Story of Gor, Iskander potion quest for Forest Moon

A Quest


Iskander Potion

The red headed panther girl known as Marli had been taught the healing arts by Sophie of the mighty Sa’ng Suri tribe. She grinned as she thought back to that time when Sophie had shown her the properties of “Female Hemp” a form of cannabis plant found to grow near sweet water marches. The hypnotic substance found particularly in the resins contained in the upper leaves and the bracts of the female flowers and buds. Sophie would teach Marli to make smudge sticks with the buds. Though this was a mild form of hypnosis and made one relaxed as one inhaled it. The red head drummed her fingers on her lap as she sat cross legged in her cave, she reflected a moment, wouldn’t it be fitting revenge to hypnotise a strong willed woman and reduce her to a giggling serving girl? How would such a woman be able to lead her tribe? Though female hemp would not be strong enough she feared , she needed something much stronger , something akin to the infamous drug known as “iskander” she had heard of. She needed to head into the towns and villages to find a physician who knew about it, possibly to trade or steal some , there was no other way she mused.

As the evening approached she packed her travelling things and sneaked stealthily into her canoe, she would paddle down river in the rays of a moon lit sky. She had written several destinations on a piece of rence paper:

Sais Village, Isle of Tarns, Genesian Port, Town of Sulport, Village of Piedmont, Windsong, Rorus Village, Verr Fyord, City of Fina, Ahgri, City of Vigo, Olni, Thenis and the City of Victoria.

As she reached the small outpost of Sais village , she hid her canoe in the thick reeds. Quickly she changed into her free woman gown and headed down the narrow path which led to the village. Such places were known for information and gossip. The red head had bundled her hair in a tight bun , she wore her green veil and gown, she had headed to the infirmary and now sat at a table, well hidden in the corner. Opening her leather pouch she took out an old worn diary , her slender fingers flipping over the yellowed pages. She was reading Sophie’s notes on Iskander potion:

Iskander potion were rare. The knowledge of this “Hypnosis” inducing drug even rarer.
Iskander, of the physicians, had given me of a strange draft, which I, slave, must needs drink.
“This will relax you,” he had said, “and induce an unusual state of consciousness. As I speak to you your memory will be unusually clear. You will recall tiny details with precision. Further, you will become responsive to my suggestions.”
I do not know what the drug was but it seemed truly effective. Slowly, under its influence, and the soothing, but authoritative voice of Iskander, I, responsive to his suggestions, obedient to his commands, began to speak of the house of Belisarius and what had occurred there. I might, in my normal waking state, have recalled much of what had occurred there, even to the words spoken, but, in the unusual state of consciousness which Iskander, by means of his drug and his suggestions, had induced in me even the most trivial details, little things which a waking consciousness would naturally and peremptorily suppress as meaningless, unimportant, were recalled with a lucid, patient fidelity.

The red head looked up a moment as some people entered the infirmary, she remained silent and watched them for a moment. Her purpose was to speak with a physician, but there was something about these people that intrigued her. They entered a room , the red head stood up and listened near the door……

Kiera moved quickly into the physicians as it came to her. Iskander potion was used to hypnotize someone leaving there mind up to suggestion. Kiera tapped her fingers and looked over all the jars in the counter. Finding one slightly hidden in the back she pulled it out and read the label then grinned. Moving over to the counter she reached for a mug then shaking out some of the dried up herbs gathered from the lands of iskander. Once she was done she placed the lid back on the jar and pushed it back into the back corner of the shelf. Moving towards the sink she pumped water into the mug then took a spoon and began to stir it until she saw all the powder dissolve. Placing the spoon in the wash basin she turned heading back towards Bejar.

Bejar shook his head at her “You can’t, but do not fret about your skills, they are engraved into your muscles not only your mind, you might feel dull at first until you pick up back your skills to its fullest. At worst, I might say you would perform at 50% of your current capacity” then smiles at her as he cuts her wrists loose one by one and secures them to the rings on the other end of the table so she wouldnt be able to move and supplying the drugs would be easier for him.

Kiera moved back with the mug in hand as she settled down next to her Master. Cyan eyes looked over him briefly then towards the captive he had. Kieras hands rose towards Bejar offering the mug as she nibbled her lip slightly. “Iskander potion Master, its made of herbs that only grow in the lands of Iskander and when they have dried you crush them up into powder. Put some in something and mix it so it can be drank and once that is done it places the subject in a hypnosed state. From there you just begin to tell them what you want them to know, there name, where they are from and things like that and because they are not thinking in the right mind, they will believe what is told of them and not believe whatever someone else does. Because the voice they hear after drinking the mixture is the only voice they will remember.”

The red head gasped as she overheard , quickly covering her mouth, how lucky could she be to find a place where iskander potion was in supply. She crept a bit closer, looking through the key hole.

Cally closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Fifty percent could have me killed.” she whispered. She chewed playfully on her lower lip as her head settled to the side. She could feel the metal around her limbs. It reminded her of having a spider crawl on her in the middle of the night. A slight cold fidget and movement and she opened her eyes to let out a hard breath. She paid little attention to the girl’s return, however once she began to speak on the topic of the beverage, Cally couldn’t help but to be drawn to her. This was deeply disturbing her.

Bejar took the potion and crouched down in front of Kiera placing his hand on her chin and pulled her up towards him and kisses her lips “Good girl” feeling the taste of the candy on her lips. Bejar moved over to Cally and grinned at her “Well, the sooner we begin the better” he said as he settled the mug next to her but away enough that she wouldn’t knock it over. Bejar would inspect her to also think of ways to slightly change her looks so her friends wouldn’t recognize her, perhaps a different hair color, which could be easily be arranged and something would need to be done about that mark under her right eye, curiously he asked her “Cally, what is that tiny mark under your right eye that resembles a trident?”

Cally sharply drew a breath on the table as her back weakly arched against the wooden textures. She fidgeted in the restraints as she heard how quickly he wanted to work. “Oh, what is the rush?” She questioned before swallowing harshly. Cally contorted her face with a twisted grin. “The mark of my one and only caste.” She said. She was proudly branded a thief in the city of port kar at a young age, even if she wasn’t there long. She sighed as her gaze watched his.

Kiera murmured contently feeling Bejars lips upon hers for the first time since she’d known him. Yes kiera was a slut and everyone knew this but she’d always wondered what his lips felt like and now she knew. Kissing him back hungrily and of course wanting more but she remained there quietly at his boot while she peeked over a bit studying the Mistress. She’d seen her before running thru the battlefields before and she thought she remembered exactly where it was. “Did she do something to make you angry Master? Or do you just wish to keep her for your….mate perhaps?”

Bejar shook his head at Kiera as he grinned “None of them, I just don’t think Viktel deserves to have someone of her caliber among their ranks.” Bejar said with a grin as he caressed Kiera’s head and stroke her hair as he smiled “Kiera, do you have something to dye this one’s hair black? or perhaps blond?” he asks her as he smiled at her “And I don’t want her as my mate, I want her to join my village. Like I said, Viktel isn’t worthy of her” he leaned on her to check her over for anything else that might led someone to easily recognize her and notices the scars under her jaw, one to each side and facepalmed, those would be harder to hide, as for the brand he had already thought of something already.

Marli decided that there was a risk of being caught listening in at the key hole, it would be better to pretend she was the physician , after all she had the knowledge , she could pass as one, so she opened the door “I hope I am not interrupting.. I heard some noise and came to see what was happening.. *looks to Bejar and says*.. Tal Sir.. I dont know you but I live here.. and my name is Lady Marlies.. but also known as Marli.. is there something I can help you with?”.. says at him not wanting to appear rude.

Bejar listened to a voice and turned around as he smiled “Tal there, I was let in by Kiera here and a guy, uh, he didn’t really say his name, but he wears a leather vest, half kilt and some underwear, tatooed arms and chest” then points at Cally “I have business with this one and given I have good friends and family here I was allowed in” he kept smiling at her.

Kiera nuzzled Bejar’s hand as she let her gaze drop down to the ground a moment. Hearing his words about something to make her hair either black or blonde as she leaned up a bit more looking her over. “Black would suit her Master, and you just need to find berries that are black and mash them into her hair then rinse them out.” Turning when she heard a voice as she smiled, “Tal Mistress, I hope you are well today?”

Marli smiles at them and nods at the man “aye Sir… well.. the person you talked about must be my brother… feel free to have a pleasant time in here”.. says at him then turns around “I won’t disturb you anymore.. be well”… sighs and leaves, she had noticed during that brief moment that the remaining vials of iskander potion were empty.

Captured by capture scent

“She opened her eyes, and shook her head. What is this? she said. Capture scent, I said.” …”Shall I hold again the vial beneath her nose? I asked. Soaked in a rag and scarf and held over the nose and mouth of a female it can render her unconscious in five Ihn. She squirmed wildly for an Ihn or two, and then sluggishly, and then falls limp. It is sometimes used by Tarnsmen; it is often used by slavers. Anesthetic dart, too are sometimes used in the taking of female; these maybe flung, or entered into the body by hand; they take effect in about forty Ihn; she awakens often, in a slave kennel.” (Marauders of Gor pg. 115-116)

A small group of Luna Caleeng panthers  were sleeping near a smoldering camp fire. The dawn sun was slowly rising from a soft red sky. The sounds of the wildlife in the swamps audible in the back ground as the beasts slowly awakened. There was no other sound , then suddenly a group led by Nelly had stealthily entered the camp, capture scents were used , female cries of surprise were heard in the swamps.

After attaching the chain to the necks of three captured Luna Caleeng Panthers, Nelly and her band of ten sisters marched their captives out of the camp, ordering them to start out on their left foot. At the command of the ones that now held the Luna Caleeng,  was a Panther named Lita , she was moving the coffle outside the swamps, marching them naked, wrist bound behind their backs and a chain running from one slender neck to the next.

Nelly Looks around the empty camp one last time, nodding her head with a crooked smile on her lips, happy with the way they were able to easily enter the camp, that was exactly where the treacherous Sandy said they would be sleeping.  Remembering how they moved in silently, covered by the semi darkness of the early morning sun rise. Using pieces of rep cloth and small bottles filled with capture scents , slavers call it “Bottled sleep “ and works effectively when forced to breathe in.

Nelly and her band of sisters had entered the camp, silently as a Larl stalking its prey. Splashing the liquid on a rag to cover the mouths and noses of the sleeping Panthers. Each of her sisters picking a Luna Caleeng Panther , with almost no struggle, dragging each semi unconscious Panther to the center of camp.

Feeling proud of herself for making the plan to take this tribe into binds, not getting any of her sisters hurt, and putting the Luna Caleeng Huntresses in chains. Taking in a deep breath as she focused on the task at hand.

“we have done well , very well indeed”, Nelly talking to herself , being the last one to leave, letting her dark eyes scan over the camp seeing a few skins that Panther girls wear as clothes, and several small capture scent bottles, scattered around inside the camp.  Then the dark skinned Panther turned to follow her sisters, leading the coffle of Luna Caleeng captives.

Five Huntresses lead by Marli, a brave young Panther, skilled with a bow, returning after a good hunt, stopping in her tracks at the small hill just outside the tribal trade post. To her horror she saw  three of  her sisters in chains, surrounded by ten Panthers.  Holding her small fist in the air, stopping the hunting party of five Panthers quietly, then opening her hand , a signal telling the others to get down in the thick undergrowth of the swamps.  She squats ,  getting as low as she could but able to watch the Panthers and coffle, she was staying  out of sight behind some bonta trees.

Slowly pulling her bow from her shoulder, the others doing the same, as they moved closer to see who had taken their sisters captive.  Nelly and her tribe  believing they had the whole Luna Caleeng tribe were making jokes , laughing loudly and congratulating each other on their great victory.

Marli turned to her sisters, whispering in a hushed tone, “Get you bows ready….sisters”, she points to each of her five sisters, “pick your target, let each arrow count and  we should be able to even the fight, we have the advantage of knowing our swamps”.

Then putting her finger to her lips as the coffle pasted on the trail which cut through the swamps, Marli taking in a few deep breaths to calm her nerves as her blood rushes through her heart, knowing she is outnumbered, if they failed they would all be captives. She relied on her most experienced sisters…. Hot , Lune, Aanni and Storm. The new pledge Cyanne looked nervous.

Marli tightened her fingers around the arrow on her bow string, “wait …wait” she then nodded at Storm “Storm , you and Hot and Lune team up ……Aanni and Cyanne team up with me”.  Marli then fired her first arrow , the others followed , Nelly and her panthers totally surprised and trying to duck for cover.  The traitor Sandy ran from the swamps , that left nine of Nelly’s band for Marli to take down. As Luna Caleeng arrows found their target it was clear that Nelly would have to make a decision, it came a few ihn later , she shouted “All out !!  leave the captives !!”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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  1. i told moon, dawn, sav and sayu, at your trade dock about the pirate looking trader lady who was at our camp, claiming to have not only the herb, but the potion. Onnnnn sunday i think

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