Lets discuss Slave paces on Gor

Slave paces


A harsh lesson

The role play:

  • Morr grabs one of your nipple rings and uses it to pull your body forward, twisting it painfully. I bite the earlobe now, harshly, holding it in my teeth. “I can see your lessons are going to be long and arduous for us both. Your name is slave. Only slave. Your proper resonse should have been, “This one’s name is slave, mistress” You are not to use the name of a free, unless asked by a free specifically to do so.” I release the nipple, and the grip of my teeth on your ear, repeating the question. “What’s your name?”

  • Brannis: Mpphhhhh i hold my tongue as you squeeze my nipple hard, biting my lip. “Morr stop please”, i feel my ear bitten, again know i cant do anything i say its slave, its slave.

  • Brannis drools from the gag a little trying to mumble again, closing my eyes

  • Morr drops the heavy knapsack I just ran around and filled with a variety of items. I rummage inside and pull out the collar and cuffs. Holding them with one hand, I open the cage and pull Brannis out. “Stand still slave.”

  • Brannis: i just look the items and look at Morr pleading with my eyes

  • Morr ignores the pleading look and starts with the cuffs. I place on on each wrist, just above your rope binds and close and lock them in place, then clip a two inch chain between them, holding your wrists behind you. I crouch down and apply one to each ankle as well, attaching these two cuffs together with a small length of chain so that you can hobble but not run or kick out. I stand up and trace a semicircle around the smooth skin on your graceful neck, then open the collar and slide it in place, latching it shut, twisting the key, placing the key to both collar and cuffs in my waist belt pouch. “remember. You are now property. My property. I can be a kind mistress, or a bitch. Which you get is totally contingent on your obedience or lack thereof. Good behavior will be rewarded, bad behavior will be punished. Do you understand?”

  • Brannis: i just stand there whilst the cuffs circle my arms and then my legs i feel the cold steel lock. i close my eyes knowing nothing i can do will prevent, i feel them being chained together behind me, i look towards red, hoping shes watching. I feel the collar circle my neck, i flinch a little not wanting it to go on but knowing i have no option or choice.

  • Morr stands and admires the view of you in my chains a few long moments, then I glide forward, like a larl stalking its prey. One hand reaches between your legs, cupping you, kneading there, while the other hand reaches for a breast, rolling it in my palm, feeling the push of your nipple against the center of my hand. “You are mine slave.” I squeeze the warm heat. “This is mine, your life, your breath, your pleasure, your pain, all these are mine to give. WIthout me you have nothing. Even your name belongs to me. And so for now, I take your old name from you. Until you earn a name, you are to be known merely as slave. Kneel slave.” With each word, I’ve moved closer, and closer, letting my warm moist breath wash softly into your skin, nuzzling at your neck, your cheek.

  • Brannis: i look at you as you move closer, sighing and closing my eyes to here those words, thinking how can sse do this to me, i pull slightly at the chains but realize quickly im not going to break them. I feel my nipples touch i move a little away but not enough to annoy you. I just know i have to hold out, wait until im saved from this nightmare.

  • Morr removes the rope binding, shoving he excess into my quiver, nothing ever wasted in our camp. I wait an appropriate length of time, and when you don’t kneel, I uncoil the whip from my belt. I wrap it around your neck, a full loop, so that I can grab either end of it. I pull both ends taut, choking you, pulling down, down down, attempting to get you to your knees. “You will do as I say, the first time, and promptly, or this whip will bite your flesh, scarring you for what you are. Now get on your knees”

  • Brannis: mmpphhh i scream through my gag as you choke me and fall to my kness.. straining at my binds.

  • Morr releases the whip from your neck. I keep it out though, letting the soft tendrils brush over your naked skin, then lightly flick it up against the tender insides of your thighs. Nothing that will sting, at least, not much, but I want you to feel how soft it can be. ‘The whip can caress, or it can bite and make you bleed. A smart slave learns very quickly to prefer the caress. If you disobey me again, I will put you on the cross and lash you, and let you feel that first sting.”

  • Brannis looks up at morr from my knees, feeling exposed and naked. i feel the whip trail over my skin, i look down at it and see how cruel it is. i look back up and Morr and listen to her words, once again drooling a little from the gag i try and swallow around it, i just Nod my head to say i understand.

  • Morr turns towards the noise making sure my response isn’t needed

  • Morr assumes the others have it under control, and I return my attention to you. “In your time resting in the cage, did you consider what I asked you to think about?”

  • Brannis looks up and slowly nods, looking into your eyes.

  • Morr moves behind you and undoes the gag, wiping the residiual spit off in your hair. I kneel behind you and use your hair to turn your head away from me, exposing your neck. I flick my tongue at the earlobe there, then taste your skin just above the collar, running my tongue then along the rim of it, reinforcing for you the contrast between hard and soft, wanting you to truly feel its weight on your throat. “What’s your name?”

  • Brannis as the gag gets taken out of my mouth drool flows freely, my jaw aching as i open and close my mouth to get the flow back, when the tight straps gets removed i feel the marks across my face. I look down to the floor knowing im in no position to argue, “i am here for you Morr you have made that very clear, and i have no name just what you want to call me. I sigh a little ” you know Morr i will never submit to you fully, no proud panther would”

  • Morr grabs one of your nipple rings and uses it to pull your body forward, twisting it painfully. I bite the earlobe now, harshly, holding it in my teeth. “I can see your lessons are going to be long and arduous for us both. Your name is slave. Only slave. Your proper resonse should have been, “This one’s name is slave, mistress” You are not to use the name of a free, unless asked by a free specifically to do so.” I release the nipple, and the grip of my teeth on your ear, repeating the question. “What’s your name?”

  • Brannis: Mpphhhhh i hold my tongue as you squeeze my nipple hard, biting my lip. “Morr stop please”, i feel my ear bitten, again know i cant do anything i say its slave, its slave.

  • Morr grabs the nipple ring and again pulls you forward, twisting it perhaps even more roughly. “I am a free person. YOu just used my name slave. The only word you get to use in addressing me is “mistress” If you fail again in this matter, you will be gagged and whipped. Do you understand?”

  • Brannis blows heavily through my nose as i keep my lips sealed, as i feel a shooting pain fly through my body. i nod yes i my eyes narrow through the pain.

  • Morr lets go again, and stalks in a circle around you. “You are bright Brannis. I suggest you learn lessons quickly. Now let’s see what you know already. As a slave you have two primary functions, what are they?”

  • Brannis: i think quickly as my nightmare continues, “to please you” i look up not knowing another reason, i can only think of revenge.

  • Morr chuckles. ‘Good guess, but wrong. I will tell you the correct answers to my questions if you don’t know them. You will then repeat them. I may come back to them. If you are wrong, you will be punished. The correct answer to this question is exquisite beauty and absolute obedience. You will always look your best. You will be well groomed, your posture will be perfect. You will master every position requred of a slave. Absolute obedience is just that. You will do what you are told, as soon as you hear it. No delays. A slave doesn’t have a mind of her own. She merely reacts to the wishes of others. So, what are your two primary duties slave?”

  • Brannis looks up at you, just says “to look my best i can for you and to do what ever i am told as quickly as i can”i look down at the floor again unbelieving this is happening to me.

  • Morr shrugs. “Close enough. What I am teaching you are called slave paces. They are questions and answers that you will memorize. They will help you as you adjust to your new role. Already you know not to use the name of a free. You will also refer to yourself always, ini the third person. You do not use pronouns like I or me. So you will express yourself by saying something like , “This one, or this girl, or this slave. Do that for me now, in a sentence about how you honestly feel at this moment. You won’t be punished if you express it correctly.”

  • Brannis: i look up and sighs” this one is very angry and upset, although this one does understand her current position.”

Slave paces

Here is information I compiled on what are considered slave paces. I have also included supporting documentation:


– What is the common purpose of a collar?

– The collar has four common purposes, Master. First, it visibly designates me as a slave, as a brand might not, should it be covered by clothing. Second, it impresses my slavery upon me. Thirdly, it identifies me to my Master. Fourthly, it makes it easier to leash me.

Explorers of Gor – Page 80


Question: What are you?Answer: I am a slave girl, Master.

Question: What is a slave girl? Answer: A girl who is owned, Master.

Question: Why do you wear a brand? Answer: To show that I am owned, Master.

Question: Why do you wear a collar? Answer: That men may know who owns me, Master.

Question: What does a slave girl want more than anything? Answer: To please men, Master.

Question: What is the duty of a slave girl Answer: Absolute obedience and exquisite beauty, Master.

Question: What is a girl’s first duty? Answer: A girl’s first duty is to be pleasing to her Master, in any and every way, Master.

Question: What rights does a slave have? Answer: None, Master.

Question: Who may punish a slave? Answer: Any free person may punish me, Master.

Question: When does a slave say “No” to a free person? Answer: Never, Master.

Question: When is insubordination, in any form, accepted from a slave? Answer: Never, Master.

Question: A slave is always permitted the last words in a discussion, what are they? Answer: Yes, Master.

Question: What hangs upon the wall? Answer: The slave whip, Master. How may I be more pleasing?


He is Master, and I am Slave. He is owner, and I am owned. He commands, and I obey. He is to be pleased, and I am to please. Why is this? Because he is Master and I am Slave.

Explorers of Gor – Page 179


“What is the duty of a slave girl,” I inquired. “Absolute obedience,” she said, frightened. “What are you?” I inquired. “A slave girl,” she said. “What is your duty?” I asked. “Absolute obedience,” she cried out. Hunters of Gor, page 258

What are you? I am a slave girl. What is a slave girl? A girl who is owned. Why do you wear a brand? To show that I am owned. Why do you wear a collar? That men may know who owns me. What does a slave girl want more than anything? To please men. What are you? I am a slave girl. What do you want more than anything? To please men.” Assassin of Gor, page 197

“A girl’s first duty, of course, Master,” she said, “is to be pleasing to her Master.” “In what way?” I asked. “In any, and every way, of course, Master,” she said shyly. Vagabonds of Gor, page 443

“What hangs upon the wall?” a master might ask. “The slave whip, Master,” she responds. “How may I be more pleasing?” Players of Gor, page 25

Insubordination in any form, of any sort, in even the tiniest, least significant degree, is not accepted from slave girls by their Gorean masters. Players of Gor, page 227

“You cannot punish me!” she cried. “You are not my Masters!” “Any Free Person can punish an errant slave girl,” I said. “Surely you do not think that her behavior fails to be subject to supervision and correction as soon as she is out of her Master’s sight?” Magicians of Gor, page 225

The discipline of a slave may be attended to by any Free Person, otherwise she might do much what she wished, provided only her Master did not learn of it. The legal principle is clear, and has been upheld in several courts, in several cities, including Ar. Magicians of Gor, page 122

In the eyes of Goreans, and Gorean law, the slave is an animal. She is not a person, but an animal. She has no name, saving what her master might choose to call her. She is without caste. She is without citizenship. She is simply an object, to be bartered, or bought or sold. She is simply an article of property, completely, nothing more. Hunters of Gor, page 148

A short story

The slave girl didn’t notice the red headed panther who walked up to her . The girl didn’t notice until she heard a harsh voice calling her name.
She stood up as a young girl should do in the presence of a superior panther girl.
‘Yes, Mistress!’ the girl answered sensing her heart beating in her chest. The fact that this panther addressed her indicated something bad, she knew that. She wondered what she was accused of doing. She took for granted that there was some wrongdoing being done and that she had been accused of it. She could not imagine the real reason for this panther talking to her.
The girl was soon to be told the grim reason for her address. The panther didn’t give her much time for preparations.
‘Strip!’ the red head ordered with a stern voice.
The girl was bewildered.
‘But, why, Mistress ?’ she managed to ask.
‘You are to be taken to the slave pit.’
‘No, Mistress , that must be some mistake, I have been a good girl.’
The girl felt her cheeks blush.
‘You are the property of the tribe and to be taken to the slave pit to be sold.’
‘Am I no longer the property of Mistress Sheeba?’
‘Will you strip or shall I order my sisters to strip you?’
‘But, please, Mistress, I do not understand.’
‘The papers are in order, our green saw to that,’ the red head replied.
The red head didn’t prove it by showing the girl the papers. Even if the girl could read, it was not that. It was, simply not done.
‘But, Mistress, why would she…?’
‘Strip now, girl!’
‘My owner can’t have. Please, Mistress, do not tell me, my owner has sold me!’
‘I think she has. Will you strip now?’
The girl was overwhelmed, distraught. She covered her face in her hands, weeping. The girl couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mind was in turmoil.
The girl heard the other panther girls in the company of the red head who had addressed her, obviously her sisters, approach her. The girl immediately stood up. She realized she had to comply. Nothing could be more embarrassing than having those sisters strip her right there.
‘Please, Mistress, wait, I will do as you wish.’
The red head held back her sisters with a gesture of her hand.
The girl looked up at the red head in despair. The girls fingers fumbled with the cord around her waist. She felt numb.
‘Please, Mistress, can’t I take my clothes off later?’
‘It is not customary,’ the red head answered and the girl knew she was right.
The girl untied the cord around her waist and hesitated. The red head looked annoyed but she didn’t say anything.
‘Please, Mistress.’
The red head didn’t answer but gestured with her hand and her sisters started to move.
‘Wait, wait, please, Mistress, I will obey.’
The red head held them back.
The girls hands trembled as she slipped the camisk from her shoulders. There was a sense of loss as she felt it slide over her body. She held it as it slipped from her and then she stepped out of it. The red head held out her hand and the girl gave the red head her camisk and the cord that used to hold it in place.
For a while the girl just stood there, feeling utterly naked, blushing, her heart pounding in her chest, full of shame and anguish.
The red head didn’t say anything, she just pointed at the girls hip. For some reason she didn’t dare to protest. Her fumbling fingers untied the knot at her hip and she slipped off her minimal breech cloth. Now she was naked.
‘Now, girl, kneel!’
The girl fell to her knees and hunched her back, trying to cover up, overcome with shame and embarrassment.
‘Straighten your back!’
The girl did as she was told. She sat up and suddenly she saw all the panthers who had gathered around her. It was a bit of entertainment in the camp to see a girl being enslaved like this. The girl wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to look calm.
‘Knees apart.’
The girls heart beat an extra beat at hearing this. This was the ultimate shame, having to kneel like a slave in front of these free women.
She obeyed the red head while her whole body trembled.
The girl cried as she obeyed the red head.
Her head swirled and her cheeks were hot as she knelt on the grass, naked and with knees apart like a slave girl.
The red head squatted behind the girl and took the girls arms and crossed them behind her back. The red head then bound her and put a rope around her neck as a leash.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Various


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  1. 3rd person on how you really feel now
    “this subhuman p.o.s. Is glad morrigan doesn’t know her ass from oatmeal. Otherwise, girl would egress via the sleen pit”

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