About a panther and some Wonky scales of Gor

Some wonky scales


And this month’s epic satirical role play, Sarah  and her wonky scales.

The role play:

  • Mina shouts: so what brings a pirate here to these gates then

  • sarah steps bac and she looks up

  • sarah : “ok I have come here…. ” and she pauses to make her voice sound commanding “i have come here to register a warranty claim”

  • Minx : come to make us some cakes

  • sarah: “my scales are broken… I think a fat man sat on them”

  • Julia looks out behind Sarah to make sure she is alone “oh? a warrenty claim? What sort of warrenty claim?”

  • Marli: “You can come in and……register , but we have this protocol….we need your bow as sign of good faith, so hand it in please”

  • sarah and she heaves out her scales and pops them down

  • Julia: “ewwww, bugs again!”

  • sarah  screams “I HAVE NO bugsss..!!

  • sarah : oh god the scales are sticking to me

  • Julia giggles softly

  • Tamu  : yes last time she showed us her bugs the ending was very bad

  • Mina : all pirates have bugs and their biscuits are full of weavil i know this I read it ina scroll so it must be true

  • sarah : “i am being serious tho… they don’t work and you Marli said they wud

  • Marli looks at Mina “Do we want her creepy crawlies in our camp?”

  • Mina : Upto you EN whether you ahve business with her

  • Marli shouts: Sarah ….these scales are wonky !

  • sarah shouts: “I told you..!!”

  • sarah : “i notice i have not been invited in for wine and cashews nuts”

  • Mina : typical pirate scales then giggles

  • sarah  frowns and she looks up at Mina…”i might have to come up there and remove the scales from your eyes..!!”

  • Mina : if you take off your bow you can enter

  • sarah  nods and she unshoulders her bow, kisses it and pops it down by the gate

  • Marli  opens the gate and grabs the bow and arrows

  • sarah : “my god arn’t I hot enuff by myself?” and she laughs

  • Mina: laughs

  • sarah: “anyway DiJan mustard does have a bit of frog in it

  • sarah: “fankx Marli”

  • Marli gives Sarah a quick frisky search “Ok , clear”

  •  sarah  smiles at the blonde woman “Tal Sun”

  • Mina: so how is Kuri?

  • sarah  grins

  • Marli : mhm…..well you better come up and fill in some forms

  • sarah : mmm i will i will

  • sarah : ok well i will go to Fatale get replacement ones and then come back and extract the costs from the Morest Foonies

  • sarah : perhaps you can frisk all your huntresses for coins

  • sarah : save me doing it

  • Marli rolls eyes

  • sarah  smiles politely

  • Marli : Tell you what , you flounce for my tribe and we will call it even

  • sarah : lol

  • Marli  giggles

  • sarah : right look i can’t flounce about all day.. i have to travel to Fatale now… and it’s a sunday and there are fewer ships on sundays and they sail even slower than they normally do

  • Marli sniggers “I will rustle up my tribe and we will watch you flounce”

  • sarah  flings her eyes to heaven…”most of your tribe need glasses anyway.. we both know that”

  • Marli  nods “Oh I agree , so you will flounce up close like”

  • sarah gasps “b hell… I’m not doing lap dancing..!!”

  • Marli  laffs

  • sarah : “i shall return later”

  • Marli : I better escort you to the gates

  • sarah : can you take me to your leader… no no wait that’s not right.. to your gate

  • Marli : Safe paths Sarah

  • sarah: thank you Marli farli and masses of hugs

  • Marli  smiles and hugs you

© Lunacaleengpanthers



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