Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Isle of Tarns

Isle of Tarns


Isle of Tarns is a Gorean village with a strong background and a story that is still evolving. We are more traditional Gor and role-play rather than pew pew and we welcome all. You can visit the wbsite here.

For Red hairs trip to Isle of Tarns she wore:

Outfit: ::Various Mays Soul and Mix n Match items for a healer/herbalist

Custom design Pose: ::Vista Bad Girl

Skin: ::Glam Affair Shape: Custom design

Hair: Truth

Eyes: .ID. Eyelashes: ::LAQ – Mascara 01 (Black)

My report on Isle of Tarns:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


One comment

  1. I’d like to have better impulse control. I’m so sorry…
    What I’m wearing:
    AO: (in viewer) vista felina
    hair: 1: sachi ivory head and ivory AND milk shoulders OR
    2 analog dog Gala darkblonde platinum
    3 Emo-tions dreamcatcher, jennifer, alyssa or kim

    Eyes: Mayfly teal hazel (liquid light)
    skin: al vulo Elena shine Olive
    blush: pink acid cherry And magenta
    big fake boobs by lola OR
    obsession’s hidden top #1
    pfc black loincloth (edited to death) OR pfc grizzly huntress panties
    feet: N-core bare flat natural
    fusion cord cross horn and combo, bracelet/necklace set
    noya silver triplemoon belly piercing and… Um… A small ring elsewhere.

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