Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Imperial Ar

Imperial Ar

This is the largest and most populous city on Gor. It is similar in many respects to the city of Rome upon ancient Earth. Citizens of Ar tend to be the most civilized and technologically developed of Goreans, and Ar is a cultural center for much of Gor, setting the prevaling fashions in many other cities. Ar is at war with its ancient enemy, the island Ubarate of Cos.

“I gazed upon the city. In such places came together the complexities and the poverties, the elementalities and the richnesses of the worlds. In such places were to be found the rare, precious habitats of culture, the astonishing, moving delights of art and music, the truths of theater and literature, the glories and allegories of architecture, bespeaking the meanings of peoples, man-made symbols like mountain ranges; in them, too, were to be found iron and silver, and gold and steel, the chairs of finance and the thrones of power. I gazed at the shining city. How startling it seemed. Such places were like magnets to man; they call to him like gilded sirens; they lure him inward to their dazzling wonders, bewitching him with their often so meretricious whispered promises; they were symbols of races. In them were fortunes to be sought, and fortunes to be won, and fortunes to be lost; in them there were crowds, and loneliness, in them success trod the same pavements as failure; in their plazas hope jostled with despair, and meaning ate at the same table with meaninglessness. In such places were perhaps the best and worst that man could do, his past and future, his pain and pleasure, his darkness and light, come together in a single focus.”

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Ar day one – arrival and Marli checks into a tavern:

  • Imperial Ar: Join our group by clicking the link:  = Imperial Ar = – Imperial Ar storyline happens in the timeline of the current books or after.

  • Marli arrived in grlorious Ar , she stepped from the stage coach and paid the driver a silver tarsk, she waited for him to help with her bags and then looked around for a place to stay, she was new to the city

  • Enchoe: looks to the Lady has entered the city Tal I am Enchoe I am Scribe of the city how can I help you this evening

  • Marli saw the blue robed scribe and smiled behind her veil “Tal Sir” she nods “Well met Sir Enchoe, i am Lady Marli , i have travelled from my home stone Tor Mark and am looking for a place where i might overnight.”

  • Enchoe: nods to the Lady please fallow me I will show you

  • Marli picks her bags

  • Marli: …and follows

  • Enchoe: Lady all you got to do is sign in and ring the bell I will help you with your bags up the stairs when u are dun signing in

  • Marli: “you are most kind” she then rings the bell, when someone appears she signs in her name and homestone

  • Enchoe: smiles

  • Enchoe: can I get your bad it is long way up

  • Enchoe: bags

  • Marli smiles “thank you” she then waits to follow Sir Enchoe

  • Enchoe: picks up her backs in one hand as I walk up the stairs and waits fo the lady to choose a room that is empty

  • Enchoe: u can check to see if one of the rooms are empty and I will place your bags at the door

  • Marli follows up the stairs , and then checks which room is free

  • Marli knocks on a few doors

  • Enchoe: just walk throw the door Lady

  • Marli finds a room that is empty “this one appears empty” (thank you)

  • Enchoe: Places her bags down next to the door and there you go Lady

  • Enchoe: if anyone ask I helped you

  • Marli smiles “thank you once more, if any one asks i shall do that”

  • Enchoe: hope you enjoy your evening

  • Enchoe: the INN is where u signed in at

  • Marli smiles once more as picks up her bags and retreats to her room

  • Enchoe: I wish you well Lady

  • Marli: “good night Sir ENchoe”

Day two – Marli finds the dress she wants:

  • Nuage had been listening to little birds carrying bits of rumours since she had returned from her lengthy travel to the Sardar in the passing hands but hearing them first-hand her eyes opened widely as she leaned forward and listened to the northwoman. ” Best luck for you two then madame. ” she wished for the newly companioned woman and nodded at the kajirus. ” Had it been seen by a physician? ” she asked casually, directing her glance briefly at him. To Nanc she answered as carefree as ever when it came to raising up children. She had already sent both her children back to their uncle’s care, along with a nanny and a wet nurse. ” My elder is six years old and the baby was born the day after the Waiting Hand. “

  • Alytle  smiles at her “both so young” sighing she remains silent a moment…a feat not often witnessed.

  • karissa  notices a piece of lint on the back of the Mistresses gown and very carefully reaches out and with a very light touch picks it off her skirt. Karissa prays the touch does not disturb the Mistress but now the dress is spotless. She smiles to herself a bit of satisfaction and rests her hands gently upon her knees, keeping quiet as she does not wish to disturb the ladies talking.

  • William ” Yes, mistress” he replied softly, he had been seen by the chief physician last night.

  • Kay  claps her hands “A new babe, ohh what a blessing !! And that ye can send them back to relatives, even more of a blessing !!!”

  • karissa  smiles at the Mistress and quietly offers her congratulations “Congratulations Mistress, what a wonderful blessing”

  • Elisabeta briefly looks around the Inn. Nods to the Free and hurries out.

  • Kay  reaches back, patted her new acquistion of the head “Good girl” *turning around* “Does she not just seem well trained? and this one…*looks at Liam* ‘ be a quiet one, but very trainable !”

  • Nuage  lightly patted her belly that seemed as flat and smooth as before, now that she had recovered from the terrible consequences of being swollen like a stuffed bird. ” The real blessing is to return to my usual self ” she commented, chuckling impishly as she received the congratulations.

  • karissa  smiles at the compliment whispering a soft thank you her eyes dart to the boy beside her then back down at the floor again as she does not want to be seen looking his way.

  • Alytle  looks up at the stranger, “Tal Sir”

  • Marli had been getting dressed in her gowns , she looked forward to her second day in Ar, she felt well rested and checked her purse as she planned to go shopping and sight seeing today, with a cheery smile on her face she picked up her veil and placed a knot

  • Galenus: He turned slightly and grumbled a curt ”Tal free .. ”

  • Marli walked to the balcony and looked down, taking in the sounds and sights of the city

  • Stela had been making the rounds about the city… a satchel full of scrolls to deliver seemed to be the intent of the day and she found thta th ewak thorugh the park was productive as Faye was there, ‘Greetings Lady Faye… I was in search of you or Drevan this morning.”

  • Alytle  slowly rises to her feet, her skirt bellowing out around her legs, “Welcome to The Soaring Tarn Inn & Eatery, my name is Nanc and the owner here. May I be of service Sir?”

  • karissa  noticeing another man approach offers another smile “Greetings Master”

  • Galenus: Waving his hand lightly ”if the slut is referring to me, I require no service .. but I would like to know whether house .. Hendow .. Hendai … still operates their slave trade from AR?”

  • Nuage  averted her eyes from the rather crowded table and looked ahead, noticing a lonely patron at the far side of the restaurant, rather quiet seeming. She tilted her head to the side and commented mischievously; ” I know someone who needs his hair trimmed a bit by Etienne. ” she brought up teasingly, pointing in the direction of the man who must be of the taurentians by the look of his garments.

  • Kay  holds a finger up to her kajira as she sees Zane enter, Tal, me-man, about time ye be getting yer lazy arse out of the furs with da slaves and make yer way to the City. *she gives him a wink*

  • Alytle  looks up at him, “No Sir, I do not beleive either do any longer Sir…they are not names I am familiar with.”

  • Zane moved slowly into the Inn seeing Kay at a table he smiled and and went sitting down next to her, chuckling at her, “Tal my Lady, someone has to uh train them with the furs yes? may as well be me.” he grinned then turned to the others, “Tal Ladies, Tal Sir.”

  • Galenus: He nodded and then left, leaving them with the briefest of ”be well”

  • karissa  darts her eyes to the man the Mistress refers to before dropping her gaze quickly back to the stone floor beneath her and kept silent as she had been instructed. Her fingers tracing the edge of her camisk her nails flicking a bits of dirt as it was in need of a good washing.

  • Marli walked past the slaves and headed to the main street, stood a moment as she admired the water curtains and then looked to her left, a long street that seemed to lead to the city centre

  • Marli stared at the sign which seemed to have something to do with healing, she read the sign “gorean medical sales” she shrugged, she was looking for that special gown and aimed to get one

  • Marli noticed the street wasnt getting any better and neither was the neigbourhood “great…..the pink hole brothel”

  • Marli climbed up the steep passage that led to two impressive buidlings , she rubbed her chin , rich ladies could be living here

  • Marli grumbled “amphi threatre and a boring old library

  • Marli grinnned as she reached a building called the central cylinder, the place looked like it would house rich ladies

  • Marli walked up the steps and found the building deserted

  • Marli had reached the top floors of the deserted cylinder

  • Marli walked into a office that looked important, behind her veil her lips curled as she saw the lasy in her beautiful gown, the guard that stood in the room looked as if he had dozed off

  • Marli smiles “Tal Lady…that is a nice gown”

  • Lady Fay glanced quickly over her sholder hearing a voice close to her. She jumped away and narrowed her eyes some in a suspcious matter and nodded to one of the gaurds to ehr side she almost stepped on before back to the woman “Aye, that it is.. is there something i can do for you lady?”

  • Marli showed the Lady her blade “dont make a sound …..just move into that back room to your left and i will explain”

  • Lady Fay narrowed her eyes further on the woman as two of her gaurds immediately drew their blades toward the woman. Faye looked angerly on her “I would advise you start talking lady, I am not fond of my errands being interupted.” she growled

  • Marli narrowed her eyes “your name is Lady Faye is it not? this is for your safety i assure you…..we must switch clothes at once…you are in grave danger”

  • Marli: “you will not be recognised in my clothes… will be safe ” she looked around and whispered “from the assasin

  • Lady Fay reached a hand out slowly to try and grip the hand holding the blade. “Well I would be much more open to trusting you if you wernt about to tempt me leaving you for dead in this room woman, Believe it or not i am open to talking in private.. Why not lower that first, then we speak.”

  • Marli tilted her head to one side “….we have only a few ihn…..he is close….if we make haste and change clothes in the back room where no one can see us……” she grew slightly nervous , looked over her shoulders to see if she could see him

  • Lady Fay growled some and looked again to her men “leave us!” she hissed at them , the men retreating to their post “Your warning is heeded lady, now if you would kindly remove your clothes so i can  get away and tend to this matter.” she said taking steps back to move around her and gesturing for her to remove her street clothes.

  • Marli nodded as she undressed and removed each item of clothing  “he wont recognise you now”

  • Lady Fay  eyed her a moment as she took the girls clothes and thrust her back “wait here, but forgive me if i wish not strip in front of a woman about to kill me.” she grumbled as she stepped off toward the back room  great haste.

  • Lady Fay returned to the girl and reached out passing her the the blue robes “take these and leave” she growled.

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