Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Genesian Port

Genesian Port


Genesian Port is a port city located on the Tamber Gulf, along the Genesian Road. The rocky cliffs to the Klim (West) of the city protects it from some on the storms of the Thassa , and provides for a safe harbor for ships docking there to unload their cargo and products. There are light sandy beaches from the dock area to the Rim (East) of the city, to be enjoyed by it’s citizens, and visitors to the city.
The climate of Genesian Port is quite mild, influenced by the Tamber Gulf. The winter season finds the days mild, with the nights cool to cold. There is no snow during the winter, although some mornings might have a light frost on the surface of the ground, which is quickly gone with the rising of Lar Torvis. The summer season can have hot days, with warm pleasant nights following.
Because of the climate, robes are seldom worn by the citizen Free Women of the city, a sari being chosen for proper covering that also allows for comfortable clothing. Veils are not a requirement of the city; however, Free Women citizens are advised to wear one when leaving the city, as laws will vary outside of the walls of Genesian Port.
Genesian Port is under the leadership of an Administrator and High Council. The High Council includes the Administrator, the Commanders of the city (Warriors appointed by the Administrator), and the highest ranking member of each of the four remaining High Castes … Initiates, Scribes, Builders, and Physicians.
We welcome you to our city. Please familiarize yourself with our laws, rules, and guidelines. Remember that passes are required to be in the city, and those without them will be asked to leave until one is obtained.

The roleplay:

Firehawk: greetings

Dark: laughs,, “No,, no,, they were not collar issues,, the women seem to have lost something after the ceremony,,, like their mind”

Firehawk: maybe not lol

Elton: change dress haha

Dark: There thought that once we were companioned that they somehow had a hold on me,, and it was their duty to give me direction ” shaking his head

Firehawk: no i am not going in the city

Dark: Greetings sir” he would offer

Lady Susanna: tal visitors, I am Lady Suzy, of Genesian Port, can I assist you?”

Firehawk: Greetings we come in peace and were lassing in our canoe and have things for trade’

Elton: tal all people this city

Firehawk: We wondered if you would be interested in trading with us?’

Toast “Very well, huntress’.” he said to both of them, then boldly asked in a large tone “Before we trade, I need to ask you some basic questions.”

Firehawk: ‘You may ask,’ she says with a slight smile

Lady Susanna listens to Trent, and looks over the rugs that they seem to carry, as well as some botas, and not sure what else, but is curious,

Toast “First, I will need to ask for your names, and whereabouts you are traveling from.” he kept his posture casual, but his eyes did not move from the two huntress’

Dark: Is everything ok dear Lady” he would ask of Lady Ash as she seemed to have gotten cery quiet

Firehawk: ‘I am firehawk of the northern forests and this is my friend Elle, we often come looking for friendly places to trade our wares.’

Toast “Well met, firehawk and elle.” he said, looking down to fires hip, he saw what seemed to be the end of a bow “If I may ask you, please leave your bow at the gates. That applies to your friend too. Other than that, welcome to the city. I am Trenton Morrow.”

Lady Susanna nods to them politely and spreads my arms in a gesture of welcome and shows I mean no ill will to them

Elton: I take off my bow and go to my sister

Dark: grins at her comment quite familiar with the phrase himself,, “Aye,, tis a very good quote indeed,, my how to seem to impress me more and more,, the longer I am around you”

Lady Susanna: “what items are you hoping to obtain, I may need to go to the merchants office and get some things for you?”

Firehawk: we do not intend to enter your city if it is okay we will trade with you here. Nor do we intend to draw weapons we come in peace my word is our bond and come with respect. In returning giving you full respect. We look for such things as arrow heads, pots and pans , maybe kanda. We are not really candy panthers, she says opening her arms in a gesture of friendship .

Toast “If you’ve no intentions to enter the city, you will not need to surrender your weapons.” he nodded to Suzy, then spoke “I will leave the paperwork to you, lady.”

Firehawk: We have paga, rugs and skillets’

Lady Susanna: “thank you Sir, ” turns to the Panthers “they do not take that kind of paga here, that you have, and I can get you some pots and pans, and arrow heads, I will get a kajirus to bring a load down for you, do you have another canoe to take the load?

Dark: settles back in the chair,, taking a long sip of his paga,,, thinking but a moment,, “Tell me your thoughts on the perfect man” as he would look back at her,, wondering how well he would be able to guess her answer before she would give it

Lady Susanna looks over my shoulder and see’s ba -ta sweeping ” boy, come here” calls out to him

Firehawk: ‘We always come in separate canoes, we find the canoes handle better because of the weight. Shame the paga is very good quality, …coughs…I borrowed it um…from my EN myself…sure she will not mind.’ she says with a smile

Zuta notices some panthers on the dock and then goes to the Mistress calling him, “yes, Mistress.”

Toast stands by quietly, looking at the large rug spread across the deck, observing how the fur had been cut from the beast

Lady Susanna: “come with me to the merchants office, I need you to carry the goods down here that I wish to trade with this Ladies” looks at them..”it will take me about 20 ehn to bring the supllies back to you”

Firehawk: ‘The skin was carefully taken and cured on racks over the period it take the sun to cure it. Its fine fur and you will find it soft like the touch of velvet to the skin.’

Elton: sorry if I did not mention my throat is so bad

Lady Susanna: “so, 5 pots and 5 pans with lids, and how many weight in arrow heads for the skins, rugs

Zuta: “yes Mistress,” sets the broom aside and goes with her.

Dark: nods with raised brows at her answer so much more indepth than he had expected,, “I see,, well now,, I would love to debate you on that,, but it seems everything you have said,, I agree with completely,, well that is if I was looking for the perfect man,, ” he would laugh out” but of course since I am not,,,I do like your answer it shows you are a woman of patience and knowledge

Firehawk: we would like 30 arrow heads, we often run short where we are. People always have safe passage through our land but some abuse it so we must at times defend ourselves.’

Lady Susanna: “of course I understand, teh smugglers and vagabonds are not as caring as some others, I will be back with the boy with the goods”

Toast “A friend of mine would disagree to that, huntress. He said the huntress’ of the northern forests threatened to take his manhood from him for merely speaking to them.”

Elton: sister I think we did a good exchange

Firehawk: ‘That depends on tribe and person, don’t you think. Some are more rash than others,’ sighs ‘It often depends who one has the fortune or misfortune to meet on the path at any one time.’

Firehawk: ‘yes sis it is a fair and good exchange’

Elton: yes many panthers are so angry with anyone

Toast “the huntress was not so lucky to have met my friend. She now serves in a tavern in the north.”

Firehawk: smiles ‘Other like me defend my tribe and raid when necessary but do not attack or fight without reason. Sometimes its better to talk to people and learn about different things and make friends in different places., Senseless fighting does no one any credit.’

Dark: A woman who understands that a man is a man,, If he is a tavern owner,, he will be there working a lot of his time,, if he is a hunter,, he will be out in the forests for days at a time,,, and if he sees a pretty slave,, he will use her just as a man of Gor would,, but when he gets home to his companion then what has happened through the day is forgotten,, and he is with the woman he loves,,, ” he stated quite simply

Elton: the dress of the free woman, it is a very nice expensive fabric

Toast “I was always told that a fight would bring something.” he paused a moment, taking the bota from his belt and untying it, uncorking it and sipping some “There is no such thing as a senseless fight.” he took another sip, this one slow, he savoured the taste before swallowing “Every man or woman in a fight has something to gain and lose.” he then tied the bota back in its place

Firehawk: ‘hmm yes we all have different views and beliefs. but it is a senseless fight if it is over nothing just random. Somethong wher no offence has been given.’

Dark: So yes,, I think one can,, at least I have,, and do”

Firehawk: so do you have a trade bell here.’

Toast “By living in a rich city there is reason to attack. By living in a forest where the resources are plentiful there is reason to attack.” he knew he spoke of the truth, no matter how much the panther could try to deny it, so he kept speaking “A trade bell? I’ve no idea, huntress.”

Dark: Ponders only a second,, “My sword,, because with it,,, I can have,, or get whatever I want” he would wink

Firehawk: ‘it depends on the person whether they travel through to somewhere else or give threat. If the person is of no threat we allow them safe passage.’

Zuta walks to the dock and sets down the crate with pots and pans and arrowheads…

Firehawk: ‘Does the lady return?’

Toast stood aside, revealing the crate to the panthers, then nodded to Ba-Ta “Well done, boy.”

Zuta: Tal Master. I think the Mistress should be back shortly. She is talking with the blacksmith still I think.

Firehawk: ‘Looks at them and sees they are of good quality. The trade is good.’

Dark: And to you dear lady,, what it he most valuable thing to you?”

Firehawk: ‘the same as most people freedom’

Elton: kajra looks angry, not greeted smile

Toast “Do you need any help moving the wares to your boats?” he asked her, ready to give the command to Ba-Ta to move it

Zuta looks at the panthers

Firehawk: Rools up the rugs and hands them to the man of the city. Then turns to the boy. ‘Thank you for bringing them to us’

Dark: laughs,, “So it is,, for now,, I think that soon we will have to have a game,,, and perhaps a wager on the outcome of that game” he smiled wide

Firehawk: ‘yes that would help thank you.’

Toast nodded to Ba-Ta as he picked up the rolled up rug from the panther “Go ahead, boy. The panthers need the crate on their boat.”

Zuta lifts the crate up again, “yes, Master.”

Firehawk: ‘safe paths warrior it was a good trade.’

Toast “I will send your regards to Lady Suzy when she is done with the blacksmith.” he said, throwing the rug over his shoulder and turning to walk back to the city

Firehawk: thank you boy

Arealius : “Tal warriors, I dont think we have met?”

Zuta heaves the massive crate onto their boat.

Firehawk: ‘safe paths city boy take care.’

Zuta: “There you go, huntress. Well wishes…”

Arealius : “I am Arealius of Genesia, well met. I am the city’s cartographer.”

Firehawk: she leans over and slowly unfastens the knotte rope and climbs into her canoe and sets her oar to take her out to midstream ‘Safe paths’

My report on Genesian Port:


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