Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, City of Cartius

City of Cartius


I went to visit a friend of mine in Vigo.  The city is well appointed and lovely.  Most of the people are friendly and nice.

I encountered two slaves.  One seemed particularly friendly at first.   I had some RP and she expressed a variety of opinions.  I mentioned the “Hand of Capital Slave Laws”.  She seemed perplexed and bewildered.  When I began to state the first of these, she argued she could disarm any warrior in any battle as her Master has permitted her to do this.

So for those that have not been trained or taught:


I. A slave will never touch a weapon.  *This does not apply to rocks or other “slave” weapons. Slave and rence knives are tools, not weapons.

– It can be a capital offense on Gor, incidentally, for a slave to so much as touch a weapon.
“Mercenaries of Gor” Page 57

-Some girls have been slain, or had their hands cut off, for so much as touching a weapon. “Slave Girl of Gor” page 200

II. A slave will never touch any home stone.

III. A slave will never enter a temple without being instructed to do so directly by an initiate of that temple.

IV. A slave will kneel before free people.

Certain of these things, such as failing to kneel in the presence of a free man, may be regarded as a capital offense on the part of a Gorean slave girl, even if it is inadvertent. If intent is involved in such an omission, it can be an occasion for death by torture. “Players of Gor” page 252
V. A slave will never impersonate or act as if they are a free person.

-She had attempted to pass herself off as a free woman. In many cities, such a thing is a capital offense. “Renegades of Gor” page 389

Any slave the violates any of the above can be impaled at any time by ANY free that witnessed the offense, even if the owner of the slave forbids it.

My report on Vigo:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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