted her finger around some of the golden locks , using the girls hair like a leash , Marli played with her , her cruel games as she did with all slaves, she had no compassion for their plight, she chuckled “good girl, now i suppose you expect to be freed “
  • Penny  shouts: Go SW is way out
  • Carrie : nods hearring the Mistress as she looks up sweetly and innocently as she smiles at Marli before leans in kisses her thigh while looking up ” yes Mistress”
  • Marli looked down at the slave girl , she smiles sweetly , even gently ruffeling her hair , giving her a false sense that she would be freed ……she waited a moment …..her eyes grew dark, she aimed a kick at the slaved stomach “stupid weak girl, you deserve this and worse “
  • Cathrin  shouts: Cathy coming in
  • Carrie  whispers: grumbles a sshe looks at Marli as she feels the kick towards her belly as she growls at the huntress…she leans to kiss the womans thigh as she iopens her mouth and bites the huntress” I is not week Mistress… as soon as I get free I will prove that… or do you care to test me in the woods with a bow “
  • Marli steps back , she sees the slave opening her mouth , she dodged the bite , then whacked her accross the face with her bow “……silence slut!”
  • Morr shouts: morr
  • Carrie : bites her lower lip as she went to turn her face to see who is around as the huntress steps back and swings the bow into her face as it cause her her to bite her lower lip hard as she feels her teeth peirce it… she lower her head as she looks around wanting freed, wanting to go back home as she wishes her tribe would get their asses and come for her
  • Marli laughed , she turned and left the slave to ponder about her miserable existence


The Deal

A deal made to get a lock of hair from the SadiSani Chieftress.

The role play:

  • Empusa : Tal HUntress”
  • Marli eyes shift from the young panther to the villager “Tal”
  • Onur : explain your idea Emp
  • Empusa : ” lovely place here isnt it? oh.. my idea was top just have a bit of peace that is all nothing devious”
  • Marli raises an eyebrow “devious? you want to play that game?”
  • Onur : yes village is a great place to live. i feel myself so nice here i have one roomed house and great view.
  • Empusa  looks to the HUntress” oh is there a game of devious?” she smiles” whats the rules?”
  • Marli smirks “the rules of that game is there are no rules”
  • Empusa : ” ah sounds like fun Huntress, I am Emp from the Sa di’s ” she nodded to Onur agreeing with him about the small village
  • Onur : you could join the village but our population is less than them.
  • Marli: “Marli of  Forest Moon” she replies
  • Empusa : ” well met Marli. and I do adore games, I ran into the one that is called Moon, she .. well she welcomed me to the lands in her own way
  • Marli folds her arms “….Moon huh”
  • Empusa  nodded” I believe that was the name i heard, it was when i was still a friend to the tribe and not a pledge, she collects hair”
  • Marli laughs “does she now…..i know an En that collects hair…but it is not her! “
  • Empusa  nodded and ran her fingers through her hair a bit having missed it” oh? from here?” she points to the ground
  • Marli shakes her head “not from here……in Hrimgar…..Morr of the Sa Ki Fori”
  • Empusa  blows out some air” that name keeps popping up a lot, that Cali from those lands wanted me to steal a bow from one named Lune of you’re tribe.. i went to try and tal;k to you’re en to see if someway the tabgles could be turned but it was pretty busy “
  • Marli snorts, not revealing she was also En
  • Marli: “pftttt……look at the weedy boi…….i doubt he would survive the night with the Forest Moon”
  • Onur : i cant promise and thats not your business
  • Empusa looks to Marli ” I really need to get a bow do you know what kind this Lune uses , maybe i can make one to look like it”
  • Onur : shes kidding
  • Empusa  looks back to Onur” why does she call you weedy?”
  • Onur : im not sure
  • Marli: “whats for me to gain if i tell you that?” she looks at Emp “information about the Sa Jes is never free”
  • Onur Cortes: i am going to sleep
  • Empusa  nodded” well, we can come to some sort of arrangment i’m sure, the man here is a fisherman, but what is it you want?”
  • Empusa  smiles nad laughs” rest well Onur”
  • Marli: “well , let me see what can a sa di sani offer a Forest Moon”
  • Empusa  turns her attention now to Marli ” is there something you desire? there is always something candy? chocolate?”
  • Marli waves her hand “bah, i knew a sa di dani would think like that”
  • Empusa  shruges her shoulders” oh cmon, im not skilled in trading yet, still just a pledge you know.. hmmm”
  • Marli: “no you bring me a lock of hair from Lizz….and i will tell you what Lune’s bow looks like”
  • Empusa Demonia: ” well that i could do , the En is taken to a city it would have to wait a bit and i need the onformation today as its the last day, something else maybe?”
  • Marli shakes her head “no, thats what i want , a lock of hair from your En ….Lizz…..dont care how you do it, … you will owe me Sa Di Sani….and i allways collect…….the bow you must make is longbow made of young wood…..i heard mention it was primus”
  • Empusa  nods as she always pays her debts” my word is good Marli, always has been and you will have you’re lock of hair once she is returned from the city she is being held in, young wood, ok got it,” she smiles relieved”i had no excitment to go serve her at all, you havehelped me immensly”
  • Marli lips curl in a thin smile “and cali is blond and not too bright….im sure you can trick her into thinking you gave her the real deal” she looks at Emp closely “thats a hint young one….dont bring me bosk hair”
  • Empusa  shook her head” I wont, this is swear so shall it be done, and your words are wise i will do just that!” she looks to the woods” ill go make one now and get this over with then”
  • Marli: “good luck then , be safe panther, we will meet soon”
  • Empusa : ” aye be safe


A devious one

A panther is given a cone laced with tassas.

The role play:

  • Karas  skids to a stop when she comes upon the very person she’d been looking for. She smirks a little when she realises Lessa is with someone. Slowly she sinks to her knees, careful with her basket.
  • Karas : Forgive me for interrupting, huntresses… There were people outside armed with strong bows so I ran in here to hide.
  • Lessa  stops what she is doing, she looks over her shoulder, and to her surpise there is little bird “Bird? why are you here? I was told you ran away”
  • Lessa  smiles “fine, you can help” she points at Sakura “remove her leggings, my little bird”
  • Karas pushes forward the small basket of apples. “I only wanted to bring Huntress a gift for taking care of me yesterday.” Inside the basket is a small baked apple scone, wrapped in a cloth to keep it warm and soft and smelling delicious.
  • ѕαкυяα  looks up and the the lil one what was capped by lyric
  • Karas  takes up the basket and approaches the two. She hands Lessa the baked scone and smiles at Sakura. “It’s nice to see you again, huntress.”
  • Lessa looks interested at the apples, and of course she reaches for the apple scone, she takes it out “oh, this is good of you … now undress her, bird” she says, while she sniffs the scone, moans in delight and then she takes a bite from it
  • Karas  reaches forward to undo the captive’s clothing, pulling off one legging and then the other. She watches Less carefully and shivers with delight when Less never asks HER to taste test the scone, even though she’d brought another, unlaced with a large amount of tassas, just in case. She smiles to herself.
  • Karas  meanwhile studies the chains. While Lessa is distracted, she works out how to free Sakura. She might need her help, and one good turn will deserve another.
  • Lessa  smiles as little bird slides down the leggings, revealing ever more of Sakura’s beautiful legs … and she takes another bite … a big one “she is beautiful, is she not … you may also remove her shorts, I will put her … to …. huh …” as she was talking, her voice was slowing down, and suddenly, Lessa doesn’t know what she is saying … the scone slips from her hand … she feels her knees go weak and stumbles over to Sakura to find some support, but halfway, she sinks to her knees and by the time she hits the floor, right at Bird’s feet, she is unconscious
  • Sura  growls as she is dragged in the camp and she makes a soft sound of distress as the doors are closed. This hunt didn’t go as she expected
  • Karas smiles. She unhooks the unlocked collar at her throat and drops it. “Yesterday my mistress freed me in order to complete this task. I have completed it and revenge is mine. Huntress, I will free you now, and if you run with me that’s your decision.” She says this to Sakura. “You have witnessed this. I, Karas of Forest Moon, have defeated my enemy today.”
  • Karas  reaches up to unlock Sakura from the chains.


A new trade

A trade deal made with a huntress named Kala.

The role play:

  • Marli dark orbs watched from a distance
  • Kala slides out of her canoe warily and ties it with a deft knot. “Tal there,” she smiles, though her eyes staying sharp and cold.
  • Marli watched the stranger to her lands slide out of her canoe and nodded slowly “Tal ” her lips curling into a thin smile
  • Kala  strings her bow in a fluid sharp tug and shakes hair from her eyes, mentally counting how many arrows she has left. “You afraid of the water? Contemplating your way home? Waiting for a lost love? Looking for trade?” She lifts her chin and regards you with a quiet laugh.
  • Marli swept back her long red hair that draped over her shoulders , almost mirroring the strangers moves , she carressed the sleen blade on her left hip which hung loosely , ready to be withdrawn at an ihn ‘s notice “None of those you mention, I live in these lands , panther “
  • Kala sidesteps, her toes gripping the slick wood of the dock. “Ah, so you’re either a Zima or a Moonie…” she glances past you to the woods, the gold flecks in her eyes melting to shadows as she tries to pick out any hidden figures. “Do you have any meat to trade? Anything big? I’ve been hunting two days and hardly seen so much as a tarsk in our forests…”
  • Marli snorted as sthe stranger called her tribe moonies , her nostrils flared as she breathed in “Forest Moon” her tone corrective and stern “and which tribe are you ? I would want to know who I would trade tubuk meat with “
  • Kala shrugs one shoulder in mild apology, “Forest Moon,” she amends while still glancing around. “I’m called Kala; I’m the fletcher and bowyer at Hrimgar, so maybe you could use arrows that’ll not fail…” She lets her eyes settle on yours, smiling more genuinely now. “Do you have meat to trade, or not?”
  • Kala  ignores the boy and keeps her eyes on Marli.
  • Marli eyes shifted to the male slave , she ignored his greeting,  then looked back at the huntress from Hrimgar , her features softening slightly “Hrimgar you say ? I was once on Morr’s side during many hunts , My name is Marli “
  • Marli  pointed to the North East “come back in one moon cycle to our trade docks and I will trade what you have for meat “
  • Kala  eases her stance a little and suppresses a grin with difficulty. “You were SKF? It must have been long before I came to these forests…” She slings her bow over her shoulder and stretches the tightness of paddling from her arms, listening. “One moon-cycle. Alright. Is there somewhat you’d rather I bring in trade? Arrows, bows… we have plenty of medical supplies if you need them.”
  • Marli : “Bring me a canoe filled with arrows, and ones that fly straight and you shall have your meat ” she smiles “….my first of bow will want to test them “
  • Kala lifts her chin haughtily. “She can test all she likes. If she can shoot a bow decently, they’ll not miss nor shatter.” She turns then, pride in her craft keeping her spine stiff for a moment, and slides back into her canoe.


The art gallery

A trip to a devious art dealer.

The role play:

  • Brandi moved from the docks quickly and pointed to Marli on a head. “The art gallery is this way, i hear there is soemthing ther enot to be missed come.”
  • kayla sets out a big fence as a roadblock and stands guard behind it, grasping her bow tightly, wathcing for intruiders
  • Brandi scratched her head…. “Thats new”
  • Marli stood miffed seeing a road block
  • Brandi : was a mazed at the spead of the shorter woman to run ahead of them so fast and the even faster construction of the fence. It was a marvel. “So is there another way around, we are just trying to complete are pilgrimage to see some art work we have heard so much about”
  • Marli nodded “we have travelled so far for our pelgrimage”
  • Taeden walked around the fence as it was being constructed. When they said they were there to see art, Tae smiled brightly, “Tal there Ladies, come this way. We’ve had a bit of trouble this morning with someone setting a fire, so we’re setting up road blocks in the village. But don’t be scared, we’ll keep you from harm while you’re making your purchases.” she motioned to them come closer
  • kayladark moved the fence aside to let the strangers and Tae inside.
  • Marli gasped a little when she heard about fires….but was glad the guard offered to help
  • kayla : Any weapon you may carry is to be left here at the gate.
  • Marli had no bow , just a small knife under her gown as all free woman wore
  • kayla is being called by unknown forces. “Please leave the weapons at the gate and grab them as you exit”
  • Brandi nodded as she caught the last bit.. “I do hope to get it back, traveling to Prums and skerry after this fvisit is dangerous” she said as she dropped her bow and then a small blade handing them to Kayla.
  • Marli made very sure tae didn’t get a look under her skirt as she lifted it to remove the blade and left it at the gates
  • Taeden smiled, “when you see all the art I’m sure you’re going to want to fill your hands with, you’ll consider this a minor inconvenience, ladies. Now come along, we have a new painting up today you might be interested in. Though it’s a bit provocative. We captured a panther this morning and… well you’ll see for yourself.” she smiled politely Marlies as she smoothed down her skirts.
  • Marli got out a pencil and paper and made a simple drawing “how very pantherish” she commented
  • Brandi hmmmmd…. “Who ist that on top, she looks live?” Bran mused as the detailing was much greater on the rider then the ridden.
  • Quorra blushed as she felt the soft nip on her breast “Well… urm” Was distracted by your teasing “When do you want your bath My Mistress?”
  • Izzy : chuckled then looked over the boi’s shoulder “oh , we have guests” Tizz pushed the boi of her lap smiling “later perhaps”
  • Taeden watched the woman doing her own drawing, “Hey now, we sell this art! You can’t just come and copy our stuff. If you like this painting you may buy it.” she looked proudly at the painting, “oh that is a live model. A panther from Hrimgar that we tied to a statue we had to pull out of storage. The beast as much as admitted to setting fire to an earlier work.” she shook her head
  • Marli quietly slipped the paper drawing under her skirt and smiled innocently “such a master piece cannot be copied”
  • Brandi shook her head.. “Vandals” She muttered and was glad to have the cloth over her face to hide her smirk. She hoped the crreasing did not show around her eye too much . “ohh i could never do such work just taking some notes on live model paird with statuary. Its unique… so many possibilities. I mean if the statues had … well.. there are many things you could wo witha person and astatues tht would be unique” she smirked to herself again at the pervers thoughts.
  • Izzy watching the woman copying her work, doing a drawing , Tizz protested “Hey , tight ass, just pay up, this is my work you are copying” she grumbled “I’l drag you to a magistarte and have an order made for its return ” She glared at the woman “really, how rude” Tizz had hands on her hips, then held one out “payment???”
  • Marli lips curled in a smile behind her veil “of course i shall reimburse you” she held up her purse “a silver tarsk shall we say?”
  • Taeden nodded her head, “It can be yours for a good price. But we do have some other paintings and sculptures and collectibles you might be interested in. Tizz, you care to show that painting you got last night?” Tae blinked when Tizz started throwing a fit, she’d been so mesmerized by the painting of the panther she wasn’t really paying attention. She stepped back and let them work it out amongst themselves as she walked over to the disguised Brandi, “I’m glad you can appreciate the art. Would you care to see the sculpture? The model is indisposed I’m afraid.”
  • Brandi g with a haughty air she just shook her head but let marli do the work of paying.. “The woman the live one. She reminds me of a girl i once owned… i miss that little thing. Is she still available…. or been set back into the wild?”
  • Brandi nodded “But she is still here and available, Of course i could see some more work… lead the way”
  • Izzy nodded “Aii that will do as payment” Tizz moved to the painting, she pulled it from the post and held it out for the woman “All yours then”
  • Taeden shakes her head, “Not available I’m afraid. She’s newly acquired and will need some training before the slaver decides what to do with her.. but come see our sculpture.” she muttered “the damn panthers burned the other one we had. It was much larger.. but this isn’t so bad.”
  • Taeden called down “Q! Get up here and model for the Lady!”
  • Brandi nods.. “Ohh a baby bosk” She smiles at first then moves closer.. “Ohh wait.. its a person?”
  • Marli smiled and took the picture frame under her arm “im so pleased”
  • Izzy : took her cin and looked at it grinning “fantastic, ” tizz shoved the coin down the front of her dress
  • Taeden walked around the wooden sculpture, dragging her finger’s over Morr’s oversided ass, then patted the saddle, “this is another panther from Hrimgar, well her likeness of course. Warriors come from far and wide to rub her breasts so they might have good luck fighting panthers.”
  • Marli gasped when she saw the statue “im flabbergasted….truly such artistry”
  • Brandi knew the fierceness of panthers and nodded.. “well i am sure they need it, i hear most males cant handle themselves and litteraly … freak out. When inthe forest and confronted by a panther woman who might best them. Sounds like they are vicious … vicious i say.” Shaking ehr ehad at the thought of such things. “The men would be wiser to play with themselves.. but we know men even touching a fake breast like that likely gets them excited.”
  • Izzy chuckled as she walked through the dor, the free woman stepping in behind her , Tizz unlocked it and walked in “Isn’t it just magnificent”
  • Taeden wrinkled her nose at the thought of men touching themselves, “Oh well, there’s no profit in that for me if they go off and wank in private, Lady! I get a few coins for letting them rub against the statue. That’s why I was sooooo angry that the first one burned. It’s just lucky for me I had this one in storage.” she rested her hand on statue Morr’s ass and smacked it. “where’s that darn slave of ours Tizz?” she shook her head, “no matter, would either of you like to try the saddle? It’s quite comfy.”
  • Marli was blushing behind her veil and looked away
  • Quorra walked in and through the door slowly, Q paused “Tal My Mistress’s and Mistress” she fell silent after that and stood close to the door
  • Izzy noticed Q had finally followed, Tizz clicked her fingers “Q, get on, model it for them” Tizz laughed
  • Brandi gapsed a bit offended.. “You mean ride that thing like the slave girl did.. I think not. especially not straddling it like some slut. Your ….” looking Q a momment.. “your toy there can do it if it pleases. but i will not touch that thing. Its… well… disturbing”
  • Marli was in full agreement with Bran and then turned as Q entered”greetings girl” she waved her hand at the statue “indeed have the slave pose”
  • Quorra paused a moment “Urmmm, i think it be in appropiate for these ladys to see me riding Mo…You know? Provoking her isnt going to help me……” Q backed away to the door from them all.
  • Brandi shrugged it was the girl’s loss. No one elses. “Well, so much for seeing live art. ” turing to her companion ” shall we be going then i believe the sails are being hoisted on the ship.
  • Taeden held up her hands, “No offense intended. I just get excited at the craftmanship. Oh, and demeaning a few panthers doesn’t hurt either.” she growled when Q backed away, “slave! You get over here right now. And don’t you DARE speak unkindly or out of place toward our customers or you might find yourself up for sale.” she walked over to Q with her hand on her whip.
  • Izzy : “tsssks Q ” Tizz shook her head “look if you all are to shy I’l do it” Tizz offered
  • Quorra points “She offered instead i know how fast things go round Gor and demening a panther like morr is not something i want while i have this round my neck” Q looked at the whip “i didnt say anything inappropriate !” Was ready to open the door at any second.
  • Taeden looked between the customers and Q and Tizz. Tae was a bit flustered at all the opposing wishes. She held up her hands, “Oh, don’t go so soon ladies, we have more art you might want to buy.” she growled at Q then looked at them again, “Forgive me for using a wild and untrained slave. I’d thought she was better behaved…but seems she’s intent on embarrassing her owners.” Tae pushed the door open, “get out slave, I’ll not have you interfering with my business!”
  • Quorra ran out the building quickly as she was ordered out not wishing to get in further trouble or sit on Morr.
  • Brandi finllay gets over the shock of the slaves behavior..  and just shakes ehr ehad.. “well we are going. its a bit… well.. uncivilized even if the art is wonderful”
  • Brandi : “good day to you merchant”
  • Izzy was ready to model but heard they were leaving so Tizz stepped back “Well i hope you enjoy the art you purchased , thankyou for the business”
  • Taeden was disappointed theat there’d be no other sale, but pushed the door open for them, “Come back again another time, we could have some nice landscapes done up for you.”
  • Brandi calling back up the stairs to the work room… “Are you coming Companion?” then smiling to Tae….. “Yes that checkpoint is a bit much … it will drive business away but sounds like you have some trouble here”
  • Izzy : poked her “better hurry up, your friend is leaving without you”
  • Marlies: please lead the way
  • Izzy lead the way to the gate “be well, enjoy the painting”
  • Marlies picked up her blade from the guard “sorry….for the delay”
  • Brandi nods ocllectin her bow and blade for the trip home.. “well i could really use a scarecrow like this one for my properties…. how much do you want for it?”
  • violette : Tal
  • Taeden was shocked to see a panther wander up the road, “panther, you’d better put a dress on if you intend to visit the village.” she smiled at Brandi “she’s not for sale.”
  • Brandi startled… “A Panther!! Maybe she is the fire starter!”
  • Marlies saw the forest woman and stepped back
  • violette : i am just passing along
  • Marlies : “o my…o my …the crimanal returns to the crime sight” she whispered to bran
  • Izzy : pulled her bow from her shoulder
  • Taeden : Well I can see that. But we’re a village of proper women around here. Panthers can be shot on sight around here.” she looked at the women with concern and then at the panther growling, “so you’re one of the fire starters then?”


A tale of a sa di lina

An encounter with a sa di lina slave.

The role play:

  • Gabriella  looks at you as you tie a slave feather on for my great friends tribe,, ” you are a slave of the sa dil lina?
  • Gabriella : your en is my friend we were in di jan together a long time
  • Gabriella : she never harms me
  • Gabriella : there is only one way you have keys for here and that would be if you are a slave in this tribe
  • Gabriella : what right do you have to attack the friend of your en?
  • Vincent stomps his way off the docks and drags the captive along with him up towards the gates. Vincent takes out his key and looks over his shoulder at the woman, smirking lightly. Vincent stomps his way into the camp and makes his way down towards the dungeon. He comes to a halt by one of the crosses and looks over at her once again, his voice hoarse and deep “My Mistress have permitted me to go out and hunt, which I did. And do you have any proof of these claims hrm?”
  • Gabriella looks over to the huntress,, ” Tal Huntress, “
  • Gabriella : I am a friend to your en and a former di jan
  • Gabriella : this boy attacked our camp with another man and has taken me captive, why?
  • Iŋølα tilts her head… “Mine.. have you been hunting with that pani again?” she raised a brow and pressed forward.. “Something of weight here? You know I gave you permission to hunt, permission to do as you pleased ‘free’ of me… But, you may have started a war taking this girl… What band is she from?” she folded her arms under her pert breasts and clacked her tongue to the roof of her mouth.. “Tal Girl..”
  • Gabriella : I am Gaby Mistress a Healing kajira of the forest moon tribe, formerly of di jan after i knelt
  • Gabriella : I am not dangerous to anyone, my Mistress and I heal many, and your en is of our former tribe and a friend much loved
  • Vincent looks over at Inola as she enters the cavern. A broad smile appears upon his face and he bows his head down politely before her “Tal Mistress” He straightens up his head again and cracks his knuckles followed by a hoarse laughter escaping his lungs “You could say that. We destroyed one of the panther camps on the continent. It was rather amusing I must say. And a war?” The laughter becomes even louder and tears streaming down from his eyes “My apologies Mistress, I may have gone a little overboard… Though a war with them, I would not worry too much about”
  • Iŋølα  laughs and shakes her head “Do you know, which tribe, Mine?” she passed her tongue over her lips and looked to Gabriella.. “That may be so and my En might be a friend.. Though I doubt my Vincent, would attack a helpless girl without reason.. Did you attack him….? It’s a simple question as we both know the importance of protecting our own.. However, if you’ve been brought here? I’d say it was for one of two reasons.. Gain or retaliation of an attack.. Which tribe do you belong to?” she suckled back the air, waving her hand dismissively.. “It matters not who might be your friend and who might take pity… As it stands you’re a captive of my thrall’s… He can decide your fate.. I’ve entrusted him with that much… ” she purred and pressed forward, opting to take Gabriella’s smooth cheeks between her thumb and forefinger..
  • Gabriella  presses in affectionately to your touch your words a jumble in my mind as i sort them out,, ” the honor of a tribe is always of great importance Mistress, I was protecting the huntresses of my tribe as he attacked them without reason, a slave should only defend never attack, and i have only defended,, and friendships between tribe members are respected normally,, do not shame me by allowing him to touch me Mistress please I beg of you, let me go,”
  • Vincent reaches a hand up to the back of his head and fingers trailing through his long hair. His eyes remains locked onto Inola and still smiling from ear to ear “Oh some Forest moon place. We pretty much destroyed their camp, which was simple enough. And once at the docks, the girl here and some other lady attacked us. So I saw no choice but to defend myself and we beat them up as well” A hand is raised up to his chin and gliding through his long scruffy beard. Vincent takes a step back as Inola wanders up to Gabriella. While she is inspecting his plunder, he begins to change his clothing. The boots are dragged off and gloves tossed away. The heavy black cloak falling down to the ground with a sigh of relief along with the weapons quickly being dropped down. Vincent now only wearing his pants and turns around to face the two “So her fate is in my hands you say. It has been a long time since I’ve used a whip on someone”
  • Iŋølα laughs “I’m no fool… Vincent.. Tell me, did you attack her first? ” she queries.. “Did you take her because the Pani told you to? I wonder..” she hummed and attempted to pluck away the girl’s silks.. ” Yes! I would say, my dear…” she looked to Gabriella as she spoke.. “Friendships between tribes are considered a sacred thing here in the Forests.. A RARE, but sacred thing.. All the same, If you attacked what is mine” she heard Vincent speak and seemed to agree.. “I think he has every right to whip you for it! Think it not a cruel thing… Sweet girl, if he had not been in my steel… I’m certain as a free man, he could have you raped and sold on a frame in very little time.. ” she shifted her gaze, hooking her fingertip into Vincent’s collar.. “Be cautious as not to make me regret letting you have your way… You may strike her, but her sex and her dignity are her’s to keep..” she said this rather coldly, as she spoke to her thrall.. The decision was made.. “There is quirt, switch and whip lining the
  • Iŋølα:  walls mine.. Make certain you choose your tool carefully.. You don’t want to destroy her flesh beyond reason.. “
  • Gabriella shudders hearing the boy speak of violence fo the sake of sadism and great scorn for him enters my heart the senselessly cruel such a rarity they are always look on with disgust amongst gorean societies and it was no different now, I defended my tribe i did not attack first he did by attacking my tribe huntress,
  • Gabriella : Please let me go home!


A traitor is caught

For many moons Charris had raided the Forest Moon camp, the red head enraged at this former band member, she waits in her lair, patiently, a bold Charris comes too close too the lair is is taken down by a flail of arrows.

The role play:

  • Brandi looks at Charris after pulling her into the dungeon, “i have told you girl not to fire upon our camp” i bend down removing her bow looking at it too see if it has anything special on it, taking the string off and making the bow useless,.
  • Brandi sheaths her bow
  • Marli  limps into the dungeon , where she had seen Brandi take Charris , she steps closer “Brandi , there is something I must do to Charris”
  • Brandi: smiles “be my guest En, there is a few things i want to do to her myself”
  • Charris shook her head a bit as she heard Brandi mention something about not attacking the camp. ” Well I suppose lucky there were four of you today then huh Brandi.”, she said and grumbled as she shifted uncomfortably in the ropes.
  • Marli : “It will only take one short ihn sister, then Charris is all yours ” she unsheaths her sleen knife now , she squats beside Charris “I do not take kindly to traitors “
  • Brandi places my foot on Charris back hold her down while she watches her En
  • Charris blinked a few times unsure of what was going on and huffed as Brandi placed her foot upon her back. She then squinted a bit at hearing herself referred to as a bad girl and sighed heavily.
  • Marli watched as Brandi placed her foot on Charris back, the red head grunted as she squeezed hard into Charris left buttock , then wips her sleen knife accross the buttocks , leaving a thin long mark of blood in its wake “Charris, you are a traiterous sleen , for the coming weeks you will find sitting most uncomfortable ” and with that said she stood up and nodded to Brandi “now she is all yours”
  • Brandi just looks over to Marli as i see the sleen knife slice through her skin, and i grin, “oh it is going to be a long night for this one”
  • Charris yelped loudly as the knife sliced across her skin. She shut her eyes tight as she sucked in a quick breath and buried her face into the ground. Her breathing quicked but she took deeper breaths in an attempt to maintain what control she had left and as she calmed down some she thought to say something but figured it better in this moment not to and sighed again.
  • Brandi i take my foot from Charris back bending down, taking my sleen knife out, i cut through the belt holding the swords, as i pull them from her her body, i throw them into the corner of the dungeon”some one will make use of those im sure”
  • Marli wiped her sleen blade on her right thigh , leaving a smear of fresh blood there , she limped back into the corner , the red sheathed then watched as Brandi removed more items of clothing
  • Brandi i use my feet to tip cherris over so i can look at her and make sure she has no more weapons, thinking to myself this is the first time i have had the pleasure and it was going to be a pleasure. Thinking to myself perhaps she was a slave once maybe again. i look down at her, “you have anything to say girl” as i realise, shes been turned onto her behind.
  • Charris looked away from to the cages for a moment and considered whether she had anything to say. She then turned her attention back to Brandi and gazed up to her with a smirk that seemed almost maniacal given her situation and said, ” Nope, nothing.”
  • Brandi: smiles good girl, i lean over her placing a gag into her mouth and tying it tightly behind her head, “then you may remain quiet. I have so many plans for you” I grab her hair and pull her up to her feet.
  • Charris turned her head away to avoid the gag though her gesture was useless and she coughed some as it was placed in her mouth. She muttered something not easily understood and sighed miserably as she listened to Brandi speak, turning her head to look bhack over her shoulder and narrow her gaze at her.
  • Brandi i pull Charris by the hair, almost making her fall, pulling her over to the wheel, i push her back against it roughly. I take the leash in my hand as I tie it tightly around her neck and to the spoke, making sure its hard for her to breath. I then bend down spreading her feet and tying them out, making sure the knots will not come lose. I then turn to Marli and ask her to watch me as i unbind her arms and bind her hands to the wheel making sure they are in tight gorean double knots, satisfied she is very spread i look at her and grin.
  • Marli had stood in semi darkness , her exotic eyes slanting ever so slightly as she watched Brandi manouvre Charris towards that huge wheel , she grinned , white pearls of teeth showing , her hand near her sleen knife should Charris try anything stupid
  • Charris stumbled in the direction of the large wheel a bit confused as to what was happening and wincing at having been pulled that way by her hair. As her back was pushed to the wheel she exhaled sharply and sucked her breath in a bit as the rope was wrapped around her neck. She lifted her chin slightly and stared to the top of the little cave as her feet were separated and tied to the wheel as well.
  • Brandi smiles and looks to Marli, “seems we have a new girl for camp” i take my sleen knife out and tap it on my cheek softly while i think. “now what to do”, i place the knife on her stomach and slide the knife upwards, only enough to leave a red mark, the knife slices easily through her top, i remove it and toss is aside.
  • Charris looked away long enough to roll her eyes and then back to brandi as she squinted angrily at her suggestion and tried to form works past the gag in her mouth. From the tone it was noticeable that it would have been some scathing remark but it all went unheard. As her top was cut free of her body she watched it fall to the ground and she shook her head , leaving her gaze where it was.
  • Marli lips curl into a thin smile , as her eyes meet those of Brandi , she almost purss with delight at the thought of a new camp girl , she then chuckles watching Charris angry but yet helpless reaction
  • Brandi: i smile as i remove her top “very nice” i say to cheeris in a degrading non sympathetic tone. “you should go around like that more often it suits you, along with the silks, and your little blow pipe” I place my hand on your breast and squeeze it little, moving my fingers onto your nipples, i take one in between my finger and thumb and squeeze tightly,” so you think its fun attacking camp do you”
  • Charris could not respond to her words as she commented on her being topless. She just rolled her eyes at her, this time in her direction so she might see it. As she placed her hand on her breast and touched her nipple she turned her body as best as she could unappreciatively and had she been able would have laid her hand right across Brandi’s face. Considering her circumstance she couldn’t see why she was being asked questions and just raised her eyebrows a bit in her direction.
  • Brandi looking in charris eyes and realising that even in her eyes she showed the same respect for me as she did the tribe, i pull her nipple hard as i leave her side for a moment, moving out of view. I return with a pale of water, seems i am going to have to teach you some respect girl” I will tell you know that gag stays on while you are being trained, and only removed to eat and service. I look into the pale of water and smile to myself
  • Marli  clenched her fist and made a fisty movement ” you know what I would do to break her in” she called over to Brandi as she returned with a full bucket of water
  • Charris found it difficult to fully appreciate Brandi’s hands on her body and as she pulled on her nipple she shot her a glance that had all the possibility of shooting straight through her to Marli as well. As she watched her grab the pail of water she took a deep breath in through her nose and just watched unable to say anything.
  • Brandi i take the pale of water and look at charris, walking behind her and tipping the cold water of her head making that the rope around her neck was drenched with water. I walk back around to face her, “you are probably wondering why i just did that, that rope on your neck in the next few Enhs will get wet and as it does it will get tighter a lot tighter, it will stay tight until the rope dries, and that Girl will be up to you.
  • Charris shivered slightly as the water was poured upon the rope on her neck and she blinked a few times confused as to what the purpose of it was. As she heard Brandi explain she shrugged as best as she could and looked to her with contempt. She could neither respond or act out toward Brandi, nor had she attempted to since she had been caught. Looking to her out of the corner of her eye she just nodded in attempt to gesture her understanding of what had been said.
  • Brandi i stand infront of Charris and cross my arms, waiting, i can almost hear the rope tighten “i am going to give you a choice girl, i move my hand to her face moving her wet hair from her eyes ” you accept my collar and you stay here as an FM slave, or you will stay here for many days while i do the most unthinkable things to your body and believe me i havent even started yet. I am going to take your gag out for a moment, you will answer my question. If you do not i will take it as you want tp be broken over many days”. I lean forward a untie her gag, pulling it slowly from her mouth.
  • Charris looked to Brandi as she spoke, her eyes widened in surprise as she attempted to have her wear a collar. She had just gotten out of her other one and she shook her head a bit at the thought. She lifted her chin a bit arrogantly , mostly over her thoughts and less regarding what she was about to say and as the cloth was removed from her mouth she muttered in an irritated tone, ” Very well, I submit.” Her tone was cold and she looked away again to sigh heavily.
  • Brandi smiles as i once again move some hair from her face,” see now that wasn’t hard was it” i turn to Marli and grin, “do we have a nice collar for this one, she is going to be my little caged bird. Although have a feeling she may be hard work, she will be worth it” i take my nails and run them from her neck all the way down to her stomach. ” you have already been a slave Mine, what is my name, how should you address me?”
  • Charris cringed some as her nails ran down her torso and grimaced a bit at having to call Brandi anything other than her name. As she despised unnecessary pain when there were other options she went ahead and continued to play her game and said quietly, ” Mistress.”
  • Marli hears Brandi mention a nice collar , she turns to her left , walking into an empty cell where she retrieves a discarded , rather rusty looking collar , though sturdy enough for around Charris neck “I have found this collar Brandi” she grins holding up the collar in her hand
  • Brandi looks almost pleased with her response, i take another pale of water and hold it up to her. “I did not think you would submit so easily Mine,” I look to Marli as she comes back smiling, “perfect, a training collar, i think the last one who wore this ended up in Tarna as a paga girl, simply because she was arrogant, your not going to make the same mistake are you Mine” i put the pale over water down taking the collar from Marli, So tell me girl what should i do with this collar.”.
  • Charris frowned as she Brandi mentioned her easy but mock submission with pleasure. She didn’t bother answering her question regarding arrogance as her pride had always been a problem, especially showing itself once she was collared to Collin. She in fact made a horrible slave, as Brandi would come to see and as she was asked bout the collar she looked to Marli briefly and then Brandi before responding, ” … around my neck please Mistress.”
  • Brandi looks into Charris eyes and smiles, “well you certainly know what to say but i have a feeling you are not genuine and that is a shame, i will break you as my slave, its just a matter of when. i lean with my sleen knife, cutting away the leash from her neck, only from the wheel so i can loosen it from her neck. As the ropes fall away i see the marks they have left. “i will do as you say Mine, i will place this collar around your neck, and with it any options or opinions you have are now mine.” I place the collar about her neck snapping it into place with a loud click that echos thought the cave.
  • Marli smirked slightly as she heard charris response to Brandi’s question , the red head ignoring eye contact with the new girl, she was arrogant that way , she looked over to Brandi “with an evil glint in her eyes “the key is still in the collar , it might snap off if too much pressure is used
  • Charris frowned and sighed as the rope was removed from her neck only to be replaced by a collar. Her temper was in overdrive though she did her best to contain her irritation as Brandi placed the collar around her neck and closed it. She said nothing to either of them as she listened to them speak.
  • Brandi leans in listening to Marli, i take the key and twist it, bending it down as i hear it snap, “opppss, sorry” i sigh to myself “thats going to cost me money now to get it removed when i want to change it” i look back at Charris and smile, i bet you have missed that Mine.
  • Charris frowned turned into a stern expression as she shook her head slowly at Brandi’s undeserved smugness and only muttered, ” Uh huh.” She paused for a moment as she looked to the top of the cave and corrected herself by saying, ” I mean yes Mistress.”
  • Marli grinned hearing the key snap , she leans in to whisper in Brandi’s ear “I head to my furs sister……if that was my girl I would leash her naked on a pole outside my hut” then chuckles and heads off
  • Brandi: smiles hearing those words “you know Mine i don’t think i will ever get fed up of hearing those words from you, i have had my eye on you for some time”. oh and i suggest you take that expression off your face, I like my girls to smile and i want to be proud of you”
  • Brandi grins listening to Marli and nods, See you soon Sis
  • Charris put her best fakey fake smile across her face and through gritted teeth looked to Brandi and said, ” Better?”
  • Brandi nods and looks at her slightly “yes”, “you seemed so happy before when you were naked and knelt, i assume you will be happy again with me and the tribe.” i place my finger below the collar and tug it a little bit, see not going anywhere, i will get you some slave chains to go with that.”
  • Charris felt her neck pulled forward slightly as she reached up and gave the collar a pull. She knew it wasn’t going anywhere and rolled her eyes as Brandi attempted to hammer the point in. ” As you like .. “, she muttered in an obviously frustrated tone.
  • Brandi: i raise my hand and bring it down hard across your face, “you need to learn girl, it;s Mistress” as i raise my voice “and you can forget your frustrations, you have no place for them at my feet.” I take out a comb and start to run it through your hair looking for any pins or other things that may be used as a weapon or lockpick. As i reach a knot i tug hard on the comb not caring, until its smooth and i am happy nothing is concealed.
  • Charris was surprised suddenly by Brandis hand across her face and made a silent vow to return the favor some day. As Brandi brushed through her hair, pulling harshly she winced in slight pain but said nothing beside, ” Yes Mistress.”
  • Brandi looking at her reddened face,” you have to remember mine we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I mean i don’t want you crying and chained each evening, from the beatings i will give you, I would prefer you to be happy and content” I take my sleen knife and slice through your skirt, letting it drop to the floor.
  • Charris almost as if she were just a drone said again in a monotone sort of way, ” Yes Mistress.” She sighed and shook her head in protest at her skirt being cut away from her hips and looked away embarrassed as her cheeks turned from a shade of red caused by a slap to that of upset.
  • Brandi: Happy no more weapons were being concealed i stand back and look at my new girl “very nice Mine, i will enjoy your time with me and FM. “i have a question to ask you Mine and i want you to be honest. If i were let you go what would you do for me and FM”
  • Charris narrowed her gaze at her unsure that she understood the question and asked, ” Let me go as in what? ” with a quizzical look on her face.
  • Brandi: “yes that is right girl, i am asking you if i gave you your freedom on this night what would you give me in return”
  • Charris now had her full attention upon Brandi and tilted her head to the side a bit as she muttered quietly, ” Name your price.”
  • Brandi: smiles looking directly into her eyes “I asked you to tell me what you think your freedom is worth girl. You will get one chance at this, if i feel it an insult you have sealed your fate here”
  • Charris frowned and shook her head displeased with her response, ” … and I told you name your price. Which pretty much means I’ll do anything you ask of me.”
  • Brandi considers Charris response for a moment, wanting to make her an offer for her own freedom, maybe just maybe there was one thing i needed and wanted, shes a good bow i think to myself, i turn to her “okay Charris” using her name for the first time ” I was once downed and taken captive by a merc only to be traded to a tribe, this was her price for freedom to come and get me. I want revenge on the En of that tribe, i want her bound and at my feet”
  • Charris frowned a bit as Brandi spoke of Ens and asked quietly, ” .. and who would that be? “
  • Brandi: “she goes by the name of Morr, she is En of SKF”
  • Charris nodded as she had heard of her but never come face to face with the woman, ” I can do that.”, she said overly confident of her ability.
  • Brandi: Smiles “then it seems we may have found a deal. Do not underestimate your task Charris, your task comes with great risk, however your freedom should cover that risk. Do we have a deal, i will not set a time on this trade, i know you will need to scout and take her at the right time, and certainly nothing leading her back to Forest Moon, i want my revenge over many days”
  • Charris nodded to her as she understood what she was being asked to do , though she knew pulling it off would be a whole other story. ” Sure fine, I’ll get right on it.” She then looked away and said in a shameful tone and under her breath, ” .. thanks.”
  • Brandi i place my fingers on her chin and pull her face around to face mine, i look into her eyes”Charris, i know we caught you today but if you do this for me i will be very happy you have no idea what she has done to this tribe” i stop a second and look to the floor just reflecting, i lift my head and look at her again, but if you do not and i see you in this camp again there will be no freedom. Do you understand me?”
  • Charris stared at her for a moment as she spoke before llfting her chin away from her hand and nodded quickly, ” Of course I do Brandi , now let me down. The sooner I’m down the sooner you get your En.” she remarked snidely.
  • Brandi i take my sleen knife out cutting the bonds from her wrists, watching them limply fall to her sides, knowing i would only have moments to make sure they were secured behind her, before she got any sort of feeling back into them. Finishing off tying them behind her i cut her feet from from the wheel, trying to hold her up a little.
  • Charris struggled to maintain her balance as she fell from the wheel , her hands bound behind her back. ” I have no weapons.. “, she said with irritation before adding, ” Forget it , just get me outta here.”
  • Brandi holds her back up until she has enough strength to stand on her own, i take a rope and make a leash, walking over to the the weapons i had placed on the floor and her swords, picking them up and pulling her towards the door leading from the cave”come this was i can get you out without being seen”
  • Charris followed along behind her like some sort of animal until finally coming out into a clearing of sorts with water in it. The light made her blink a bit and as Brandi turned to her she waited expectantly for her binds to be removed.
  • Brandi: “this is our dock its mainly used for escapes, but i think you should go out this way” i turn and look at the canoe ” this canoe will help you get to the main dock from there you can get anywhere” I place the weapons in the front of the canoe and then some garments over the top of them,”you can get changed once your away from these docks.” I also place some oinment in the canoe and some rags on the seats, hopefully that will help with your cut.”
  • Charris nodded to her and thought appreciative had very little to say. ” Thank you.” , she said in a hushed manner as she gestured to her binds around her wrists.
  • Brandi: smiles at her, and then sighs knowing how much i wanted Morr to suffer over giving Charris her freedom, I walk behind her and carefully untie the binds pointing to the canoe, everything you need is in there, “oh” i take a map from my pouch and throw it into the canoe, you will be needing that to find SKF, ” good Charris” i watch as she carefully gets into the canoe, i hold the back of it out of reach from her but enough to steady it.
  • Charris looked back warily as she climbed in and then paddled off as quickly as possible , expecting it to be some sort of trick.


A sister leaves

Brandi heads into the wilds of the Northern Forests never to return.

Brandi looks out over a quiet camp, stillness in the air all i can hear is my shallow breathing and the near by waterfall cascading over the side of the walls. I look up into the night sky, its strange but i have never seen it like this before, a big Moon and a million bright stars all looking at me, i look down and close my eyes and sigh.
I sit quietly for some moments eyes closed, i then take a deep breath and rise quietly to my feet, walking towards the camp fire where i remember first being given my FM feather and all the stories that i heard around it, its a place i would never forget. The fire now dim as the embers are dying down, huntresses who have had too much paga sprawled around the fire taking in the fires warmth. I carefully step around them looking back as i leave the fire making sure none of them have awoken. As i move away from the fire i feel a cold embrace, although dark i can see my breath in the air suddenly getting quicker. i can see some lights in the distance mostly by the huts but all is quiet, i can make out snoring, i smirk to myself and think what if we were attacked now.
As i approach Moon’s hut my thoughts are suddenly turned towards the message board as i take one last look, seeing nothing on the boards makes me warm for a moment, i turn towards the huts and walk up the steep hill quietly, trying to make sure i didn’t slip in the snow, thinking to myself its going to a long cold journey this evening. As i walk into the hut i see Marli and Moon sleeping closely together.
I reach up and pull the feather from my hair looking at it in my hand, i twirl it around, its seen better days i take a moment to run the feather down my cheek as i close my eyes just to feel its touch one last time. I walk carefully over to Moon taking her hand softly and placing the feather into her grip, closing her fingers around it. a tear rolls down my cheek, i look to Marli and then hold her hand and pull it around Moon so they are hugging each other. I kiss my finger softly and place a finger on each of their cheeks, making sure not to wake them, i place a scroll next to them and stand up to walk away. The scroll reads
I came to forest moon as an untrained huntress, unable to hunt or survive in the northern forests and today i leave you as a proud huntress. I wanted to thank everyone of you individually, new and old for the time i have spent in this tribe this family, the skills I have obtained and the love i was shown by all, but even as a skilled huntress i still couldn’t demonstrate the skills required to be in a panther in any tribe. Being a family is sometimes hard and i know FM have had its ups and down, but like a good and strong family you all have stuck together, i see new skilled huntresses coming though and well for me i know my journey and job here is completed.
You probably won’t see me again I have sort passage to other lands, and i will make sure that my tracks cannot be traced, so i would ask you all to not seek me.
All thats left for me to say, is good luck and safe paths to you all, forever.
I stand and look at Marli & Moon and turn towards the dark once more, making my way to the top of the cliff where the zip is located, not knowing how long i had been there i notice some clouds forming and the snow start to fall, i smile knowing that snow would cover my tracks. I turn and take one last look at the camp. I take my bow and arrows from my back leaving them on the ground for the next huntress, i place the klaive along side them, I will not need these where im going i think to myself, only some coins and a sleen knife would protect me for the journey tonight. I place my hands onto the zip frame and push away from camp, disappearing into the night for the very last time.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Brandisnips


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