Lets discuss Personal limits for survival in Gorean roleplay

Personal limits

Dear readers,

Upon deciding to role play as a panther girl in SL Gor , your first priority before even thinking of role playing would be to sort your personal limits.

Rp limits are of course a very personal thing, some players are very sensitive to things such as rp rape or torture and others aren’t so its best to adjust them to suit your character.  We do suggest you have rp limits as a guide to other players and also to protect yourself in certain situations.  The following are some basic rp limits for you to consider.

* IM’s are OOC unless specified otherwise
* Will not accept what your limits refuse
* Will not rp permanent death
* 3 day cap

These are just a few basic limits and are by no means mandatory, others have a lot more and some have not many at all.  Its for you to decide but remember limits are for your protection so use them wisely and keep in mind that if you have a limit then you really shouldnt rp with another even if they dont state it as a limit, for example, if you state *no rape as a limit it would be pretty underhanded to then rape another.

Look at some  other sisters rp limits on their profiles and get yours written on there now.

Role play limits in your profile need to be reasonable , if you have a long list of dont’s – then hardliners will tell you that SL Gor isn’t the place for you and you should ask the Priest Kings for a L(and) M(ark) to Disney Gor. To play a panther role on “hardcore” , your only limit would read: “Play Gorean”.

Nevertheless , probably only 1% of  panther players play hardcore , the rest of us play with limits. Below we examine the most commonly found personal limits.


Panthers role play as outlaws and as such are subject to the death penalty when caught by free men, unless they submit. There is a constant danger from free men , foolish are the lone panther girls that approach a male or enter a village without a disguise.  No one is exempt from a collar once you have been caught and disarmed , you may play a Dominant but nothing can physically stop a male/female from collaring you. The only realistic option would be to accept death. Death is a fact of life on Gor, so is rape, torture and other nasty things. Kills for OOC reasons are INVALID.


Having someone personally banned or being listed on someone’s personal ban list does not exempt you from combat related actions and RP, like being bubbled, being bound or being disarmed. You can refuse RP and you can refuse to be sailed by that specific person or group.

 Overall Limit Rankings:

Times used: Current Limit List with no Duplicates:
44 None Listed
40 No Perm Death
37 No Toilet Play
36 Mirror
33 No Rape
29 20 Min No Rp I TP
27 No Perm Anything
26 No Mutilation
25 No Sex
24 Max Cap 3 Days
22 No Kill without good reason
21 30 Min no RP I TP
17 15 Min no RP I TP
17 Keep it Gorean
16 No Child Play
15 No Limits
15 No Translator RP
14 No Eating Me
13 No Gay Stuff
12 Do unto Others as you have Done unto you
12 No Cap Swapping
12 No Hair Cutting
11 FTB at Any Time
11 Must Name Each Weapon to Disarm
11 No Perm Mutilation
10 No Animal Sex
10 No Dismemberment
10 No Force Collar
9 No Perm Scars
9 Straight
8 Must RP if you cap me
8 No Sex Women
7 No perma collaring
7 No Scat
5 10 Min no RP I TP
5 No branding in case of captivity
5 No Killing
4 IMs are OOC
4 Max Cap 1 Day
4 Max Cap 1 hours
4 Max Cap 2 Days
4 No Anal
4 No Breeding
4 No God Modding
4 No Homo
4 No Nudity
4 No Off Sim RP
4 No Rescue for me
4 No Stripping
4 No Torture
4 Realistic RP
3 I reserve the right to TP out
3 Keep OOC in IM’s
3 Max Cap 2 hours
3 No Avatar Changes
3 No Humiliation
3 No Painting
3 No sexual rp with men
3 No Sexual Touching
3 Will not set afk as cap
2 Attachment X is OOC
2 No Beatings
2 No cap for no reason
2 No Gay Shit
2 No homophobic attitude
2 No Male to Male Rape
2 No Metagaming
2 No Panthers
2 No permanent captivity
2 No Rp with Stupid People
2 No Selling as Slave
2 No Traffic Capture
2 Partners Bans = My Bans
1 60 Min no RP I TP
1 Belted No Rape
1 Give me good amount of rp, most limits will toss aside
1 If you have “Kill me i’m dead to you ” no Rp with you
1 If you have “No Cap Swapping” no Rp with you
1 If you have “No Hair Cutting” no Rp with you
1 If you have no roleplay on your profile your entire sim is roleplay banned to me for your stupidity
1 Keep Common Sense in RP
1 Keep IC and OOC Seperate
1 Max 3 Day Collar
1 Minium IM’s
1 Miniumum 60 min RP
1 No AO, no RP.
1 No Babblers
1 No Copy/Paste
1 No Double Posting RP
1 No dragging
1 No Drama
1 No Ferals
1 No Flexi
1 No Force RP
1 No Gay Sims
1 No graphic scenes
1 No Group No Rescue
1 No Group No RP
1 No Gum in Hair
1 No Jealousy
1 No Male Sexual Contact
1 No One Line RP
1 No OOC
1 No Personal insults or accusations
1 No Poseball/Animation
1 No Public humiliation
1 No Removing Collar
1 No removing jewlery
1 No RP
1 No RP for Purchasing Items Unless You Pay
1 No RP I TP
1 No Scripted Collars
1 No Submission to females
1 No trading to other groups
1 No Transgender RP
1 No unescapeable cages
1 Not many
1 One line RP only
1 Para Rp
1 RP etiquette required.
1 RP What I want or I TP

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Various


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