Role play of Red hair humiliates a male captive

Adventures of Red hair


Red hair humiliates a male slave

“Was he punished?” Asked Red hair.
“Oh yes,” Sav nodded in confirmation, “The slave concerned was gelded as a lesson to the others and chained in the kajira cages for a week. The girls had a great time teasing him whilst he healed,” Red hair smiled, amused that the male slave would have suffered terribly as the slave girls teased him with their bodies.
Red hair nodded, not blinking an eyelid, slavery and the gelding of male slaves had never really shocked her. Red hair saw castration of a kajirus as just another decision a Panther girl had to make with her property, on a par with choosing which cock ring a male slave should wear.
“I take it, you mean this one? ” Red hair said tapping the kneeling kajirus’s shaven head with her leather strap.
“Yes, it is,” Sav laughed. Nothing nestling between the kajirus’s muscular thighs , where once low hanging plump balls would have been. The slave ring he wore through his shriveled manhood glinted in the bright sunlight.
“Then sell him to a man!” she said to Sav, pointing to him, as the poor wretch knelt naked and chained.
Sav signaled to another panther girl to remove the male slave from the pole, his fate sealed. “Lesha!” barked Jen, the panther girl. At this command, the kajirus swiftly placed his hands behind his back, ready for binding, and with his head back and chin to the left, ready to have a leash snapped onto his collar. Jen the panther girl then marked his chest with a “O” with her marking stick, before securing him and leading him away.
Impressed with his obedience, Red hair complemented Sav, “You have trained him well Sav, another batch of male slave meat to be sold at our trade post and trained to your highest standards.”
“Thank you,” Sav smiled and nodded, pleased with her sisters complement.
“Shall we proceed,” Red hair said, “I think we have a lively one here.”
Walking over to the next male slave, Red hair grinned, indicating the males stirring manhood.
“Your voice has such an effect on males!” Sav laughed, “Position, boi.”
With a swiftness defying his bulk, he rose, large bare feet widely spread, providing them with full and easy access to his naked body.
Reaching out, Red hair momentarily fondled the males manhood. It was all that was needed. Free of his restraints, probably for the longest time in his slavery, Red hair was experienced enough to know accidents could happen at this stage more than any other. Withdrawing her hand, she said, “I think he’s lively in more ways than one.”
“Indeed.” Sav replied closely watching the males manhood pulse before them.
Her almond-shaped emerald eyes watched him intently, sparkling, challenging him, as her exploring, hand moved across his chest, down past his belly and back to his groin. He moaned softly as she cupped his balls, her finger tips exploring deeply, her forearm brushing the tip of his manhood. His knees nearly buckled by the time she took hold of the ring through his manhood, her nimble fingers moving the ring around.
Annoyed at his lack of self-control, Red hair struck the back of his calves with her leather strap. “Stand still boi !”
Emitting a small cry when struck, he rocked on his toes. She waved her hand to Sav. “Prepare the beast and bring him to my hut later.”
Turning to the male slave, Sav regarded the him closely, looking him up and down, wondering what red hair had seen that was so interesting. He was cute enough, vital enough and well developed enough but so were many of the other slaves that had been on display. Shrugging to herself, she said, “Nadu, boi.”
As he knelt at her feet, knees widely spread, Sav gave him a swift kick in the groin. The kajirus collapsed in pain, sobbing he curled up in a ball, dust from the sand pit sticking to the sweat of his body. Crouching before him, Sav retrieved his restraint and replaced it on his now shrunken and tender manhood. “I’m not sure if the others should envy or pity you boi. Red hair is a harsh one.”

The captive

Saph a Huntress has left her captive up for grabs in camp, the red head decides to play a game with him.

The role play:

  • Marli points at the boy with her bow “who is that?”

  • Morr: oh

  • Morr: he’s up for grabs

  • Morr: saph’s capture

  • Marli looks down at the boy, her eyes roaming over his naked body

  • GrimWolf looks up at the girl. “say that’s a nice knife madam mind if i barrow it?”

  • Marli “my knife is mine , its never borrowed out”

  • GrimWolf  smiles. “ah a shame, well never mind lets talk about those pretty eyes of yours.”

  • Marli smiled back as she unsheathed her blade “you can look into my pretty eyes whilst i give you a degredation stripe”

  • GrimWolf  smirks. “i don’t think that is a good idea luv.”

  • Marli tilts her head “im not your love, and whether you think its not a good idea is of no consequence” she squatted beside him and checked the ropes

  • GrimWolf  laughs. “suit your self, don’t say i didn’t warn you.”

  • Marli chuckled “talk all you like, it may give you comfort whilst i cut off your hair” she roughly grabbed a handfull and with her blade started to pull and cut at the hair, starting at the front and working her way back

  • GrimWolf  raises his brow in annoyance. “oh its not the talk that will make me feel better, its what i’ll do to you after, and well if i can’t find you i’ll just take it out on your little friends.” he shrugs. “then i’ll feel better.”

  • Marli had managed a bald spot , she too got annoyed with threats , she presses her blade into flesh part of his skull to catch his attention “not wise to threaten me .”

  • GrimWolf  smiles ignoring the pressure on his head. “its not a threat luv, just a fact.”

  • Marli patted the flat part of her blade on his skull “im not your love, and i will tell you a fact, you have lost some of your hair already, soon you may loose your freedom,” she shook her head “i live for now, the future , bah, who knows what it brings me”

  • GrimWolf  smiles. “take as much as you want, it will grow back.” he looks up at her. “i should hope so i’d hate for you to miss the chaos your actions will bring you.” he nods. “i don’t know why you think its in your power to take my freedom, or that i would be intimidated by you.” he his brow furrows as his smiles grows wide. “you’re nothing but a little scavenger, you don’t know me or what i am, you only know is that there is a tied up and for the moment incapacitated person on the ground.” he his tongue clicks the roof of his mouth. “so what does she do, lets go over and do something not so nice so she doesn’t feel so weak and powerless in her own world, because that would prove to everyone what exactly?” he ask. “that you’re too insucure with your own powerlessness? or is it that you get off on being an ignorant slut?” he winks. “you tell me luv which is it?”

  • Marli leant over him as her deep golden eyes tried to pierce at his very essence , she spoke softly yet defiantly despite her youth “the stripe marks you as a captive of a panther….and i could do much much more to than this if i wished” she dropped some hairs on his lips and hoped this would make him upset “…i am a scavenger…..thief ……outlaw…..very perceptive of you ….and what i do to you amuses me”

  • GrimWolf  smiles. “as good of reason as any i suppose.” he rolls his neck to work out the kninks. “might i have the pleasure of your name, so i may send your regards to those i play with if we don’t cross paths again?”

  • Marli chuckled as she ran the flat of her blade down his chest, not finding any hairs of consequence she focused on the hairy dark bush around the penis , taking a few plucks to make the next point ” some call me evil……bitch……” she grinned and turned to face him “Remember my name well… is Marli”

  • GrimWolf  smiles. “oh don’t worry i won’t forget.” he nods. “i will consider each mark you leave on me a debt to collect on, one for you and all the others will be paid off by girls of this camp one at a time till the debt is payed luv, ” he smiles. “but don’t worry they’ll live long enough to thank you for it.”

  • Marli was amazed he didnt flinch and just smiled as she plucked at the pubes and pulled them out “now tell me your name boy and where you are from, so i can have a good laugh around the camp fire”

  • GrimWolf  smiles. “just call me Al.” he grunts as she pulls at his pubs. “tell me luv, are you from this camp? it would stand to reason that you are but i never like to assume.”

  • Marli twisted a long pubic hair around her pinky and gave it a tug , she enjoyed listening to a male grunt , it gave her a sense of primal satisfaction “whether or not i am is of no consequence……if you escape and i suppose you will eventually you may come hunt me individually or these panthers you see around the camp fire” she grinned “al is a easy name to remember… al…..where do you live? do you have a slut that whimpers at your feet?”

  • GrimWolf  smiles. “its ok if you’re not from here, i am sure one of them will know of you and tell me where to find you.” he grins. “oh it is luv, and as far as whimpering little sluts i have no taste for them, they are nothing but hallow shells, dead meat puppets.” he licks his teeth. “i like my victims to be fresh and alive.”

  • Marli laughs at him “you and a handfull of other boys that made such idle promises about capturing me….and here i am …still very much a free and alive” she gave him a twisted look ” the fact you wont tell me where you live means you are a loner….”

  • GrimWolf  “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.” he calls out running onto the boat tossing a coin to the captain ordering him to set sail.

  • GrimWolf laughs. “oh my dear they aren’t idle or threats i’ll simply collect from this camp here, till we meet again, it will amuse me ether way.” he tilts his head.

  • Marli smirks “then stew on those thoughts you pathetic boy, all those dark nights wasted trying to find me” she shrugs back and stands up , she withdrew to join the others around the camp fire

The capture of a cartographer

Marli wakes up, she had leant against the tree she had been sleeping on, the second spear she had made  standing next to her. She rubs her eyes and looks around, mumbling ‘strangers…’ She grabs her spear and watches closely…….AAiiii! with a bit of luck Marli manages to down a stronger “male” and he wasn’t pleased – no real surprise there.  It was raining captives that day, with another male and female in the cages. What makes this roleplay extra interesting is that the male captive claims to be a cartographer.

The role play:

  • Marli patted her knive “So tell me cartographer of Gor ….how many digits do you need to draw a map?”

  • Reenok Shakes his head “Tell me panther, of your camp and how you desire it to stay in one piece. Because you should know for even the most minor of damage done to me. My crew will return it upon your camp in double…And quite a few of my crew mates wouldn’t think twice about raping your sisters…”

  • Marli swept back her hair and laughed “threatening is so unbecoming of a potential slave…..please me and i may let you live”

  • Reenok Laughs “I threaten where a threat is given, as for pleasing you. Come hop in this cage and I will happily make you moan out for your sisters to hear, dear panther. But I am not a slave and I will never submit to someone who can not dominate me..”

  • Wynd : sts quietly seeing the huntress who put her in the cage just outside.

  • Marli lips curled in a smile “Lets see what potential you have as a pleasure slave, as you seem to think you can make me moan”

  • Reenok laughs “I know what I can and cannot do.. as I spent several months as a slave in a panther camp simmilar to this once.. I killed one of their sisters, but instead of killing me they decided to collar and keep me, degrading me every day. But it was worth it to get the woman who killed my companion”

  • Wynd : listens to the voices glad this male is a different cage unlike when she awoke this morning.

  • Marli grinned “Then you know how foolish you are to come near a panther camp, the only males that enter are slaves, if you had been wise you would have sent a slave to do your job” she points to the cage “Like this girl….though her owner thought she would be returned after she delivered her message…..obviously a foolish mistake on the owners part”

  • Reenok shakes his head “only a coward sends another to do their job. Do I seem like a damn coward to you? I do my job and I do it properly despite threats of death, rape, torture, collars and being lunch. I stand for what I believe in and that is doing everything you can to do the best of your ability… so do you think I should have sent a slave in my place really?”

  • Rayne : looking at the huntress.. he starts to ask if he could help her.. but remembers the knife she put against his throat when she told him to stay away from her. turning, he walks off back to the cliff edge

  • Marli tilted her head and tapped the side of her brow “men and their foolish pride” then kicked his foot with her boot “Men have grown to fear me” she points to the male mamba

  • Marli moved to the gate levers and prepared to open the cage

  • Reenok Shrugs “Men may fear you and so may boys. But tell me panther what can you threaten me with that I have not been through before… ” shaking his head a little

  • Marli smiled , but it wasnt a pleasant smile “You wish to find out?….” she chuckled as she squatted beside him and checked his binds were secure and tight

  • Reenok Laughs yet again “only if you wish to find out what it is like to see your sisters suffer for your actions..”

  • Marli flicked out her blade and noticing the pants were loose fitting she had no trouble removing them, she pulled them off and ripping them into shreds she tossed them outside, perhaps using them later for a gag , to muffle him

  • Marli smirked as she saw his manhood , she wanted to make him feel insecure so she lied “such a small insignifcant tool, i doubt i could feel it inside me ” she sighed heavily

  • Reenok winced a little at the comment but decided to retort quickly “Must be quite a stretched cavern you have then.. though I do hear you lie with bosks here so it wouldn’t be surprising”

  • Marli tapped his cock with the back of her blade “You will never find out …boy” she moved forward , her head leaning in , her warm breath in his ear “You know what comes next” her fingers taking some plucks of his white hair

  • Reenok flet the cool steel on his cock and was glad it was the blunt side that touched him. Sighing a little as she grasped his hair, his eyes closing as he lay there and waited for her to be done. “Try not to make to much of a mess. I am quite fond of my hair..”

  • Marli proceeded and with her knife skillfully shaved a strip from the forehead to the nape of his neck, she collected the hair and showed it to him “Its done male, you brothers will know that mere women captured you”

  • Reenok Blew her hand and looked up at her, trying to to hide the fact he was actually pissed about his hair. “And you offend your self and your sisters by refering to your self as mere women.” Shaking his head as he closes his eyes “Now what else do you have planned tree slut?”

  • Marli smirked “too many times have i heard we have the strength of 12 year old boys, yes so mere women captured you and striped you” she prodded his left thigh “You males liking branding women …though i doubt you realise the intense pain….like bearing a child….so how tough are you male? you care to impress my curiousity?”

  • Reenok laughs a little “Look at my inner thigh” there would be a brand in the shape of a poorly made larl.. “you panthers like to brand as much as men do.. I for one have never branded anyone.. apart from if you count the time I jammed a hot poker into a mans cock…”

  • Marli lifted an eyebrow and inspected the mark , it wasnt a fine brand like a female Kef, but rather a rough one that suited a man, her fingers ran over the brand, feeling the scar tissue “So indeed you were a slave…perhaps a work slave” she felt his muscles “yes”

  • Reenok shrugs “I was used for whatever they wished. I was passed around the camp for cooking, cleaning , furring, hunting, building, fighting… They all had use for me and used me they did.. I never worked as hard in my life as I did in that camp”

  • Marli grinned “Then you will fetch some coin…or perhaps goods” she leaned over him , her hair touching his bare chest “Now the question is…should i trade you to your brothers or just sell you to another tribe” it being more a statement rather than a question, though she would hear his response and perhaps take it in consideration

  • Reenok cocked his head as she continued to inspect him. “Well then I guess that depends on which you think will give you the most for me doesn’t it..”

  • Marli looked deeply in his eyes “What would your brothers offer for you i wonder ” she tilted her head “only a high price would lure me to your brothers”

  • Reenok looked back and shrugged his shoulders “I do not know. We are not really a trading lot…”

  • Marli fashioned a leash from some loose rope and said nothing, though the look on her face said it all, she had not been pleased , she had wanted to hear she would receive something of value

  • Reenok Sighed as he got prepared to be dragged around again. Closing his eyes as he took a deep breath and prepared to get splinters in his ass, as well as rock and grass burn.. from the friction

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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